Privacy policy, terms of use and legal notices

Privacy policy, terms of use and legal notices

Read our privacy policy, terms of use and legal notices concerning services

We respect the law on personal information and electronic documents protection. Nobody consults files containing the creations and no information is shared with a third party. You have a correction and erasing right of your confidential personal data at anytime, after the standard identification steps. All you have to do is contact us through our contact form. Your personal data is preserved in a secured manner under a law respecting the European Instruction 95/46 or an equivalent recognized by the European Union. This data is mostly composed of your name, address, city and zip code. As a user, you remain free to divulge your name, your city or your country. However, your address will remain confidential.

Our users who use online payment are informed, in the ordering pages, that their credit card number is not accessible to personnel. Online transactions are secured by STRIPE, an international service accredited by cards emitting banks such as Visa and MasterCard. A recognizable and verifiable SSL certificate is installed. No payment data is accessible to our employees and no payment data is kept on our servers.

Online secured payment
Used payment modes are PayPal and credit card. For currencies other than Canadian, the exchange rate is calculated with API from Yahoo Finance in real time.

Online transactions are secured with STRIPE, an international service accredited by credit cards emitting banks such as Visa and MasterCard. A SSL certificate recognized and verifiable is installed. No payment data is accessible to our employees or is retained on our servers.

Cookies doesn't use cookies. However, cookies can be installed for the follow-up of Google Analytics. A cookie is a very small file that's created on your hard drive and that records your web browser's configuration. A cookie can only be installed by the webserver that has sent it to you and doesn't contain executable programs that could endanger your computer. The conservation duration of this data in your computer is limited to :
Content management : gets erased at the closing of the bowser.

Google Analytics : First cookie (utmz) : 6 months and Second cookie (utma) : 2 years
You can accept or decline cookies in your browser.

A full refund of your copyright will be issued if you are not satisfied within 24 hours of the registration. The essential nature of copyrights doesn’t allow any refund after this period of time, so no refund will be issued beyond that period.'s role' s role is to emit and publish on Internet (except if confidential) a copyright declaration certificate based on the information given by users as long as they respect good habits, liberty and rights and don't violate a person, a company or others and don't relate to other copyrights or creations owned by others. offers a webhosting of copyright declarations received from users. No editing is done by on content. Content remains under the exclusive and entire responsibility of authors. offers, for the creation of a certificate, the possibility of generating proof of your creation. It can be extracts, the whole creation, elements from previous versions...that could be used in a court of justice to prove your ownership.

All content of which we are the authors and that can be found on our website is a Canadian and international laws protected content. The same goes for content owned by authors/users of our service.

In case of the author's death

In the event of an author's death, the person who is assigned the author's estate must have the deceased's email address and access code for Copyright Depot. The heir can then use it to enter the author's account and modify the information to reflect the changes.

Copyright Depot deals only with authors and does not accept any intermediaries for security reasons. The author must make sure to transmit by will the elements allowing him/her to connect to his/her Copyright Depot account.

Copyright Depot does not transmit any information about the copyrights held by an author to a third party in case of death or disability. Each author must make his own legal arrangements to ensure that his works and the rights attached to them are transmitted to his heirs as he sees fit.

When you contact us through email, you thereby accept to receive email messages from us. We will contact you by email and keep the right to indefinitely preserve our email exchanges in order to offer you better follow-up on your account and copyrights as well as operations you might initiate. You recognize that our messages respect legal written communication requirements.

All trademarks on our website not owned by us are the property of their respective owners. Our users are responsible of the use they make of trademarks that are not owned by them. The content of copyrights on our website are the exclusive responsibility of the service user. can intervene and remove remarks, questionable or litigious content on the simple demand of the person or company involved by this remark. Users recognize they are the only ones responsible for the content of their certificate and of the legal consequences of this use.

Access to our content
Subject to approval from rules and conditions described in this document, grant you a limited authorisation, non-exclusive, non-transferable and without the right to grant sublicenses, to access its services for personal and non-commercial use. You can’t under no circumstances practice a commercial activity based on the reselling of one or many of our services. You can’t use our « metanames » nor our design without obtaining a written permission from us.

Your communications
All your communications with us are done through emails and are confidential. We use a secured email service and commit to not share any information you have given us with anyone. The only uses we make of your information concur to the needs of our service and only that. We reserve the right to keep for life all email exchanges with our users, in order to be able to track dates and content of every communication. In case of the closing or cancelling of an account, either initiated by a user or not, we reserve the right to keep email exchanges in order to track the cancellation request and to prove it legally if necessary.

Data conservation
We ensure the conservation of data according to rules in regulation in our field and by implementing a security protocol well established and recognized. In other words, takes the necessary measures to avoid losing data, copyrights or other files, like it should. However, the user clears from all responsibility in case data lost wither because of a war, power outage, misdeeds or accident. The user commits to keep original of its data and recognize that is not a temporary hosting service to which he can appeal in case he loses his own data. The user clears of any form of responsibility in case of data or copyright lost and commits to not claim any compensation in the event of a prejudice.

