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If you search on the following webpage : or on other services of the same kind by typing '' in the search field of those services, you will realize that our domain name was registered on March 2nd, 2000. You will also find many copyrights in our archives, registered in 2000.
Absolutely not. A patent is a patent and a trademark is a trademark. Each has a definite role to play that a copyright cannot replace.


Many users are using our services to register a copyright of their DOCUMENTATION, including diagrams, sketches, photos and the methodology involved in their work or even invention. This may allow them to get their project into circulation quickly without necessarily having to wait for the patent. They may mention their copyright number in their documents and include a copy of their copyright issued by

Search « invention » in our search engine and you’ll realise that hundreds of inventions have been registered on since March 2000.


It's the same about a trademark, a copyright is not a trademark registration but a copyright can be useful to publish an already registered trade mark or all the documentation about a trade mark registration project. Remember, a copyright doesn't create any rights. A copyright is a legal declaration of already existing rights on a creation or work, made by the author. Without a copyright registration by a third party, the author may have a hard time to prove his or her implication within a specific work or creation.

So it’s you, as an author, who has to make sure that the creation you are registering is registered as you intended too. In other words, there is no need to register a copyright for a word, a sentence, a concept, and idea, an industrial process or others elements that may necessitate a trademark or a patent. No need as well to register a copyright for an invention that will collect the dust on a shelf for years , because if someone else commercializes it and you are not able to prove you have been constantly working on it for years, you copyright useless. The law specifies that a copyright cannot be used to paralyze the human inventive genius.

Precision: is a copyright registering and publishing service and not a legal advice service specialized in intellectual property.
The Bern Convention, signed by 172 countries, declares there is no obligation from an author to register his copyright. But few countries have copyright registration services and they gather copyrights and maintain archives. (????) provides a very affordable way to register and publish (except if confidential) your copyright on the Internet. It's an easy, quick and inexpensive way to have your copyright registered and your material secured in archives. Note: In the United States, the intervention of the US copyright office is required prior to going to court but, fortunately, more than 99% of litigation cases reported are solved without court intervention. Normally, a thief will not take a chance and go to court to claim a right that does not belong to him. PAs la même question ni réponse qu'en français....
Our service is valid in most countries, in fact in more that 177 countries, which correspond to the signatory parties of the Bern convention. New countries are added regularly. (You can consult it on the WIPO's website).

The validity of our services is based on legal dispositions regarding data and information exchanges via internet, between people, companies and countries. Canada was given a data protection level equivalent to the European norm EC Directive 95/46. The main countries using our service are France, Belgium, Swiss, Canada and United States but are not limited to those.
A copyright is valid for the life of the author plus 50 years. But our service has no limit concerning archiving and publishing copyrights and you have no renewal fees to pay, either in 5 years or ever. You can transfer your rights to someone (additional fees may apply). Contact us for more information.
If the simple mention of the word 'copyright' in any work is enough to win against a thief, it's important to specify that authors are much more comfortable defending their rights when they can count on documents and the testimony of a third party who has received and treated their copyright declaration on a specific date. This is what we have been offering to our users for so many years.

Our reception and archiving of copyright declarations and our preparation of related documents have proved their worth and our users have always won against thieves.

In a court of justice what counts is the verifiable, the demonstrable and the practical. According to our experience, it's better to have a witness on the author's side.

Defending copyrights is complexe and the work of lawyersis is to examine every legal possibility to prove thier client's rights. That's the case for both sides.

In the process of validating our legal documents, we act as a third party witness. The content of documents has been carefully elaborated and is relevant to what the court expects as well as what is needed to win a case like that. Documents signed by a officer may as well be signed by a usher or a notary if the autor asks for it. *Additionnal fees may apply in certain cases.

In a court of justice, thieves might wrongfully claim paternity of the creation they copied and pretend that the deposited proofs could have been modified by them at a convenient time. That's why keeps what you have sent that must be used as proof and demonstrates the state of your creations at a specific date and time. Long before thieves might have gain access to your work, your proofs of creation were sent to our archives.

A judge can obtain a document that proves authors never had access to the file containing creation proofs following the sending of their work to our organism in charge of archiving it. ( Except the first 30 days of archiving during which a modification or an addition is still possible for authors). does all it can to offer you the most secure archiving systems in the filed and prevent you from having to present technical demonstrations in a court of law. The most effective defense is always the clearest.

