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CopyrightNo Category Title
00085170-1Image Arts > Logo DOT number 4071880
00085169-1Business > Commercial documents SUSAN ELIZABETH DENHAM
00085168-1Other > Other MARK A. BOND
00085167-1Business > Other Strictly 4 My Indigenous
00085166-1Other > Other SUSAN ELIZABETH DENHAM
00085165-1Other > Other Day'sha Hunter
00085164-1Literary > Children's story Ma dentiste cette artiste
00085163-1Literary > Novel the real June Evans tome 2
00085162-1Other > Other LARANZ ALLEN GIBSON
00085161-1Business > Business logo Great Seal & Flag Update from Copyright #: 00078340-1
00085160-1Business > Commercial documents Louis G Ruffner/SwolBeatz/SwolBeatz Enterprises LLc. or
00085159-1Business > Other CASEY LAMAR HENDERSON
00085156-1Business > Commercial documents Owner
00085155-1Business > Commercial documents Owner, Agent
00085154-1Other > Other Destiny
00085153-1Business > Commercial documents CEDRICK WARD
00085152-1Other > Other JJH-11-07-1994-CLC
00085151-1Image Arts > Painting FUN LOVE
00085150-1Other > Other Soul Author
00085146-1Other > Confidential creation CAMILLA LEHN ANDERSEN: Camilla Lehn Andersen
00083227-2Other > Confidential creation NILS RUNE DØNNESSEN, Nils Rune Dønnessen, Dønnessen Nils Rune
00085145-1Business > Commercial documents WESLEY AARON ESTES
00085144-1Other > Other Arthur Gerard
00085142-1Business > Commercial documents WARREN GRAMILL HILL III
00085135-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084155-2Business > Commercial documents SCOTT LIGGIONS
00085131-1Business > Contract KAREEM ZARWI ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00085130-1Business > Business logo We the people Free the people
00085129-1Image Arts > Other ENTREPRENOIRE
00085128-1Other > Confidential creation MELIN,JOAKIM:Joakim Daniel Göran Melin:JOAKIM DANIEL GÖRAN MELIN:
00085127-1Science > Other Scientia Naturalis n° 5 - Annuel 2023
00085126-1Other > Confidential creation Living Breathing Person
00085125-1Business > Business correspondence Me, Owner, Agent ,Secured party, Entitlement holder, Beneficiary
00085124-1Education > Training material Seducción Virtual para Tímidos
00085122-1Business > Other Yolanda R Andrews; Yolanda Renna Andrews
00085121-2Communication > Personal communication Sui Generis Express Trust
00085121-1Other > Confidential creation Sui Generis Express Trust
00085120-1Business > Commercial documents Rachel Idolynn DeVries
00085118-1Other > Other My Name
00085117-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario L'ÉCHO DES AUTRES
00085115-1Business > Commercial documents MILINI HARRISON
00085113-1Business > Commercial documents SHEIK TEHUTI
00085112-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00085111-1Literary > Ebook La rune Nauthiz et le talisman du succès
00085110-1Other > Confidential creation THAT GIRL AGAIN WIG SHOP
00085109-1Other > Other Damion Lewis Rucker
00085108-1Business > Commercial documents ALYSTRA DEANNA FREEMAN
00085107-1Other > Other Kyra Hughes
00085106-1Other > Other Donovan Hughes
00085105-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00085104-1Other > Other My Name
00085103-1Other > Other My Name
00085102-1Other > Other Reginald Dashawn Benton
00085101-1Other > Other My Name
00085099-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT ADDITION TO COPRIGHT # 00083933-1
00085098-1Other > Other BARBARA FAYE LOVING
00085097-1Other > Other Robert Hughes
00085094-1Business > Commercial documents Kerry Davis
00085092-1Other > Other Anguiano Familia God Trust
00085090-1Other > Other Herbert Lance Adkins
00085088-1Business > Commercial documents OLGA HANSON
00085087-1Other > Other April Latrice Adkins
00085086-1Other > Other Edris Darnell Davis
00085084-1Business > Commercial documents ISAIAH TAMAR JOHNSON
00085083-1Business > Commercial documents SOPHIA WILLIAMS
00085081-1Business > Contract Authorized Rep
00085080-1Business > Commercial documents JULIET MARCIA YEARWOOD
00085079-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Beat It
00085078-1Business > Commercial documents SAMSON ODUSANYA
00085077-1Literary > Poetry Carnet d'un Romantique Fou - Laboratoire Représentationnel
00085075-1Other > Other My creation
00085074-1Other > Confidential creation DeMario Slade
00085073-1Other > Other My Name
00085072-1Business > Contract CHARLIE A. DAVIS (ENS LEGIS) COPYRIGHT
00085071-1Web > Web Application A web service that summarizes the daily lesson in a school class
00085070-1Business > Commercial documents JEREMY SARMIENTO
00085068-1Other > Other Je Suis
00085067-1Business > Commercial documents NATHANIEL D PARRISH
00085066-1Literary > Novel Des monts sans merveilles
00085065-1Business > Commercial documents KEYAUNA M VENEY
00085064-1Literary > Novel Vous êtes nés du silence
00085063-1Other > Other Abbie Renee Brown
00085058-1Business > Commercial documents DANIEL TIRADO TORRES JR
00085057-1Other > Other My Name
00085055-1Business > Commercial documents MICHAEL MALLABY
00085054-1Business > Commercial documents Michael MALLABY
00085053-1Business > Commercial documents Michael Mallaby
00085052-1Business > Business logo Family of Nations ITCCS
00085051-1Other > Other Lincoln Harrison Alvarez
00085050-1Business > Business logo WILLIAM HARDEN BLUE JR
00085049-1Other > Other My Name
00085048-1Other > Other My name
00085045-1Business > Business logo Respect Ova Money
00085044-1Business > Commercial documents JACKIE LEE HUNT
00085043-1Other > Other PETER RENE FAUSTO
00085042-1Other > Other Hayward Williams
00085039-1Other > Other My Name
00085038-1Business > Commercial documents RONA BETH SILVER
00085037-1Business > Commercial documents KATRINA TEKEYIA RAINEY
00085036-1Other > Other ens legis copyright
0069061-14Education > Thesis L’incroyable histoire du peuple juif et de l’État d’Israël
00085035-1Education > Course content Iyami Egiungun Oru Ancestors of the Night - Advanced Part II
00085034-1Business > Commercial documents NIGEL TAHJEE REDDING
00085033-1Business > Commercial documents MICHAEL DOUGLAS GATEWOOD II
00085032-1Other > Other Justin
00085031-1Business > Commercial documents Shyra M Carter
00085030-1Business > Commercial documents LISA MICHELLE YOUNGBLOOD
00085029-1Business > Commercial documents LISA MCHELLE PARKER
00085028-1Business > Commercial documents LISA MICHELLE TURNER
00085027-1Business > Commercial documents JUANITA LEE BAILEY
00085026-1Other > Other My Name
00085025-1Business > Commercial documents ELGA J HENRY
00085024-1Other > Other My Huband's Name
00085023-1Other > Other My Son's Name
00085022-1Other > Other My Daughter's Name
00085021-1Other > Other My Name
00085020-1Other > Other My Name
00085019-1Business > Other My Creation
00085018-1Other > Confidential creation Toya Adira El
00085017-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Other GLOBAL EMPIRE NEWSPAPER
00085016-1Other > Other My Name
00085015-1Business > Other Common Business Sense LLC / Percipient Holdings Corporation
00085014-1Sound Arts > Musical composition From nowhere the wounds appear
00085013-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Golden House
00085012-1Business > Commercial documents RANDOLPH WRIGHT
00085011-1Business > Commercial documents MARY ROSE DAVIS
00085010-1Business > Commercial documents CASSANDRA EVETTE NOBLE
00085009-1Business > Commercial documents TIFFANY RENEE LEWIS
00085008-1Business > Commercial documents JACQUELINE ANN SMITH
00085007-1Other > Other My Name
00085006-1Other > Other Tatiana Jenkins
00085005-1Business > Commercial documents THOMAS GENE BROWN
00085003-1Business > Commercial documents Mrs
00085002-1Business > Other Birth Given Name
00085001-1Other > Other POWER OF ATTORNEY IN FACT
00084999-1Other > Other Samantha Witala, Sole Author
00084996-1Business > Contract ANTHONY A. FAMILY OF HARVEY ESTATE
00084995-1Other > Other My Name
00084994-1Business > Commercial documents JACOB HOLDEN BANE
00084993-1Other > Other My Name
00084992-1Business > Contract Trustee for the Trust known as DAVE NOYELLE EL EXPRESS TRUST
00084991-1Other > Other JAMES BARNES BRIMER JR
00084990-1Business > Contract Trustee for the Trust known as DAVE NOYELLE EL EXPRESS TRUST
00084988-1Business > Business project The Selfish Journal-Guide to Selfcare
00084987-1Business > Commercial documents My Name and Identity
CopyrightNo Category Title
00084986-1Business > Business logo Bona fide personam
00084985-1Business > Commercial documents JATAVIUM O SIMMONS
00084983-1Image Arts > Painting Les Heureux Hasards de l'escarpolette de Jean-Honoré de Fragonard
00084982-1Business > Other ALL CAPS NAME
00084981-1Business > Business logo copyright of RODNET MASON
00084980-1Other > Other Ms
00084979-1Other > Other Agent
00084978-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084977-1Business > Commercial documents TAMARA L GLASS
00084976-1Business > Commercial documents TAMARA KENEBREW
00084975-1Business > Commercial documents OMRI-MAN ABDUHAL TUTWILER
00084973-1Other > Confidential creation myself
00084972-1Business > Commercial documents True Owner
00084971-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084970-1Other > Other My Name
00084963-1Literary > Diverse texts Peugeot competition automobile edition speciale
00084961-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario Holosapiens Sunrise
00084960-1Other > Other TRAVIS ROMAN PATTERSON
00084959-1Other > Confidential creation RODARTE SAUL AUDEY
00084958-1Business > Commercial documents Rashon A Richardson
00084957-1Other > Other Transcendent Consciousness
00084956-1Business > Business correspondence My creation
00084955-1Business > Contract Ens Legis Copyright
00084954-1Other > Other MY NAME IS MY PROPERTY 2
00084952-1Other > Other Sole Author
00084950-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Total Worship
00084947-1Other > Other Allodial American national Private traveler card
00084944-1Image Arts > Plastic arts double box impossible box
00084943-1Other > Other Olga Hyland
00084942-1Business > Commercial documents Sydney Lawanna Cain Johnson
00084941-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00084940-1Other > Other Margaret Nargi
00084937-1Image Arts > Drawing Artistic characters
00084935-1Other > Other Mark G McGregor
00084933-1Other > Other RASHEEN HERRING
00084930-1Business > Business slogan Peace Pipe Tv
00084929-1Web > Logo Robert Broadway recording artist official identifiable logo
00084928-1Sound Arts > Other R.D.M.Records/Recordings official logo
00084927-1Business > Business slogan Fire and Bliss
00084926-1Other > Confidential creation Monique Shenay Gatlin Trust
00084925-1Business > Business logo Fire and Bliss
00084924-1Other > Confidential creation Favored By Grace Republic
00084923-1Business > Business logo Favored By Grace Republic
00084922-1Literary > Theater Les Jeux Biolympiques
00084920-1Literary > News L'Oeil de L'Ancêtre
00084919-1Other > Other CHEYENNE ISABEL SCOTT
00084918-1Other > Other My creation and my property
00084917-1Other > Other My creation and property
00084916-1Other > Other My name
00084915-1Other > Other My creation and my property
00084914-1Other > Confidential creation Name
00084913-1Literary > Religious texts The Divine Program of The Keowee Tsalagi
00084912-1Other > Other MY NAME IS MY PROPERTY
00084911-1Literary > Poetry 528 htz
00084910-1Other > Other My Name
00084909-1Other > Confidential creation AIDEN JOSIAH CARLTON
00084908-1Other > Confidential creation JAYLEN DESHON BRADLEY
00084907-1Other > Confidential creation CHRISTIAN AMAR CALDWELL
00084906-1Other > Confidential creation CHARLES EDWARD CARLTON
00084905-1Other > Confidential creation CHRIS LAURELES
00084904-1Other > Confidential creation DEMETRIA DéSHAWN CARLTON
00084903-1Business > Contract Gulf Coast Pallet LLC
00084902-1Other > Other Business and Communication
00084900-1Other > Other Patrick Andre Tumer
00084899-1Business > Commercial documents PRINCE LASHON ROBINSON
00084895-1Image Arts > Painting Hyperlignéisme
00084894-1Business > Commercial documents BRENDA HERMANE BRIGHT
00084892-1Business > Contract SILVER REIGN MINT COPYRIGHT
00084890-1Other > Other FREE WILL AND TESTAMENT RF129725729US
00084888-1Other > Other My Names
00084886-1Other > Other JAVIER ERNESTO AYALA
00084885-1Other > Other Bianca Chery
00084883-1Denomination > Personal denomination owner of the name ERIC DONNELL WALKER or derivitive
00084882-1Denomination > Use denomination Certificate of birth
00084880-1Other > Confidential creation MY FULL CREATION
00084879-1Business > Commercial documents LUTHA JAMES ROBINSON JR
00084878-1Business > Commercial documents LANITA MARIE BARKSTALL
00084877-1Business > Commercial documents JASON ALARODE
00084876-1Denomination > Personal denomination PSG 170386 2022 - MARÍA PILAR© SÁNCHEZ GARCÍA©
00084875-1Business > Business logo Authorized Signatory and Royal Scribe
00084874-1Denomination > Personal denomination SVJ 0000097918070 - FRANCISCO JAVIER© ESCRIBANO GARCÍA©
00084873-1Business > Contract Realm of Trustees/KOSEY REALM/Authorized Signatory
00084872-1Business > Commercial documents JONTE BATTLE KING ESTATE
00084871-1Business > Commercial documents IHSAN DARIUSH IBRAHIM GHOLIZADEH
00084861-1Other > Other CASSANDRA H P BOND
00084860-1Other > Confidential creation ROBERT JORDAN VALENZUELA
00084859-1Business > Contract MARK ALAN FAMILY OF TALBOT ESTATE
00084858-1Business > Commercial documents MICHAEL LOUIS ANTHONY FRYE
00084857-1Other > Confidential creation Robert Demarco Myers
00084856-1Business > Business project Robert Broadway
00084855-1Other > Other ROBERT DEMARCO MYERS
00084854-1Other > Other The creation
00084853-1Other > Other YERVAND SETOYAN
00084852-1Business > Commercial documents JONATHAN OGBEFHO
00084851-1Other > Other STACY WOODWARD
00084850-1Other > Other STACY WALBERG
00084848-1Denomination > Use denomination BRAND NAME COPYRIGHT
00084846-1Other > Other Authorized Representive
00084845-1Other > Other Michael R Schoen
00084844-1Literary > Theater Hanukkah The Dedication M.H.T.Drunk
00084843-1Other > Other COPY RIGHT NAMES
00084841-1Other > Other Copyright Name In All its Variations
00084840-1Business > Commercial documents MELODY ALEXANDRA WASHINGTON
00084837-1Business > Contract JONNY GAYTAN ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084836-1Business > Commercial documents Latarasha S.A. Foy
00084835-1Literary > Ebook Jesus Approves Marriage after Divorce
00084834-1Business > Other MICHELLE LEE CARSWELL
00084833-1Business > Commercial documents JONATHAN JAMAL SCOTT
00084832-2Literary > Novel Le Souffle de l'oiseau d'or
00084831-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00084830-1Literary > Novel l'affaire ADAPA
00084829-1Literary > Novel De l'autre côté du reflet
00084828-1Business > Other CHANTIE MARIE COWANS
00084827-1Business > Commercial documents DEMANI JAWARA BOSKET
00084826-1Business > Other RaPA
00084825-1Other > Confidential creation Trust property not to be used by unauthorized entities.
00084824-1Other > Other Marvin Etienne
00084823-1Literary > Theater L'inconnu n'est jamais certain
00084822-1Business > Commercial documents Janiah Denton
00084821-1Other > Other Shamone Knight
00084820-1Other > Other LIDDIA WELLS
00084816-1Business > Commercial documents Davon P Allen
00084815-1Other > Other BLAKE AARON RIVERA
00084814-1Business > Commercial documents RITA REGINA LENEAU-EDWARDS
00084813-1Other > Other Shawn Champion fka Shawn Lavelle Washington
00084812-1Other > Other Bree Champion fka Karole Doris Simmons
00084811-1Business > Commercial documents AKEEL SHABAZZ JAMES OWENS
00084810-1Business > Commercial documents DAMASCUS WINRIK SORENSEN
00084809-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00084808-1Other > Other ANTOINE LAMONT JONES JR
00084807-1Other > Other Name Copyright
00084806-1Business > Commercial documents KAHRE PROCTOR
00084805-1Other > Other Jacqueline-Ann: Bratley [soul author; me]
00084804-1Other > Other My name
00084803-1Craft > Artistic creations Book de mes photos pour tableaux et décorations
00084797-1Business > Commercial documents BAILEY ODAIN MARVIN/Odain M Bailey/ODAIN MARVIN/BAILEY
00084795-1Other > Other My Name
00084793-1Other > Other SAUL AUDEY RODARTE
00084792-1Other > Other ELISAAC JOHN HART
00084791-1Business > Commercial documents ARNOLD TYE
00084790-1Literary > Novel Ephémérides, cartes marines et autres contenus de boîte crânienne
00084788-1Other > Other Darrius Hall
00084787-1Other > Other RANDALL ERIC HARVEY
00084786-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084784-1Business > Other BENJAMIN PINEDA
00084783-1Business > Other BENJAMIN A PINEDA
00084782-1Business > Other BENJAMIN AVERY PINEDA
00084781-1Literary > Poetry La Vie en 3 Lignes
00084780-1Other > Other MARK ANTHONY SANCHEZ
00084779-1Image Arts > Logo copyright of ANTOINE RODERICK JUDKINS
00084778-1Other > Other Common Law Copyright
00084777-1Other > Other My Name
00084776-1Business > Other BoeMode
00084775-1Literary > Novel Noël à Black Mountain
00084772-1Business > Commercial documents Steven L Lewis
00084771-1Business > Other TLATOANI EXPRESS TRUST
00084770-1Business > Other Nubia Virtue Express Trust
00084769-1Business > Commercial documents KEON THOMAS
00084768-1Business > Other JAMES SAWYER
00084767-1Business > Other JAMES A SAWYER
00084766-1Business > Other JAMES ANDREW SAWYER
00084765-1Web > Internet invention Healthy360
00084764-1Other > Other Connie Jean Harris
00084763-1Business > Business slogan My brand
00084762-1Other > Other Larry Stanley Miller Jr
00084760-1Business > Commercial documents DAWUD ALI SAAFIR
00084759-1Other > Other Dale Antonio Mcbride
00084758-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Other Affidavit Of Proof Of Tender
00084757-1Communication > Confidential Manage Services
00084756-1Other > Other janet-teaka: winterz
00084754-1Other > Other winterz: janet-teaka
00084753-1Other > Other diane andree lacasse
00084752-1Other > Other janet teaka mutan winterz
00084751-1Other > Other janet winterz-desmarais
00084750-1Other > Other jt winterz
00084749-1Other > Other janet t winterz-desmarais
00084748-1Other > Other jaTeaka
00084747-1Other > Other jateaka
00084746-1Other > Other janet teaka m winterz
00084745-1Other > Other diane andree marie robinson
00084744-1Other > Other ANNICK HENRIETTE DAELE
00084742-1Business > Commercial documents MR.
00084741-1Business > Commercial documents MR.
00084739-1Craft > Cards ORACLE DE DOR'YALINE
00084738-1Business > Commercial documents ERIC JEROME WILLIAMSON
00084736-1Literary > Novel Les Princes de Valdor - Tome 2 : La bataille de Harcourt
00084735-1Literary > Novel Les Princes de Valdor - Tome 1 : Le retour du Prince
00084734-1Business > Business correspondence Me, Owner, Agent ,Secured party, Entitlement holder, Beneficiary
00084731-1Other > Other Janet Winterz
00084730-1Other > Other janet winterz
00084729-1Other > Other janet-teaka winterz
00084728-1Other > Other janet teaka winterz
00084727-1Business > Other narais
00084726-1Other > Other Lady Wednesday Series
00084725-1Other > Other lady wednesday series
00084724-1Other > Confidential creation qweens gambit
00084723-1Business > Other lady wednesday
00084722-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Other phenix rising
00084721-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Other champion of the arts & entertainment industry
00084720-1Other > Confidential creation goldy
00084719-1Business > Other whistler studios
00084718-1Business > Other jarais
00084717-1Web > Website Jordan Maxwell Videos
00084716-1Other > Other Brad Hartmaier
00084715-1Other > Other Jordan Maxwell Videos
00084714-1Other > Other Jordan Maxwell
00084713-1Other > Other Brad Alan Hartmaier
00084712-1Business > Commercial documents BARBARA J NGONGOLO
00084711-1Business > Business logo Taste Jamaica
00084709-1Business > Commercial documents ANDREA BAKER
00084708-1Business > Commercial documents BRANDON BAKER
00084707-1Business > Commercial documents HAILEY FLATTEN
00084706-1Business > Commercial documents GUNNER FLATTEN
00084705-1Business > Commercial documents KYLE FLATTEN
00084704-1Business > Commercial documents CHARLESA FLATTEN
00084703-1Other > Other Miguel Lewis
00084702-1Other > Other TALK ON THE BLOC
00084490-2Other > Other David Cyr
00084700-1Image Arts > Other Summons No. E202300661
00084699-1Image Arts > Logo Unique identifier SSN(229-96-9313)
00084698-1Business > Commercial documents MARY ELIZABETH MCCALEB
00084697-1Other > Other Tyrone Lawson
00084695-1Business > Commercial documents VINCENT V BOWE
00084693-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00084689-1Business > Commercial documents DAVIYON AMANI JONES
00084688-1Business > Commercial documents DESTANI AMARI JONES
00084687-1Business > Commercial documents EDRIC SARNARD MARTIN JR
00084686-1Other > Other ALLA MISHIYEVA
00083297-5Business > Commercial documents SHALETIA SHANTE STEVENS MARTIN
00084683-1Literary > Poetry Déportations interdites Îles lointaines Les amours incertaines
00084682-1Other > Other DENISE ANN PRESLOID
00084681-1Other > Other BRIAN KEITH LANG
00084680-1Image Arts > Logo Unique identifier SSN(227-61-6131)
00084679-1Image Arts > Other Case No. 2023-0002989
00084676-1Business > Commercial documents CARTER AMARIE KING
00084675-1Business > Commercial documents JURNEE MCKENNA-NICOLE KING
00084674-1Business > Commercial documents MARK RUSSELL
00084673-1Other > Confidential creation TRACY RACQUEL WASHINGTON or Tracy - Racquel: Washington, ESTATE
00084672-1Business > Commercial documents My Name
00084671-1Other > Other ISRAEL LUNA III
00084670-1Other > Other DANIELLE MARIE INESTA LUNA
00084667-1Other > Other Haddie Jean Hood
00084666-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084665-1Other > Other My Name: Seven Saige
00084663-1Business > Business project The Adventures of Fox and Remy
00084662-1Other > Other KEITH JOSEPH HENDRIX
00084661-1Other > Other KEITH J HENDRIX
00084660-1Other > Other KEITH HENDRIX
00084659-1Business > Commercial documents FRANK JOSEPH CREMONA, New York state No.13177037841 (23038346-1)
00084658-1Literary > Diverse texts She and He
00084657-1Business > Commercial documents KODY ROSENBERG
00084656-1Other > Other SAMUEL EURAL SAUNDERS
00084655-1Other > Other KEVIN THOMAS WEISERT
00084654-1Business > Commercial documents MARK JON VERMILYEA
00084653-1Other > Other Copyright of full legal name as per Real ID act
00084651-1Business > Business correspondence Copyright for trust associated with Company
00084650-1Other > Other MARIE ANDRE REGILUS
00084649-1Other > Other Copyright of full legal name as per Real ID act
00084648-1Other > Other Roth,Allan Michael dba ALLAN MICHAEL ROTH
00084645-1Other > Other COPYRIGHT NOTICE
00084643-1Other > Other BENNY FRANCOIS SAUNDERS
00084640-1Other > Other Joseph J Bomortino III and Carolyn J Bomortino, Husband and Wife
00084639-1Other > Other MY NAME
00084638-1Business > Other SAMUEL EURAL SAUNDERS(C)TRUST
00084636-1Other > Other FREDERICK MICHAEL POAST
00084635-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084633-1Business > Commercial documents AUTHORIZE REPRESENTATIVE OF GARTH JUSTIN ROACH JR.
00084631-1Other > Other MICHAEL ALAN MASTERS
00084629-1Other > Other Nonprofit organization
00084628-1Business > Business logo Serial Entrepreneur Academy
00084627-1Business > Commercial documents BERNIL LOPES
00084624-1Other > Other Pablo Pedroza
00084623-1Business > Other SAMUEL EURAL SAUNDERS(C)TRUST
00080811-3Other > Confidential creation NATOYA PETRECE DRUMMOND ESTATE
00084621-1Business > Other BENNY FRANCOIS SAUNDERS(C)TRUST
00084620-1Other > Other author, Agent, Secured party, entitlement holder
00084619-1Other > Other Michael Kurman
00084618-2Business > Commercial documents COMMONLAW COPYRIGHT NOTICE
00084618-1Business > Commercial documents EBONY CORRENDA ROBINSON
00084616-1Other > Other Tammy Schoen
00084615-1Literary > Diverse texts Corpus de texte numéro 7 (1 texte)
0061238-14Literary > News Charles et Baldur - Entre devoir, peurs et amour
00084613-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario Age of Greek Heroes - Pilot 2023
00084611-1Other > Other ROBERT HENRY RIVERNIDER JR
00084608-1Business > Commercial documents DARELL S BROWN
00083963-2Other > Other Mickii Mays Updated Name
00084607-1Business > Commercial documents AUGUSTA COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE
00084605-1Business > Other DARRELL RESEAN DORSEY
00084604-1Business > Other CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY HOOD
00084603-1Other > Other JEREMY ANDREW THOMPSON
00084601-1Communication > Personal communication TRUSTEE
00084600-1Other > Other Sole Author
00084594-1Other > Other Name variations the living soul
00084593-1Business > Business correspondence Garrdeon
00084592-1Business > Commercial documents KENNETH MARSHALL COOPER
00084590-1Denomination > Personal denomination JAPR-01081963-SA / JUAN ANGEL© PATIÑO ROMO© TRUST©
00083186-2Other > Other Marcus O'neal Armstrong
00084589-1Literary > Children's story Et si l'on contait... l'amour et la nature
00084588-1Other > Other Joshua Steven Bowe
00084587-1Literary > Poetry Poetical Movements
00084586-1Sound Arts > Other 20231113 A.C.E
00084585-1Business > Business project Hypnocolours
00084584-1Literary > Essay Les fruits de votre imagination
00084582-1Business > Other Certificate of Live Birth Beneficial Ownership
00084581-1Business > Commercial documents GO# PA 2022-624856
00084580-1Other > Other BRANDON JAMES TARNER
00084579-1Business > Commercial documents 26148567
00084578-1Other > Other GARRETT THAYER CROUCH
00084576-1Business > Commercial documents CP-21-CR-620-2023
00084575-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Mourn
00084574-1Business > Commercial documents 53FBE2028BF003459
00084573-1Literary > News Cinq histoires, cinq aventures
00084572-1Business > Commercial documents 1FMFK16579EB07071
00084570-1Business > Commercial documents JACQUEES MAURICE BOONE
00084569-1Business > Commercial documents CR-620-2023
00084568-1Business > Commercial documents MJ-09103-CR-0000145-2022
00084567-1Literary > Novel Einstein 55-33 : Le Sang des Hémisphères
00084566-1Other > Other agent
00084565-1Other > Other Mark Anthony Reno
00084564-1Other > Other agent
00084562-1Craft > Artistic creations PF940C unique creation protection device and all images thereof
00084560-1Business > Commercial documents H23-05391-1
00084559-1Craft > Artistic creations Record of Identity card creation with the number, RB002593880US
00084558-1Other > Other Wendy- Anne Daden
00084556-1Craft > Artistic creations State National of pennsylvania identification card RB002593880US
00084555-1Literary > Novel Des rêves pour un regard Version intégrale.