Copyright violation
We commit to rigorously respect copyrights. No need to say that if you are aware one of our users is violating copyrights, you must contact us as soon as possible using our contact form.

In case you need to defend your rights.
If a user intends a trial for copyrights violation, with official proof on the trial date, the copyright declaration relevant to the case and all other proofs of creation received from the author will be signed by a officer, in order to generate valid documents for the jurisdiction and the country of the user (it is possible to get a sworn declaration of your documents by a notary or an usher for an additional fee).

Official documents
Official documents are provided within a 30 day delay after receiving a copy of the summons to appear addressed to our user. Note that to be accepted by us, a declaration signature demand must contain the following elements: If it’s an individual defending his rights, a copy of his driver’s licence or of an identity card legally recognized in his country will be asked. If it’s a company defending its rights, a copy of the business register proving the legal existence of the copyright holding company, a copy of the formal notice sent to the thief by the author or a copy of the lawyer’s letter and a copy of the official legal documents confirming the court appearance date, the names of the concerned persons, the concerned names, the subject and the description of the legal cause, the name and contact details of the involved lawyers.

Plagiarism between partners
Note that if it concerns a dispute between 2 partners, both claiming ownership on the content of a creation registered on our website, will provide documents for additional fees.

If the names and first names of the author, his address, his email address or other elements allowing to identify him, in the copyright declaration or in his file, are not true nor compatible to the register form on our website, documents won’t be issued. (Fees apply for issuing official documents) .

The user recognizes that’s responsibility is limited to the emission, the posting (except if confidential) on the web and the archiving of his copyright declaration, as long as is operational on the web. The user accepts that and his agent’s responsibility is limited to performing tasks related to the publication and archiving of copyrights on the web and committs not to claim reimbursement or other forms of compensation either in case of default or ending activities. (’s agent is TDN PRO) and its agent reserve the right to end operations, temporarily or permanently, if the consequences of a war, natural disaster, third party harmful intervention or a technological modification affecting the website operations and all other element or reason that would not allow the usual operations normal continuity by us on the Web.

Our limits
We don’t pretend to substitute governmental services for copyrights registration in any country, nor the protection organisations and don’t prevent authors to resort to these organisations.

Compliance with rules reserves the right to close an account, to erase its content or to cancel the copyright certificate(s) in this account if the user doesn’t comply to one or more rules mentioned in this page or if a copyright challenge is received without previous notice. The user commits to accept’s decision and can ask for a reimbursement of the certificate(s) that was subject to the cancellation provided that this certificate had not been hosted more than 4 months on our website. In case of an account cancellation, can review its decision upon request from the account user. The latter will have to demonstrate that he rectified the default and that he is willing to respect the rules. This review remains however subject to the goodwill of’S management team. As a user, he commits to warn de of any change in his email address or postal address within 30 days following the modification. If the names and first names of the author, his address or other elements allowing his identification are not true or incomplete, reserves the right to cancel the declaration without further notice.

Copyright cancellation upon author’s request
For copyrights registered on our website before September 2016, when a cancellation request is received from an author, after verifying his identity and the authenticity of his request, cancels all documents and stops storing them. A cancellation request ends the business relationship between our organisation and the author. The user recognizes that the storage of his creations is his only and complete responsibility.
Concerning the cancellation of copyrights registered after September 2016, it can be done bu the author himself with the cancellation tool available in his account. In case of a cancellation processed by the author, a copyright is irreversibly destroyed, as mentioned by the warning message linked to this operation.

Unauthorised links
The user commits not to put a link between a certificate and a website containing child pornography, hateful comments or any other untasteful or illegal material.

Online invoicing
The user commits not to claim a specific invoice, or any other written document, by mail or otherwise, for each of his deposit, because the invoice acceptation and the registration confirmation of his deposits both contain the transaction data which he can print and that our service operates exclusively on the web. In case where would receive many payments from a user, for a single registration, caused by management error by the user, received payments will systematically be refunded within 24 hours following their reception.

False declaration
In case discovered or had reasons to believe a text or a creation was in fact the property of another person, in case received a complaint or a contestation concerning the content of a declaration, reserves the right to cancel the related certificate. Any person who can prove his rights on a creation are prior to those registered by another person or company, for the same identifiable creation, will be able to request a cancellation or the certificates issued by for the related creation. In case of litigation on the property of a creation registered on our website, reserves the right to transfer the certificate(s) being subject to a contestation, in the confidential section, not visible on the web or to remove the publication to keep in archives (not accessible by the public). The user declares being familiar with this fact and accept that removes his declaration without notice to transfer it in the confidential registrations section, not posted on our website or to transfer it in the non-public archives.

Adult websites
We do not accept any registration of pornographic, racist, controversial or hatful websites. Report any derogation to our team for a fast intervention

Virtual casinos, money games and others
We do not accept sites on which it is possible to play on online casino, as well as other money games websites unauthorised by the authorities of one or the other of the Bern convention signing countries.

Rules modification rights and its agent TDN, reserve the right to modify the present rules without notice. The users of are invited to occasionally consult this page to take note of potential changes.

Any person who registers on our website declares having read and accepted the rules and conditions mentioned in this page.