For authors, an access to their archived files might be practical, but our mission is too serious to jeopardize by according special permissions simply in order to register new users. You'll appreciate this thoroughness if one day you have to defend your rights.
  1. If someday you need your documents to prove your copyrights in a court of justice, they will be signed by a officer before their are delivered to you. These documents will support your defense (fees may apply, such as shipping fees).
  2. Proofs of your creations (in archives) are not accessible via Internet, not even for the author. You can only see names and the date on the documents that you have put into archives. The only time this material will be extracted will be to serve as proof to defend your rights. Therefore, a thief will never be able to pretend that elements put in proof have been modified by the author after archiving them.
  3. If you have to defend your rights in court and wish to possess legal documents in relevance with your specific needs, we can hire an usher or a notary to prepare those documents. Note that this is rarely necessary.
  4. We do not accept proof of creations sent by mail because that would have a negative impact on our costs and prices. A healthy management has always been a priority for us.
  5. Concerning archiving your documents, we apply security rules as well as a strict procedure.
  6. We publish a large number of copyrights on the web, making our users copyrights known which is a step and a precaution more and more necessary these years. You can consult the public part of our archives.
  7. We manage ourselves the ads on our website in order to make sure your copyrights are not lost in a sea of ads.
  8. We apply a rigorous confidentiality policy. No information about our users and their creations is shared under any condition.
  9. We do not accept any partnership, exchange or business proposition because that would not honor our main mission and it would risk distracting us and our operations.
  10. In case of double payment with our online payment system, please let us know using our contact form and this payment will be cancelled within 24 hours.
No, and here is how to proceed without paying additional fees

Your copyright owner identification number allows you to appear as a copyright owner in all your creations, even those you don’t want to register under a specific copyright. This does not prevent you from registering your creations in order to better protect them, but it saves you an additional cost for creations you consider less important and it dissuades potential thieve.

For creations you will not register, you used to have no way of proving you were active in the protection of your rights.

Thieves know it too well: there is no way to register a copyright for every creation. It’s a question of cost, of common sense and of relative importance of each creation.

Our team has elaborated a way to allow users to show to potential thieves that a non-registered creation is not easier to copy.

By giving a copyright owner identification number to each user, a permanent and active for life number, and by encouraging users to post that number in all their creations, helps significantly in protecting unregistered creations.

That’s a well-known fact: thieves prefer ease and are less tempted to attack you creations in those conditions.

The price depends on your currency. Here is a list of the costs :
  • Euro : 12.50 €
  • Canadian Dollar: 17.75$
  • US Dollar: 17.75$
  • Pound sterling : 10.50 £
Payment can be made through your user profile.
Nothing forces you to it. Your copyrights are yours and our intervention does not create rights that don’t already exist. What we do for you is registering and archiving your copyrights in a permanent manner (with no additional fees) so that you can defend yourself against thieves who might use your creation without your consent.

In other words, by registering a copyright with our service which exists since March 2000, you become the first person to register a copyright for these creations. Knowing that thieves often pretend to be the real authors of what they stole, you have every reason to register a copyright to prove the opposite.

We register, archive and store creations and proofs of creation since 2000. We are the service that publishes the largest number of copyrights on the web - in the public section evidently, details remaining confidential – since our beginnings in 2000.

We are the oldest team on the web in that field and we have a practical experience in registering copyrights in order to make them efficient in a court of law, as often as you need in your lifetime (reasonable fees may apply).

A clear and inexpensive legal proof is essential for the author. A third party testimony (a officer) is, to our belief, the most efficient and accessible way for authors to defend their rights.

You’ll also appreciate that we don’t allow any modification of copyrights after the 30 day allowed period for corrections. Thus, experienced thieves can no longer pretend that you have copied their own creation to add it to your copyright, which is sadly often the case.
  • If you have registered copyrights before September 1st, 2016, implementation date of the new website, you will find them in our archives.
  • If you have created your account after September 1st, 2016, as soon as you will have registered a new copyright, you will be able to access a functionality that allows you to list your previous copyrights in your account. Take note that some functionalities like the follow-up of the files in your secured archives are only available for recently registered copyrights.
If you are a long time user, you have noticed the all new website which allows you to have an author's file and to personally manage your copyrights.

From now on, you have access to a copyrights account including many advantages.

This new system is as efficient as the old one, plus it gives you access to new functionalities. For example, you can find all your previous copyrights and group them in your account in order to find them more easily.

Subscribe now, it's FREE!
Because technology evolves rapidly and our field of expertise is no exception. By offering you this new website to manage your copyrights, Tanya Damien and Nancy Dubé, the 2 administrators take the lead and offer you new services that you will find nowhere else.

For example, you will be able to visually find the list of copyrights you have put into archives without harming the legal value of you proof if you have to use it someday to defend you rights. Numerous other advantages await you in your account. Subscribe now, it's FREE!
  1. First, you create your user account with a confidential profile. As soon as you create something, either texts, images, sounds or other (consult the listed categories), you can register your copyrights and prove the ownership of what you have done. This way, you are not the only one in the world against a potential thief who would be tempted to replace your name with his/her.
  2. You create your copyright in the blink of an eye. It's a simple step; you indicate the subject of your creation, its name or title and a short description that you can make public.
  3. You send proofs of your creation (if you wish). We give you access to your own secured space in our archives for you to add what only the author of a creation can add. Extracts from your creation, elements of your work, etc., all this so that we are able to provide them if you have to prove your ownership.
  4. You can add the copyright seal on your creations. For more information, read the instructions in logo et seal
That's it. Further details in our FAQ or make a 'test copyright' (Create an account now) (it's free!), in order to familiarize yourself with the whole thing.
If you have many files containing material, like certain texts, images or other, you can group them in a single file that we call .ZIP. This method allows to use less storage space.

To compress a file containing your creation files, there are two simple methods. We call these compressed files ZIP files or RAR files.