00084554-1Business > Commercial documents KRISTIAN D JOHNSON
00084551-1Image Arts > Plastic arts The Illustraïvers
00084550-1Other > Other KRISTIN CHAPMAN
00084548-1Business > Business logo HUSTLE DOLLS
00084547-1Other > Other BRADFORD ADAMS
00084544-1Literary > Novel Un je-ne-sais-quoi d'humain
00084543-1Other > Other ANTHONY RENO
00084542-1Other > Other MARK ANTHONY RENO
00084541-1Other > Other My Name
00084540-1Other > Other MARK RENO
00084539-1Other > Other kingmiguel crayton
00084537-1Other > Other ROBERT KELLY LANE
00084536-1Other > Other Victoria Shields
00084533-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00084530-1Other > Other NADINE YBARRA
00084525-1Other > Other ERIC C YBARRA
00084521-1Other > Other ERIC CAMARILLO YBARRA
00084510-1Education > Course content Problèmes en anglais dispositif EMILE
00084509-1Other > Other My Name
00084508-1Other > Other ANDRIBELIZ FERNANDEZ
00084498-1Other > Other ELISABETH BROSE
00084497-1Other > Other ELISABETH V BROSE
00084493-1Other > Other ELISABETH VIOLET BROSE
00084491-1Other > Other QUINTON JEVON STEEN
00084490-1Other > Other DAVID HENRY CYR JR
00084489-1Other > Other CHRISTIAN GAETANO BUTERA
00084487-1Other > Other Milton Williams
00084485-1Other > Confidential creation Rodney Shelby
00084483-2Other > Other My Name
00084484-1Denomination > Pseudonym Bryce DEVIL
00084482-1Other > Other My Name
00084480-1Business > Commercial documents STAUNTON WRECKING CO
00084479-1Image Arts > Logo 4070812
00084478-1Business > Commercial documents 1FMFU16588LA82539
00084477-1Other > Other ADRIAN LEON RAY TRUST
00084476-1Other > Confidential creation Notice
00084475-1Other > Other ARTIS WADE MCRAE
00084474-1Business > Commercial documents B26741567410662
00084473-1Business > Commercial documents 31 145 146
00084472-1Business > Commercial documents 144-62-2327
00084471-1Literary > Novel Noeuds et circonstances
00084470-1Business > Commercial documents DE COLFONTAINE
00084469-1Other > Other de Colfontaine
00084468-1Business > Commercial documents COLFONTAINE
00084467-1Business > Commercial documents JUSTIN DONALD LOUIS POST
00084466-1Business > Commercial documents PABLO ENRIQUE VALENZUELA JR
00084465-1Other > Other Mrs.
00084464-1Education > Educational material Build A Puzzle Book
00084462-1Other > Other My Name
00084461-1Business > Commercial documents ALCE YOUNG
00084460-1Business > Commercial documents Private Trust Bank
00084459-1Business > Business correspondence 1N6ED0EB0LN707298
00084458-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00079579-2Image Arts > Sculpture OURSON BRONZE
00084457-1Image Arts > Logo 4100337
00084456-1Denomination > Personal denomination JLLR-1959-21/JOSE LUIS© LOBO RABADAN© TRUST©
00084454-1Literary > Novel Je ne suis pas un ange - T.3
00084453-1Other > Other T54566
00084452-1Other > Other D1343
00084451-1Business > Business slogan Brand Name
00084450-1Literary > Ebook Baldr, dieu de la lumière du soleil
00084449-1Image Arts > Other RB002593880US
00084448-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00084447-1Business > Commercial documents ROBERT DONALD POWELL
00084446-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00084445-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00084444-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00084443-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00084431-1Other > Other BRIAN LIONEL SELBY
00084430-1Other > Other DARNELL MONIQUE YOUNG
00084429-1Business > Business slogan YOUR BETTER BURGER
00084428-1Other > Other My creation
00084426-1Other > Other My name
00084425-1Literary > Novel l'arbre aux cormorans
00084424-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Short film ROTTEN FRUIT
00084423-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Short film ANGRY EYES OF A FATHER
00084422-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Short film Sooner or Later
00084421-1Other > Other BRIAN MICHAEL TIMMINS
00084420-1Business > Other ANDREA HENDERSON, Andrea Adu, Andrea Henderson-Adu
00084419-1Business > Commercial documents ERIC HICKMAN
00084417-1Business > Business logo Paper Chasin Akh
00084416-1Business > Business logo Fullous Holdings
00084415-1Business > Business logo Sadat Blak Abdullah
00084414-1Other > Other WAYNE ALAN IVERSON
00084412-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084410-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Navires
00084409-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music L'Inconnue
00084408-1Other > Other My Name
00084407-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Chercheurs d'or
00084404-1Literary > Novel Sous la gouverne du vent
00084402-1Other > Confidential creation Living live claim
00084401-1Business > Business correspondence Rhoan G Scarlett
00084400-1Business > Business project Network Mavens LLC
00082335-3Other > Confidential creation Private Securities
00084399-1Other > Other Copyright plus the facts that copyclaim has been record
00084398-1Other > Other JOHN EDWARD CIPOLLA
00084397-1Information Technology > Software Livre, logiciel IA & site internet P. Chout
00084396-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Short film Silent Killa
00084394-1Other > Confidential creation Private Trust Fund of Malik Abdul Jamerson Bey
00084391-1Business > Business slogan AN ORIGINAL BBOY FROM THE BRONX
00084390-1Business > Commercial documents SHAWN BAKER
00084389-1Business > Commercial documents TROY J. ROUNDTREE
00084388-1Literary > Poetry Poésies 2023
00084387-1Other > Other La Ferme Autonome
00084386-1Science > Other Les plantes du bien être - La valeur positive du stress
00084385-1Business > Commercial documents MELISSA MARIE KELLY
00084383-1Business > Business project UNCOVERING OUR ROOTS IN AMERICA
00084382-1Other > Other My Name
00084381-1Denomination > Invention denomination THE KRYPTOKHEMIST'S COIN TERMS v1
00084380-1Business > Commercial documents IRINA ROSU BEBEC
00084379-1Business > Commercial documents ETIENNE BEBEC
00084378-1Business > Commercial documents THOMAS MICHAEL HYLAND
00084377-1Business > Commercial documents AMELIE BEBEC
00084376-1Business > Commercial documents MOSAIC MINDS
00084375-1Business > Commercial documents MARIAN BEBEC
00084374-1Business > Business correspondence Property Transfer Information Under UCC
00084373-1Business > Business correspondence Barry J Edler Owner of Name and Collateral
00084372-1Business > Business slogan I’ll fix your plumbing as if it’s My Plumbing.
00084371-1Other > Other Michael Paul Young II
00084370-1Business > Business logo My Plumbing Company
00084368-1Other > Other Brunswick: Exinor, Agent
00084367-1Literary > Theater Bouffés par un pinson
00084366-1Other > Other ATM Emergency Session Council Resolution III
00084365-1Image Arts > Logo Resonance
00084364-1Other > Other Devenez plus fort que vos peurs
00084363-1Literary > Novel Garde-robe et La mort en douce
00084362-1Business > Business logo MICHELLE MARIE TODD
00084361-1Denomination > Business denomination DINA RENEE LOVELY-KESWATER
00084360-1Business > Commercial documents GQHAWKFIT, HAWKFIT CULTURE
00084359-1Business > Other KELLY DIANNE FROGGE
00084358-1Business > Other GIRLfromMARS© Lettermark
00084357-1Business > Commercial documents KIMANI EATON
00084356-1Other > Confidential creation ID
00084354-1Business > Commercial documents LENRICH PRESCOD
00084353-1Business > Commercial documents CHESNEY NICOLE THOMPSON
00084351-1Literary > Novel Majesty In London
00084350-1Business > Other DEANGELO LAVEL STOKES
00084348-1Business > Commercial documents LARRY MONTEZ PELZER
00084346-1Business > Commercial documents JOE EDWARD COLLINS III
00084345-1Other > Other Trade-name/Trademark; fee for misuse: $100 million dollars
00084343-1Business > Commercial documents LAWRENCE DAVID WATTS
00084341-1Business > Commercial documents WILLIE ARTHUR LOCKWOOD
00084339-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00084338-1Other > Other My Name
00084337-1Other > Other My Name
00084334-1Business > Commercial documents NATHANIEL SAULS
00084333-1Other > Other Barbara Anne Agnew
00084332-1Business > Commercial documents EZELL RONNIE CROWTHER
00084331-1Other > Other URIAH ALEXAVIER VEERKAMP
00084330-1Other > Other SIDNEY RIENNE MEDSPA
00084329-1Business > Other MAXINE JO GONZALEZ
00084328-1Other > Other TAMMY YVETTE SIMPSON
00084325-1Other > Other Barbara Anne Bailey
00084324-1Other > Other MONTREL CORLEONE HARRIS
00084321-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00084319-1Craft > Other Backpack Backpack Big Strap Big Strap Ahhhh
00084318-1Business > Other MATTHEW P. SMITH
00084317-1Other > Confidential creation GERDA LYNN LACOURT
00084316-1Other > Other My Name
00084315-1Other > Confidential creation LATRICIA CLARK
00084314-1Other > Confidential creation KEIONNE SHYTEE BLACK
00084312-1Business > Commercial documents Update to Copyright number 00082462-1
00084311-1Business > Commercial documents Update to Copyright number 00082465-1
00084310-1Business > Commercial documents TYESHIA LASHAY DEPILLARS
00084309-1Sound Arts > Musical composition FACES
00084306-1Other > Other Allison LeBlanc
00084304-1Other > Other Tory LeBlanc
CopyrightNo Category Title
00084302-1Business > Commercial documents TANJA DENISE DILLINGHAM TRUST
00084301-1Business > Commercial documents DERRICK WILSON
00084300-1Other > Other My Name
00084299-1Other > Other My Name
00084298-1Denomination > Private denomination Legal Name Copyright
00084297-1Other > Confidential creation Christopher Chapman
00084296-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084295-1Literary > Diverse texts Sweet, well, and Kiss...
00084294-1Other > Other GRADY LOVETTA ROSS
00084293-1Business > Commercial documents TEJAHNE MALONE
00084292-1Business > Other JASON JAMES KLIMA
00084291-1Business > Business logo Prosperialux Income Tax in a Box
00084290-1Denomination > Business denomination Radiant Matriarch
00084288-1Business > Business logo Danielle Renee Walker
00084287-1Other > Other The Name of God
00084286-1Business > Commercial documents JAVIER ARBOLAEZ
00084284-1Other > Confidential creation Alexis Gilyard
00084283-1Business > Other Me
00084282-1Other > Other Me
00084281-1Business > Commercial documents Trusy Property
00084280-1Other > Other Anita Tamara Jackson
00084279-1Business > Contract Ens Legis Copyright
00084278-1Other > Other My Ficticious Name
00084277-1Literary > Ebook L’ EUROPE EN PLEINE DERIVE
00084276-1Image Arts > Other Créations artistiques avec IA octobre et novembre + Expo Metro
00084275-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084274-1Business > Business logo EZEKIEL BEY, EZEKIEL EL BEY
00084272-1Business > Business correspondence Phoenix Nadie
00084271-1Business > Commercial documents ROBERT E. HALL
00084270-1Other > Other Matthew Damian Cinquanta
00084268-1Business > Contract ECO AUTO ENERGY
00084267-1Business > Commercial documents Names owned
00084266-1Education > Educational material EV CHARGER SALES TRAINING PROGRAM Version 1.1 Copyright 2023
00084265-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00084264-1Other > Other Kenneth Bruce Scott III
00084263-1Denomination > Business denomination MONTRAE DENORRIS JONES
00084260-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Dirty Vibes
00084259-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Caller Unavailable
00084258-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Nomadic Archives
00084257-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Saudade
00084256-1Other > Confidential creation TALIYAH LASJON AKIR
00084255-1Literary > Other TE MANA
00084254-1Business > Business logo Love Thoughts Unlimited.
00084253-1Other > Other JEWEL MARIE BARBOUR
00084252-1Other > Other Johnques Wydell Lupoe
00084251-1Other > Other My Name
00084250-1Other > Other My Creation
00084248-1Other > Other Trust Yourself
00084247-1Business > Commercial documents SHAWN KING JR
00084246-1Business > Business logo Jacob Robert Mitchell
00084245-1Business > Commercial documents BRENDELLE ELAINE MURPHY
00084244-1Business > Other JACOB ROBERT MITCHELL
00084243-1Business > Business logo Von Mitch
00084241-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084239-1Business > Business logo Black Road Consultants LLC
00084236-1Business > Commercial documents DANIELLE L QUEEN
00084235-1Business > Commercial documents LAWRENCE RONALD MASON
00084234-1Business > Other AEQUILA KIARA HARRIS
00084233-1Business > Other Shaun J: Federico
00084232-1Business > Commercial documents TYRIQ OMARI COPELAND
00084229-1Other > Other Bushay McCoy
00084228-1Web > Web Application GaetanDev
00084227-1Business > Commercial documents VICTORY JEROME GURLEY JR
00084223-1Other > Other My creation
00084222-1Business > Commercial documents Executor
00084221-1Other > Other My Creation
00084220-1Business > Contract PAULA C. HUNT ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084218-1Craft > Characters Autochthonous Aboriginal American
00084217-1Other > Other Jeannie Price Wilson
00084216-1Business > Commercial documents SHANNON ANNE GOODMAN
00079490-3Other > Confidential creation Name(s)
00084215-1Other > Other JAMEL MAURICE MILLER
00084214-1Literary > Novel La vengeance de Pan
00084213-1Literary > Biography Khaos, Itinéraire d'un quidam
00084210-1Other > Confidential creation MY PATH TO FREEDOM TR
00084209-1Other > Confidential creation RODRIGUEZ TRUST
00084208-1Other > Confidential creation
00084207-1Other > Confidential creation MY PATH FREEDOM TRUST
00084206-1Web > Other
00084205-1Other > Confidential creation homes_icg
00084204-1Other > Confidential creation IRVING J ESPINOSA RODRIGUEZ
00084202-1Other > Other Michael Eric Studivent
00084201-1Business > Commercial documents JOSHUA KEITH STEEN
00084200-1Image Arts > Drawing MARWAN SINDI
00084199-1Image Arts > Drawing Marwan Sindi
00084198-1Image Arts > Drawing MARWAN HAMID SINDI
00084197-1Business > Commercial documents CHEERUNDA ANNALEE ROBISON
00084195-1Business > Business correspondence QUTESHA MARIE GREEN
00084194-1Other > Other Maison Siho
00084193-1Other > Other My Name
00084192-1Other > Confidential creation All caps name PRINCETON KAOLIN PATTERSON
00084191-1Business > Commercial documents Edwin Castro
00084190-1Literary > Children's story La Révolte des Légumes Moches
00084189-1Image Arts > Painting Nu en habit
00084188-1Business > Business correspondence Micco Wolf
00084187-1Business > Business slogan Proud to be Indigenous
00084186-1Information Technology > Other 14 Ebooks en 6 Langues et 5 Formats
00082830-9Other > Other CHAHIR TRELON MOORE LLC
00084184-1Other > Other Dwayne Lamont Quattlebaum
00084182-1Other > Other House of Love Thoughts Unlimited (LTU)
00078424-2Business > Commercial documents TRUST PROPERTY
00084180-1Business > Other TAMIKA JEFFERSON or Tamika Jefferson or YAHMIKA BEY, Yahmika Bey
00084179-1Business > Other PAUL FULLER or Paul Fuller,or YAHKIMAH BEY, Yahkimah Bey
00084177-1Other > Confidential creation IRVING CONSULTING GROUP INC.
00084175-1Other > Confidential creation MI CAMINO HACIA LA LIBERTAD MINISTERIO
00084174-1Other > Confidential creation Mi Camino Hacia La Libertad Ministerio
00084173-1Other > Confidential creation My Path To Freedom Ministry
00084172-1Other > Confidential creation MY PATH TO FREEDOM MINISTRY
00084171-1Other > Confidential creation Erwin Espinosa
00084170-1Other > Confidential creation ERWIN ESPINOSA
00084169-1Other > Confidential creation DEMARCY LAMPKIN
00084168-1Business > Commercial documents LOUIS WILBERT BOYD JR
00084167-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084166-1Business > Contract SCOTT P. CROCKER ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084165-1Other > Other MELANIE EMMA PATRICE JONES
00084161-1Business > Commercial documents SIERRA SKYY WALKER
00084159-1Other > Other RENE JR NICOLAS
00084158-1Other > Other Ciel & Sortilège
00084157-1Business > Commercial documents SHAWN MARCELL BRANTLEY
00084156-1Literary > Novel La Fille qui tombe de l'arbre
00084155-1Business > Commercial documents SCOTT LIGGIONS
00084151-1Business > Commercial documents MICHAEL L BROWN
00084150-1Other > Other Owner,Beneficiary,Secure Party,Executive Chief,Next Generations
00084149-1Image Arts > Logo STATE OF DIVINITY Seal of the Chief Minister
00084148-1Business > Contract Copyright/trademark notice
00084147-1Business > Contract Copyright/trademark notice
00084146-1Business > Contract Copyright/trademark notice
00084145-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Nemesis
00084144-1Business > Contract Copyright/trademark notice
00084143-1Business > Business logo BENEFICIARY AND OWNER
00084142-1Other > Confidential creation LaShondra Payton
00084141-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00084140-1Literary > Biography Comme Papa (ou pas ?)
00084139-1Literary > Poetry 4 poèmes de la saison 6 d'Antonin de novembre 2022 à janvier 2023
00084138-1Other > Other Trademark/Tradename: fee for use/misuse: $100 billion dollars
00084137-1Business > Commercial documents JOSHUAH JAHMAL MINCEY
00084136-1Other > Other My Name -Reserved for private use;Fee for Misuse: $100,000,000.00
00084133-1Literary > Novel En Quête
00084131-1Business > Commercial documents ADRIAN KEITH ALEXANDER WILLIAMS NARCISSE
00084130-1Other > Other NIKIA DISHON KEMP
00084128-1Other > Other NICOLE JANEKEE KEMP
00084126-1Other > Other NIKIA DISHON PROPHET
00084125-1Image Arts > Logo ONE4T4K
00084124-1Literary > Novel La princesse Fae
00084123-1Other > Other My Name
00084120-1Business > Commercial documents DEBLAUWE
00084118-1Business > Commercial documents STELLA MAE WITTFIELD
00084117-1Business > Commercial documents EDDIE STOWE
00084116-1Literary > Ebook L'aube des Jeux Olympiques
00084115-1Business > Commercial documents LENDON CODY POPE
00084114-1Literary > Novel L'Aube des Jeux Olympiques.
00084113-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00084112-1Other > Other Shalayna Ann Reeck
00084111-1Other > Confidential creation CAREY LESTER FOSTER JR
00084110-1Image Arts > Drawing Natural Childbirth Poster
00084109-1Web > Website Interact and Linkup
00084108-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00084107-1Literary > Theater Jusqu'au bout de la nuit... Till the end of the night ...
00084105-1Literary > Novel Si tu passes par l'Eldorado...
00084104-1Literary > Other C'est quoi ça Phisao ?
00084103-1Literary > Novel à mes côtés
00084102-1Literary > Other Time for bed! (Jules)
00084101-1Literary > Other Allez, au lit ! (Jules)
00084100-1Literary > Other Time for bed
00084099-1Literary > Other Allez, au lit !
00084098-1Literary > Other Racadabra, un enfant elle aura !
00084097-1Literary > Children's story Le roi Hélias - La balade en couleur
00084096-1Literary > Children's story La toilette - Allez, au lit !
00084095-1Literary > Children's story Le p'tit loup - Sami la fourmi
00084094-1Literary > Children's story Madame Léon - Kille
00084093-1Other > Other Plaquette 4 pages projet territoire intergénérationnel Céreste
00084092-1Literary > Other King Helias
00084090-1Literary > Other Le roi Hélias
00084089-1Literary > Other Chut ! J'apprends avec Marie et ses amis....
00084088-1Literary > Other Chut ! Je joue avec Marie et ses amis...:
00084087-1Literary > Children's story Saving Christmas from Black Peter
00084086-1Literary > Children's story Sur les traces du Père Fouettard
00084085-1Literary > Novel Il faut finir ce que tu n'as pas commencé !
00084084-1Literary > Novel Combien y avait-il de chances pour que ça arrive ?
00084083-1Literary > Novel Un peu après une heure moins le quart
00083415-2Literary > Novel Sans laisser de trace Cendrillon
00084082-1Literary > Novel Du mauvais côté de ma porte !
00084081-1Other > Other \PERI SIMILIEN\
00084080-1Business > Commercial documents DANA SUZETTE NICOLA JOHNSON
00084079-1Other > Other JOHNETTA L. LAYTON
00084078-1Business > Commercial documents SHAD D PANTLE
00084076-1Other > Other Calanda Latesh Calhoun
00084075-1Literary > Ebook Le Cours Pratique des Taureaux
00084074-1Other > Other My Creation
00084073-1Other > Other STANLEY SMITH
00084070-1Other > Other My name
00084069-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084068-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00084067-1Business > Commercial documents DINO VICTOR CLAY
00084064-1Web > Other SPAZZ STREAMING
00084063-1Other > Other DENNIZA COLON
00084062-1Business > Other JUSTASIA M J MCCLANEY
00084061-1Business > Other Justasia M J McClaney
00084060-1Other > Other ADAM CALLAHAN MATARELLI
00084059-1Business > Commercial documents BONAE FIDEI INITO NOVO TR ENTERPRISE
00084058-1Business > Commercial documents TOSCA GOORDEEN
00084057-1Literary > Novel LA TRAQUE - Baron Pourpre
00084056-1Literary > Novel LA TRAQUE - Le Poison
00084055-1Other > Other Lee Long
00084054-1Other > Other Recission of Signature of Surety
00084050-1Business > Commercial documents LOREN LAMAR WILLIS
00084049-1Business > Commercial documents DIONTE KYLE LACY
00084047-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084046-1Literary > Ebook Liés par le destin
00084045-1Business > Commercial documents EMMANUEL JOSEPH GRIGGS
00084044-1Literary > Novel who am I (hypnosis)
00084042-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00084041-1Business > Commercial documents MELVIN WATERS
00084040-1Business > Commercial documents WILLIAM THOMAS IV
00080811-2Other > Confidential creation NATOYA PETRECE DRUMMOND TRUST
00084039-1Other > Other Michelle Jackman Bey
00084038-1Other > Other Janet Teaka MuTan Winterz
00084037-1Other > Other Janet Teaka Winterz
00084036-1Other > Confidential creation Diane Andree Lacasse
00084035-1Literary > Biography Alfred - eugene : Colvin
00084033-1Business > Commercial documents DESMET
00084032-1Business > Other JAYCE DEBLAUWE
00084031-1Other > Other CANDACE ELIZABETH SMITH
00084030-1Other > Other Taylor Becote-Jones
00084029-1Other > Other My Creation 2
00084028-1Other > Other My Creation 1
00084027-1Other > Other My Creation
00084026-1Business > Commercial documents DERIK ANTHONY SHIMERGLICK
00084025-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00084024-1Business > Commercial documents HUNTER GABRIEL GLICK
00084023-1Business > Commercial documents LARISSA ANNE GLICK
00084022-1Business > Commercial documents DERIK ANTHONY SHIMER GLICK
00078369-2Other > Confidential creation ALF Copyrighted Name
00084021-1Other > Other DAMIAN ANDREW ERICKSON
00084019-1Other > Other Arief Wongso Sihono
00084018-1Other > Other SmilingPanda
00084017-1Business > Commercial documents JOSHUA HOOVER FAMILY OF DOWDLE-BEY ESTATE
00084016-1Other > Other Janet Winterz-Desmarais
00084015-1Business > Other Narais
00084013-1Other > Other JT Winterz
00084012-1Other > Other Janet T Winterz-Desmarais
00084011-1Other > Other JaTeaka
00084009-1Other > Other Janet Teaka M Winterz
00084008-1Other > Other Diane Andree Marie Robinson
00084007-1Other > Confidential creation Diane Andree Marie Lacasse
00084005-1Other > Confidential creation Qweens Gambit
00084004-1Business > Other Lady Wednesday
00084003-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Other Phenix Rising
00084002-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Other Champion of The Arts & Entertainment Industry
00084001-1Other > Confidential creation Goldy
00084000-1Business > Other Whistler Studios
00083999-1Business > Other Jarais
00083998-1Literary > Theater Le RAF-Score
00083997-1Literary > Theater Petite somme, grandes conséquences
00083996-1Literary > Biography Mémoire vive - Nos premiers pas ensemble
00083995-1Business > Other SABRINA CORUM CLYBURN
00083992-1Other > Confidential creation SHENISE NOTOYIA SMITH
00083991-1Other > Confidential creation THERESA MARIE BROOKS
00083990-1Business > Contract Eric K. Hall ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00083988-1Other > Other Bailey Copyright
00083986-1Other > Other Haddie Jean Hood
00083984-1Business > Commercial documents MICHAEL SCOTT CARAHER
00083983-1Business > Commercial texts City of New Mecca Province Illinois
00083982-1Literary > Poetry Only darkness knows
00083981-1Business > Other Gagner sa vie et sa liberté sur Internet
00083980-1Literary > News Certains jours, je rêve de tuer socrate.