How to create a .ZIP .RAR file that will contain your creations

Two easy methods with Windows
  • The simplest: With your mouse cursor, point one of your creation FILES and right click. Then, from the menu that appears, choose the line Send to and then choose compressed file
    Your creation file is now a compressed file and you can add other files with a simple copy/paste.
    1. Place your mouse cursor on START in Windows (bottom left corner of your screen)
    2. Right click
    3. Click on EXPLORE and find your FILE.
    4. Once in the FILE, right click NEW, then COMPRESSED FILE.
    5. The COMPRESSED FILE is done. You add to it your creations with copy/paste and send it to us.

A quick method for MAC users
  1. Find on your computer the FILES you wish to compress.
  2. Go to the FILE menu, upper left corner of your screen, then select Compress files.
To avoid being copied!
Files are transferred on external drives not linked to the Internet. Confidentiality and intellectual property are thereby protected.

Nobody can access archived files, not even officials. Written authorisation from the author is required which is applied through the respect of strict rules.

Since the beginning of our operations in 2000, we have never had the slightest incident.
The sending of files is SSL secured, the same protocol used by banks.

Furthermore, you don't need to put your whole creation in the archives, but only the part which allows it to be recognized without a doubt.
How to register a copyright in only a few clicks

  1. Create you profile (it's free) .
  2. Add a preview of your creation if you wish to do so.

  3. There you go !

    Detailed version here.
We do not offer PHONE SUPPORT in order to minimize our operation costs and to keep our pricing as low as possible. These savings contribute to our low cost services for users. Our ONLINE SUPPORT is Quick, Reliable and Efficient and provides complete answers to users' queries and problems every time. However, if you don't find answers to your questions, please fill the contact form Contact us
Many authors and webmasters opt for anonymity, and you need only supply your pseudonym on the copyright declaration form to be assured that you will remain anonymous. We keep your real information private in our files, away from public access and your certificate is just as valid as if your name were on it.

You can also ask us to keep confidential the name of your city and the name of your potential co-authors, the title of your creation and its description. Nothing then appears in the public part of your copyright.

In case of a lawsuit in which you have to defend your rights, we produce the original versions of your mailing which include your real contact details.
We don’t publicly publish texts or other creations, because that would generate misunderstandings. Texts and other creations are archived, stored and inaccessible on the web. You have in the copyright creation form a description field in which you can summarize you creation.
Strangely, many people ask us this question. However, following you daily to attend your creation or consult witnesses to know if you are the author or not is evidently unrealistic.

In this context, you can register a copyright on anything you wish, including the US constitution or the Bible. In which case, there will be a public proof that you declare being the author of those creations, while everyone knows it’s not true.

Understand this: if you pretend to be the author of someone else’s work and you register a copyright for it on our website, you will have proof that you have falsely declared being the author of something which will not help you in any way.

That’s why it's important and HIGHLY recommended to deposit in the files containing your creation, many of the steps you went through creating it. E.g. Drafts of your final text, untouched images before visual effects, parts of songs, programming code, etc. Anything thieves don't have in their possession, but that you could bring in a court of justice. doesn't implicate itself in any way in the writing of copyrights declarations. Users are the only ones responsible for the content of their declaration.
We answer within a 48 hour delay on business days. Once a message is sent using our contact form, you receive a confirmation email. Check you inbox to make sure you have received it. If not, check your Spam folder.

To make sure you receive a response, add the following address to your contact list [] .
We don’t offer temporary archiving and the extraction of files is only done in a legal context, when the date of the process against the thief is known and we have the convening notice in hands.

However, in rare cases and if you really can’t do otherwise, we can extract* a file and send it to you. An identity verification procedure will be conducted by a officer. We will also send very clear details for you to know the legal implications of such an extraction.

*Certain conditions and fees may apply.
This number gives you easy access to your copyright certificate on the Internet, using our search engine. This enables you to demonstrate to one and all that you have registered your copyright on a specific date and time. This is the proof that your ownership is publicly declared and not just indicated with a short mention within your work. Remember, unless you choose a confidential copyright, your copyright is posted on your own Web address page, and only you can ask to withdraw it.

To obtain one, you must first create an account (it's free!) or connect to it. Once connected, you need to fill the the form and make the payment. Then you can get you html code by clicking on this logo from your copyrights list.

Please note that we find seals in books, printed documents, school material, designer clothes and all that in many countries.

If the seal number does not correspond in its graphic presentation (color, size, etc.) to the graphic design of your website or creation, you can simply use the mention ' XXXXXXXX' (number corresponding to your copyright)
A copyright appears only when a piece of work is created. Thus, it would be useless to publish a copyright for future creations. For example, you couldn’t register a copyright for love songs and use it to protect your copyrights on a novel 6 months later. However, you have 30 days, after registering and paying a copyright to modify or add something to it. Once that delay has passed, a copyright issued by us is completed, sealed and untouchable. We can then assure you under oath that no change has been made after that period of time.