00083979-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Rise Undead
00083978-1Literary > Novel The Tales of BALIZAR
00063793-2Literary > Diverse texts Au nom de tous ls concurrents
00083976-1Other > Other Trade-name/Trademark
00083975-1Communication > Business communication SABRINA E KENT LLC
00065593-6TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie Luka l'Ultimien
00083972-1Business > Commercial documents MYLINDA MURPHY
00083970-1Denomination > Private denomination Private identifiers
00083968-1Literary > Diverse texts EARLEYGAYNORJR & GAYNORINC , GAYNORTRUSTINC
00083966-1Literary > Novel The real June Evans
00083965-1Business > Commercial documents MALIK ARTURO JONES - ENS LEGIS -
00083964-1Other > Other My mothers creation
00083963-1Other > Other Mickiixmays name
00083962-1Business > Commercial documents SHAUN D. KILBURN ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00082423-2Business > Contract JAMES ARTHUR FAMILY OF MURRAY ESTATE
00083961-1Other > Other JASON PAUL JONES
00083960-1Business > Commercial documents DARRIEL WOMACK
00079004-2Other > Other BRANDON LAMAR LOWERY
00083959-1Other > Other Treava
00083957-1Business > Commercial documents Tedarial Frank Edwards
00083956-1Business > Commercial documents Tyrone SaYid Amir-Bey
00083955-1Image Arts > Other Common Law Copyright Notice
00083954-1Other > Other MARCUS WENDELL STALLION
00083953-1Business > Commercial documents RALPH ALEXANDER JONES
00083952-1Other > Other Keith Francis Shelden Bish CE. ret
00069362-7Other > Other équipement sportif XCSS climate can't wait
00083950-1Business > Business correspondence JOLENE-KAY;JOHNSON BENEFICIARY
00083948-1Literary > Novel Et si la lettre X n'avait pas existé
00083947-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > TV show My Idea
00083945-1Business > Commercial documents Kelly-Wells
00083943-1Business > Contract BARBARA ELZBIETA KOPACZ ESTATE
00083942-1Business > Other TANYA KIM TAYLOR
00083941-1Business > Contract KIRK HENRY LEON KUNKEL
00083940-1Other > Other SARAH MARLEEN PETER DESMET
00083938-1Other > Other Dan Lewis Morgan Jr
00083937-1Business > Commercial documents TERRY SAMUEL WALKER
00083936-1Business > Business logo RUN THINGS PRODUCTION LLC
00083934-1Other > Other Orin Bivens
00083933-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00083931-1Other > Other Denise Margaret Elliott
00083930-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00083929-1Literary > Novel Ce 22 décembre
00083928-1Literary > News Multivers
00083927-1Business > Commercial documents LAMAR MACK
00083923-1Literary > Ebook Learning How to Harmonize Your Money Space
00083922-1Business > Commercial documents PAUL GOODWIN
00083919-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00083918-1Other > Other My Name
00083917-1Image Arts > Drawing Lune et Crayons
00072151-2Literary > Novel Roman
00083916-1Other > Other Imarie D'Aja James
00083913-1Business > Commercial documents JOSHUA HOOVER DOWDLE-BEY
00083911-1Business > Other Ruler Ship
00083910-1Science > Other par Samuel Ameglio
00083909-1Denomination > Personal denomination Confidential
00083908-1Other > Confidential creation Tehuti Safun Awes Express Trust
00083907-1Other > Other My Name
00083904-1Business > Commercial documents JOSHUA FRED COLEMAN BOND
00083903-1Other > Other Hubbard, Shannon-Sheri
00083902-1Business > Commercial documents LYNETTE LUCINDA BOURNE
00083901-1Business > Commercial documents DEADRA GARRETT
00083900-1Literary > Other CONFIDENTIEL
00083899-1Other > Other RESTAURANT
00083898-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > TV show ??? ???????
00083897-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > TV show Food Street Fighters
00083896-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > TV show DUBAI & MARRAKECH switch
00083895-1Other > Other Création musique, texte de chanson, Nouvelles
00083894-1Image Arts > Photography Floralyz : Photos pour murs fleuris et pour tableaux + Textes...
00083893-1Communication > Blog content article écrit par Sylvain / SLsoftmove _créateur de contenu
00083891-1Other > Other KIMBERLY CHEVELLE FORD
00083890-1Other > Other Common Law Copyright of Shawn Lee Flynn
00083889-1Business > Other Banking
00077910-2Business > Commercial documents Ship with Que
00083888-1Other > Confidential creation A HEALTHY WEALTHY THING
00083887-1Other > Confidential creation AMY RENEE MILLER
00083886-1Business > Other MILLER RISING ADVENTURES, LLC
00083884-1Business > Other LUCY DENG
00083883-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT ADDITION TO COPRIGHT # 00079783-1
00083882-1Business > Business logo Experience Elevation Event Lighting and Sound
00083880-1Information Technology > Code pages Contacteur au souffle
00083879-1Business > Commercial documents LORVITIA WASHINGTON
00083877-1Business > Contract TONYA M.GREEN ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00083876-1Image Arts > Sculpture Twin twist cubes illusion
00083875-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music DJ Prodigy - Grand Rising
00083874-1Literary > Novel La marche de Dédale
00083873-1Other > Other Ericka Bozman
00083872-1Other > Confidential creation Horodatée travaux appartement
00083871-1Education > Other Artículos - doctrina - clases
00083870-1Business > Commercial documents WALTER SARTOR
00083868-1Business > Commercial documents ANTHONY CRAIG BLYDEN
00083866-1Other > Other RICHARD EARL LYNN, JR.
00083865-1Other > Other RICHARD EARL LYNN, JR. Trust
00083864-1Other > Other Mickie- Keena: Wade
00083861-1Other > Other FRANCISCO ANIMAS ROBLES
00083860-1Other > Other Bartholomew Cole
00083859-1Business > Commercial documents SETH SPEARMAN
00083858-1Business > Commercial documents KIMBERLY STEVENS
00083857-1Other > Other Shonda Yvette Williams
00083856-1Communication > Contract Equitable Copyright Claim
00083855-1Other > Other MONA ALDERETE
00083853-1Denomination > Other Ens Legis Name
00083852-1Denomination > Other Ens Legis Name
00083851-1Business > Business correspondence KELLY JEAN RICHARDSON
00083850-1Other > Other JOHN ROGER HILL JR
00083849-1Other > Other Tawanna Shaketia Wilson
00083165-2Other > Other Monique Yvette Tate
00083847-1Other > Other My Name
00083844-1Business > Commercial documents KENDRICK DANIELS
00083843-1Business > Business correspondence Fictious Name Reclaim
00083842-1Other > Other :BENEFICIARY.
00083841-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00083840-1Other > Other Business, entertainment, art, title,customs, medicine, education
00083839-1Business > Commercial documents DONALD LEE WALKER JR.
00083837-1Business > Other Ancient Lioness Wisdom
00083836-1Business > Commercial documents KAYLEE ELIZABETH BOCCARD
00083835-1Other > Other MUMINAH HAKINAH GHANI
00083834-1Other > Other My Names
00083833-1Other > Other JOSEPH MICHAEL LUSTICA
00083832-1Business > Commercial documents Lord amaad
00083831-1Literary > Children's story Sékatann, l'agneau de Pâque
00083829-1Other > Other Ma chienne de vie
00083828-1Literary > Ebook La rune Hagalaz et le talisman de la prospérité
00080641-2Other > Other RECAP FICHES NOMBRES
00083827-1Literary > Novel Un prince charmant pour Noël
00083826-1Other > Other BERTRAM JEROME HOWARD
00082335-2Communication > Confidential Sotero's Private Securities
00083825-1Business > Contract RICHARD R. PRICE ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00083823-1Business > Commercial documents JAYDIN L DENTON
00083821-1Other > Other Vinicius Vargens Paschoalini
00083820-1Literary > Novel On n'a que ce qu'on mérite / Thank you for the story, bitch!
00083819-1Business > Commercial documents EDDIE J GRAHAM
00083818-1Education > Educational material Lesson Module on The Hate You Give
00083816-1Other > Other Les rues de ma vie sont perpendiculaires
00083814-2Denomination > Personal denomination MRTCH12031968CS-MARIA ROSA© TORRES CHOLBI©
00083814-1Denomination > Other :María-Rosa©, del Linaje de Realdad :Torres-Cholbi©
00083813-2Denomination > Personal denomination MMS27011967NE-MANUEL© MUÑOZ SANCHEZ©
00083813-1Denomination > Other :Manuel©, del Linaje de Realdad :Muñoz-Sánchez©
00083812-1Business > Other ENDLESS GRATITUDE LLC
00083811-1Business > Commercial documents RAYMOND JONATHAN STONE
00083810-1Business > Other PATRICK TERREL JONES
00083809-1Other > Other Mon cahier mal de dos : carnet de bord pour vaincre la lombalgie
00083808-1Other > Other Shane Kekahuna
00083807-1Other > Confidential creation confidential creation
00083806-1Business > Commercial documents DASHA KRECHELLE WARE
00083805-1Other > Confidential creation copy right creation live life claim
00083804-1Other > Other Creator, All titles
00083802-1Other > Confidential creation CONFIDENTIAL
00083801-1Business > Other Business Name and Stage Names
00083800-1Other > Confidential creation Confidential
00083798-1Business > Business logo TROOTHHURTZ LLC
00083797-1Other > Other My Name
00083796-1Other > Other My Name
00083795-1Other > Other My Name
00083794-1Business > Commercial documents TERRELL D SELLERS
00083793-1Other > Other Tyler A Black
00083790-1Literary > Novel Thomas Jenkins
00083789-1Sound Arts > Musical composition In the shadow of your shadow
00083788-1Business > Other MELANIN FREEDOM AND EQUITY FUND
00083787-1Other > Other BOLOSS - Jeu de Carte
00083786-1Business > Business logo TTPM Express Trust dba HOWARD JEROME CALLIER
00083785-1Business > Business logo TTPM Express Trust dba JAMES TERRY CALLIER
00083784-1Other > Other BlackLivesDontMatter or Black Lives Don't Matter
00083783-1Business > Commercial documents QUEUE MANAGEMENT, LLC
00083782-1Business > Commercial documents Q. PRODUCTION, LLC
00083781-1Business > Commercial documents DAO TRUC NGUYEN
00083780-1Business > Commercial documents ADRIAN ALEXANDER SANTALLA
00083778-1Other > Other My Name
00083777-1Business > Business slogan Honorable Al Musa Bey
00083776-1Business > Commercial documents TYLER MATTHEW LYONS
00083775-1Business > Business slogan Honorable Al-Bey J.L.Esq.
00083774-1Other > Other Owner
00083771-1Other > Other All Names Nevaeh Johnson
00083770-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT ADDITION TO COPRIGHT # 00079660-1
00083769-1Other > Other All Names Kai Johnson
00083768-1Other > Confidential creation My Creations
00083767-1Literary > Novel De l'autre côté du miroir
00083766-1Business > Commercial documents TENECHIA GABRIELLE SELLERS
00083765-1Business > Commercial documents HENRY ALEXANDER HYLAND
00083764-1Literary > Novel Monde de bêtes
00083763-1Denomination > Personal denomination LMFL-080466-OM- LUIS MIGUEL FERNANDEZ DE LA LLAVE TRUST©
00083762-1Denomination > Personal denomination SAM-20011969-SA- SONIA ALONSO MARTINEZ TRUST©
00083761-1Other > Other My Name
00083760-1Other > Other My Name
00083759-1Other > Other Copyright of Logan Patrick Newsom, any and all derivatives.
00083758-1Other > Other OSEI TUTU AGYARKO
00083757-1Business > Commercial documents CORNELL KNIGHT
00083754-1Other > Confidential creation Josean Countee
00083750-1Literary > Other BeW.I.T.C.H. Magazine
00083749-1Business > Commercial documents MONIQUE MARIE VALDESPINO
00083748-1Business > Commercial documents KEVIN EARL OTTO
00083747-1Business > Commercial documents MONIQUE MARIE WHEELER
00083746-1Other > Other My Creation
00083745-1Education > Course content Trading Tactical Institute
00083744-1Literary > Essay Le monde et nous
00083743-1Business > Contract Private Armory Trust Enterprise owned Unincorporated Associations
00083742-1Business > Commercial documents ANTHONY ANDERSON
00083741-1Communication > Other One Heart A Million Beats
CopyrightNo Category Title
00083740-1Other > Confidential creation Kadina Malloy, Kadina Davis
00083739-1Other > Other My Name
00083737-1Business > Other Heart Ascension Ministries
00083736-1Other > Other My Name
00083735-1Craft > Artistic creations transparent flying box
00083732-1Business > Business logo MelanEssence
00083731-1Literary > Novel Dans les ruines de l'empire stellaire
00083728-1Business > Business slogan IF NOBODY TOLD U TODAY, IMA BE THE ONE TO TELL U, #UAREGREAT
00083727-1Information Technology > Code pages TSP-R BOX
00083726-1Information Technology > Software HA'BRAIN
00083725-1Other > Confidential creation ARIEL JACQUELYN LATRICE DORSEY
00083722-1Other > Confidential creation International Copyright for AHMAD RASHAD ALBRITTON©?
00083721-1Other > Other My Name
00083720-1Other > Other Allison Kimber
00083719-1Literary > Novel Morsure
00083718-1Literary > Children's story Mom! Whats Credit?
00083717-1Business > Other CHERYL MILLIGAN
00083716-1Image Arts > Logo BECKETT JAMES CASTER
00083715-1Denomination > Private denomination Julio TARDIF
00083714-1Business > Other Plan Mindfully
00083713-1Denomination > Personal denomination JULIO TARDIF
00083712-1Image Arts > Comic ROUILLEMOLLE
00083711-1Denomination > Personal denomination Living life Claim
00083710-1Business > Contract FRANK JOSEPH CREMONA Ens Legis Copyright
00083708-1Literary > Poetry Poésies poétiques
00083707-1Business > Commercial documents ANDRES AVELINO VILLEGAS JR
00083706-1Business > Business logo INLAND SEE REALM
00083705-1Business > Contract LORD AJMER Trust
00083704-1Business > Other COPYRIGHT NOTICE FOR THE STRAW
00083703-1Image Arts > Logo BRICE JAMES CASTER
00083702-1Other > Other ZARIAH PATTERSON
00083701-1Other > Other ZAKIYA PATTERSON
00083700-1Other > Other ZHJNAI PATTERSON
00083699-1Other > Other CURTIS PATTERSON
00083698-1Other > Other Anthony Allen Shavers
00083696-1Other > Other CARLETTA PATTERSON
00083695-1Other > Other By: Grantor James. Clyde D
00083694-1Other > Other My Name
00083693-1Business > Commercial documents DERRIC ALONZO TAYLOR
00083691-1Business > Commercial documents ANGELICA NADINE STEWART
00083689-1Literary > Other Comment faire des vos enfants des adultes ?
00083687-3Business > Other Certificate Of Birth
00083686-1Science > Biology BIBLE OF HUMANITY IN THE FUTURE
00083685-1Other > Other DESIREE KNOX
00083684-1Other > Other My Name
00083683-1Business > Commercial documents OLGA HYLAND
00083682-1Other > Other MICAH NAJE ADEBANKE
00083681-1Other > Other NIARA SAMAJE ADEBANKE
00083680-1Other > Other SEKAI AMARI ADEBANKE
00083679-1Image Arts > Logo Black & White Concrete Pumping Company Logo
00083678-1Business > Business project Trustee for the Trust known as HANS BLANCKAERT EL EXPRESS TRUST
00083677-1Business > Business logo BOOKSTOCK USA
00083674-2Business > Other GovGate
00083676-1Business > Contract WANDA DENISE FAMILY OF RIGGAN ESTATE
00083674-1Business > Other My technology
00083673-1Business > Contract WANDA DENISE FAMILY OF OTERO ESTATE
00083672-1Business > Contract WANDA DENISE FAMILY OF NELSON ESTATE
00083670-1Other > Other Copyright of Corey Terrell Rice Mack
00083620-2Business > Commercial texts : LARALYNNE-MICHELLE-NABOZNY.
00083668-1Business > Contract Notice of Intent- Fee Schedule
00083667-1Business > Business logo Rich Nation
00083666-1Craft > Other Apprendre l'art de la pâtisserie
00083665-1Business > Business correspondence Heir. Authorized representative...
00083664-1Business > Business correspondence Heir.
00083663-1Business > Business correspondence Heir.
00083661-1Business > Commercial documents PAULINE MARGRETTIA WONG
00083656-1Business > Business project Pilates Apprentice Incubator
00083653-1Other > Other My Name
00083652-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00083651-1Information Technology > Application Elite - ERP Elite parebrise
00083650-1Business > Commercial documents DANIEL VERARDI
00083649-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00083648-1Other > Other My Name
00083646-1Business > Commercial documents MYISHA MARIE WALTON
00083645-1Other > Other All Names Anthony Johnson
00083644-1Business > Other TIMOTHY DEWAYNE ANTWINE
00083643-1Other > Other DARONN GOODEN
00083642-1Business > Commercial documents TRAVIS SIMON
00083641-1Business > Commercial documents TRAVIS BERNARD SIMON
00083640-1Business > Commercial documents Commercial Business Name
00083639-1Business > Commercial documents MARK ANTHONY GOINS
00083638-1Other > Other All Names Dana A. Johnson
00083637-1Literary > Children's story Bazar, le Monstre du Désordre
00083635-1Other > Other All Names Dahrya A Johnson
00083634-1Other > Other MICHAEL JOBE LEWIS
00083633-1Business > Commercial documents SIOUX GREAUX
00083632-1Business > Commercial documents KENDRIA JOHNSON
00083630-1Other > Confidential creation INGRID BIRGIT MARGARETA BRU FØDT LARSSON Birgit Bru
00083629-1Other > Confidential creation inge blikra, INGE BLIKRA, inge av slekta blikra
00083628-1Other > Confidential creation TORVALD BRU, Torvald Bru, Torvald av slekta Bru
00083626-1Other > Confidential creation TOR IVAR BRU LINDNES Tor Ivar Bru Lindnes Tor Ivar BRU LINDNES
00083625-1Other > Confidential creation NILS JOHAN BRU BLIKRA Nils Johan Bru Blikra
00083624-1Other > Confidential creation ANNE TORILD BRU BRU ANNE TORILD Anne Torild Bru
00083623-1Business > Commercial documents NORIEKO MARIER JOHNSON
00083621-1Communication > Contract Joy Ouma
00083620-1Image Arts > Other : DESTRY-MARK-WOGERMAN
00083619-1Business > Contract EZRA MELODIC STYLES
00083618-1Other > Other My Creation
00083617-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Fabula Violenta
00083616-1Literary > Poetry Posie Berry
00083615-1Literary > Novel Et les femmes se sont tues
00083613-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music The Music Buzz
00083612-1Denomination > Use denomination GARRETT ROY CRIM©™ or Garrett Roy Crim© (Estate)
00083611-1Business > Commercial documents JAMES KIMBALL TURNER
00083609-1Other > Other Gene Autry Mason II
00083607-1Other > Other Shannon Bryant-Mason
00083604-1Sound Arts > Musical partition Poursuite
00083603-1Business > Commercial documents ELLIYA LEE SMITHSON
00083602-1Business > Commercial documents MICHAEL ANDREW LEE
00083601-1Business > Commercial documents SHERRON MERCEDES TANIKA HOYTE
00083599-1Other > Other brevet financier
00083598-1Other > Other Golf Fu
00083597-1Business > Commercial documents RODNEY HOLT
00083596-1Other > Other Anthony Bernard Baker Jr
00083595-1Business > Commercial documents Dock Mangrum Jr
00083594-1Other > Other Dock Mangrum Jr
00083593-1Other > Other Mike Sanchez
00083592-1Information Technology > Other Rail Current Switcher
00083591-1Other > Other Samson - The Castle
00083590-1Literary > Poetry Chardons
00083577-1Image Arts > Painting La Vigne Rouge de Vincent van Gogh, version GMC
00083576-1Image Arts > Painting Église d'Auvers-sur-Oise de Vincent van Gogh, version GMC
00083575-1Literary > Theater Concours à l’Hôtel de la Plage
00083574-1Image Arts > Painting Portrait du Dr Gachet (V1) de Vincent van Gogh, version GMC
00083573-1Image Arts > Painting Amandier en Fleurs de Vincent van Gogh, version GMC
00083572-1Business > Other Sole Business Controller
00083571-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00083568-1Business > Commercial documents BREIN BRIANIA METTS
00083567-1Other > Other JASIMAN RENEE KEITH
00083566-1Other > Other Tayleesha Fowler
00083565-1Business > Business slogan The Point
00083564-1Business > Business slogan Nothing over 45
00083562-1Literary > Novel Bas les masques
00083560-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00083559-1Business > Commercial documents DONIEL ERVIN
00083557-1Business > Business correspondence ARTIE REED ROLLINS III
00083556-1Other > Other Owner
00083554-1Other > Other My Name
00083553-1Other > Other Kristin Thekla Chapman
00083552-1Communication > Contract STEPHANIE LYNN TELLIER
00083551-1Denomination > Private denomination Sheryl Ann Patterson is the owner for SHERYL ANN PATTERSON
00083550-1Communication > Internet, project, application or presentation concept La profession de foi du manager H2H
00083547-1Business > Other Fyten, Deborah Anne
00083545-1Business > Commercial documents CARLITA MONIQUE DORSEY
00083544-1Business > Contract LOCKIETTA HOUSE OF GREENE ESTATE
00083543-1Business > Commercial documents WATERS MELVIN ANTHONY
00083542-1Business > Business correspondence MELVIN ANTHONY WATERS
00079530-4Literary > Novel Le Souffle de l'oiseau d'or
00083541-1Business > Commercial documents JEFFREY EHRENKRANTZ PRIVATE BANK E&T
00083540-1Business > Business logo 1felonistics
00083539-1Other > Other Le pouvoir de nommer par la photographie
00062803-2Sound Arts > Musical composition Guitry -Ceux de chez nous
00083537-1Business > Commercial documents INTANGIBLE PROPERTY
00083536-1Business > Commercial documents Ashley Barnard
00083535-1Literary > Novel AU BORD DU VERTIGE
00083534-1Other > Other Jacquita Barnard
00083533-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics PAPER ROUTE
00083530-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario ANGKEK (ENGLISH TITLE: PICK IT UP)
00083529-1Business > Commercial documents ALVIN DALE CARR
00083528-1Business > Business correspondence Trustee
00083526-1Business > Business correspondence Judith Allen, Judith A Allen,Judith Afurong Allen,J Allen
00083524-1Other > Other BLACKCROW FLACCO
00083523-1Other > Other FLORIDA MAE JACKSON
00083522-1Business > Commercial documents BENEFICIARY
00083521-1Communication > Other RICHARD TOBIN JORDAN
00083520-1Business > Commercial documents CINDY LYNNE SWANSON
00083518-1Other > Other CINDY LYNNE SWANSON
00083517-1Other > Confidential creation Stacy Woods
00083516-1Business > Commercial documents PATRICK JAMES KELSEY
00083514-1Other > Other My Name
00083513-1Other > Other SHAWN JOYNER
00083512-1Business > Contract FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME
00083511-1Other > Other JEFFREY COURTJAY JACKSON
00083510-1Other > Other Dequan Wilson
00083508-1Other > Other JAMESE FLORIDA JACKSON
00083506-1Other > Confidential creation Handicap Insignia - [Chief Tuff Tongue]
00083504-1Literary > Ebook Initiation à la rune Wunjo et le talisman du courage
00083503-1Literary > Ebook Ullr et Oski
00083502-1Literary > Ebook Freyr & Freyja
00083501-1Literary > Ebook Le cours pratique des Béliers
00083500-1Business > Other RYAN EDWIN CAUSEY
00083498-1Business > Contract LANI ELIJAH FAMILY OF LUE ESTATE
00083497-1Business > Commercial documents ERIC DWAYNE JOSEPH
00083495-1Literary > Novel Parfaite Agonie - Recherche
00083491-1Business > Business correspondence DEVIN PAUL WESTERMAN
00083490-1Other > Other LEGAL NAME
00083489-1Other > Other My Name
00083488-1Business > Commercial documents DEVRI LYNNE SCHULTZ
00083486-1Business > Business project AISLING A-TEAM ENTERPRISES LLC
00083485-1Other > Other Ni'Kel Cotton
00083484-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00083483-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00083482-1Business > Commercial documents Common Law Copyright
00083481-1Other > Other My Name
00083480-1Business > Commercial documents CARLITA MONIQUE DORSEY LLC
00083479-1Business > Other NOOR HUSSAIN
00083478-1Business > Commercial documents CODEX GROUP CANADA LTD.
00083476-1Business > Commercial documents RHONDA KAREN BRYANT
00083475-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00083474-1Other > Other My Name
00083473-1Business > Commercial documents CHRISTINA MITCHELL CARSTARPHEN
00083472-1Other > Other Ha'lea
00083471-1Other > Other Hailey
00083470-1Other > Other KMG
00083469-1Other > Other HAG
00083467-1Other > Other HEIR CLAIM COPYRIGHT
00083466-1Other > Other Paula Arlene Enders
00083465-1Other > Other Kandid Shree Lea
00083464-1Business > Commercial documents PRESTON GARNET WOODALL
00083463-1Business > Commercial documents HENRY JOSEPH SIMUEL III
00083462-1Other > Other Devri Lynne Schultz
00083461-1Other > Other my name list
00083460-1Other > Confidential creation Stacy Bey
00083459-1Business > Other owner of the name MOHSSINE KERROU and all derivatives- updated
00074676-2Literary > Ebook Sushis & Makis
00083457-1Business > Contract BRYNNE GWYNETH HOUSE OF STONE
00083456-1Business > Contract KIMBERLY HOUSE OF ANDERSON ESTATE
00083455-1Other > Other Administrator
00083452-1Business > Commercial documents LEROY GILDON JR
00083451-1Other > Other Chloe Chanel Palmer
00083450-1Business > Business logo Ownee
00083449-1Other > Other Cassandra Farr
00083448-1Other > Other Celine Calle Palmer
00083447-1Other > Other My Name
00083446-1Business > Business correspondence Executor
00083445-1Other > Other NAME COPYRIGHT
00083444-1Communication > Other JORGE L ALMONTE
00083443-1Other > Other JAMES ANDREW BALTES
00083442-1Business > Contract C.M ANDERSON
00083441-1Business > Contract C. ANDERSON
00083440-1Other > Other My Name
00083439-1Business > Contract CHASE M. ANDERSON
00083438-1Business > Contract CHASE MICHAEL
00083437-1Business > Contract CHASE ANDERSON
00083436-1Business > Contract CHASE MICHAEL ANDERSON
00083435-1Business > Contract CHASE MICHAEL ANDERSON ESTATE
00083434-1Business > Contract P.BARAJAS III
00083433-1Business > Contract BARAJAS, PEDRO III
00083432-1Business > Contract BARAJAS III, PEDRO
00083431-1Business > Contract PEDRO BARAJAS III ESTATE
00083430-1Business > Contract PEDRO BARAJAS III
00083429-1Other > Other LARRY ANTHONY MOORE JR.
00083428-1Other > Confidential creation ISAAC DAVID CAYER
00083427-1Other > Confidential creation Ms. Kenyatta Jones
00083425-1Denomination > Private denomination ALICIA FRANCIS
00083424-1Business > Business correspondence Executor
00083422-1Business > Other Lasting Power of Attorney and proof of life
00083421-1Literary > Novel Mots à maux + Les fleurs de Lumières + le cristal de mon ex
00083419-1Business > Other Lasting Power of Attorney and proof of Life
00083417-1Literary > Novel Indiana
00083416-1Business > Contract VITA PULCHRA EXPRESS TRUST
00083415-1Literary > Novel Sans laisser de trace Cendrillon
00083414-1Business > Contract J.C. BARAJAS
00083413-1Business > Contract J. BARAJAS
00083412-1Business > Contract JESSICA C. BARAJAS
00083411-1Business > Contract JESSICA CATHLEEN
00083410-1Business > Contract JESSICA BARAJAS
00083409-1Business > Contract JESSICA CATHLEEN BARAJAS
00083408-1Business > Contract JESSICA CATHLEEN BARAJAS ESTATE
00083407-1Other > Other Marcus Jerome Jackson
00077326-2Business > Business plan update
00083406-1Business > Business correspondence Stacey Adair Kunkel, Stacey Adair Pruiett, and any variant
00083404-1Other > Other BURKLI MARTIN
00083403-1Business > Other CHRISTINA MARTIN
00083402-1Business > Business correspondence TAYLOR SCOTT ARSUFFI
00083400-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00083399-1Literary > Poetry Elle aime
00083398-1Other > Other Asa Joel Saks Palmer
00083397-1Other > Other My Name
00083396-1Other > Other WENDY NADINE PALMER
00083394-1Sound Arts > Musical composition VIBRANT
00083393-1Literary > Novel Mon Alice
00083391-1Business > Commercial documents SHEVON SHERWIN HOYTE ©?
00083389-1Other > Confidential creation LORIA YVONNE MCNEIL SMITH
00083388-1Business > Commercial documents BENJAMIN ALSWELL OKWAISIE JR
00083385-1Other > Other NICKIE NICOLE JACKSON
00083384-1Other > Other Paolo Casale
00083382-1Other > Other My Name
00083381-1Denomination > Private denomination KENNETH LEVELL DUNHAM
00083380-1Business > Business logo The Real Estate Rabbit / The Rabbit of Real Estate
00083379-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00083378-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00083377-1Denomination > Private denomination Private identifiers
00083376-1Business > Commercial documents RICHARD FORREST TROUTNER
00083374-1Business > Commercial documents FELIX TAYLOR
00083373-1Literary > Novel Secret Wittgenstein
00083372-1Business > Commercial documents KARLA
00083371-1Literary > Poetry Les poèmes de Plume
00083370-1Literary > Other Anissa Starks
00083369-1Literary > Other Maeve Reme
00083368-1Business > Commercial documents ATTILA LASZLO, ATTILA IMRE LASZLO, LASZLO ATTILA IMRE,
00083367-1Literary > Varied texts 50 nuances de marron
00083366-1Business > Commercial documents THOMAS EDWARD WITHERS II
00083362-1Business > Business logo DAMANI GERON PATTERSON
00083361-1Other > Other Jai Patel
00083360-1Business > Business logo BRANDON PATRICK PATTERSON
00083359-1Craft > Characters Archer, Archreus, The Cannibal, The Dark Prince, Archy
00083356-1Other > Other JASON DONALD EPSEN
00083355-1Image Arts > Other NOBLE EL FAMILY CREST
00083354-1Other > Other MS
00083353-1Business > Commercial documents JOHNIE C JENKINS JR & ANY AND ALL DERIVATIVES OF
00083352-1Business > Other JOE ALLEN SIMMS III
00083273-2Image Arts > Logo Copyright of Jamarrius Bey
00083351-1Other > Other Michael Levan White
00083350-1Craft > Artistic creations Artistic representation
00083349-1Business > Contract MITCHELL L KING ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00083348-1Business > Commercial documents ANA VICTORIA GUITTY
00083347-1Other > Other Messagers de la Porte du Soleil/Unité Révélée de L'instant Je Sui
00083346-1Business > Business correspondence TRISTAN CARRINGTON ARCHER
00083345-1Other > Other Caring On Chain (Care Chain; Caring Chain)
00083344-1Other > Confidential creation Crypto Comity
00083343-1Other > Other Freedom Investments
00083342-1Other > Confidential creation IHATAP
00083341-1Business > Business correspondence DANA SUZETTE NICOLA JOHNSON
00083340-1Business > Commercial documents SHAWN DARYL FLORENCE
00083339-1Other > Other William Gale Emerick, WILLIAM GALE EMERICK, William Emerick
00083338-1Business > Commercial documents DARNELL KEITH DUNBAR
00083337-1Business > Business correspondence Kimberly Marie D'Eramo
00083334-1Other > Other Nile Roberson
00083333-2Other > Other Samirah Andrews
00083330-1Business > Commercial documents MICHAEL LEE
00083328-1Other > Other Calvin Lyn Mack Junior
00083327-1Other > Other Ayana Changmire Connie Martin
00083326-1Other > Other Government Of: LEWIS JEROME MARQUIS
00083325-1Other > Other Jordaine Dawkins
00083324-1Business > Other MARERE EMENARI SIMMONS
00083323-1Business > Commercial documents MICHELLE LEE LANE
00083322-1Business > Commercial documents ISIS AREU
00083321-1Business > Commercial documents CARLOS AUGUSTO SALA
00083320-1Other > Other Gina Maida©
00083319-1Business > Other Nonprofit
00083318-1Business > Commercial documents SEP-SEM CLC 00083318-1
00083317-1Business > Commercial documents SHAWNTAY NAKIA FIELDS
00083314-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT ADDITION TO COPRIGHT # 00080063-1
00077295-2Other > Confidential creation ChasDre Ali
00083309-1Literary > Ebook Ragnarök
00083308-1Business > Commercial documents CASSANDRA RENEE FELDER
00083307-1Business > Commercial documents KEVIN J KING
00083306-1Other > Other Dea C Adams
00083305-1Business > Commercial documents Danielle T Adams
00083303-1Other > Confidential creation Haiti - Louisiana: Tides of Freedom exhibition
00083302-1Business > Commercial documents CHARLES NATHANIEL DOSS
00083301-1Business > Commercial documents John Perry McCoy Jr
00083300-1Business > Contract JESSICA HOUSE OF BARAJAS ESTATE
00083299-1Literary > Novel Administrator
00083298-1Other > Other Brian Martin
00083296-1Other > Other Vaishali Patel
00083295-1Literary > Essay Les Femme Mémorables et Leurs Discours Héroïques Volume 1
00083294-1Business > Commercial documents FELIPE AYALA
00083293-1Business > Commercial documents SHANEIKA JANAY GOODMAN
00083292-1Business > Other ROBERTA LAVRILLE DE CARVALHO
00083290-1Business > Commercial documents VALERIE THOMPSON, VALERIE J. THOMPSON, VALERIE JORDAN
00083289-1Business > Contract JONTE B KING ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00083287-1Business > Business logo Uncommon Intellect Official Logo
00083285-1Literary > Novel Ce que révèlent les roses
00083284-1Other > Other Shadarah Burnley
00083283-1Business > Commercial documents HEIDI CHRISTINE MORGAN
00083282-1Literary > News Joyeux anniversaire !
00083281-1Literary > Religious texts “PRINCE and PRINCIPALITIES” – EXPOSING THE SPIRITUAL REALM
00083280-1Other > Other Benson Carlisle Huggins Jr
00083279-1Other > Other RAHMAAN CLEON SWINEY
00083278-1Other > Other LAMAR WILLIAM SWINEY
00083275-1Business > Business logo TROOTHHURTZ TRUST
00083274-1Other > Other Samuel Ray Conwright II
00083273-1Image Arts > Logo Copyright of Jamarrio Antwon Terrell
00083272-1Literary > Novel D'éther et d'espoir
00083271-1Other > Other MARTIN AGUAYO
00083269-1Other > Other JERRY L ROBERSON
00083268-1Other > Confidential creation JERRY LYNN ROBERSON
00083267-1Other > Confidential creation Alisha Monique Williams Jordan
00083266-1Other > Confidential creation DANNY K POLK JR
00083264-1Other > Other Bright Star
00083263-1Business > Business logo The Wholistic Artisan
00083262-1Other > Other Sarae' Thomas
00083261-1Other > Other Nchole Dawana Jones
00083259-1Communication > Contract Mr.
00083258-1Business > Commercial documents OWNERSHIP
00083257-1Business > Commercial documents OWNERSHIP
00083256-1Denomination > Private denomination Tamerikayah Zion Rawlings is the owner for TAMERIKAYAH RAWLINGS
00083255-1Business > Commercial documents OWNERSHIP
00083254-1Business > Commercial documents OWNERSHIP
00083253-1Business > Commercial documents OWNERSHIP
00083252-1Denomination > Private denomination owner of the name BENYAAQOB ERIC RAWLINGS and any other derivitiv
00083249-1Business > Commercial documents MARIA SELISHA THORNTON
00083248-1Business > Commercial documents MARIA SELISHA LEWIS
00083247-1Other > Other MARK JON VERMILYEA
00083245-1Other > Other My Name
00083243-1Business > Business correspondence LAURETTA CHEEK
00083241-1Business > Business logo R R FAMILY CREST
00083240-1Other > Other Divine Celestial Being
00083239-1Business > Contract CAROLYN D ROGERS ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00083238-1Business > Contract RAYDELL K RANDLE ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00083236-1Business > Commercial documents DE'ANGELA MARIE JACKSON
00083235-1Communication > Other TRUSTEE
00083234-1Business > Commercial documents JESSE EUGENE GILBERT BROWN
00083233-1Business > Contract NORBERT LEE BURROWS
00083232-1Business > Contract JACQUELINE LATRICE WELLONS
00083229-1Business > Contract Common Law copyright - LYNETTE J OLIVER
00083228-1Other > Confidential creation Prières,notre cheminement vers le Graal
00083227-1Other > Confidential creation NILS RUNE DØNNESSEN, Nils Rune Dønnessen, DØNNESSEN NILS RUNE
00083226-1Business > Commercial documents KONKRETE GUMBEAUX
00083224-1Business > Commercial documents CHERISSE ANN-MARIE CAMPBELL
00083222-1Education > Course content Le livre du Cahier de l'élève - Niveau 1 - Berakhot HK L01_L15_v0
00083221-1Literary > Novel La Femme Ardente - Tome 1
00083220-1Business > Commercial documents DENISE CHANTE O'NEILL
00083219-1Literary > Ebook Liés par le destin
00083218-1Business > Commercial documents BRODERICK QUADRAE GOODEN
00083217-1Business > Commercial documents CHRISTOPHER DARNELL KATES
00083216-1Business > Commercial documents JOYCE MARIE HILL
00083214-1Business > Commercial documents BRODERICK QUADRAE GOODEN
00083211-1Business > Other Michelange Lubin
00083210-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > CD or DVD My Story...
00083208-1Business > Commercial documents TERRY ANN COPPERFIELD
00083207-1Business > Contract CLAUDE E OLIVER - Common law Copyright
00083206-1Business > Commercial documents ALTHEA GEVAISE SPELLMAN
00083205-1Business > Business logo ALEXANDRA LOPEZ
00083203-1Business > Business logo Moor Better Products
00083202-1Business > Commercial documents CARLTON NERON THOMAS
00083201-1Other > Confidential creation Name
00083200-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00083199-1Business > Commercial documents APRIL LAVETT COLLINS ESTATE
00083198-1Business > Commercial documents BRETT STEVEN GRAFF
00083197-1Business > Commercial documents ZAHRAA-IMANI ALI
00083196-1Business > Commercial documents SEAN EUGENE FIELDS
00083195-1Web > Website content meteo-trets-paca
00083194-1Business > Commercial documents RAJESH SEKHAR
00083193-1Literary > Essay La voie sans voie
00083192-1Literary > Novel coeurs glacés - Tome 1 : Hoshi
00083191-1Business > Commercial documents RASHIDAT FOLAKE ODEYALE
00083190-1Literary > Diverse texts Leçons Partagées de Maman au delà des épreuves
00081426-2Other > Other BRIAN WENDELL HEAD
00082336-2Other > Other CHARLENE M. ROBINSON LLC
00083187-1Other > Other IVANA KARENA WAFFARD
00083186-1Other > Other Marcus Oneal Armstrong
00083185-1Literary > Other The Book Of Letters
00083184-1Other > Other Arlene Davis
00083183-1Business > Business correspondence Kirk Kunkel Archduke of Pomerania and Livonia
00083182-1Business > Commercial documents THURMAN BLEVINS JR
00083181-1Business > Commercial documents JOSEPH LEE BLEVINS
00083178-1Other > Other My Creation
00083177-1Business > Commercial documents TERRANCE BERNARD GREEN JR
00083175-1Other > Other NAME OWNERSHIP
00083174-1Other > Other KRISTAL TATYANA HILL
00083173-1Business > Contract SCOTT VAN DAVIS ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00083172-1Business > Contract SCOTT VAN DAVIS ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00083171-1Business > Other Business Names Copyright: Dantriel Hill, Fire God & Royal Celebri
00083169-1Other > Other PATRICK DWYON JONES
00083168-1Other > Other Shell Regale Bey
00083167-1Other > Other Michael Bey
00083163-1Sound Arts > Musical creation VellyP
00083161-1Other > Other MARC SEVERSON LUCAS
00083159-1Business > Business correspondence DEVIN LEIGH GARSO
00083158-1Literary > Ebook Colocataire sexy = Catastrophe assurée !
00083157-1Literary > Essay MA REDOUTABLE ÉPREUVE
00083154-1Literary > Other Dans le secret de ma rue
00083151-1Other > Other William Oren Holmes III
00083150-1Business > Commercial documents KHYRA LEA PARKS
00083149-1Other > Other MAXWELL POLIDOR JR.
00083147-1Business > Commercial documents ASHA JAMILA HOWARD, REBECKA J. HOWARD GEM, REBECKA GEM, MS., MISS
00083146-1Other > Other Charles Langston
00083145-1Other > Other MR
00083144-1Literary > Biography De Paris à Metz Un jeune du 18e arrondissement
00083143-1Other > Other KEHARA SHANIQUE TAYLOR ©™ (Estate)
00083142-1Other > Other Megan Danae Lawrence's name reservation of rights
00083141-1Other > Other James Eugene Gipson's name reservation of Rights
00083140-1Other > Other My Devine Creation
00083136-1Other > Other Jabari Fletcher
00083134-1Denomination > Use denomination Yasha Ahayah Scriptures 4th Edition 2023
00083133-1Business > Commercial documents SHONTA MONIQUE YOUNG and any/all derivatives of this NAME
00083131-1Business > Commercial documents Raceishim
00083130-1Other > Other My Name
00083129-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00083128-1Other > Other My Creation
00083127-1Business > Other Sissan Earin LaRode
00083126-1Business > Commercial documents MICHELE MARTIN
00083124-1Business > Other Owner
00083122-1Business > Commercial documents VALICIA BURGESS
00083121-1Business > Commercial documents Copyright Notice
00083120-1Business > Commercial documents ADRIAN LAMONT MORRIS
00083119-1Business > Commercial documents DONTE JERMAINE WALKER
00083118-1Other > Other Sean Cook
00083116-1Other > Other Ms.
00083115-1Communication > Business communication Jacqueline Camille Calhoun, JACQUELINE CAMILLE CALHOUN, JCC, JC
00083114-1Business > Commercial documents STEPHANIE RENEE HAMILTON
CopyrightNo Category Title
00083112-1Other > Other Yehochanan Binnun Abijah
00083111-1Business > Commercial documents GREGORY JONES
00083110-1Other > Other Lonnie McCallie
00083109-1Other > Other Sakiyah Afua TaQee Abdullah
00083108-1Other > Confidential creation ESTATE
00083106-1Business > Commercial documents CARLISSA NELSON
00083105-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Drive
00083104-1Business > Commercial documents Commercial Name
00083103-1Other > Other MICHAEL P PAPA
00083102-1Other > Other Nequita Cotton
00083101-1Business > Commercial documents MARIA ROSETTA BOURNE
00083100-1Business > Commercial documents MARIO DONTA' JOHNSON
00083099-1Other > Other ANDREW SCOTT HUSSEY
00083098-1Business > Business project HustleHub Express
00083097-1Other > Other Yolanda Yvette Sanders
00083096-1Business > Business correspondence Right to Contract/Right to Rescind
00083095-1Image Arts > Other 3D Character
00083094-1Other > Other DEMETRES ANTWON BERNARD
00083093-1Web > Other NFT Book templates
00083092-1Other > Other JASMINE JUANITA WILLIAMS
00083091-1Other > Other JASMINE JUANITA LEWIS
00083090-1Other > Other DWARREN ORNELD WILLIAMS
00083087-1Other > Other Jasmine Juanita Williams-Ali
00083083-1Other > Other DWarren Orneld Williams-Ali
00083080-1Literary > Other Derrick Paul
00083074-1Business > Commercial documents NATALIA CASTANOS NAJERA
00083073-1Business > Commercial documents VIVIANA BERENICE NAJERA SANCHEZ
00083071-1Business > Business plan HustleHub Express
00083070-1Business > Contract INNER-FORTUNE TRUST FLEET DEP
00083069-1Business > Commercial documents NATHANIEL SAULS
00083068-1Other > Other My Name
00083067-1Business > Commercial documents EDWAN SHANDO THURMOND
00083064-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Documents for the media Surviving Illuminati & D.Hill’s Return back to Bigo & Social Medi
00083063-1Business > Commercial documents CARLOS HARRIS
00083062-1Other > Confidential creation BRENDA WILLIAMS HINES LIVING TRUST
00083061-1Other > Other My Name
00083060-1Literary > Novel L'œuf ou la poule ?
00083059-1Business > Commercial documents D.B.A.
00083058-1Other > Other Alaiah Emery Blazer
00083057-1Other > Other Derek Kelly Blazer Jr.
00083056-1Other > Other Derek Kelly Blazer
00083055-1Other > Other Cullen Regnaldo Williamson
00083054-1Other > Other Camille Rachel Williamson
00083053-1Other > Other Anthony Tyler Williamson
00083052-1Other > Other My Name
00083051-1Other > Other Cherice Faith Folkes Family Bank and Trust
00083050-1Other > Confidential creation Cherice Faith Briscoe
00083047-1Literary > Theater Geko s'éteindra
00083046-1Business > Commercial documents JEROME FREDERICK SMITH
00083044-1Other > Other Lee Dryden Green Jr
00083042-1Business > Commercial documents KAREN HARLAN
00083041-1Business > Commercial documents ANGELICA ANSING POPOVICH
00083040-1Other > Other Shanna Joy Wallace
00083039-1Business > Commercial documents TROY GROVER CLAIR
00083037-1Business > Commercial documents MARKALO ALAN HARRIS
00083036-1Other > Other MY TRUST
00083035-1Business > Business logo Trustee
00083032-1Business > Commercial documents Natalie Wilson
00083031-1Other > Other My Name
00083030-1Business > Commercial documents Darryl Cross Jr
00083029-1Other > Other SEAN WALKER
00083027-2Business > Business correspondence CORPORATE NAMES OF SERENITY JOHNSON AND DECLAN JOHNSON
00083028-1Other > Other DAVINA DIVINE
00083027-1Other > Other True name- Skye-Antonette Johnson and Children
00083025-2Business > Business correspondence SKYE JOHNSON/ SKYE HOLT ( CORPORATION)
00083026-1Other > Confidential creation YAH'KI RALPHA EL
00083025-1Other > Other True Name & Corporate Name - Peter-Lars Johnson / PETER JOHNSON
00083024-1Business > Commercial documents Megan Catherine Roach
00083023-1Other > Confidential creation YAH'KI RALPHA EL
00083022-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00083020-1Business > Commercial documents Certificate of Live Birth Beneficial Ownership
00074811-5Image Arts > Plastic arts Cielo de Ludo
00083019-1Other > Other VINCENT MAURICE HARRISON
00083018-1Other > Other Une journée dans la vie d'Homo Imbecillus
00083016-1Business > Commercial documents MIKELL LAVENCE KELLY Copyright Copy claim
00083015-1Business > Commercial documents PRESTON TROSHAUN JACKSON
00083013-1Other > Confidential creation CHRISTINE SIERRA MITCHELL
00083012-1Business > Commercial documents LEKIA MARIEA BOWLDING BEY
00083010-1Business > Commercial documents JAIME SHIFFON SHARPE
00083009-1Business > Other Ms
00083008-1Other > Other Tribally Owned
00083007-1Other > Other Ms
00083006-1Business > Contract update to 00080983-1 _ Contract _ ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00083005-1Other > Confidential creation Mon3adatmac
00083004-1Business > Commercial documents DAO TRUC NGUYEN
00083003-1Business > Contract Bonnie Marie Reese
00083002-1Other > Other Mr. Daniel Carr
00083001-1Other > Other Mr. Daniel Carr
00083000-1Other > Confidential creation Michael Hatchett Jr
00082999-1Other > Other ANDREA MARIE STRATFORD
00082998-1Other > Other ANDREA MARIE PARMELEE
00082997-1Business > Business correspondence Sonya Eldaphene Lowe
00082995-1Other > Confidential creation @trademark
00082993-1Literary > News Histoires pour rêver
00082992-1Literary > Children's story Le Chat pas chasseur.
00082991-1Communication > Confidential SHAMIKA RENEE GOODWYN
00082990-1Other > Confidential creation SHAMIKA RENEE REYNOLDS
00082989-1Business > Commercial documents VERIFICATION OF ME
00082988-1Literary > Novel Grand-Mère Version 2.0
00082987-1Business > Commercial documents JACQUES MACHADO POLANCO II
00082986-1Business > Commercial documents VANIA MARCELLE POLANCO
00082985-1Business > Commercial documents JACQUES MACHADO POLANCO JR
00082984-1Business > Commercial documents STEVIE THOMAS MCLEOD
00082983-1Business > Commercial documents LEROY GILDON
00082982-1Education > Course content BWE Tribal Academy - Yamassee of Tanasi Tribal Government
00082980-1Other > Other PETER BAIATA
00082979-1Business > Commercial documents PATRICIA KAYE MARTIN
00082978-1Business > Commercial documents ASHLYN VICTORIA ALLEYNE
00082977-1Business > Commercial documents Beneficiary
00082976-1Other > Other HHIA-081770-EDM
00082975-1Other > Confidential creation JERRELL JAQUAN SIMMONS
00082974-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics Paroles et musiques (accords) de la chansonSanta's de Valoo
00082973-1Literary > Other 2022, Russia has already lost Ukraine War and Vladimir Putin is
00082972-1Other > Other My creation
00082970-1Other > Other My Name
00082969-1Other > Other My Name
00082968-1Denomination > Private denomination FIDUCIARY SERVICING AGENCY
00082967-1Literary > Ebook Eternal Echoes: Exploring Ancient Wisdom, Symbolism, and Creativ
00082966-1Literary > Novel title The Light Manifesto: A Guide to Experiencing Christ's Light
00082965-1Other > Other My Name
00082964-1Business > Commercial documents Copyright of PABLO CARLOS RICATTI and any and all derivatives.
00082963-1Business > Commercial documents WILLIE EARL MCCORKLE-MATTHEWS
00082962-1Business > Commercial documents BRYAN DEE JACKSON
00082960-1Image Arts > Logo Mis Jay Thee Consumer
00082959-1Image Arts > Logo Talk to Me NYSE
00082958-1Business > Commercial documents JAMES MATTHEW BENDER
00082957-1Literary > Novel EXILUM
00082956-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Santa's promise
00082954-1Other > Other Olajide Adel Fletcher
00082953-1Business > Commercial documents DARTALYON TOWNSEND
00082952-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00082951-1Business > Commercial documents LATRICE DARSHELL EDWARDS
00082950-1Business > Commercial documents KACI KAYLA NORMAN
00082949-1Business > Other NoFumblez Authentic Wear
00082948-1Business > Business correspondence JAQUAN DOMINIQUE PATRICK
00082947-1Business > Commercial documents All names Valycia Mitchell
00082946-1Other > Other JAMES WILLIAM ALEKS
00082945-1Other > Other JaeShawn Singh-Fletcher
00082944-1Business > Business logo CEO
00082942-1Literary > Novel Les voyageurs et le livre des vérités
00082941-1Other > Confidential creation Muy Bien Bitch
00082940-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT ADDITION TO COPRIGHT # 00079335-1
00082939-1Denomination > Personal denomination 1012-1962-SA - ANA MARIA© SANCHEZ BENITEZ© TRUST©
00082938-1Other > Other Une addiction, une escalade, une chute, un combat
00082937-1Literary > Novel Les étincelles du Printemps
00082936-1Denomination > Personal denomination 1002-1970-SA MARIA CARMEN© PONCE CODES© TRUST©
00082933-1Other > Other House of Kimmel
00082932-1Business > Commercial documents JOSEPH RANDAL NELSON
00082931-1Business > Commercial documents MARK ALLEN-JAMES WALLACE, JR.