Passed that, if you wish to update your copyright, you must register and pay a new copyright by mentioning it’s an update of the previous copyright and indicating its number.
If you declare your rights on a creation that changes constantly, like a website or a blog, your copyright will not change and will describe a website or a blog, but you will be able to send us updated content so that we can also put it into archives. No change will be made in the copyright certificate in itself, but we grant you a monthly archiving space for this particular copyright for a period of 12 months (for a total of 1 Go), ne fees, in order for you to send us new content. These archives are stored permanently and will be used to prove the content you had at a specific date if the need arises.
Basically, an idea cannot be protected by a copyright because this would totally paralyze inventive genius. No one would dare to create any longer for fear of being sued by someone who had copyrighted the idea, even if that person hadn't acted on it.

But, fortunately, you can copyright the process, the method and the treatment you expect to use to exploit your idea. Put all this on paper, and copyright it to demonstrate that you're the first one to do it this way.

Nevertheless, you must have taken steps to begin your project and be able to show that you have made efforts towards the actual realization of your plans, if you wish to stop someone else from exploiting your idea in the same way. If you have done nothing with this project for many years and someone comes along with the same idea and a similar treatment, you'll have a hard time stopping this person from proceeding. The underlying principle of copyright cannot be used to paralyze human progress.
Yes, either under construction, new or old that doesn’t change anything. By registering your website you declare being the designer at a specific date and time. The ownership declaration is dated, not the website.

We will issue a copyright certificate indicating the name and the URL address of your website and its description. It’s specific to your website. This copyright confirms you are the owner of certain elements of this website, but that doesn’t make you the owner of third parties content, if you have some. For example, if people publish pieces of work on your website, you are not the owner of these creations and the copyright of this website doesn’t concern these creations.

As years go by, you will find that your copyright, posted on the Internet, discourages most people from taking advantage of your findings.

Make sure to clearly post the official seal or the indication of followed by your own copyright number in order for visitors to verify it into our archives if they wish to do so.

You can also redirect people to a copyright on our website by adding a link like the one we have sent you in your confirmation email. For many years, our users have noticed that the presence of the seal is a very efficient protection. Furthermore, it allows you to make monthly updates, no additional fees (up to 1 Go/copyright/year), when you register a copyright. « Website update ». You have to make sure a link to your copyright is available on your website in order to access this additional space.
Nothing stops you from doing so, but you can't expect that your copyright will prevent someone from cooking with the same ingredients all over the planet. The purpose of a copyright is not to paralyse the human inventive genius.

Your copyright on a recipe will mostly be used to prove your ownership, your anteriority on this recipe, but if you publish the exact same recipe or if people discover it, you will not be able to use this copyright to keep them from reproducing it. Otherwise, people would not dare to mix different ingredients scared of violating the copyright of someone somewhere in the world.

You must keep certain elements secret if you wish that no one reproduces your identical recipe. The public part of your copyright, posted on the Internet, should not divulge all the details of the recipe, but only basic information such as "Chicken and mushrooms recipe". Nothing more.
We do not accept adult-oriented (pornographic) material. PORNOGRAPHIC websites, NO.

PORNOGRAPHIC pictures and drawings, NO.

Websites involving artistic nudes, without sexual acts, YES.

Erotic texts, novels and stories, YES.

Illegal money games in certain countries, NO.

We keep the right to remove a copyright certificate that seems based on a false or incomplete declaration.
In the copyright creating form, you will find a field in which you will write the name(s) of the author(s). This information can be posted publicly or kept confidential. it's up to you.
It’s simple: with the exception of websites and inventions for which there is a 1 per author limit, you can register as many creations as you want.

1000 photos, 3 novels, 4 amateur films, 12 short stories, etc….as long as your file doesn’t exceed 1000 Mo per copyright. In other words, if your file doesn’t exceed 100 Mo, you can deposit what you have created as you wish.

However, those who have only placed a few creations per copyright and who need to defend their rights find themselves relieved to have access to a quick, cheap and easy proof. Others have to extract all their creations from their copyright to identify clearly the one that’s been copied. An overloaded copyright can become complicated to use.
Concerning what’s on Internet (website, blog, Facebook or other social medias), our system allows you to send us as many monthly updates as you want for a period of 12 months, free of charge. You can use a 1 Go disk space on the condition you maintain a link between the seal or the indication on your website and your copyright certificate posted by us on the web.
You must send us, for registering and archiving purposes, at least the pages that are more at risk of being copied in order not to exceed the 1Go/year limit.

You can also contact us to obtain an appropriate quotation for the required space. The important thing is to send us a considerable part of your website so that it’s easier to identify in case of plagiarism.

You can also compress the content of your website in a compressed file (.zip or .rar) to reduce its size before you send it to us. With Windows, to make a compressed copy, you click on the folder containing a copy of your website files with a right click by choosing “Send to…” then “Compressed file”. The size will be reduced to almost a third, without losing anything. Detailed instructions will be sent to you at the time of your copyright’s creation.
On almost any type of artistic or literary creation, images, sounds, texts, websites, blogs, project files, detailed applications of a concept (covering the application and not the concept), etc.

Concerning denominations (names, pseudonyms, short sentences, product names, slogans, designations, titles, etc.) what you can declare is the use you make of this denomination and thus demonstrate a usage anteriority in your field of expertise, but you can't prevent the entire planet from using one word, one sentence, one title or letters based on a copyright (this is more the purpose of an international trademark). If you possess a trademark, a copyright will wisely help you advertise your use of this trademark, but will not create any right you won't already have.