00082930-1Other > Other Danilo Gregorio Espinosa
00082929-1Other > Other My creation
00082928-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00082927-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00082926-1Other > Other MEDIYNAH SHERRIE MCGHEE
00082925-1Other > Other MEDIYNAH SHERRIE STEWART
00082924-2Business > Business correspondence Plugtalk Consulting, LLC
00082924-1Business > Business correspondence MEDIYNAH STEWART ENTERPRISE, LLC
00082923-1Business > Commercial documents Copyright for SAMANTHA BARROWS
00082922-1Other > Confidential creation Brian Taylor Bland Scott
00082921-1Business > Commercial documents BRIAN TAYLOR BLAND SCOTT
00082918-1Other > Other Name rights
00082917-1Other > Other My Creation
00082916-1Business > Other SUPREME INTEL LLC
00082915-1Other > Other Roy Frederick Johnson
00082914-1Other > Other LUCERO FAMILY TRUST
00082912-1Literary > Poetry 5 poèmes de la saison 1 "Le carnet gelé" de mars à août 2023
00082911-1Other > Other Mystère au Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace
00082910-1Other > Other My Name
00082909-1Other > Other JOSHUA CAMPBELL
00082906-1Other > Confidential creation Marcell-Maurice: Russell ©
00082905-1Other > Confidential creation DeMerris Lea Ann Russell ©
00082904-1Other > Confidential creation ILiijah Marcell Russell ©
00082903-1Other > Confidential creation ILia Love Russell ©
00082902-1Other > Confidential creation Imyna Faith Russell ©
00082901-1Other > Confidential creation IsaBella Grace Russell ©
00082900-1Business > Commercial documents DANIEL ROMEN SCOTT MCDONALD
00082898-1Denomination > Private denomination owner of the name ERIC EUGENE RAWLINGS JR or any derivitive
00082897-1Denomination > Private denomination owner of the name RONNIESHA SHARON EVANS and any other derivitive
00082889-1Other > Other Gabriel Kenneth Cousens M.D
00082888-1Other > Other gabriel kenneth cousens M.D
00082875-1Other > Other GABRIEL KENNETH COUSENS
00082874-1Other > Other Gabriel Kenneth Cousens
00082865-1Business > Commercial documents LA QUITA HOUSTON
00082864-1Business > Commercial documents ENS LEGIS
00082863-1Other > Other My Name
00082862-1Business > Commercial documents ADRIAN ALEXANDER SANTALLA
00082858-1Business > Contract Streets Creation
00082857-1Business > Commercial documents JOY LYNN ARNOLD
00082856-1Business > Commercial documents AMY Hubbard
00082854-1Business > Commercial documents CAMELLIA DESHARME GILES
00082853-1Business > Commercial documents ALMA DEE CARTER GILES
00082852-1Business > Commercial documents CORNELIUS GILES III
00082851-1Other > Other My Name
00082850-1Business > Business logo Ultimate Beneficial Owner
00082848-1Business > Commercial documents CORNELIUS GILES JR
00082847-1Business > Commercial documents MAIA AYANA GILES WRIGHT
00082846-1Other > Other James Harris Mosley
00082845-1Other > Other My Name
00082844-1Business > Commercial documents Compos Mentis Express Trust
00082843-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00082842-1Business > Commercial documents VALORIE. LYNN MARTIN
00082841-1Business > Commercial documents My Child's Name
00082840-1Business > Commercial documents My Child's Name
00082839-1Business > Other Administrer mes affaires civiles, administrative corporative
00082838-1Other > Other ABIGAIL MARIE LEHAN
00082837-1Other > Other THOMAS LYLE BRYANT
00082836-1Literary > Diverse texts Arctique
00082834-1Denomination > Private denomination PHOMELLO KING REDMOND
00082833-1Business > Business logo ULTIMATE BENEFICIAL OWNER
00082832-1Business > Commercial documents TANIESHA EL QUEEN TRANQUILITY BEY
00082831-1Business > Commercial documents TANIESHA MONIQUE GIVENS
00082830-8Other > Confidential creation chahir moore
00082830-7Other > Confidential creation chahir t moore
00082830-6Other > Confidential creation CHAHIR T MOORE
00082830-5Other > Confidential creation Chahir Moore
00082830-4Other > Confidential creation CHAHIR MOORE
00082830-3Other > Confidential creation Chahir T Moore
00082830-2Other > Confidential creation Chahir Trelon Moore
00082830-1Denomination > Personal denomination CHAHIR TRELON MOORE
00082829-1Sound Arts > Musical composition A little further
00082828-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00082827-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00082826-1Business > Commercial documents clyde kerr
00082825-1Other > Other Quand la vie nous donne des ailes !
00082824-1Other > Confidential creation SOPHIA MONEA CARGILL TRUST
00082823-1Business > Other GINA MAIDA©
00082822-1Business > Other BRANDON ROBERT TYLER
00082821-1Business > Commercial documents GENORA LYNN GREENE
00082820-1Other > Other My creation
00082817-1Business > Business logo RISING HOREB
00082816-1Other > Other My Name
00082815-1Business > Business logo TBFL EXPRESS TRUST
00082814-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music Eye of the Storm
00082813-1Other > Other Victor Garnet Cunningham
00082812-1Other > Confidential creation Shorty
00082811-1Other > Other Marvin-Shaun Magno
00082809-1Business > Commercial documents ANISSA LAKENDRA MOORE
00082808-1Business > Other Copyright for Edward Daniels
00082807-1Business > Business logo Claim of business
00082806-1Literary > Novel Ecoute ma folie
00082804-1Other > Other protecting my name
00082803-1Business > Business correspondence Fee Schedule for Lalji Muabdeb Selassie
00082802-1Image Arts > Logo - copyright of CHRISTION DENISE GULLATT
00082801-1Business > Commercial documents ANTWANE DEWAYNE DANIELS
00082800-1Other > Other Travis Vaughn Berger
00082799-1Other > Other My Name
00082798-1Literary > Novel La Meute - T.1 : Le Voleur d'Ames
00082797-1Literary > Novel Pari lancé
00082796-1Web > Website content DNA Numerology
00082794-1Sound Arts > Musical composition ASTROLOGY
00082793-1Business > Commercial documents JACQUES MACHADO POLANCO JUNIOR
00082788-1Business > Contract JOSHUA MAURICE COLLIER
00082786-1Business > Business logo Ginsey's Secret...Lig's 3 in 1 Foot, Body and Hair Butter TM
00082785-1Other > Other My Name
00082784-1Business > Commercial documents TAELON STRYDER KEKOA GARSO
00082783-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Article Bingo Talent Agency
00082782-1Other > Other CATHY OLIVERA WILSON
00082780-1Communication > Confidential owner in due course
00082779-1Image Arts > Logo - copyright of MARTELL DARYL GRAFTON
00082777-1Other > Confidential creation Confidential
00082776-1Other > Other Travis Bumpers
00082775-1Business > Business logo THE MAINTENANCE GUY
00082774-1Other > Other My creation
00082773-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00082772-1Other > Other Marquece Demetrius Reid
00082771-1Other > Other SUBMARINER
00082770-1Image Arts > Logo LYON KINGS INTERNATIONAL
00082769-1Business > Commercial documents MOSES BRIAN MOSS
00082768-1Business > Commercial documents KIRSTEN KATHLEEN BARROW
00082766-1Other > Other My Creation
00082764-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00082763-1Literary > Novel Jeff Soriarn - Les Jardins de Nephilis
00082762-1Other > Confidential creation PERRY WINSTON JONES
00082761-1Image Arts > Drawing KODY SKVARLA
00082760-1Image Arts > Drawing KODY T SKVARLA
00082759-1Other > Other GAIL ANN JONES and all derivations
00082758-1Image Arts > Drawing KODY THOMAS SKVARLA
00082757-1Business > Commercial documents JEANETTE MARTIN
00082756-1Business > Commercial documents WAYDE PRESTON WHITE JR
00082755-1Image Arts > Other Créations artistiques avec IA de mi-aout à mi-septembre 2023
00082754-1Literary > Religious texts CARBON MOTHERS
00082753-1Business > Commercial documents BRIANA S WILLIAMS
00082751-1Business > Commercial documents ELOY ANTONIO RAMOS
00082750-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Gifted and Dancing with Angels
00082749-1Business > Commercial documents BYRON C MCNEIL
00082748-1Business > Commercial documents SAQUAN TARKEE JARVIS
00082747-1Image Arts > Drawing IFFY VALENTINO MARSHALL
00082745-1Other > Other JAYCOB RUFUS JACKSON
00082744-1Other > Other JEFFERY CHARLES JACKSON
00082743-1Other > Other JEFFREY COURTJAY JACKSON
00082742-1Other > Other APRIL LASHELLE FLOWERS
00082741-1Other > Confidential creation Robert Dale Brown and all variations
00082740-1Business > Business project THE WEBTHR3 DIGITAL DIPLOMAT PROGRAM
00082739-1Business > Business correspondence Notice of Billing Error AKA Cease and Desist
00082738-1Business > Business correspondence Fee Schedule
00082736-1Denomination > Personal denomination CG-02022-0195911205-ESE62-SA-MARIA DELCARMEN© GONZALEZ NAVARRETE©
00082735-1Business > Commercial documents CHRISTOPHE JOSEPH
00082733-1Business > Commercial documents TYRA ARNIECE KENNER
00082732-1Literary > Other Derrick Steven Paul
00082731-1Literary > Other Tamara Starks
00082730-1Literary > Other Maeve Alora Reme
00082729-1Literary > Other Anissa Pearlkia Starks
00082728-1Business > Commercial documents NAZARIA DENISE LEE
00082727-1Business > Commercial documents REGINA PHILLIPS
00082726-1Business > Commercial documents TOY THOMAS BATTLE
00082725-1Business > Business project AFRICAN GODS-The unveiling, African gods-Scion of Cosmos
00082724-1Business > Business project CYGNUS ALLIANCE GROUP
00082722-1Business > Business correspondence (copyrigrt) Madleen-El Dorelus- Del-Athor
00082720-1Business > Commercial documents RICHARD CARL DUNNUCK
00082718-1Other > Other copyright of ASHTON DEVON GILES
00082715-1Other > Confidential creation LA MIA CETTI PHOTOS 2012-2019
00082714-1Other > Other Claudette Angela Hinds©
00082713-1Literary > Other W.I.N.T.E.R Wellness Is This Eras New Resistance
00082712-1Other > Other House of Angels Consulting©
00082710-1Business > Commercial documents My Name, CHARLES PAUL LEWIS JR
00082708-1Other > Other AMARA AZAA BEY©
00082707-1Business > Commercial texts VirgilAblohGhana
00082706-1Business > Other Antwainette dysheonia Toler
00082705-1Other > Other Robbie Graham
00082704-1Business > Commercial texts Kevin D Briggs Jr
00082703-1Business > Commercial documents WOAHNA
00082702-1Business > Commercial documents ROBERT ANTHONY BING JR
00082701-1Other > Confidential creation Wladimir Jesus-Redeemed Joseph
00082700-1Other > Other MARK DAVID MORAN
00082699-1Other > Other Jason Joseph Carrier
00082698-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music Above and Beyond
00082692-1Business > Contract SHAWN O. SMITH II ENG LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00082691-1Other > Other Founder
00082690-1Other > Other Elissa Monique Bomar
00082688-1Business > Commercial documents KEVIN BROWN
00082685-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00082684-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00082682-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Project Projet de scénarisation pour le long-métrage Welfare
00082681-1Business > Other KEYANA LAJUAN OLLEY
00082680-1Business > Other A Brighter Future Healthcare Inc.
00082679-1Business > Commercial documents JULIA GARNER
00082678-1Other > Other CHRISTOPHER R. OWENS
00082677-1Literary > Novel ILS
00082676-1Business > Contract Common Law Copyright of Name TERRENCE TERRELL LINDSEY
00082674-1Business > Commercial documents NATHAN DANIEL CARRIER
00082673-1Business > Commercial documents MIKELE ANDREWS
00082671-1Sound Arts > Musical composition WOUNDED MEMORY
00082668-1Business > Business logo JJ TANK CONSULTS, LLC
00082667-1Other > Other The Executivepreneur
00082666-1Other > Other MckinzieScott
00082665-1Other > Other My creation
00082664-1Other > Other Lisa Burks
00082662-1Business > Other Bryant Carmel Appollon
00082661-1Business > Commercial documents Ruth Watson
00082660-1Business > Commercial documents Ruth Watson Utley
00082656-1Other > Other SOPHIA MONEA CARGILL TRUST
00082655-1Business > Commercial documents Snuggle Squad Mobile Child Care & Consulting Trust
00082654-1Other > Other SOPHIA MONEA CARGILL
00082653-1Web > Social media content Christic Academy
00082652-1Other > Other My Creation
00082651-1Other > Other My Creation
00082650-1Other > Other My Creation
00082649-1Business > Commercial documents My Name
00082648-1Other > Other My Name
00082647-1Communication > Internet, project, application or presentation concept NFT TEXTBOOK DESIGN
00082646-1Business > Commercial documents KIMEL SHAHEEM BROWN
00082645-1Literary > Essay Prison, où est ta victoire, Souvenirs d'Outre-Murs
00082644-1Business > Commercial documents My Name/Living Trust
00082643-1Business > Commercial documents ERNESTO GALAZ
00082639-1Business > Contract JASON MATHEW SMITH ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT #2
00082637-1Other > Other MELVIN A WATERS
00082633-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie KARMA
00082632-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie Damien Chan
00082630-1Other > Other Drezen Johnson
00082629-1Other > Other Aizen Johnson
00082628-1Other > Other Asheana Johnson
00082627-1Business > Commercial documents NICHOLAS MAURICE JOHNSON
00082626-1Business > Other BRANDY LADAVION HAMBRICK
00082625-1Business > Commercial documents RICHARD GARNELL BARNES
00082624-1Business > Other Mana Hewa Ole Trust
00082623-1Business > Other Mana Hewa Ole Foundation
00082622-1Business > Other CHASE KEKOA SUMIBCAY
00082621-1Other > Other My Creation
00082619-1Other > Other My Creation
00082618-1Other > Other Antonio Hicks' Copyright
00082617-1Business > Commercial documents NICKY ST-AMOUR
00082614-1Business > Contract SHANNEL MARTHA MCKENZIE
00082613-1Denomination > Personal denomination 1202H0212-ENCARNACION© LOPEZ LLAMAS© TRUST©
00071913-3Literary > Novel À celui qui viendra après moi
00082612-1Other > Other My Name
00082610-1Other > Other My Name
00082609-1Other > Confidential creation Basheem Allah Bey
00082607-1Business > Commercial documents CHARESA CHANTE POUNCEY
00082606-1Denomination > Business denomination Siège Mondial de la Gastronomie
00082605-1Business > Commercial documents Warren Corbett
00060118-2Literary > Novel Les Fruits du Marronnier
00082603-1Other > Other ALONZO ANTONIO STOKES©
00082602-1Other > Other ANTHONY ALLAN STOKES©
00082601-1Other > Other ANDRE ASTON STOKES©
00082600-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Documents for the media NATHANIEL WALKER; NATHANYAH BEN ISRAEL
00082599-1Business > Business correspondence KHODEE BYER EL
00082598-1Business > Business logo 33Codes
00082595-1Communication > Contract Dyan Copyright Name
00082594-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Feel it
00082593-1Communication > Contract Rena Jackson Copyright of name
00082592-1Business > Commercial documents ALBERT JOE NEW
00082591-1Business > Commercial documents SEAN DE'NARD STEWART
00082584-1Other > Other My Name
00082583-1Other > Other owner
00082582-1Business > Commercial documents ILE AYU CHANGO TRIBAL NATION
00082581-1Business > Commercial documents SONJA SAPP
00082579-1Business > Commercial documents JERMEL RUDOLPH MILES
00082577-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario Révélation des années 3000 - Homme-Humain, la différence
00082576-1Business > Commercial documents MARK PELLEGRINO
00082575-1Business > Business correspondence Kirk-HenryLeon: Kunkel Archduke
00082574-1Literary > Poetry Les mystères du monde
00082573-1Business > Commercial documents CASEY MAY BOYLE
00082572-1Business > Other HOF I REO 5
00082569-1Business > Commercial documents OMARI NIE FAULKNER TAYLOR
00082568-1Business > Commercial documents JAMES CAESAR FISSAL
00082567-1Business > Commercial documents JENNIFER CHRISTINE KIRKPATRICK
00082566-1Other > Other My Name
00082565-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics Chanson je brille écris par Emmanuelle Delaruelle
00082564-1Other > Other Owner
00082563-1Other > Other MY CREATION
00082562-1Business > Commercial documents KENNETH LEVERETTE
00082561-1Business > Business correspondence Daaiyah S Saadiq Ali
00082560-1Business > Business project Festival des Auteurs Francophones
00082559-1Business > Business project Rencontre des Auteurs Francophones
00082558-1Literary > Novel Le rêve d'un homme - Tome V
00082557-1Literary > Novel Vert Brillant
00082556-1Other > Other Name
00082554-1Business > Commercial documents legal fiction
00082553-1Other > Other My Creation
00082552-1Other > Other My Creation
00082551-1Other > Other SAMANTHA ROSE JONES
00082550-1Other > Other My Name
00082549-1Other > Other Shona Davis
00082548-1Other > Other DESHAWN L FIELDS
00082547-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00082546-1Business > Commercial documents RONALD WESTON ROBINSON
00082545-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00082543-1Business > Business correspondence (copy)Ptah-Amun-Sebi-Ogou-El-Trust©
00082541-1Other > Other Maurice Boykins Jr
00082539-1Other > Other My Name
00082538-1Other > Other My Creation
00082537-1Business > Commercial documents JAMES CAESAR FISSAL
00082536-1Other > Confidential creation BENEFICIARY AND OWNER
00082535-1Other > Confidential creation SECURED PARTY BENEFICIARY AND OWNER
00082533-1Business > Commercial documents ROBERT TODD ALLEN
00082532-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00082531-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00082530-1Other > Other BRANDON CASH DAVISON:
00082529-1Other > Other BRYAN CASH DAVISON:
00082528-1Other > Confidential creation Walk Tha Journey
00082527-1Literary > Novel Je ne suis pas un ange - T.2
00082526-1Business > Contract LYNN J BERNHARD II EN LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00082525-1Other > Confidential creation MARK MORAN
00082524-1Other > Confidential creation MARK D MORAN
00082523-1Business > Other QuinnStage Productions LLC.
00082522-1Other > Other My Person
00082521-1Business > Business correspondence Deelyrik
00082520-1Other > Confidential creation Dashawn Derosin
00082519-1Image Arts > Drawing SELAH HEALING LLC
00081171-2Other > Other My Name
00082518-1Other > Other My Name
00082517-1Web > Social media content D'LITEFULZ READ-ALONG Love, Bus, Spaceship Back To School Animat.
00082516-1Business > Other Music Artist Name
00082515-1Other > Other My Name
00082514-1Business > Commercial documents SHANA LATOSHA BOULWARE
00082513-1Other > Other Carmen Pernett
00082512-1Other > Other My name
00082511-1Business > Commercial documents Owner
00082510-1Literary > Theater Quand Dumas rencontre Freud
00082509-1Business > Other DOMINICK PARKER
00082508-1Business > Commercial documents FLERIDA SANTANA JOHNAS
00079530-3Literary > Novel Le Souffle de l'oiseau d'or
00082505-1Business > Other CHARISSE RENEE HAGERMAN
00082504-1Other > Other Eric Lamont Rollerson
00082502-1Other > Other My name
00082501-1Other > Other Jorge Luis Fermin
00082500-1Other > Other Ray Anthony Kimble
00082499-1Business > Business slogan SUBMISSEVE
00082498-1Literary > Other Gaia Amunet Reme
00082497-1Other > Other Dayna Lee Twilligear
00082496-1Other > Other My creation
00082495-1Business > Commercial documents Owner
00082493-1Other > Confidential creation MICHAEL LEE GILES
00082492-1Business > Commercial documents My Name: Marc Erick Barrett and/or Trust: MARC ERICK BARRETT
00082491-1Business > Commercial documents JAMES BOYD
00082490-1Business > Commercial documents NICOLE N ESPEJO SOTO
00082489-1Other > Other Common Law Copyright Notice
00082488-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00082487-1Other > Other Tyrone baker
00082486-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00082485-1Business > Commercial documents All Cap Name
00082484-1Other > Other ALFREDOS WILLIAMS
00082483-1Business > Commercial documents Manager Evony Shavon Williams
00082482-1Business > Commercial documents Joel Tremblay
00082481-1Business > Commercial documents JOEL TREMBLAY
00082477-1Business > Commercial documents Anthony R Moffatt
00082475-1Business > Commercial documents Maé Raymond
00082474-1Business > Commercial documents MAE RAYMOND
00082473-1Business > Business correspondence LEAH ANNE FAIRMAN aka LEAH ANNE MERRIWEATHER
00082471-1Other > Other my name
00082470-1Other > Confidential creation GLENNIE ANTONIO MCGEE
00082469-1Other > Confidential creation ECHANDZA DIANCA MAXIE
00082467-1Image Arts > Logo Logo
00082466-1Business > Commercial documents SASHA AMBER COYNE
00082464-1Business > Commercial documents SASHA AMBER SIMPSON
00082463-1Business > Commercial documents Beneficiary/Owner SHEMECCA DARNELL DUCKSWORTH- WILLIAMS
00082462-1Business > Commercial documents DAY'AH SHA'RAH-RICE/DAYAH SHARAH RICE/DAY'AH RICE
00082461-1Business > Commercial documents KENNEDY ABRAHAM WARREN
00082460-1Literary > Varied texts Get Paid with BADASS Credit - Entrepreneurs Edition
00082457-1Literary > Novel Seconde malchance
00082456-1Other > Other Lamella VODA
00082455-1Business > Commercial documents PATRICK ANDREW HEDLUND
00082454-1Denomination > Private denomination Pharm-Phree Health Ministries
00082453-1Other > Other Marsha/Ann: Gillum
00082451-1Business > Commercial documents ANDREW LAMAR PITTS
00082448-1Business > Commercial documents CHARLES HERBERT POUNCEY
00082447-1Business > Commercial documents MORRIS EUGENE MCDANIELS
00082445-1Business > Commercial documents HERMAN LOUIS BRIGHT
00082444-1Business > Commercial documents ESSENCE JAVON GREER
00082443-1Business > Commercial documents JANICE POUNCEY
00082442-1Business > Commercial documents DARIO MARCUS PAUL
00082441-1Business > Commercial documents ROBERT ANTHONY POUNCEY
00082440-1Business > Commercial documents EDDIE SOTO
00082438-1Business > Commercial documents JEANETTE JENSEN
00082437-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00082436-1Other > Other Creator
00082435-1Business > Commercial documents ASHLEY NICOLE MASON
00082434-1Business > Commercial documents HAROLD WAYNE MASON
00082433-1Business > Business correspondence NICKIE ST-AMOUR
00082432-1Business > Business correspondence Nicole Rina Nault
00082431-1Business > Commercial documents Aela Witch
00082430-1Business > Commercial documents NICOLE RINA NAULT
00082429-1Business > Commercial documents AELA WITCH
00082428-1Business > Commercial documents Nicole Nault
00082427-1Business > Commercial documents NICOLE NAULT
00082426-1Business > Business correspondence Jaiden Nicholas Moore
00082425-1Business > Business correspondence Mojo Finances
00082424-1Image Arts > Comic Azalea et les Anneaux de Dyson
00082423-1Business > Contract JAMES ARTHUR FAMILY OF MURRAY ESTATE
00082422-1Business > Business correspondence characters in order
00082421-1Business > Commercial documents DARIAN M PERRY
00082417-1Business > Commercial documents BRIANNA MIRA CARTER
00082416-1Business > Commercial documents NICOLAS DEXTER AARON
00082415-1Business > Commercial documents ALBON BYNUM,JR
00082413-1Literary > Ebook Initiation à la Rune WUNJO & Talisman du courage
00082412-1Other > Other Owners
00082411-1Other > Other My Name
00082408-1Business > Contract Secured Entity/Party
00082407-1Other > Confidential creation CHRISTOPHER SHAUN LAURELES
00082406-1Denomination > Business denomination Energeia Universalis
00082405-1Business > Business logo Logo de l’entreprise Energeia Universalis
00082404-1Business > Other Staybyshanell inc.
00082403-1Business > Commercial documents ELLIOTT CHAMBERS
00082402-1Other > Other Sophia Evette Smith
00082401-1Business > Commercial documents UNIQUE PRINTS LLC
00082399-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00082398-1Business > Commercial documents BRUCE ERBERT-LEE JACKSON
00082397-1Business > Contract LYNN J BERNHARD II EN LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00082395-1Business > Contract LYNN J BERNHARD II EN LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00082394-1Communication > Personal communication Common Law Copyright Notice
00082393-1Other > Other Minister Zion Noble El
00082392-1Other > Other Chief Minister Phoenix Noble El
00082391-1Other > Other ZION ZAAHIR SHAKUR PHARAOH
00082390-1Other > Other DEZY RAE MAE ST NOLDE
00082388-1Business > Commercial documents CARISSA ANN GERICKE
00082387-1Business > Commercial documents Jah Jah Bless; Chris Solo
00082386-1Business > Commercial documents CHRISTOPHER LEE LAMPLEY
00082385-1Other > Other My Name
00082383-1Business > Commercial documents Owner
00082382-1Other > Confidential creation LOFTON EARL WILLIAMS JR.
00082381-1Business > Commercial documents A living man, The sole Title Holder, & Beneficiary
00082380-1Business > Commercial documents CHANET JAYCINA TYLER
00082379-1Business > Commercial documents My Name
00082378-1Business > Commercial documents My Name
00082377-1Other > Other Keith Brown
00082376-1Business > Commercial documents BETTY JO PAUL
00082375-1Business > Other Jonathan Jermaine Moore
00082374-1Other > Other My Creation
00082373-1Business > Commercial documents Cancer Institute Of America
00082372-1Business > Commercial documents LATISHA BUCHANAN
00082371-1Business > Commercial documents LA'SHERRA TAMIKA TYNER-HANNIBAL COPYRIGHT NOTICEaNY
00082370-1Other > Other LA SHERRA TAMIKA TYNER
00082369-1Business > Commercial documents RONALD RANDLEMAN JR
00082368-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00082367-1Other > Other HENRY LEE HUNTER
00082366-1Business > Other nail tech business
00082365-1Business > Business logo LODDIE WEAVER HALSEY
00082364-1Business > Business logo Moores mobility
00082363-1Other > Confidential creation My creation
00082361-1Other > Confidential creation Albertha Powel Living Trust
00082360-1Other > Confidential creation My creation
00082359-1Other > Other My Name
00082358-1Other > Other Roquita-Michelle: Fitzpatrick, BENE
00082353-1Literary > Novel Mr Blood Winter partie 2
00082352-1Business > Commercial documents IAN DIOR MAYBERRY
00082351-1Business > Business correspondence Copyright Infringement rules
00082350-1Literary > Novel Akaru: Anthologie
00082349-1Business > Commercial documents LAURYN DANAJAH MARIE MAYBERRY
00082348-1Other > Other Parrish Anthony Bush
00082347-1Business > Business correspondence Master Maliki Stone
00082346-1Business > Commercial documents PETER M DANTZLER
00082345-1Image Arts > Sculpture optical illusions real 3D and 4D object bi-stable perception
00082342-1Business > Business correspondence Non- commercial, sentient being, Beneficiary & Authorized Rep.
00082341-1Business > Commercial documents Sentient being,non-commercial,beneficiary & Authorized Rep.
00082339-1Other > Other KKTERRELL
00082338-1Other > Confidential creation KEVIN TERRELL ANDERSON
00082336-1Other > Other CHARLENE M. ROBINSON LLC.
00082333-1Business > Commercial documents DOROTHY JEAN CAPALDI
00082332-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00082331-1Business > Commercial documents RUBY ROGERS
00082330-1Other > Other Manuel White Jr
00082328-1Business > Contract UPDATE TO 00081431-1- ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00082327-1Business > Commercial documents My Name
00082326-1Other > Confidential creation Brand
00082325-1Business > Commercial documents Holder in Due Course
00082324-1Other > Other Me Myself and I
00082323-1Communication > Website content originating from different authors Présence Kanak
00082322-1Other > Other My business name
00082321-1Other > Other The second Born
00082320-1Other > Other The First Born
00082319-1Other > Other DESEREK FREEMAN
00082317-1Other > Other Baking Cookies With Love
00082315-1Business > Commercial documents COREY DIAL
00082313-1Business > Commercial documents DEFINA WADE
00082312-1Business > Commercial documents DAMETA BELL
00082311-1Business > Commercial documents DIJON SARTI BRITTAIN
00082309-1Business > Commercial documents KRYSTLE BONITA CAMERON-KLIEN
00082308-1Business > Contract MICHAEL ANTHONY OF BROOKS ESTATE
00082305-1Business > Commercial documents MATTHEW MICHAEL FJETLAND
00082304-1Business > Commercial documents MATTHEW PHILLIP ADAMS
00082303-1Other > Other My Name
00082302-1Business > Commercial documents QUINN EDWARD MCADA
00082301-1Business > Commercial documents CAVAN DANIEL MCADA
00082300-1Business > Commercial documents KERRY LYNN GALLAGHER
00082299-1Other > Other Robert Burks
00082298-1Other > Other My Name
00082297-1Business > Commercial documents Alexander Solis
00082296-1Literary > Biography De Montmartre à Metz-Frescaty, l'itinéraire d'un jeune Parisien
00082295-1Business > Other EDWARD C LEWIS JR
00082294-1Literary > News Suivre l'étoile
00082292-1Other > Other Anthony Page
00082291-1Science > Other Dans l'intimité des êtres vivants et des roches - Tome 4
00082288-1Business > Commercial documents LESHONDA SARAH JULIA SHEPHERD
CopyrightNo Category Title
00079917-2Other > Other JUSTIN DUDLEY ALLEYNE
00082287-1Other > Other My Creation
00082286-1Other > Other My name :Fridlair Prinville
00082285-1Other > Other My Creation
00082284-1Other > Other LEONARD MARTIN JOSEPH
00082283-1Other > Other Shelly Melinda Jackman Rochard Bey
00082282-1Other > Confidential creation Family crest
00082281-1Business > Commercial documents My name
00082280-1Literary > Novel Meurtres sur commande
00081978-1Other > Confidential creation Grand Princess Faith Celine Lindsey
00082276-1Business > Commercial documents BRANNON T ANDERSON
00082275-1Other > Confidential creation Copy Right of Stephanie Marie Rodriguez-Cuevas
00082273-1Other > Other LILAH-ROSE JEAN HARROW
00082272-1Other > Other JENNIFER MCLEAN
00082271-1Business > Contract MILAN FAMILY OF PAVLOVIC ESTATE
00082270-1Business > Other TORLANDA POINDEXTER
00082268-1Business > Commercial documents David Michael Berenato
00082265-1Business > Business logo Alexrai INC
00082264-1Other > Other TOMMY RAY TERRY III, Tommy Ray Terry III, tommy ray terry III
00082262-1Other > Other MY NAME
00082261-1Business > Commercial documents MARIO JESUS DIAZ
00082260-1Other > Other My Creation & property
00082259-1Other > Other My Creation & property
00082258-1Business > Commercial documents DENNIS MALLORY
00082257-1Business > Commercial documents Beneficiary
00082256-1Business > Commercial documents WENDY J CHAPMAN
00082255-1Business > Commercial documents THURSTON RAFEEQ BILAL© THURSTON R BILAL© THURSTON BILAL©
00082254-1Other > Other VIOLATIONS ARE $7,000,000.00 (SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS US) 12USC411
00082252-1Image Arts > Drawing KAFELE ATIBA FOSTER
00082251-1Business > Commercial documents JESSICA LEE HAYS
00082250-1Other > Other DANIEL MATTHEW SOLOMON
00082248-1Business > Business logo I MOVE DIFFERENT
00082247-1Other > Other Vizionary
00082244-1Business > Other THURSTON BATTLES
00082243-1Business > Contract Roshaunda Denise Townsend
00082241-1Business > Contract Roshaunda Denise Freeman
00082240-1Literary > Ebook Le Cours pratique des Béliers
00082239-1Other > Other Tiarra LaShay Thomas
00082238-1Business > Other THEM
00082237-1Other > Other Ashton Powell Redmon
00082236-1Literary > Novel Patricia Le secret de Balth
00082234-1Business > Other Corey Todd Wulf
00082233-1Other > Other My Name
00082232-1Other > Other Thorns To Roses: A Journey Of Resilience
00069296-5Education > Training material FORMATIONS 1 jour 1 thème (4 sessions)
00082231-1Literary > Diverse texts Citation FEMMES HOMME
00082229-1Business > Commercial documents WILLIAM AJAI HAYNESWORTH
00082228-1Business > Business logo Dizzy Gillespie
00082225-1Business > Commercial documents PATRICK TREMBLAY
00082224-1Other > Confidential creation Marie-Lou Baril
00082221-1Business > Commercial documents JEFFERY CHRISTOPHER HARRISON ESTATE
00082220-1Business > Contract UPDATE TO COPYRIGHT 00080957-1 ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00082219-1Business > Commercial documents SHAUNDA FLETCHER
00082218-1Literary > Novel Trois têtes pour une couronne
00082217-1Image Arts > Logo House of Porcelli Greater Coat of Arms - Update
00082216-1Image Arts > Logo House of Porcelli Middle Coat of Arms
00082215-1Other > Other Annaliza Spiga
00082214-1Communication > Business communication COPYWRITE MY NAMES
00082213-1Other > Other My Name
00082212-1Other > Other Kiara
00082211-1Business > Commercial documents JENNIFER GLOVER
00082210-1Information Technology > Other ALL WATCH BAND
00082209-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00082208-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music LE CHANT DE L AMOUR
00082207-1Other > Other My Name
00082206-1Literary > Poetry La biche aux aguets, Recueil de sonnets Imparfaits
00082205-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00082204-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00082203-1Business > Commercial documents Christopher Ryan Anthony Jr.
00082202-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00082201-1Business > Other LLC /DBA MY CREATION
00082199-1Business > Commercial documents JEFFERY ALLEN QUINN
00082197-1Business > Commercial documents JASMINE ALSTON
00082193-1Other > Other ANDREA VERONICA BROWN©
00082192-1Business > Commercial documents MONIQUE NANETTE DUBORD
00082191-1Business > Commercial documents CARL FREDERICK GEORGES
00082190-1Other > Confidential creation Kimberly Dawn Adams
00082189-1Business > Commercial documents DWAYNE EDWARDS
00082188-1Other > Other My Creation
00082187-1Other > Other Stephen John Hibbeler
00082186-1Business > Commercial documents LUCIA OLGA WARSAW
00082185-1Other > Other Twin Barber & Company LLC
00082182-1Business > Other Prima & Co
00082181-1Other > Confidential creation My Families name
00082178-1Other > Other My Name
00082177-1Business > Commercial documents MIGALE LAMONTE NORWOOD
00082176-1Business > Commercial documents JEROME JERMAINE FOX JR
00082175-1Other > Confidential creation M.S.I. Common law copyright
00082174-1Business > Contract SUCCOR
00082173-1Web > Website content Nativ Tikuna
00082172-1Literary > Theater Ubercut, Mat'amor, L'implosion du vide
00082171-1Business > Commercial documents MARQUES COMER
00082170-1Science > Other Transversal Spoiler: "DHTS", "THTS" and "3PTS"
00082168-1Business > Commercial documents CLARENCE JOHNSON JR,
00082167-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario SUCI (English Title: SAINTLY)
00082166-1Other > Other Carlton Jermaine Powell
00082164-1Other > Other PILAR WHITNEY LEE
00082161-1Business > Commercial documents Nathalie Sophie Létourneau
00082160-1Business > Commercial documents NATHALIE SOPHIE LÉTOURNEAU
00082159-1Business > Commercial documents Nathalie Létourneau
00082158-1Business > Commercial documents NATHALIE LÉTOURNEAU
00082156-1Literary > Novel Et si la lettre X n'avait pas existé
00082152-1Business > Commercial documents KERVENS GEORGES
00082151-1Business > Commercial documents DONE CARLOS GEORGES
00082150-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00082149-1Other > Confidential creation Marva Mckenzie
00082147-1Literary > Novel Illuminés, la saga Sonrielis : La maîtresse des ombres
00082146-1Other > Other Christopher Lynn Pearson
00082144-1Other > Other Andre-Jamel; Davis/ BENEFICIARY
00082143-1Other > Other My Birthright
00082140-1Business > Commercial documents CATRINA HALL
00082139-1Business > Commercial documents ANTHONY E. YELVERTON
00082138-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00082137-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00082135-1Business > Business slogan Stallion Da Star
00082134-1Other > Other Eric Buchanan
00082132-1Business > Commercial documents DAVID JEREMY LEWIS
00082131-1Business > Business logo The Healing Tree Foundation, Inc.
00082129-1Business > Commercial documents LAURA GINGHER
00082128-1Other > Other My Name
00082127-1Other > Confidential creation James Earl Bennett Living Trust
00082126-1Other > Confidential creation Angel Roy Gonzales
00082125-1Literary > Novel L'ange du gardien
00082124-1Image Arts > Logo CHIRINO NAVAR WATSON
00082123-1Other > Other MerchMetaVerse
00082122-1Other > Other Ark of Nations En Yeshua
00082121-1Business > Business logo Flo Into Wellness
00082117-1Business > Commercial documents BRADLEY EVERETTE BOLDEN
00082116-1Business > Commercial documents ELOY C LUCERO III
00082115-1Business > Commercial documents MICHAEL HARTINGER
00082114-1Business > Commercial documents Julian Kevin Wiliiams
00082113-1Image Arts > Logo DOUGLAS EUGENE GRIIFFIE
00082112-1Business > Contract ELIAS FELIX AYENDE
00082111-1Other > Other MALIKITA BROOKS
00082110-1Other > Other Art
00082109-1Business > Commercial documents BOLANI LE KINNON
00082107-1Business > Commercial documents Earnest Jackson Jr
00082106-1Other > Other latisha shrise conover bey
00082105-1Other > Confidential creation NUNEZ, DAISY
00082104-1Education > Educational material "Subject To Financing: A Comprehensive Guide to Real Estate Inve
00082101-1Craft > Textiles Chaussures volante
00082100-1Literary > Other TRUE BOOKS, LLC
00082099-1Literary > Novel 824 Matricule d'une survivante
00082098-1Business > Commercial documents REGINA ANN MILLER
00082097-1Business > Commercial documents ANTHONY MILLER
00082096-1Other > Other CREATION
00082093-1Other > Other James C Hughes
00082092-1Other > Other Creation
00082091-1Business > Commercial documents CHRISTOPHE XAVIER SOLOMON JR
00082090-1Business > Commercial documents ANDRE DEMONE COLLINS
00082089-1Business > Commercial documents BRENDA G TYLER
00082088-1Business > Commercial documents ANTOINE J JOHNSON
00082084-1Business > Commercial documents ANDRE MAURICE RAMSEUR
00082082-1Business > Commercial documents TANYA LAKEISHA BRIDGES
00082079-1Other > Other My Name
00082078-1Business > Commercial documents ELIAKIM HAKIM BROWNLEE
00082077-1Business > Commercial documents MARC ERICK BARRETT, BARRETT MARC ERICK, MARC BARRETT
00082074-1Other > Other ANDREW WESLEY HALL
00082073-1Literary > Varied texts Declaration of HAZINE CHERMON CHERY TRUST
00082071-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Instrumentals by DJ Prodigy
00082070-1Denomination > Pseudonym MusikBoiii
00082069-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Instrumentals by DJ Prodigy
00082068-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00082067-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00082066-1Business > Other CATIA RAQUEL RAPOSO GUERREIRO
00082065-1Literary > Other L'Oracle selon le Monde
00082064-1Other > Confidential creation COVER LETTER FOR OMARI KAFFEE BROWN
00082063-1Business > Business correspondence FEE SCHEDULE FOR OMARI KAFFEE BROWN
00082061-1Business > Business slogan FNA
00082060-1Business > Commercial documents MELVIN ANDREW ROACH JR
00082059-1Business > Commercial documents MARCUS LEE SOLOMON JR
00077266-2Business > Commercial documents TRIESTEN TRAMAINE JOHNSON
00082056-1Business > Contract Maurice Family OF HARDY ESTATE
00082055-1Business > Commercial documents MELVIN BENJAMIN LAMB JR
00082054-1Business > Commercial documents Common Law Copyright
00082053-1Other > Confidential creation DUFFY JAY MORRIS
00082051-1Other > Confidential creation ME MYSELF AND I
00082050-1Education > Educational material Business Dojo
00082049-1Education > Educational material La Méthode JEDI
00082048-1Other > Other My Name
00082047-1Business > Business slogan Think Like a Man Act Like A God
00082046-1Other > Confidential creation TRAMYIA CALEAH MASSEY
00082045-1Business > Commercial documents LAJUANA DENISE ROSS
00082044-1Other > Confidential creation ERIC LEE HIMES
00082042-2Business > Commercial documents CHARYANNA MARSHAY SMITH
00082040-1Business > Commercial documents ELMER DALE CARR JR
00082039-1Business > Commercial documents LAWRENCE FITZGERALD PALMER
00082038-1Other > Other My Creation
00082037-1Business > Commercial documents WILLIE EARL SCOTT
00082036-1Business > Commercial documents ANGEL NOELLE HOWARD
00082033-1Other > Other My Name
00082030-1Information Technology > Application Kamisha Nishawn Youngblood, Principal Consul and Protector
00082029-1Business > Commercial documents JONATHAN ANTHONY LEWIS
00082028-1Business > Contract updadte to 00078036-1 Ens Legis Copyright
00082027-1Business > Contract ROBERT L. DAVIS JR ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00082026-1Business > Commercial documents COMMON LAW COPYRIGHT ANTHONY JOSEPH BACANI OROSCO
00082025-1Business > Other copyright of DONALD RAY HUNTER
00082024-1Other > Confidential creation Grand daughter name creation
00082023-1Other > Confidential creation Offspring name creation
00082022-1Other > Confidential creation Spouse name creation
00082020-1Literary > Novel Etrange - Trame II (2e jet)
00082019-1Other > Confidential creation Mom Name
00082018-1Other > Other My Name
00082017-1Business > Commercial documents TASHE NACHE ALDREDGE, TASHE NACHE DOUGLAS
00082014-1Business > Contract NANCY NGUYEN FAMILY OF YEE ESTATE
00082012-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00082011-1Other > Other Myself
00082010-1Business > Contract DBA
00082009-1Business > Commercial documents COMMON LAW COPYRIGHT RONA JENNIFER DALIT BACANI
00082008-1Business > Contract DBA
00082007-1Business > Contract KATHERINE LOU HOBBINS FORESTER
00082006-1Other > Other Continuity Connections©
00082005-1Other > Other Moor Conscious Consulting©
00082001-1Business > Business correspondence MALFORD TAWAS WELLS
00082000-1Craft > Artistic creations Isabelle créations
00081999-1Business > Commercial documents Brian Burkard
00081998-1Web > Website Marque, Logo et site des Anges de Provence
00081997-1Business > Commercial documents VALERIE RANEE MOYE
00081996-1Business > Commercial documents APRIL LAVETT COLLINS ESTATE
00081995-1Literary > Ebook Les enjeux du digital pour les entreprises
00081994-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario Jimmy
00081959-2Literary > Poetry Au Sommet de la Nuit
00081991-1Other > Other :Anasthasia: Dailey.
00081990-1Literary > Other La Prière Exaucée
00081989-1Other > Other Quamdeen Amuwo
00081985-1Business > Other Trustee
00081984-1Business > Commercial documents MONIQUE RIGGS
00081983-1Business > Commercial documents SANDRA NAA DODOOWA LARTEY
00081982-1Other > Other FREDDIE EDWARD MCGRIER
00081980-1Literary > Novel Là d’où je viens (partie 1)
00081979-1Other > Other Rodell Bernard Lee
00081977-1Image Arts > Other Passion de créér
00081976-1Image Arts > Other Créations artistiques avec IA de mi-juillet à mi-août 2023
00081975-1Business > Commercial documents TIMOTHY RAY HOWARD II
00081974-1Other > Confidential creation CHANEL MEA DELERY
00081973-1Other > Confidential creation CHANEL MEA SIMMONS
00081972-1Other > Confidential creation Brian Oneil Simmons
00081971-1Other > Confidential creation BRIAN ONEIL SIMMONS
00081969-1Business > Commercial documents DURAY LARON HALL
00081968-1Other > Other My Name
00081967-1Other > Other Name copyright
00081964-1Literary > Novel Coeurs glacés - Tome 1 : Hoshi
00081963-1Business > Contract KIMBERLY LYNN FAMILY OF LUE ESTATE
00081962-1Business > Commercial documents ANTHONY ADRIAN HARVEY
00081961-1Business > Commercial documents Carmen Skrine
00081960-1Literary > Poetry Cà et Là
00081959-1Literary > Poetry j'ai écris avec le vent
00081957-1Other > Confidential creation my name creation
00081956-1Image Arts > Drawing MILLENNIA MUNGO
00081955-1Business > Commercial documents ALEXANDRA L LEAVY
00081953-1Business > Commercial documents BRIAN CALEB MCCLINTON
00081951-1Other > Other My Creation
00081950-1Other > Other My Creation
00081949-1Other > Other My Creation
00081948-1Other > Other NICOLE RICKETTS
00081947-1Business > Commercial documents THEODORE JACKSON
00081946-1Denomination > Private denomination SEDRICK DEMOND HUDGINS ©?
00081943-1Other > Other Common Law Copyright Notice JUSTIN MALIKO PHILLIP TOMLIN
00081941-1Other > Other Ronald Young
00079126-2Other > Other Malcolm Webb
00081938-1Other > Other Scénario enquête Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace
00081937-1Other > Other ORIN EDWARDO BIVENS
00081936-1Other > Other Michelle Marie Todd©™
00081935-1Web > Social media content All Social Media Content
00081934-1Business > Commercial documents Shawn Andrea Roberson Sims
00081933-1Business > Business correspondence DIALLO KAHRI SEWELL/SEWELL DIALLO KAHRI/DIALLO K. SEWELL
00081932-1Business > Contract All Rights Reserved
00081931-1Business > Contract All Rights Reserved
00081929-1Other > Other NONA BURKS
00081928-1Business > Commercial documents CHRISTOPHER KIETH BRIDGES
00081926-1Education > Educational material How to Write Letters & Essays: Lessons for Youngstars
00081925-1Image Arts > Painting Les Coquelicots de Claude Monet, version Grands Maîtres Collec.
00081922-1Business > Commercial documents JERECHO WASHINGTON
00081921-1Other > Other My Name
00081919-1Image Arts > Drawing JANAY MECHELLE COX
00081918-1Education > Course content THE pack de jeux d'anglais
00081917-1Other > Other My Name
00081915-1Literary > Novel Jennifer et l'Épilogue
00081914-1Literary > Essay L'alphabet selon Rà
00081913-1Business > Business logo ELLIATH ADEN DOMINICK, LLC
00081912-1Business > Business logo TAO AZIL DOMINICK, LLC
00081911-1Business > Business logo RENLEY ALO DOMINICK LLC
00081910-1Image Arts > Other Mes passions
00081909-1Business > Commercial documents WILLIAM BRANTLEY
00081908-1Business > Other Chocolate Eruptins
00081907-1Business > Other ROBERT JEROME FLETCHER
00081906-1Other > Confidential creation SELDOM SEEN
00081905-1Other > Other JaNae Rocquel Motley
00081904-1Literary > Ebook HOW TO START ARBITRATION WITH THE A.A.A.
00081903-1Other > Other RYAN EDWARD PRIEST
00081902-1Business > Commercial documents DORIS SEMERIA MEIYON VEAL
00081901-1Business > Commercial documents DORIS SEMERIA MEIYON RICE
00081900-1Business > Other Banking
00081899-1Other > Other MY NAME LINDA "LINNIE" LOUISE WEIS
00081897-1Business > Commercial documents BRANDYN MCCLINTON
00081894-1Business > Other Jessie Owen Bonner jr.
00080364-2Business > Commercial documents CRYSTAL FAYE SMITH
00081892-1Other > Confidential creation My Name and families name
00081891-1Other > Confidential creation My fourth Creation
00081890-1Other > Confidential creation My third Creation
00081889-1Other > Confidential creation My second Creation
00081888-1Other > Confidential creation My first Creation
00081887-1Business > Business correspondence Trustee
00081886-1Business > Business correspondence Trustee
00081885-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00081884-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00081883-1Business > Commercial documents AARON JACOY WATKINS
00081882-1Business > Business correspondence Diana's Little Ducklings Childcare
00081881-1Business > Business project Demar Stovall
00081880-1Business > Commercial documents LOUIS ALBERTO PINO
00081879-1Other > Confidential creation THOMAS ISAIAH HOWE SR
00081878-1Business > Commercial documents KISHAUN ANDREI BAILEY
00081877-1Literary > Biography Je me souviens d'Aïn-Kial - "La source noire"
00081876-1Business > Contract UPDATE TO 00077875-1- ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00081875-1Other > Other Likeita Yvette McGrier
00081874-1Other > Other Lamella Flex
00081873-1Business > Other DUWAYNE LLOYD ESCOFFERY
00081870-1Other > Other Lauren Victoria Antonette Romans
00081869-1Other > Confidential creation NATALIE JANETTE BOOKER
00081868-1Other > Other My Name
00081867-1Business > Commercial documents RODERICK TERRANCE GRAHAM
00081865-1Business > Commercial documents Noble
00081863-1Business > Commercial documents ERIC CHRISTOPHER SWAIN
00081861-1Business > Business correspondence irrevocable trust JAMES ANTHONY COLEMAN/ CARLA MICHELL COLEMAN
00081860-1Other > Other DEMON TERRELL GRAY
00081859-1Business > Commercial documents MICHAEL TYRIK MOYE
00081858-1Other > Confidential creation Secured Party
00081857-1Other > Other EBOOK ASTRO NUMÉRO
00081856-1Literary > Novel Décadence - Dépravation
00081855-1Business > Commercial documents Monarch Life Trust
00081854-1Other > Confidential creation Son’s Name.
00081853-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00081852-1Other > Other Darius Johnson
00081851-1Other > Other Morowa
00081850-1Other > Other DANIELLE CAROLE MILLER
00081849-1Other > Other Antoine Johnson
00081848-1Other > Other kevon
00081846-1Business > Commercial documents SETH D BROWN
00081845-1Business > Commercial documents COPYRIGHTS AND TRADEMARK FOR ALL MY OFFSPRINGS
00081844-1Other > Other MAD MUGZ
00081843-1Other > Other MOOR KONSCIOUS BEING
00081842-1Business > Other ESTATE PROPERTY COPYRIGHT
00081841-1Business > Business correspondence TRUTHFUL TEEZS & MAD MUGZS
00081840-1Other > Other Kevin James Chumley
00081839-1Denomination > Private denomination THE UNINCORPORATED ASSOCIATION OF MAHTOIANSioux
00081838-1Business > Commercial documents GypC Wolf
00081837-1Business > Commercial documents Cassandra Nichelle Williams
00081836-1Business > Commercial documents Spike Game Bitch!
00081834-1Business > Commercial documents If It Ain't Spiked! It Ain't Right!
00081833-1Business > Commercial documents Mouse's Unxpected Creations LLC
00081832-1Business > Commercial documents Anubis Wolf
00081831-1Business > Commercial documents Unique Blocks Trust
00081829-1Other > Confidential creation 288-76-3614
00081828-1Literary > Theater 3 nouvelles pièces
00081827-1Other > Confidential creation MARK DAVID MORAN
00081826-1Business > Commercial documents THE MOST WORSHIPFUL EUREKA GRAND PHO. NATIONAL COMPACT
00081825-1Business > Commercial documents DAVID ELDRIDGE BAKER
00081824-1Other > Other Logan Patrick Newsom
00081821-1Business > Contract SAMUEL RAY FAMILY OF SMITH ESTATE
00081819-1Business > Commercial documents CAROLE ANN MEDINA©™ (Estate)
00081818-1Business > Contract BONNIE MARIE REESE
00081817-1Image Arts > Logo Kenneil Redwood, Kneil Ablaze, KENNEIL REDWOOD
00081816-1Other > Other THE MAHTO TRIBE
00081815-1Business > Contract Jawon Michael Johnson
00081814-1Business > Contract ADAM LEE ANDERSEN COPYRIGHT
00081813-1Business > Business correspondence DEBRA ANN MORRIS
00081811-1Business > Business logo ARTIZTIKAL BLENDZ LLC
00081809-1Business > Commercial documents ROBERT MITCHEL CLEM JR
00081808-1Business > Commercial documents CAROLYN JEAN CHRISTOPHER
00081807-1Business > Commercial documents KEITH ROWSEY
00081806-1Business > Contract OWNER
00081805-1Denomination > Pseudonym DJ Prodigy
00081803-1Business > Commercial documents TAVARES CORNEILUS BRUCE
00081802-1Business > Commercial texts All Caps Name
00081800-1Business > Commercial documents MICHELE MARTIN
00081799-1Business > Commercial documents Beneficiary
00081797-1Business > Business correspondence LIVING
00081796-1Business > Commercial documents SHANNON GAIL ROSS SECKORA
00081795-1Business > Commercial documents ANASTASIA NICOLAIDIS ©™ (ESTATE)
00081794-1Other > Other KENNETH TAYLOR
00081793-1Business > Commercial documents RENEE DENISE HOBBS GALVIN
00081790-1Business > Contract ANGELA ROSE TSIMAHIDIS
00081789-1Business > Contract BRUCE A. GILMORE JR, ENDS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00081787-1Business > Commercial documents JOSEPH JAMAAL
00081786-1Business > Commercial documents BRITTANY BARRY
00081785-1Other > Confidential creation recyclage, environnement, santé, nature
00081783-1Other > Other CHAD KENNETH HARLAN© (Estate)
00081782-1Other > Other Charnetta Foster
00081781-1Other > Other RUSSELL RAYMOND ROYALS
00081779-1Other > Confidential creation AYESHA NESBETH-AGUILA©™
00081778-1Other > Confidential creation CLAUDETTE OLIVIA HENRY©™
00081777-1Business > Other Trust Name
00081776-1Denomination > Project denomination Campus La Belle Verte - Maison OASIS La Belle Verte
00081775-1Business > Commercial documents SOPHIA THOMAS
00081774-1Other > Other My Name
00081772-1Business > Commercial documents TOWNSER CURTISS BRACEY IV
00081770-1Other > Other I am the Beneficial Owner of LATIKA ZARINA JOE
00081769-1Business > Commercial documents COREY FAISON
00081768-1Business > Commercial documents CASPER ALPHONSO SAMUEL
00081766-1Other > Other Lady Patricia Ann Green-Henley
00081763-1Other > Confidential creation CARLY NAPUANANI NAGANUMA
00081762-1Other > Other DYRITA BROUGHTON
00081760-1Other > Other Personal USE
00081758-1Other > Other Ishmael Fernandes
00081757-1Other > Other Malachi Fernandes
00081756-1Other > Other Nailah Fernandes
00081755-1Web > Blog MR-GINSENG.COM
00081753-1Literary > Other Hypnose pour soi la pensée qui transforme
00081752-1Image Arts > Photography The New Normal
00081750-1Other > Other My Creation
00081749-1Business > Commercial documents TIFFANY M HARGRAVE
00081748-1Other > Other My creation
00081745-1Business > Commercial documents VALARIE MARIE HOUSTON
00081744-1Other > Other Valerie Michelle Malone
00081743-1Other > Other Desmond Randle Reynolds
00081742-1Other > Other LATISHA SHRISE CONOVER
00081740-1Other > Other Marlando- Anthenez: Wade
00081739-1Other > Other My Creation
00081738-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Questions Débats
00081736-1Literary > Poetry Le Dit de la Belle
00081735-1Other > Confidential creation INTRIGUING CHATEAU
00081734-1Other > Confidential creation HYGHLY ADDYCTED
00081733-1Other > Other Elyane M. Davis, Elyane Davis, Davis Elyane M, and all variations
00081727-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie Latin Afrosia
00081726-1Other > Other ARNOLDO GARZA :Copy-right/copy-claim.