You can also use this service in order to register an intention file of creating a trademark or a company with all the details, but in that specific case, the copyright declaration shows only your intention and will not create any rights of trademark. The copyright is used to claim your rights on description, marketing and business texts, related to your trademark or company. You can also register a copyright in order to share information on the web concerning the existence of your trademark (which you will have previously registered with authorized parties).

A copyright can't be used to protect an idea, a concept, a theory, but it can be used to declare your rights on a projects preparation file, on the mean with which you expect to apply your ideas, on your concepts and theories. In that case, the copyright won't project the idea, the concept or the theory, because it is not a patent, but it allows you to prove the state of your preparation in applying those ideas, concepts or theories. So if someone copies your project, you will be able to demonstrate your anteriority using your copyright.
Your will find in the form used to create your copyright, a field in which your write the name(s) of the author(s). This information can be posted publicly or kept confidential, that's up to you.
A copyright in one language is valid in all other languages, except that in practice it is sometimes better to file a copyright for each of the most important languages. In this case, the author may indicate in each copyright his numbers corresponding to the copyrights in the other languages. In other cases, the author will prefer to simply indicate the copyright number in English, since it is the most universal language and will include in the latter the corresponding copyright number in French. As far as book publishing is concerned, it is often simpler to indicate only the copyright number of the book in its language of publication.
Yes, you can make a change within 30 days of your original registration.

Within 30 days, to make a change, you have to access your account. To do that you just click on the (crayon) located next to the copyright number you wish to modify in order to access this information and change it. After the 30 day delay, this link becomes inactive, so your copyright is sealed.

After the 30 day delay, you must create another copyright because we have to be able to prove your copyright's content has not been modified after the 30 day period allowed. You can create a new copyright and mention that it is an update of a specific copyright.

What we have to keep in mind is that a direct intervention from your part in the content of a registered copyright can be the cause of an invalidation in a court of justice. That's why we use this method of deactivation of your copyright after the allowed period.
If your creation has evolved since the deposit of your copyright and the 30 day delay to modify it has expired, you only have to deposit an 'Update' of you copyright indicating it's an update of the existing copyright number XXXXXXXX-X. Thus, for the price of a copyright, you can keep your anteriority on your previous copyrights, while depositing your rights on an update of their content. This way, the evolution of your creations is constantly kept up to date in your archives.

In the case of a website copyright, we grant you an archiving space accessible for 12 months (up to 1 Go). You won't have to pay more than one copyright of updates per year.
If your copyright declaration has been created less than 30 days ago, you can modify it by going into your account.

If your certificate is less recent, you must create a new one which correspond to the new situation and specify that this copyright confirms the website address change, copyright number XXXXXXX (the number you want to update). In the creation form, you will find a field with the list of your existing copyrights and will only have to choose the one you wish to update.

In this case, you could also cancel the older one, but it’s better to keep it active to confirm your anteriority on your rights. The more you can prove that your initiative is old, the better it will be in case you have to defend your rights.
*** Immediately active and functional copyright and you have 30 days to modify ***
The Berne Convention and the Copyright Law stipulate that copyright appears as soon as the work is created, and therefore the copyright that accompanies it exists from the beginning of the creation. Therefore, when you use to register your copyrights on a work, to archive your proofs and thus be able to better defend your copyright, your copyright statement is effective on-the-spot, even if you have 30 days to make a modification if you deem it necessary.
Of course, in your account you can cancel your copyright definitely. Careful: you must know this cancellation is irreversible
First, we must have the confirmation from the author who yields his rights to you. They must do so by using our contact form and by indicating the email address used to register the copyright that needs to be yielded or the email address associated with the account. The message must mention the following :

  1. I, Name of the current copyright ownerconfirm the copyright yielding #Copyright number.
  2. To Name of the new owner with the email address : email address of the new owner*.
  3. Last name and first name in the account as well as the pseudonym (if applicable) of the current copyright owner.
  4. Address of the owner/author of the yielded copyright.

*The new owner must have a account. The email address of the new owner must be the one linked to his/her account. An account can be created here : Create an account

Reasonable yielding rights processing fees are applicable.

Then, you, the buyer of the creation rights, also called the copyright purchaser must :

Complete the form for a copyright by accessing your account (and paying the applicable fees) and choosing the category :« Copyright yielding » and mentioning in the title that it is a copyright yielding for the (copyright number)

When we get the authors' confirmation that they yield their rights (and have paid the fees), we will write in the initial copyright that it has been yielded to : (Your name)the yielding date and a link towards the copyright you will have created using the form.

This way, the rights yielding background will be clear and your acquisition will be easy to prove if the need comes.
In the event of an author's death, the person who is assigned the author's estate must have the deceased's email address and access code for Copyright Depot. The heir can then use it to enter the author's account and modify the information to reflect the changes.

Copyright Depot deals only with authors and does not accept any intermediaries for security reasons. The author must make sure to transmit by will the elements allowing him/her to connect to his/her Copyright Depot account.

Copyright Depot does not transmit any information about the copyrights held by an author to a third party in case of death or disability. Each author must make his own legal arrangements to ensure that his works and the rights attached to them are transmitted to his heirs as he sees fit.
If your work is posted on the Internet, be sure to place the seal in a visible location like the bottom of your home page.

You can retrieve your html code by clicking on this logo in your copyrights list

To download the copyright seal click on the image below, it will be downloaded on you computer. You will then be able to use it.

***** IMPORTANT *****

You MUST pay your copyright BEFORE using a copyright seal from

If needed (like in a book for example), a short phrase can also replace the seal. If our copyright seal doesn't fit the design of your creation, you can replace it with the statement below : number XXXXXXXX-X

***** IMPORTANT *****

You MUST pay your copyright BEFORE using a copyright seal from

That vast majority of plagiarism cases in which we were able to give the author documented proof ended up in an immediate stop of the illegal usage.

When you use our services, don't only send us the final version of your work but also a few unfinished versions that show your work and its progression.

In fact, a thief knows he/she won't win if he/she is sued by an author who is well backed up in his/her legal procedures and will prefer to stop his/her illegal use rather than risk major troubles.
All versions of documents received within 30 days are archived (except if you have erased them of course), so the oldest proves the anteriority, even with a later correction, since it was implemented only to allow the correction of a document if necessary.
In most cases, the thief contacted by the author mentions not knowing what all this is about and asks for proof on ownership of the work.

DON'T BE FOOLED and don't give this person details he/she would not normally have access to. A thief knows he/she has robbed. He/She might not no where what he/she robbed is from but he/she knows it's not from him/her.

If you own a signed copy of the documents we possess in archives and you send a copy of it to thieves, you risk harming your case by giving others details they could potentially use illegally.

For example, if you give them a previous copy of your original work, these persons could use details they would not have otherwise. Then, in a court of justice, you will have to convince the court that thieves obtained access to this information only from the moment you have sent them the documents which will not be simple.

Proving something in the copyright field must always be as clear as possible. With that in mind, doesn't simply give archived documents when an author asks for it. We specify this at many places on our website. These documents are preferably given to a lawyer chosen by the author. If you have chosen a lawyer and his/her mandate is clear, give us his/her information and we will send the documents he/she needs to evaluate the situation. (some fees may apply, such as shipping fees).

However, if an author wishes to obtain his/her confidential documents despite this warning, he/she can do it as follow:

  • Make an email request using the same email address as the one used to send us the documents from the original deposit (in the case of a no longer existing email address, specify the email address used at the time of the copyright creation). Any other email address will be refused. If you have changed email address since the registration, a procedure will allow us to validate your information and verify your identity first and foremost.
  • Precisely provide the copyright number concerned and the description of the file(s) you have attached to this copyright for archiving purposes. You can use the email confirmation you have received at the time you have sent your files to the archives.
  • Pay the fees required by if applicable.
  • Declare you know your access to these documents will be noted to your account and that each of your messages will be added to your account for tracking purposes.

  • In which case, the required confidential documents will be extracted from our archives, signed by an official and will then be sent within 10 business days.

    You are the only one who can defend what's yours and nobody can legally do it for you, except a lawyer. Before getting there we have a few suggestions of things to do to make the illegal use of your work stop without having to spend lots of money.

    If someone other than a justice officer offers you their help, even free of charge, you will not be in control of the situation and you will have to rely on them risking being held responsible for their actions. This doesn't seem to be a good idea in a delicate field such as defending copyrights. offers you copyright confirmation and all related drafts and documents, as evidence of ownership, registration date, and all other pertinent information is supplied under oath. In the case of litigation, we need to receive an official court audition date, and we will send you proof of your copyright and related files in archives, duly signed by us, free of charge, if you register your copyright with us at least 4 months before the infringement took place. (some fees may apply)

    (For U.S. residents only, read this excerpt from the U.S. Copyright law. (b) The legal or beneficial owner of an exclusive right under a copyright is entitled, subject to the requirements of section 411, to institute an action for any infringement of that particular right committed while he or she is the owner of it. The court may require such owner to serve written notice of the action with a copy of the complaint upon any person shown, by the records of the Copyright Office or otherwise, to have or claim an interest in the copyright, and shall require that such notice be served upon any person whose interest is likely to be affected by a decision in the case. The court may require the joinder, and shall permit the intervention, of any person having or claiming an interest in the copyright. End of the excerpt.) (Click here to see details at the U.S. Copyright office .pdf document.)
    You send your copyright registration to the thief and the Internet address where your copyright is published and visible for 365 days a year. You demand that this copying be stopped immediately using the documentation we provided for free. Usually, the thief realizes that he/she cannot contest your rights and stops immediately. In the case of a really malicious thief, legal action can be taken using your copyright certificate and materiel in your copyright archive as evidence of your ownership.
  • You specify that you have registered not only your copyrights but also every document proving your are the author of this creation, including the steps of its making when it was still incomplete. Something no one else can prove of course.
  • Usually, the thief realizes he/she won't be able to contest your rights and stops the illegal use of your work. You will find an example of message to send here.