00081725-1Other > Other RAYMOND-LOUIS:ELLICKSON IiI
00081724-1Business > Other The She Network
00081722-1Other > Other MICHELLE ARECIE HAYDEN, Michelle Arecie Hayden, (ALL VARIATIONS)
00081721-1Literary > Novel Community Grounds + Vintage Quartette
00081720-1Other > Other ANGELA DAWN DILLER
00081719-1Other > Confidential creation TAG NAME
00081718-1Literary > Novel 7 victImes en quête d'amour
00081716-1Denomination > Personal denomination 660109-6591/MADJ-MARIA ANGELES© DURAN JIMENEZ© TRUST©
00081714-1Business > Commercial documents TERRANCE RAYMONVIL
00081713-1Image Arts > Painting Les Iris de Vincent van GOGH version Grands Maîtres Collection
00081711-1Business > Commercial documents GAYLE DENISE GEORGE
00081709-1Business > Commercial documents MARY ANGLINGLOVER
00081708-1Other > Confidential creation BRIAN MATTHEW BATES ESTATE
00081707-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Latin Afrosia
00081706-1Other > Other My Name
00081705-1Other > Other My Creation
00081704-1Business > Contract EMILY HARMONY JAMES
00081703-1Other > Other My Creation
00081702-1Business > Commercial documents Eli Fields
00081700-1Business > Commercial documents Dawn Fields
00081699-1Business > Contract EMMA MELODY JAMES
00081698-1Business > Commercial documents Marquette Andrew Thurmond El Bey
00081697-1Business > Commercial documents Neter Tehuti Ansaaruallah El Bey Ali
00081696-1Business > Commercial documents Grey Ghost LLC
00081694-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00081693-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00081692-1Other > Other My Daughter's and Son
00081691-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Hope's Funeral
00081690-1Business > Business correspondence EMPRESS AUTECIA NEAL BEY
00081689-1Business > Business correspondence ERIN AUTECIA NEAL
00081688-1Business > Commercial documents Common Law CopyRight Notice
00081686-1Other > Confidential creation Acronym for HOPE
00081683-1Other > Other Lula Mae Watt
00081682-1Other > Other Lena Marie Watt
00081680-1Other > Other Crystal Watt
00081679-1Business > Commercial documents Copyright name JAMES KEVIN SHELTON ENS LEGIS
00081677-1Other > Other JOVAN PERRY
00081675-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00081674-1Business > Contract ANGELA M. JONES ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00081673-1Business > Commercial documents AJACK SCOTT JR
00081671-1Image Arts > Logo New logo FeelDaLinx
00081670-1Business > Contract UPDATE TO 00080773-1- ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00081668-1Other > Other MY ESTATE NAME
00081666-1Literary > Ebook Ullr et Oski
00081665-1Other > Confidential creation Superior Copyright Claim
00081664-1Other > Other My Name
00081663-1Other > Other Paul Okwuchukwu Iyeke.
00080511-2Other > Other My Name
00081662-1Business > Commercial documents ANDREA E BURNS
00081661-1Business > Commercial documents First middle lasts name
00081660-1Literary > Novel La légende de Zanguli - Les porteurs de la lumière
00081659-1Image Arts > Other Mon corps à ses murmures que je ne saurais entendre ( mes hanches
00081657-1Business > Other CEO/Trustee
00081656-1Denomination > Personal denomination ANGELA ROSE RICCOBONO
00081655-1Business > Contract BONNIE M REESE LIVING ESTATE TRUST
00081654-1Business > Commercial documents SKYLER DEONTE MOSLEY
00081653-1Business > Commercial documents LATASHA MCCALOP
00081652-1Other > Other 273 SCIPLE TER NW
00081651-1Other > Other Jeremiah - Nicholas: Andrews
00081648-1Other > Other MY ESTATE
00081647-1Business > Commercial documents TESSA MONA MODIRI COPYRIGHT
00081645-1Other > Other Bernando Davis
00081644-1Business > Contract Controller & Operator
00081643-1Other > Confidential creation Secured Party,
00081642-1Other > Other My Name
00081641-1Business > Commercial documents VICTOR GUEVARA JR
00081639-1Other > Other My Name
00081638-1Business > Business slogan UNIFIED MEDIA GROUP
00081637-1Other > Other ARNIE PORTER
00081636-1Literary > Religious texts Why Because, The Slave doesn't dictate the movement of the Master
00081635-1Literary > Novel Des rêves pour un regard - Tome 2 : Oser te dire que je t'aime
00081634-1Other > Other Keisean Cornell Lewis
00081632-1Other > Confidential creation VERONICA MCKELVIN SMITH
00081631-1Other > Confidential creation EXCLUSIVEONE MINISTRY TRUST
00081630-1Other > Other MyCreation
00081628-1Literary > Novel Agnosie
00081626-1Other > Other Reese, Bonnie
00081625-1Other > Other Nedrick B Parker
00081624-2Other > Confidential creation My name
00081624-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00081623-1Business > Contract TERRENCE JONES ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00081622-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00081621-1Business > Commercial documents ALISON DENISE JACKSON
00081620-1Other > Other FALAQ LUCAS
00081619-1Other > Other JediTab Hephzibah
00081618-1Other > Other Trustee
00081617-1Business > Commercial documents MICHAEL HILLARD
00081615-1Business > Business logo WHAPSHUS SYNERGI
00081614-1Literary > Novel Le Verrat
00081612-1Literary > Ebook La Métamorphose par l'intelligence émotionnelle
00081611-1Business > Contract KATHERINE LOU HOBBINS
00081610-1Business > Business logo Another Cup of Lemonade
00081609-1Other > Other My Creation
00081608-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Road to Freedom + Return to the past
00081607-1Other > Other My Creation
00081606-1Business > Contract ENTITY
00081605-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00081603-1Image Arts > Drawing Monde secret de Maleah
00081601-1Other > Other Creation
00081600-1Other > Other Tarik Antwoine Veasley
00081599-1Other > Other Norma-Jean Patlan
00081598-1Business > Commercial documents KIMBERLY CARSON
00081597-1Other > Other JACQUELINE CAMILLE CALHOUN, Jacqueline Camille Calhoun,JC Calhoun
00081596-1Other > Other Jacqueline Camille Calhoun, JACQUELINE CAMILLE CALHOUN
00081595-1Business > Commercial documents CARMEN THOMPSON
00081594-1Business > Commercial documents KENNETH ALBERTO GUTIERREZ
00081592-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Rainbow Killa
00081591-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Rainbow Killa
00081590-1Business > Commercial documents LASHONDRA DIONNE PAYTON
00081589-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie The Rainbow Killer
00081588-1Business > Commercial documents ROBERT LEE DAVIS
00081587-1Other > Other BRIANNA DEJENA WILKINS
00081586-1Other > Other Demetrius La’Velle Horton/DEMETRIUS LA’VELLE HORTON
00081585-1Business > Business slogan Superyogiz' Slogan
00081584-1Business > Business logo copyright of LAQUAYLIN LEMONT WALKER
00081583-1Business > Business correspondence K8K Logistics LLC
00079882-2Image Arts > Logo K8K Energy
00079883-2Other > Other Kevin Lee Hairston
00081582-1Other > Other SECUNDINO FULGENCIO, LLC
CopyrightNo Category Title
00081581-1Business > Business project TheChalice7007 Dance Studio © (L.L.C.)
00081580-1Other > Other DONNA DENISE WHITTLEY
00081579-1Business > Commercial documents MARKUS DEMOND PERKINS
00081578-1Business > Commercial documents JENELLE LAROSE NETTERS
00081577-1Business > Commercial documents CHIANTI TONTE' DAVIS
00081575-1Other > Other MARGARET CALDWELL
00081574-1Other > Other TODD GARDNER
00081573-1Other > Other ADRAIN KEITHON SNYDER
00081571-1Other > Other My Name
00081570-1Other > Other My Creation3
00081569-1Other > Other My Creation
00081568-1Other > Other Jerome Bennett
00081567-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > CD or DVD MR COLUMBUS (BIG CLIZZO)
00079144-2Other > Other Cinq minutes avec votre Ame : Lettres 2023 - 3eme trimestre
00081565-1Literary > Biography Mémoire reconstituée
00081563-1Business > Commercial documents common law copyright
00081562-1Business > Business project MY SMART COMPANY
00081542-1Business > Commercial documents KIRSTEN KATHLEEN WEISSERT
00081539-1Other > Other My Creation
00081536-1Business > Business correspondence Worldwide Common law Copyright, JESSE TYRONE SHEPEARD©
00081534-1Other > Other LEONARD MARTIN JOSEPH
00080928-5Other > Confidential creation THE ROYAL HOUSE OF DAVID and all its derivatives
00081533-1Business > Commercial documents ALLYSCIA RAYMARIE BURTON
00081532-1Business > Commercial documents MICHAEL CONSTANTINE FLAWN 11
00081531-1Business > Commercial documents MR
00081530-1Other > Confidential creation Rosalind Ann Leavy Grubbs
00081529-1Other > Other Tamika Rashon Todd
00081528-1Business > Commercial documents RONDA NICHELLE JOHNSON
00081527-1Business > Commercial documents CLARENCE OLIVER DEMARCO HESTER
00081526-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00081525-1Literary > Novel À vau l'eau
00081523-1Business > Commercial documents GUY D DRENNAN
00081520-1Other > Other My Name
00081519-1Business > Commercial documents IMANI HARVEY EL
00081518-1Other > Other My Name
00081516-1Other > Other Angela Nelson
00081514-1Business > Contract JEFFREY LA VERNE FAMILY OF HOLT ESTATE
00081512-1Other > Other BROOKE ELAINE TURNER
00081509-1Business > Other EDGAR ANDERSON EVANS II
00081508-1Other > Other RAYMOND LEROY KERNS
00081506-1Other > Other Name
00081505-1Business > Commercial documents ISABELLA RAQUEL RIVERA
00080429-2Other > Other My Name
00081504-1Business > Commercial documents MICHAEL LASHAN SMITH
00081503-1Other > Other My Creation
00081500-1Business > Commercial documents CODY RYAN LEWIS
00065593-5TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie Rive Sud Origine 2 - South Shore Origin 2
00081498-1Business > Business logo JASMINE SHARI WALKER-PHILLIPS
00081497-1Business > Contract WILLIAM ROBERT BUSH
00081496-1Other > Other Marquetta Lateese Spencer
00081495-1Business > Contract TYREZ DUSHAWN BROWN
00081494-1Business > Business correspondence MANAGER
00081490-1Business > Other JAMES HOBBINS FORESTER
00081486-1Business > Commercial documents EMANUEL AARON ELOY HERRERA
00081485-1Other > Confidential creation Pho World Order
00081484-1Denomination > Business denomination LOGO CMNGT
00081483-1Other > Other My Name
00081482-1Business > Commercial documents JAMES EARL
00081479-1Business > Commercial documents CRYSTAL MARIE PRITCHETT
00081478-1Other > Other JACOB JAMES ESKOLA
00081477-1Business > Commercial documents DAMETRIC A TYSON
00081476-1Other > Other My Name
00081474-1Other > Other LASHELLE TARAE BALTIMORE
00081473-1Business > Commercial documents JOHNGOLDSTEIN
00081472-1Other > Other MARIO LANIER ALLMON
00081471-1Other > Other Phoenix Nina
00081467-1Other > Other Passages
00081466-1Other > Other Shuneice Hinton
00081465-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00081464-1Other > Other Anthony Hinton Jr
00081462-1Other > Other Triche Christmon
00081461-1Other > Other Juwan Damarr Mitchell
00081460-1Business > Commercial documents LUCIAN NICHOLAS POPESCU
00081459-1Other > Other My creation
00081458-1Other > Other My Name
00081457-1Literary > Novel Amormina B
00081456-1Business > Contract LILY FAMILY OF NGUYEN ESTATE
00081455-1Business > Contract TIFFANY VIVI FAMILY OF NGUYEN ESTATE
00081454-1Business > Contract CHANTHEA FAMILY OF SIN ESTATE
00081453-1Business > Business logo Teresie K Castano
00081451-1Other > Other My Creation
00081450-1Other > Other TOMMY RAY TERRY JR, Tommy Ray Terry Jr ,tommy ray terry jr
00081449-1Business > Commercial documents Clairmine Joseph
00081448-1Other > Other My Creation
00081447-1Business > Contract Owner
00081446-1Business > Commercial documents DORIAN KEVON MINCEY
00081445-1Business > Other KAIMOIR VORI JORDAN
00081444-1Business > Contract SHARON KAY FAMILY OF WALTERS ESTATE
00081443-1Other > Other My Name
00081442-1Business > Contract ROBERT JEFFERY FAMILY OF SHAW ESTATE
00081441-1Business > Contract RASOOL FAMILY OF MURARSHEED ESTATE
00081440-1Business > Commercial documents ERNEST ANTHONY HERNANDEZ JR.
00081439-1Business > Commercial documents RAYMOND GARFIELD BROWN
00081438-1Business > Business logo Imperfectly Perfect
00081437-1Other > Confidential creation International Copyright for ANGELIS ANDINO AYALA
00081436-1Other > Other JAMES I CRIPPEN
00081435-1Literary > Varied texts The Vault "Secrets of a content creator"
00081433-1Other > Other My creation
00081432-1Education > Educational material Phonic Readers
00081431-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00081430-1Image Arts > Photography Grimoire aux 1001 facettes
00081429-1Literary > Novel Le féminin secret
00079099-2Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00081427-1Other > Other My Creation
00081426-1Other > Other BRIAN WENDELL HEAD
00081424-1Business > Commercial documents Trustee
00081423-1Business > Commercial documents Robert Marshall
00081422-1Business > Commercial documents ANTOINETTE KELLEY
00081421-1Business > Commercial documents PAMALER LAVETTE TAPPS
00081420-1Business > Commercial documents LATOYA LATRICE HAWKINS
00081419-1Business > Contract KAITLYN MCKENZIE YUN COURTNEY
00081418-1Business > Commercial documents Coralie Austin
00081417-1Other > Other AMEER BARAKA HART
00081416-1Literary > Theater C'est de la flûte
00081415-1Other > Other My Creation
00081414-1Literary > Other CYPRIEN ROUYER - JOURNAL 2012-2013
00081412-1Other > Other FLORENCE CHERRY KIMMEL
00081411-1Business > Commercial documents Common Law Copyright Notice
00081409-1Other > Other Latrecia Renee' Pounds
00081408-1Business > Commercial documents MICHAEL JERMAINE SHULER
00081407-1Other > Other Amber Marchelle Biggs
00081406-1Other > Confidential creation Beneficiary
00081405-1Business > Commercial documents KATRINA NICOLE ARMSTRONG
00081403-1Business > Commercial documents RODNEY ALEXANDER KINLAW
00081402-1Other > Other NICKEY COMMRIE
00081400-1Other > Other Beneficiary
00081399-1Other > Other CAMILLE JAMES
00081398-1Other > Confidential creation JASMINE DIONNE FRANCIS
00081397-1Business > Commercial documents THEO JACKSON GIBSON
00081396-1Business > Commercial documents ANTOINE RE’SHAWN JARVIS
00081394-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Short film La Vieille Dame
00081393-1Other > Other God's Allodial Creation
00075469-2Other > Other My Name
00081390-1Business > Commercial documents LUNA ISAAC MISHOE III
00081389-1Literary > Novel Sept jours pour voir la vie en Rose
00081388-1Literary > Novel Déchaînés
00081387-1Business > Commercial documents Corey Lojuan Roberson
00081384-1Denomination > Use denomination CONNECT A CARE NETWORK LLC and/or ANY AND ALL CURRENT OCCUPANT(S)
00081383-1Business > Commercial documents TRACI GRACE SADLER
00081382-1Other > Confidential creation estate
00081381-1Other > Other ANTHONY J MORRIS
00081380-1Other > Other Tonya R Thomas
00081379-1Business > Commercial documents DAVID SCHUSTER
00081376-1Other > Other Occupant of Executor Office for ABDUS-SAMAD HAKIM ROBINSON-SIMMS
00081375-1Other > Other SHEILA BURNS
00081374-1Business > Commercial documents CRYSTAL LYNETTE WILSON
00081372-1Other > Other DASHAWN CROOKS
00081371-1Business > Commercial documents Author Tosca Sharanne Owens
00081370-1Other > Other Nichelle Hodge
00081369-1Business > Commercial documents SARAH ROSE HOAGLAND
00081368-1Business > Commercial documents SARAH ROSE SALAZAR
00081367-1Business > Commercial documents JOSEPH PICENO SALAZAR
00081366-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00081365-1Literary > Theater Titanic, une drôle d'aventure
00081364-1Other > Other my creation
00081363-1Business > Commercial documents BRYAN ONEAL ALEXANDER, LLC
00081362-1Business > Commercial documents Exxhale Cigar Lounge
00081361-1Business > Business correspondence AGENT
00081359-1Other > Other My Creation
00081358-1Image Arts > Drawing Book#1
00081357-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00081353-1Business > Commercial documents PAUL JUNIOR GEORGES
00081351-1Denomination > Personal denomination Name
00081350-1Business > Commercial documents Emanuel Aaron Eloy Herrera
00081349-1Other > Other My Name
00081348-1Other > Other My Name
00081347-1Other > Other My Name
00081345-1Business > Commercial documents BERNADETTE JOHNS
00081344-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00081343-1Business > Commercial documents COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All rights reserved- RACHELLDEAN
00081342-1Communication > Confidential owner in due course
00081341-1Business > Commercial documents COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All rights reserved - CHAD M ARTIAGA
00081340-1Business > Commercial documents Aureum Domum Divitiae Ex Trust
00081339-1Business > Commercial documents JASON ANTONIO WEST
00081338-1Business > Commercial documents JASON NIEBEL
00081337-1Other > Other My name
00081335-1Business > Commercial documents Jennifer Espinosa
00081334-1Business > Commercial documents Ms. Nicole Thomas
00081333-1Other > Other TERRIASHAY HALL
00081332-1Business > Commercial documents MY NAME
00081330-1Other > Other CYNTHIA MARIE BROCK©
00081327-1Other > Other My Creation
00081326-1Other > Other My Creation
00081325-1Other > Other Copyright Owner: Clayton-Phillip:Jones
00081324-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Peo/Ceo/Ar
00081323-1Other > Other Tribulations d'une âme incarnée
00081322-1Other > Confidential creation Amuuru Empire
00081321-1Business > Commercial documents BOWIE KITMAN MATTESON
00081320-1Literary > Novel My cruel owner
00081317-1Other > Other JLB
00081316-1Business > Commercial documents JARON RASHON RICHARDSON
00081315-1Other > Confidential creation Originality Stands Alone
00081314-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00081313-1Other > Other Beneficiary
00081312-1Other > Other Charleston Domain Boyce
00081311-1Other > Other Charles Stewart
00081310-1Business > Commercial documents Copyright MAMIE MICHELLE JOHNSON BEY and MAMIE MICHELLE JOHNSON
00081309-1Business > Commercial documents DAMANI NKOSI
00081308-1Other > Other My Creation
00081307-1Business > Commercial documents CHARLES EARL STANTON
00081306-1Other > Other LILY HELEN FAMILY KO ESTATE
00081305-1Business > Commercial documents DOMINIQUE RASHAD DORSEY
00081303-1Business > Commercial documents PHYLLIS WILSON
00081302-1Other > Other MORGAN FLINT
00081301-1Image Arts > Logo Infinitus Indicum Pearl Trust
00081300-1Business > Commercial documents RAYMOND GROVES JR
00081299-1Business > Commercial documents JUTTA KAYMAKCIAN
00081296-1Business > Commercial documents RAYNA BROWN
00081295-1Other > Other JOSEPH WAYNE ZACHERY II
00081294-1Business > Business correspondence SEAN SWARTZ
00081293-1Business > Contract Khalanii Ameliyah Lucero
00081292-1Other > Other CLARENCE WATKINS IV
00081291-1Other > Other BRANDON AARON WELCH
00081290-1Other > Other Jermaine Danielle Boone
00081288-1Business > Business slogan BITCH WILL YOU
00081285-1Business > Commercial documents PATHWAY TO FATHER AND HIS FAMILY
00081284-1Business > Commercial documents LONNIE MARVIN JORDAN MUHAMMAD
00081283-1Business > Commercial documents DASMIN JEREL COOK
00081281-1Business > Commercial documents FAIR SINKA RENEE
00080168-2Image Arts > Comic Fero Fabula
00081278-1Other > Other La caravane du crime (jeunes 10-14 ans)
00081277-1Literary > Theater Terminus
00081276-1Business > Commercial documents CHRISTOPHER C. WILLIAMS
00081275-1Business > Commercial documents DAVID LEE DICKINSON
00081274-1Business > Business correspondence Beneficiary
00081273-1Other > Other My Creation
00081271-1Other > Other Secundino Fulgencio ©
00081270-1Business > Other No BS Birth Plan
00081267-1Literary > Poetry Renouveau
00081265-1Business > Commercial documents PETISA ANGLIN
00081264-1Business > Commercial documents SABRINA JONES
00081263-1Business > Commercial documents TATIANA LANE
00081262-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > TV show SERIES STORY PITCH
00081261-1Business > Commercial documents RONALD JOHN CARSTARPHEN
00081260-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music In a league of my own
00081258-1Other > Confidential creation Ellen :Glavin
00081257-1Business > Commercial documents Connie Smith LLC Inc
00081255-1Business > Other Bryan-Cash: Davison, Heir, Grantor, Authorized Representative ...
00081254-1Business > Commercial documents LAKENDRICK CONNILUS STOKES
00081253-1Business > Commercial texts BRIAYANA TANSHAY STOKES
00081252-1Business > Commercial documents BRASHAD QUINTRELL STOKES
00081251-1Business > Commercial documents KIERRA CHARDAY STOKES
00081250-1Business > Commercial documents FELISHA HOWARD
00081249-1Business > Commercial documents CONNILUS JEROME STOKES
00081248-1Image Arts > Other Créations artistiques avec IA de mi-juin à mi-juillet 2023
00081247-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Short film CRU TV
00081246-1Other > Other Gavriel Green
00081245-1Craft > Diverse materials creations DOLLISH
00081244-1Other > Other Martine Maxime
00081243-1Other > Other Martine Maxime
00081242-1Other > Other Owner(BENEFICIARY)
00081241-1Literary > Novel Des rêves pour un regard Tome 2 - Nos beaux amours.
00081240-1Business > Commercial documents RODERICK WHITE
00081239-1Other > Other My Creation
00081238-1Business > Commercial documents KEIVEN KEON MINTER
00081237-1Other > Other My creation
00081236-1Other > Other My Name
00081235-1Other > Other ROSE MARY VALENTIN
00081234-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Hope For Those Who Suffer
00081233-1Other > Other My creation
00081232-1Sound Arts > Musical composition My Love
00081231-1Literary > Novel C'était toi que tu quittais
0069061-13Education > Thesis L’incroyable histoire du peuple juif et de l’État d’Israël
00081230-1Other > Other My Creation
00081228-1Business > Commercial documents JARRISHA ABRAHAM FAMILY OF RORIE ESTATE
00081226-1Business > Business logo Divine Clothing Logo
00081225-1Business > Commercial documents KENNETH EUGENE TYE
00081224-1Business > Commercial texts R.A.N.K.
00081223-1Image Arts > Logo SPICE
00081222-1Image Arts > Logo CHOC
00081221-1Business > Commercial texts Y.O.N.N.I. "You Only Need Natural Ingredients"
00081219-1Image Arts > Logo Weed Head
00081218-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00081216-1Literary > Religious texts ?????? ??????
00081214-1Business > Other Famous in my hood 90220
00081213-1Image Arts > Logo XBD, XCLSV BY DSGN
00081209-1Other > Confidential creation My creation
00081208-1Literary > Other Mémoire de master 2 FLE.
00081207-1Education > Other Le mal-être des collégiens martiniquais
00081206-1Education > Other Mémoire de master 2
00081205-1Business > Commercial documents PHILLIP WAYNE MISSILDINE
00081204-1Business > Commercial documents RICARDO ORLANDO LAING JR
00081203-1Business > Commercial documents QUENTARIOUS JA’QWAAN ELLIS
00081202-1Literary > Ebook Entre l'ombre et la lumière
00081201-1Other > Other Common Law Copyright Notice: PERRIE DANIELL GIBSON
00081200-1Other > Confidential creation IRVING ESPINOSARODRIGUEZ
00081199-1Other > Confidential creation Irving J Espinosa Rodriguez
00081198-1Other > Confidential creation IRVING JOEL ESPINOSARODRIGUEZ
00081197-1Other > Confidential creation Irvinf Joel Espinoza Rodriguez
00081196-1Other > Confidential creation IRVING RODRIGUEZ
00081195-1Other > Confidential creation IRVING JOEL ESPINOSARODRIGUE
00081194-1Other > Confidential creation Irving Espinosa Rodriguez
00081193-1Other > Confidential creation Irving J Espinosarodrigue
00081192-1Other > Confidential creation IRVING J. SPINOSARODRIGUE
00081191-1Business > Commercial documents Emmanuel Freeman
00081189-1Other > Other Gerard Edwon Gilmore
00081188-1Other > Other Javonte Davis
00081187-1Other > Confidential creation Guy D Drennan
00081186-1Other > Confidential creation Guy Drennan
00081185-1Other > Confidential creation GUY D DRENNAN
00081184-1Other > Confidential creation GUY DRENNAN
00081183-1Other > Other Troy
00081182-1Image Arts > Drawing Jeu de 54 cartes Poker, visuels polynésiens
00081181-1Other > Other My Name
00081178-1Business > Commercial documents KRYSTAL LILLIAN DAVIS
00081176-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00081175-1Other > Other GERALD W MAXWELL
00081174-1Other > Other Owner
00081173-1Other > Other My Name
00081172-1Business > Other CEO
00081171-1Other > Other My Name
00081170-1Business > Commercial documents DARIUS RAFAEL ELLIS
00081169-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Total compositions fabrice cocorullo
00081167-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Oxalis Story
00081166-1Other > Other MY NAME
00081165-1Business > Commercial documents MOSHEH ELLISON
00081164-1Business > Commercial documents CHARLES CORDELL MORGAN
00081160-1Business > Commercial documents My Name
00081159-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00081158-1Other > Confidential creation My creation
00081155-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00081154-1Literary > Other DYAMOND DEMETRICE HUDSON
00081152-1Literary > Novel VIRTUALIS
00081151-1Business > Commercial documents PAUL SINGLETON JR
00081150-1Other > Other DERRY DEXTER SHAMBLEY
00081149-1Business > Commercial documents WESNEL MOUSSIGNAC
00081148-1Literary > Other WESNEL MOUSSIGNAC
00081147-1Other > Other La caravane du crime (ados & adultes)
00081146-1Literary > Theater Couper le cordon
00081145-1Business > Commercial documents CAROLINE ELIZABETH CORONA
00081144-1Business > Commercial documents SHERVETTA HILL
00081143-1Other > Other Charles C. Morgan, Morgan Charles C. Charles Cordell Morgan
00081142-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation
00081139-1Business > Contract This Brand belongs to me, not to used without permission.