    In the case of a really malicious thief, you can initiate legal actions because your are the author and it's your right to do so.
    We respect the law on personal information and electronic documents protection. Nobody consults files containing the creations and no information is shared with a third party. You have a correction and erasing right of your confidential personal data at anytime, after the standard identification steps. All you have to do is contact us through our contact form. Your personal data is preserved in a secured manner under a law respecting the European Instruction 95/46 or an equivalent recognized by the European Union. This data is mostly composed of your name, address, city and zip code. As a user, you remain free to divulge your name, your city or your country. However, your address will remain confidential.

    Our users who use online payment are informed, in the ordering pages, that their credit card number is not accessible to personnel. Online transactions are secured by STRIPE, an international service accredited by cards emitting banks such as Visa and MasterCard. A recognizable and verifiable SSL certificate is installed. No payment data is accessible to our employees and no payment data is kept on our servers.
    Online secured payment
    Used payment modes are PayPal and credit card. For currencies other than Canadian, the exchange rate is calculated with API from Yahoo Finance in real time.

    Online transactions are secured with STRIPE, an international service accredited by credit cards emitting banks such as Visa and MasterCard. A SSL certificate recognized and verifiable is installed. No payment data is accessible to our employees or is retained on our servers.
    Cookies doesn't use cookies. However, cookies can be installed for the follow-up of Google Analytics. A cookie is a very small file that's created on your hard drive and that records your web browser's configuration. A cookie can only be installed by the webserver that has sent it to you and doesn't contain executable programs that could endanger your computer. The conservation duration of this data in your computer is limited to :
    Content management : gets erased at the closing of the bowser.

    Google Analytics : First cookie (utmz) : 6 months and Second cookie (utma) : 2 years
    You can accept or decline cookies in your browser.
    A full refund of your copyright will be issued if you are not satisfied within 24 hours of the registration. The essential nature of copyrights doesn’t allow any refund after this period of time, so no refund will be issued beyond that period.'s role' s role is to emit and publish on Internet (except if confidential) a copyright declaration certificate based on the information given by users as long as they respect good habits, liberty and rights and don't violate a person, a company or others and don't relate to other copyrights or creations owned by others. offers a webhosting of copyright declarations received from users. No editing is done by on content. Content remains under the exclusive and entire responsibility of authors. offers, for the creation of a certificate, the possibility of generating proof of your creation. It can be extracts, the whole creation, elements from previous versions...that could be used in a court of justice to prove your ownership.

    All content of which we are the authors and that can be found on our website is a Canadian and international laws protected content. The same goes for content owned by authors/users of our service.

    In case of the author's death

    In the event of an author's death, the person who is assigned the author's estate must have the deceased's email address and access code for Copyright Depot. The heir can then use it to enter the author's account and modify the information to reflect the changes.

    Copyright Depot deals only with authors and does not accept any intermediaries for security reasons. The author must make sure to transmit by will the elements allowing him/her to connect to his/her Copyright Depot account.

    Copyright Depot does not transmit any information about the copyrights held by an author to a third party in case of death or disability. Each author must make his own legal arrangements to ensure that his works and the rights attached to them are transmitted to his heirs as he sees fit.

    When you contact us through email, you thereby accept to receive email messages from us. We will contact you by email and keep the right to indefinitely preserve our email exchanges in order to offer you better follow-up on your account and copyrights as well as operations you might initiate. You recognize that our messages respect legal written communication requirements.

    All trademarks on our website not owned by us are the property of their respective owners. Our users are responsible of the use they make of trademarks that are not owned by them. The content of copyrights on our website are the exclusive responsibility of the service user. can intervene and remove remarks, questionable or litigious content on the simple demand of the person or company involved by this remark. Users recognize they are the only ones responsible for the content of their certificate and of the legal consequences of this use.

    Access to our content
    Subject to approval from rules and conditions described in this document, grant you a limited authorisation, non-exclusive, non-transferable and without the right to grant sublicenses, to access its services for personal and non-commercial use. You can’t under no circumstances practice a commercial activity based on the reselling of one or many of our services. You can’t use our « metanames » nor our design without obtaining a written permission from us.

    Your communications
    All your communications with us are done through emails and are confidential. We use a secured email service and commit to not share any information you have given us with anyone. The only uses we make of your information concur to the needs of our service and only that. We reserve the right to keep for life all email exchanges with our users, in order to be able to track dates and content of every communication. In case of the closing or cancelling of an account, either initiated by a user or not, we reserve the right to keep email exchanges in order to track the cancellation request and to prove it legally if necessary.

    Data conservation
    We ensure the conservation of data according to rules in regulation in our field and by implementing a security protocol well established and recognized. In other words, takes the necessary measures to avoid losing data, copyrights or other files, like it should. However, the user clears from all responsibility in case data lost wither because of a war, power outage, misdeeds or accident. The user commits to keep original of its data and recognize that is not a temporary hosting service to which he can appeal in case he loses his own data. The user clears of any form of responsibility in case of data or copyright lost and commits to not claim any compensation in the event of a prejudice.

    Copyright violation
    We commit to rigorously respect copyrights. No need to say that if you are aware one of our users is violating copyrights, you must contact us as soon as possible using our contact form.

    In case you need to defend your rights.
    If a user intends a trial for copyrights violation, with official proof on the trial date, the copyright declaration relevant to the case and all other proofs of creation received from the author will be signed by a officer, in order to generate valid documents for the jurisdiction and the country of the user (it is possible to get a sworn declaration of your documents by a notary or an usher for an additional fee).

    Official documents
    Official documents are provided within a 30 day delay after receiving a copy of the summons to appear addressed to our user. Note that to be accepted by us, a declaration signature demand must contain the following elements: If it’s an individual defending his rights, a copy of his driver’s licence or of an identity card legally recognized in his country will be asked. If it’s a company defending its rights, a copy of the business register proving the legal existence of the copyright holding company, a copy of the formal notice sent to the thief by the author or a copy of the lawyer’s letter and a copy of the official legal documents confirming the court appearance date, the names of the concerned persons, the concerned names, the subject and the description of the legal cause, the name and contact details of the involved lawyers.

    Plagiarism between partners
    Note that if it concerns a dispute between 2 partners, both claiming ownership on the content of a creation registered on our website, will provide documents for additional fees.

    If the names and first names of the author, his address, his email address or other elements allowing to identify him, in the copyright declaration or in his file, are not true nor compatible to the register form on our website, documents won’t be issued. (Fees apply for issuing official documents) .

    The user recognizes that’s responsibility is limited to the emission, the posting (except if confidential) on the web and the archiving of his copyright declaration, as long as is operational on the web. The user accepts that and his agent’s responsibility is limited to performing tasks related to the publication and archiving of copyrights on the web and committs not to claim reimbursement or other forms of compensation either in case of default or ending activities. (’s agent is TDN PRO) and its agent reserve the right to end operations, temporarily or permanently, if the consequences of a war, natural disaster, third party harmful intervention or a technological modification affecting the website operations and all other element or reason that would not allow the usual operations normal continuity by us on the Web.

    Our limits
    We don’t pretend to substitute governmental services for copyrights registration in any country, nor the protection organisations and don’t prevent authors to resort to these organisations.

    Compliance with rules reserves the right to close an account, to erase its content or to cancel the copyright certificate(s) in this account if the user doesn’t comply to one or more rules mentioned in this page or if a copyright challenge is received without previous notice. The user commits to accept’s decision and can ask for a reimbursement of the certificate(s) that was subject to the cancellation provided that this certificate had not been hosted more than 4 months on our website. In case of an account cancellation, can review its decision upon request from the account user. The latter will have to demonstrate that he rectified the default and that he is willing to respect the rules. This review remains however subject to the goodwill of’S management team. As a user, he commits to warn de of any change in his email address or postal address within 30 days following the modification. If the names and first names of the author, his address or other elements allowing his identification are not true or incomplete, reserves the right to cancel the declaration without further notice.

    Copyright cancellation upon author’s request
    For copyrights registered on our website before September 2016, when a cancellation request is received from an author, after verifying his identity and the authenticity of his request, cancels all documents and stops storing them. A cancellation request ends the business relationship between our organisation and the author. The user recognizes that the storage of his creations is his only and complete responsibility.
    Concerning the cancellation of copyrights registered after September 2016, it can be done bu the author himself with the cancellation tool available in his account. In case of a cancellation processed by the author, a copyright is irreversibly destroyed, as mentioned by the warning message linked to this operation.

    Unauthorised links
    The user commits not to put a link between a certificate and a website containing child pornography, hateful comments or any other untasteful or illegal material.

    Online invoicing
    The user commits not to claim a specific invoice, or any other written document, by mail or otherwise, for each of his deposit, because the invoice acceptation and the registration confirmation of his deposits both contain the transaction data which he can print and that our service operates exclusively on the web. In case where would receive many payments from a user, for a single registration, caused by management error by the user, received payments will systematically be refunded within 24 hours following their reception.

    False declaration
    In case discovered or had reasons to believe a text or a creation was in fact the property of another person, in case received a complaint or a contestation concerning the content of a declaration, reserves the right to cancel the related certificate. Any person who can prove his rights on a creation are prior to those registered by another person or company, for the same identifiable creation, will be able to request a cancellation or the certificates issued by for the related creation. In case of litigation on the property of a creation registered on our website, reserves the right to transfer the certificate(s) being subject to a contestation, in the confidential section, not visible on the web or to remove the publication to keep in archives (not accessible by the public). The user declares being familiar with this fact and accept that removes his declaration without notice to transfer it in the confidential registrations section, not posted on our website or to transfer it in the non-public archives.

    Adult websites
    We do not accept any registration of pornographic, racist, controversial or hatful websites. Report any derogation to our team for a fast intervention

    Virtual casinos, money games and others
    We do not accept sites on which it is possible to play on online casino, as well as other money games websites unauthorised by the authorities of one or the other of the Bern convention signing countries.

    Rules modification rights and its agent TDN, reserve the right to modify the present rules without notice. The users of are invited to occasionally consult this page to take note of potential changes.

    Any person who registers on our website declares having read and accepted the rules and conditions mentioned in this page.

    Do you have a question / comment?

    Please check our FAQ or contact us for assistance.
    We will answer you within 24 hours (business days).