00081137-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation & Property
00081136-1Business > Commercial documents KIRK WADE KREMPEL
00081135-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00081134-1Other > Confidential creation My Creation and Property
00081133-1Other > Other Deandra Quetilla Means© and all Derivatives
00081131-1Business > Commercial documents ANGELA ROSARIO
00081130-1Other > Other Samantha OBryan
00081128-1Business > Commercial documents PATRICK CROFF III
00081127-1Literary > Novel Tout ce que je ne serai plus
00081126-1Other > Confidential creation ROBERT ANTHONY BROWN
00081125-1Business > Business logo MARI BETH FURY TRUST
00081124-1Literary > Novel Mon Absolu
00081122-1Denomination > Use denomination JESSE WILLARD WOODS III© or Jesse Willard Woods III©
00081121-1Denomination > Use denomination TIGER D RAVEN-MELCHIZ EL© or Tiger D Raven-Melchiz El©
00081120-1Other > Other Shayla Johnson
00081119-1Business > Other benificary
00081117-1Business > Commercial documents NIKKO HARLON FARR
00081116-1Literary > Poetry Les roses de mon bonheur.
00081115-1Business > Business logo Declaration of Copyright Trademark
00081114-1Other > Other JENNIFER BURNS
00081108-1Business > Commercial documents ERIKA DELORES MORRIS
00081107-1Business > Commercial documents LUXURY QUEEN
00081106-1Other > Confidential creation LACHRISSA JILL FAMILY OF SLOWE ESTATE(E)
00081103-1Business > Commercial documents MARISA CHANICE LESEAN CAMP
00081100-1Other > Confidential creation Cameron C. Duncan
00081099-1Other > Confidential creation Cameron Chad Duncan
00081098-1Other > Other My Name
00081097-1Business > Business correspondence TIGRIS LLOYD SIGMANDO HOBBS
00081096-1Other > Confidential creation Bryan Edler, The Freiherr of the Gulf Coastal Plains
00081094-1Other > Other RODNEY ALONZO BRACEY
00081087-1Other > Other Creation
00081085-1Image Arts > Painting The Crown
00081082-1Other > Confidential creation RICKY EUGENE EVERHART
00081081-1Other > Confidential creation ROBERT LEE ALDRIDGE JR
00081080-1Other > Other My Creation
00081079-1Business > Commercial documents holder in due course
00081078-1Other > Other GINA BERRY SATTERFIELD
00081077-1Business > Business logo Robert Lee Tomlinson
00081076-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Je vous aime
00081075-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Homme d'affaires
00081073-1Business > Commercial documents PATRICE ROCHELLE ROBERSON
00081072-1Other > Other JJH
00081070-1Business > Commercial documents MARINA MARIE NELSON
00081068-1Other > Other Comité pilotage projet de territoire 15/06/2023
00081066-1Business > Contract TREVOR NATHAN LOWREY Ens Legis Copyright
00081065-1Other > Other Nicole Ann Shand
00081064-1Other > Other AKEYLA AMARI RICHARDSON
00080844-3Other > Other CHERYL ANN BRAY
00081062-1Other > Other My Creation & Property4
00081061-1Other > Other My Creation & Property3
00081060-1Other > Other My Creation & Property2
00081059-1Other > Other My Creation & Property1
00081058-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00081057-1Other > Other Erika Elizabeth Robertson
00081056-1Business > Commercial documents REGINALD KEITH RUDOLPH
00081055-1Business > Commercial documents KEENEN SHON RUDOLPH
00081054-1Business > Commercial documents KENNETH DEWAYNE RUDOLPH
00081053-1Other > Other my creation
00081048-1Other > Other MILIKA KAUPENA WILY-MATAGI
00081047-1Other > Other AMY DENISE MCBRYDE
00081044-1Business > Business logo SPIROS VOZIKIS
00081043-1Business > Business slogan SPIROS PANAGIOTIS VOZIKIS
00081041-1Sound Arts > Musical composition My Family
00081040-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Go baby
00081039-1Literary > Other il était une foie, le manant et la fille de joie
00081037-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Hymne CAN OBV 2024
00081036-1Business > Commercial documents AMORITA ZUKIEY CONEJO
00081035-1Business > Commercial documents justice isra el chani el
00081034-1Business > Commercial documents WILLIE LEE RENEA GETER JR.
00081033-1Business > Commercial documents CHARNETTA MARIA FOSTER
00081031-1Other > Confidential creation DONNELL ALEXANDER SMACK
00081029-1Literary > Biography Mémoire interne - Le socle de mon identité
00081028-1Education > Training material Management Handbook for Advertising Agencies
00081027-1Business > Commercial documents Nicole Antoinette Hodge
00081026-1Business > Commercial documents ERNEST EARL BROWN
00081024-1Business > Commercial documents BILL THOMAS WARDLOW JR
00081023-1Other > Other LARRY STANLEY MILLER JR
00081022-1Other > Other GINA LORRINA BERRY
00081021-1Business > Commercial documents OSCAR JAMES HICKS JR
00081020-1Business > Commercial documents EDWARD JOSEPH PERRY
00081019-1Business > Other CHANDAN MAKHIJANI
00081017-1Other > Other DEBORAH RENEE KARON
00081016-1Business > Business logo Healing Origins
00081015-1Business > Commercial documents SUSAN EVE MILLER
00081014-1Business > Commercial documents Morris Elbert Pinkett III
00081013-1Business > Commercial documents Maurice Marquel Dickens Sr
00081011-1Business > Commercial documents MOORE JARVIS ARCHIE MARREL
00081007-1Business > Commercial documents TANISHA JUDKINS
00081006-1Business > Commercial documents PRINCE SAIN
00081004-1Other > Other My Creation
00081003-1Business > Business correspondence Trustee
00081002-1Business > Commercial documents Master
00081001-1Other > Confidential creation THE BLEU FOUNDATION
00080999-1Other > Confidential creation KAIMANA BLEU INC.
00080998-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00080995-1Other > Other My Name
00080994-1Other > Other My Name
00080993-1Other > Other My Name
00080992-1Other > Other My Name
00080991-1Other > Other My Name
00080990-1Business > Commercial documents MARK ALDORIE HARRISON
00080988-1Business > Commercial texts AYANNA KIESHA PETERS
00080987-1Business > Commercial documents MICHELLE CRUDUP
00080984-1Other > Other Momadu Santuraki
00080983-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00080982-1Other > Other ORRIN JAY WILCOCK
00080981-1Business > Business slogan LightSavers Ministry
00080980-1Business > Other JASON MICHAEL PORTER
00080979-1Literary > Ebook Initiation à la Rune GEBO & Talisman favorisant la longévité
00080978-1Other > Other Brian Daniel Burton
00080976-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario Fleur Blanche
00080975-1Business > Commercial documents SUZANNE WHITNEY
00080974-1Other > Other My Name
00080973-1Business > Commercial documents Courtney Curruth McMillan COURTNEY CURRUTH MCMILLAN
00080970-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00080968-1Other > Confidential creation Legend
00080967-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00080966-1Other > Other My Creation
00080965-1Business > Commercial documents Tribal Nationality & Citizenship Documentation
00080964-1Business > Commercial documents CAM'RON MYKEIL FULTON
00080963-1Business > Commercial documents Amir Eternity Hodge
00080962-1Business > Contract My Logo
00080961-1Business > Contract My Creation
00080960-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00080959-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00080957-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00080956-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00080955-1Science > Other Technologie des Broyeurs à Boulets
00080954-1Business > Contract EVERETT RICK MORENO
00080953-1Other > Other My Name
00080952-1Business > Commercial documents KENNETH EARL RUDOLPH
00080951-1Business > Commercial documents ARIYANNA MONIQUE HAYES-JOHNSON
00080950-1Other > Other MARC EUGENE WHITSON
00080949-1Business > Other SUSAN LORRAINE KOUTSIOS
00080948-1Other > Other GABRIEL ANTHONY GUMBS
00080946-1Business > Commercial documents MARLON DEVEREUX BRYSON
00080945-1Denomination > Personal denomination HANA ANLYN GASMAN
00080944-1Other > Confidential creation my creation
00080940-1Business > Other Suzanne Whitney
00080939-1Other > Other Natalie Ann Sprague
00080938-1Business > Business slogan Kiss me I’m Melanated
00080937-1Other > Other NICOLE DENISE PHILLIP
00080936-1Literary > Novel La légende d'Anthemusa
00080935-1Business > Business logo JASMINE SHARI WALKER
00080933-1Image Arts > Logo The Flight Fanatics NYC / T.F.F. Imaging
00080932-1Business > Commercial documents Yannick Alessio Dorsey YANNICK ALESSIO DORSEY Yannick Al Dorsey B
00080931-1Other > Other VIOLATIONS ARE $7,000,000.00 (SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS US) 12USC411
00080930-1Image Arts > Other Lance Nathaniel Triplett
00080929-1Other > Other Waylon Monroe Welton
00080928-4Other > Confidential creation MALKAH CHAVAH'EL BAT YAHUDAH and all other derivatives
00080928-3Other > Confidential creation AMERI KAHN HEBREW UNIVERSITY and ALL OTHER DERIVITIVES
00080928-2Other > Confidential creation ZANIYAH JAYNAE BUCKNER CHATTAMS, and ALL other derivatives
00080928-1Other > Confidential creation DEIDRA MARIE CHATTAMS, and ALL other derivatives
00080927-1Other > Other ANDRES VALLES JR
00080923-1Business > Commercial documents Christopher Ryan Anthony
00080922-1Business > Commercial documents Joseph Attaway Bey
00080921-1Business > Commercial documents El-Christopher Kingly
00080920-1Business > Commercial documents JOHN JONATHAN FULTON
00080918-1Other > Other My Creation
00080916-1Business > Commercial documents HONOR RAE WILLSON
00079530-2Literary > Novel Le Secret de l’oiseau d’or
00080914-1Other > Other My Creation
00080913-1Image Arts > Sculpture optical illusion best of June 2023
00080909-1Business > Commercial documents CARMEN THOMPSON
00080908-1Literary > News Une petite histoire dans la grande Histoire
00080907-1Other > Confidential creation Bryan Edward Aguilar Hiyas Physical, Mental, Soul, and Emotions
00080906-1Business > Commercial documents Yolanda Andrews
00080905-1Business > Commercial documents HANIF ADRIAN EL-BEY
00080904-1Other > Other My Name Copyright
00080902-1Other > Confidential creation Raven Andrews, Raven Barrett
00080900-1Other > Confidential creation ©2023 All Rights Reserved Andrews, Robert-El
00080899-1Other > Other My Creation
00080898-1Business > Commercial documents LoveThyPetti
00080896-1Other > Other ADAIN SHACKEEL WHYTE©™ / Adain Shackeel Whyte© (Estate)
00080894-1Business > Commercial documents KIMBERLY DAWN BULLARD
00080892-1Communication > Other VENCESLAO URIBE©
00080891-1Communication > Other WENCESLAO URIBE©
00080890-1Other > Other My Name
00080889-1Other > Confidential creation EFREM LORNE DRYER
00080888-1Business > Commercial documents Queen Catarina
00080887-1Business > Business logo EMELD
00080886-1Business > Business logo Gayl Benson
00080885-1Business > Commercial documents TYQUAN J WALKER
00080884-1Science > Other Scientia Naturalis n° spécial - Juin 2023
00080882-1Business > Commercial documents KIM DOREEN GILLIS
00080881-1Business > Business correspondence Owner of Name
00080880-1Business > Other Author
00080879-1Other > Other My name
00080877-1Other > Confidential creation Charles Henry Mcdowell III
00080874-1Other > Other THE CHISM FAMILY TRUST
00080873-1Business > Other WILLIAM K RIGBY
00080872-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music Window Washing
00080871-1Business > Commercial documents KYLE TURK
00080870-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music The Glitches are Reels
00080869-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie Legendz Of Laughter
00080868-1Other > Other Sheba Yah EL - Unity Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Nation
00080867-1Business > Business logo Cwoffee
00080865-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00080864-1Business > Commercial documents PAUL LEWIS GRADY
00080863-1Denomination > Private denomination Passports and Travel Certificates Decree, 2023 (LSC0145)
00080862-1Other > Other Curtis Andre Chism Jr.
00080860-1Business > Business logo Majestic Arms of Anishinabi
00080859-1Business > Commercial documents Republic of Anishinabi Passport Cover
00080858-1Other > Other CASSANDRA KAY JUNKIN
00080856-1Other > Other CASSANDRA KAY NEILAN
00080855-1Business > Commercial documents KIMBERELY BROOKS
00080854-1Other > Other William Athineos
00080852-1Business > Commercial documents AURELIA WINSTON
00080851-1Business > Other Elicia Renee Clark, Elicia Clark, Clark Elicia
00080850-1Business > Other Elicia Pierce, Pierce Elicia, Elicia Renee Pierce
00080849-1Business > Commercial documents DARIUS DAWON PEET
00080848-1Other > Confidential creation GERALD PETER HEINE
00080847-1Other > Confidential creation RUBY LEE HEINE
00080846-1Other > Other JAMES PAUL BINNEBOSE II
00080845-1Other > Other My Creation
00063699-5Literary > Novel Le souffle court
00080844-1Business > Commercial documents SHERYLE DIANNE LAKEY
00076199-2Literary > Novel L'Ascension
00080843-1Other > Confidential creation GARRETT FLOYD BARTLETT
00080842-1Business > Commercial documents BRENDA HINES
00080841-1Business > Commercial documents BRENDA WILLIAMS
00080839-1Other > Other Andre J Summerville,ANDRE J SUMMERVILLE,Andre Jeremiah Summervil
00080838-1Business > Business correspondence CHERYL DEAN SULLIVAN
00080837-1Denomination > Private denomination Owner of the name RICHARDO CARLOS BYFIELD or any derivitive
00080836-1Business > Commercial documents MARKELA RACHELE TAYLOR
00080834-1Communication > Personal communication Personal Vibration Assessment Scale
00080833-1Business > Business correspondence DONALD LEE SULLIVAN
00080832-1Business > Commercial documents KEITH MCKAY
00080831-1Business > Commercial documents SAMUEL DUCKSWORTH
00080830-1Business > Commercial documents MICHELLER CENATUS
00080828-1Other > Other Christin Nicole DeBord
00080827-1Business > Commercial documents AC Williams III
00080825-1Literary > Children's story Dastan le Manibucien
00080824-1Business > Business logo Fitzroy Walker El
00080822-1Business > Business logo Fitzroy Z Walker
00080820-1Other > Other Artículos - doctrina - clases
00080819-1Other > Other Common Law Copyright Notice
00080817-1Business > Commercial documents ANDRE ALTON COPES


CopyrightNo Category Title
00080814-1Business > Contract JASON M. SMITH ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00080813-1Other > Confidential creation President, Owner, Grantor, Beneficiary
00080812-1Other > Other My Name
00080811-1Business > Commercial documents NATOYA PETRECE DRUMMOND
00079087-2Business > Commercial documents PRYNCE JOHN FAMILY OF ALI ESTATE
00080810-1Business > Commercial documents PRINCESS LAVAYOCE KILLENS
00080809-1Web > Social media content Social Media Content
00080808-1Other > Other Tommy Joe Thompson, Jr
00080807-1Web > Website Deleica Cosmetics Website
00080806-1Business > Commercial documents AHIEZER BENDAN TIMMS
00080805-1Business > Commercial documents SIDNEY CARLTON LLOYD
00080803-1Other > Other Jeronimo Gonzalez Jr
00080802-1Business > Other Industrial Maintenance Services
00080801-1Other > Other Summer Nicole Edwards
00080800-1Other > Other Taylor Brianna O'Neal-Edwards
00080799-1Business > Other Chakoya Clark, Chakoya Monte Burgundie Clark, Clark Chakoya
00080798-1Other > Other Gerald Lee O'Neal
00080797-1Other > Other Charity Michelle O'Neal
00080796-1Other > Other Kody Lee O'Neal
00080795-1Other > Other Brandie Michelle Frost-O'Neal
00080793-1Literary > Novel Pure conviction
00080792-1Business > Commercial documents RAYMOND LEWIS LUSTY III
00080790-1Business > Commercial documents RONALD ROBERT SWEENEY
00080789-1Business > Commercial documents ROXANNE SEGURA SWEENEY
00080786-1Literary > Biography Le Manuscrit de Paul Gaimard version 31052023
00080785-1Business > Contract DANIEL L. WHEELER ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00080784-1Business > Other Justin Demond Stinson
00080783-1Business > Commercial documents GARY LEON BOSTICK
00080782-1Other > Other Kashondra Marie Walthall
00079645-2Business > Other HHKM DEO CONFIDIMUS, Enterprise
00079644-2Business > Contract JOHN K. KERESTES ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00080781-1Business > Commercial documents DAVID RAUL MARTINEZ JR
00080780-1Business > Contract GIDEON EXPRESS TRUST
00080778-1Literary > Ebook Le cours pratique des Poissons
00080777-1Other > Other Shantel Nasha Jones Living Trust LLC
00080776-1Other > Other Wendi Crump
00080775-1Business > Other CEO/Owner
00080774-1Other > Other Shantel Nasha Jones
00080773-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00080772-1Business > Business project BREAKIN BREAD & GENERATIONAL CURSES VOL. 1
00080771-1Literary > Novel Bleu Nuit
00080770-1Literary > Novel Vengeance : Viktor Nazarov
00080769-1Other > Other RICARDO MORTON BAILOU
00080767-1Other > Other Name Copyright
00080765-1Business > Commercial documents KRYSTLE BONITA CAMERON-SHEPHERD
00080764-1Business > Business plan Wellness Rest-Spaces
00080761-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00080757-1Business > Commercial documents KEISHON PIERRE
00080756-1Other > Other My Creation
00080755-1Business > Business project conteneur 45 pieds citerne tank
00080754-1Business > Business project conteneur 45 pieds citerne tank
00080753-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie "Coming From America"
00080749-1Business > Commercial documents JUANCHAITRA SHAWNIQUE SHIELDS
00080748-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00080747-1Business > Business logo 227 VEGAN BAKERY COFFEE SHOP AND BODEGA
00080746-1Business > Commercial documents HANNAH PERMELLA WALLACE
00080745-1Business > Commercial documents HANNAH PERMELLA WALLACE
00080744-1Business > Commercial documents Y'ISRAEL ALEXANDER WALLACE
00080743-1Business > Commercial documents STEVEN ALEXANDER WALLACE
00080742-1Business > Commercial documents LeTavis Thornton
00080740-1Business > Commercial documents RAHEEM LATRELL RHODES
00080739-1Other > Other JAZMYN BREANNA PROCTOR
00080737-1Denomination > Private denomination Brian-Richard:Koenig
00080736-1Other > Other Child 3
00080735-1Other > Other Child 2
00080732-1Business > Business correspondence Clinic
00080731-1Other > Other MICHELE DENISE CRAWFORD
00080730-1Other > Confidential creation Myself
00080729-1Other > Other RODNEY ALLAN MCGRONE
00080728-1Business > Commercial documents JOHNNY JOE CORPUS
00074811-4Image Arts > Plastic arts FRoggy
00080725-1Other > Confidential creation BRYAN EDWARD AGUILAR HIYAS ©®
00080724-1Other > Confidential creation RANDELL BERNARD TORRES ©®
00080721-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music I Wanna Go
00080720-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Play Hard
00080719-1Business > Commercial documents MARCUS DEONTE HARDY
00080718-1Business > Commercial documents ANDRE FINCH JR
00080717-1Business > Commercial documents CHIRINO NAVAR WATSON
00080716-1Other > Other Suzanne Jarrett
00080715-1Literary > Other Slogan
00080714-1Business > Commercial documents JAE MONET LLC
00080713-1Literary > Novel Oser te dire que je t'aime- Des rêves pour un regard Tome 2
00080712-1Business > Commercial documents KENNETH TAYLOR
00080711-1Other > Other Adriane Lorraine Lee
00080710-1Business > Commercial documents SHADEDRUS TEREES HILL-DODSON
00080708-1Business > Other LARS CADMUN SAGE MUELLER
00080707-1Business > Other TALIESIN OGHAM BRIAR MUELLER
00080706-1Business > Other RINOA QUINN MUELLER-WOODARD
00080704-1Business > Commercial documents MARK JOHNATHAN EVERETTE
00080703-1Business > Commercial documents CAMILLE ALEXIS PAYNE
00080702-1Other > Other JERMELL MACHADO JONES
00080701-1Business > Commercial documents PHILANDER LYNETTE PENDLETON
00080700-1Other > Other LUZ SANTOS
00080699-1Business > Commercial documents CODY RON JARVIS
00080698-1Business > Commercial documents KAREN BOYD
00080697-1Other > Other ELIZABETH M NAMGYEL
00080696-1Other > Other MILTON FRANK IV
00080695-1Other > Other ELIZABETH JEAN MATTIS
00080694-1Other > Other MILTON BUDDY FRANK IV
00080693-1Other > Other ELIZABETH MATTIS NAMGYEL
00080691-1Other > Other Milton Frank IV
00080689-1Business > Contract Qudurri Yanick El
00080688-1Business > Contract Ariyah Laline El
00080684-1Craft > Diverse materials creations Art With Intent
00080683-1Business > Commercial documents EARL JONES BEY
00080681-1Literary > Novel Orpheus et les Dionysies
00080680-1Education > Other Sacred Canvas
00080679-1Business > Commercial documents KURTIS EDWARD PEARSON
00080678-1Craft > Artistic creations Sacred Pokes
00080677-1Other > Other My name
00080676-1Other > Other PUBLIC NOTICE "Special Declaration of Trust" Hear Ye … Hear Ye
00080675-1Business > Commercial documents LENERSON PYRRHUS
00080674-1Business > Other Reginald Jules, Qu'un Ahknea Al Amah Re Sut El, all derivatives
00080673-1Literary > Novel Les Brumes de Sylcae
00080671-1Business > Contract Equity Secured Promissory Note
00080670-1Business > Commercial documents VALARIE MARIE HOUSTON
00080669-1Literary > Theater Ecole Anti-Pollution
00080668-1Business > Commercial documents Jessicah Mornay Yancy
00080666-1Web > Website content Plastique mon amour!
00080664-1Business > Other Owner
00078334-2Other > Other UniverSoulP
00080663-1Other > Other Shamena Lynn Wooten
00080662-1Business > Business logo Sweet Haven
00080660-1Business > Commercial documents FREE T
00080659-1Business > Commercial documents FREE ARI
00080657-1Literary > Novel Oser te dire que je t'aime- Des rêves pour un regard Tome 2
00080656-1Business > Other JR TRUST
00080655-1Business > Other RB TRUST
00080654-1Business > Other ROBERT WILLIAM BELKNAP JR
00080653-1Business > Commercial documents MALCOLM RAWLINSON
00080652-1Business > Commercial documents BRITTANY THOMAS
00080651-1Business > Commercial documents BRITTANY CLARK
00080650-1Business > Business slogan Nicole Hodge
00080649-1Business > Commercial documents ANDREW JERMAINE BRADLEY
00080648-1Other > Other TODD RAGAN MITCHELL, JR.
00080646-1Business > Business logo Building Things & Knowing Stuff
00080645-1Image Arts > Painting Série papillons
00080644-1Image Arts > Drawing Croquis cirque
00080643-1Other > Other Copyright Certificate of Ownership
00080642-1Other > Other Copyright Certificate of Ownership
00080641-1Other > Other Monter des thèmes, les analyser et faire des liens
00080640-1Business > Contract Addition to00079532-1 ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00080639-1Sound Arts > Musical composition XXV
00080638-1Other > Other PERRY BRIAN FORD
00080637-1Business > Business correspondence Trustee
00080636-1Other > Other Antonio Desmond Stone
00080635-1Other > Other Jordan Sage
00080632-1Other > Other Certificate of Ownership
00080631-1Other > Other Jeron Lloyd Jordan
00080630-1Other > Confidential creation BUSINESS NAME
00080629-1Business > Commercial documents ANDREW CALLAHAN
00080627-1Other > Other DEAN AARON STRINGFIELD
00080625-1Other > Other My Name Copyrighted
00080624-1Other > Other My Name
00080623-1Other > Other my name
00080622-1Other > Other I put my name
00080621-1Business > Commercial documents LORILEI GLATT
00080620-1Business > Commercial documents AKIL ASIM ISOM/ AKIL ASIM FAREED PUBLIC COPYRIGHT
00080618-1Image Arts > Other Femme d'artiste
00080617-1Other > Other RAQUEL LESLIE VAN DE VENTER
00080616-1Business > Commercial documents EL-KARIM ALIBEY
00080614-1Business > Commercial documents ARKIM RIDDICK
00080613-1Business > Commercial documents KEITH LARON JOHNSON
00080612-1Business > Business project HEAVEN ON EARTH VOL. 1
00080611-1Business > Commercial documents L WESLEY MYERS JR
00080610-1Business > Commercial documents CHRISTINE DELKS
00080608-1Literary > News L'Oracle
00080607-1Literary > Poetry Jeux de Mots de Maman pour Maux de Vie de son Enfant
00080606-1Business > Commercial documents ASSYRIA AISHALA ANN THOMPSON
00080605-1Business > Commercial documents Weechie World Inc
00080604-1Other > Other Ryan Lydell Simon
00080603-1Business > Commercial documents JAEDA BUNCH
00080602-1Other > Confidential creation Secured Party
00080601-1Business > Commercial documents JESSICAH MORNAY YANCY
00080598-1Business > Commercial documents MIGUEL ANGEL RODRIGUEZ SANTIAGO
00080597-1Business > Commercial documents JAILA ANNALIESE DODSON
00080596-1Business > Commercial documents KAILIN BRIAHNA DODSON
00080595-1Business > Commercial documents CHRISTOPHER DELANDO MACLIN
00080594-1Literary > Novel LA LÉGENDE DE TELLA TOME 1 LES MNAARTH'
00080593-1Business > Contract UPDATE TO 00079497- ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00080592-1Business > Commercial documents BRANDY ANGELIQUE MACLIN
00080591-1Business > Commercial documents PHILLIP JOSHUA BOLTINHOUSE
00080590-1Business > Commercial documents TYRONE PENDLAND II
00080589-1Business > Commercial documents LYNDA DARLENE WALKER PENDLAND
00080588-1Business > Business logo RAOUL MEDINA JR
00080587-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie Le Grand Cactus à Forest National - Les Coulisses du Show
00080586-1Literary > Other L'art raconté simplement
00080584-1Business > Commercial documents AUSTIN RAY
00080583-1Other > Other L WESLEY MYERS JR
00080582-1Business > Commercial documents NIKKIEDIME
00080581-1Business > Commercial documents NICOLE ANTOINETTE HODGE
00080580-1Business > Commercial documents MICHAEL ANTHONY FAJARDO
00080579-1Business > Commercial doc