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CopyrightNo Category Title
00078453-1Other > Other Kevin Stephen Reazer II
00078452-1Business > Commercial documents Nicole L Holmes
00078447-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00078446-1Other > Confidential creation SHAINA KATHRENS
00078442-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00078441-1Other > Other SHAINA CAROLINA KATHRENS
00078436-1Literary > Children's story MAÏMOUNA DECOUVRE L'ECOLE
00078435-1Other > Other Joseph Sheldon Spencer
00078434-1Other > Other JOSEPH SHELDON SPENCER
00078433-1Other > Other JOSEPH S. SPENCER
00078432-1Other > Other JOSEPH SPENCER
00078431-1Other > Other ALAINA M. SPENCER
00078430-1Other > Other Alaina Manning Spencer
00078429-1Other > Other ALAINA MANNING SPENCER
00078427-1Business > Contract AKAN GOLDEN STOOL unincorporated Association
00078425-1Business > Commercial documents My Name
00078424-1Business > Commercial documents My Name
00078423-1Communication > Personal communication VANNA DENISE TIPTON
00078422-1Communication > Personal communication ENTITLEMENT HOLDER
00078421-1Communication > Personal communication ENTITLEMENT HOLDER
00078420-1Craft > Diverse materials creations Owner
00078417-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00078416-1Business > Business logo ELDER JOHN
00078415-1Business > Commercial documents TIMOTHY NATHANIEL HOLMES
00078413-1Other > Other My name
00078409-1Other > Other Daddy's Hands Enterprise
00078408-1Business > Other Digging In The Crates
00078405-1Denomination > Project denomination Coach familial certifié
00078404-1Business > Commercial documents My Name
00078402-1Other > Other My Name
00078401-1Other > Other Tout l'Âmour d'une colombe
00074811-3Other > Other Edcl
00078398-1Business > Other RN MANAGEMENT LLC
00078397-1Other > Confidential creation MAUREEN RITA HUBY
00078396-1Business > Business correspondence grantor
00078395-1Business > Contract DANIEL GENE FAMILY OF PAGEL ESTATE
00078393-1Information Technology > Application Buy Box,Buy Box AI,,,
00078392-1Other > Other Jody Wayne Marshall Common Law Copyright
00078391-1Business > Business logo JORGE TRUJILLO, PSYCHOÉDUCATEUR
00078389-1Other > Other Dakota Ray Stanton
00078388-1Other > Other LAQUITA ITSON
00078387-1Other > Other DSHAYE KLAYTON TOWLES
00078386-1Business > Other Jimbo Neutron
00078385-1Literary > Diverse texts Ensemble de textes, créations autour des mots
00078383-1Other > Other Common Law Copyright Notice CLCN07171973B.JM7281
00078382-1Business > Commercial documents REGINALD C MELVIN
00078381-1Business > Other Official LINNA'S History & Constitution & Automobile Plate
00078379-1Other > Other CANDICE JACOBS
00078378-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie PREUVE DE DERISION ET D'EXPLOITATION
00078377-1Literary > Theater Quand le Jour s'embrase
00078376-1Business > Business slogan Miller Notary & Coin
00078372-1Business > Commercial documents KEITH LEONARD HANDFORD SR
00078371-1Business > Commercial documents MARK ANTHONY OSBORN
00078370-1Literary > Novel Moon-Boots et Mikados
00078369-1Other > Other PRF Copyrighted Name
00078368-1Web > Website Mes livres
00078366-1Business > Commercial documents ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00078364-1Business > Commercial documents Business
00078363-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario CONTOLERS Volume 1: ANARCHY RADIO
00078362-1Other > Other Jessica Jean-Francois
00078361-1Other > Other ARGERIE CAMPBELL
00078360-1Other > Other JONATHAN KESEE
00078359-1Business > Contract JOHN ETIENNE TURNER ESTATE - COPYRIGHT
00078356-1Other > Other ERNEST SCOTT
00078355-1Other > Other TINA JOHNSON
00078350-1Business > Commercial texts HIP-HOP BLOCK CORP
00078349-1Literary > Essay Macky SALL et Ousmane SONKO : un président, deux visages
00078348-1Sound Arts > Musical composition ProductionRJAllMusicSoundofficiel
00078347-1Literary > Novel Le secret de l'Arc-en-ciel, tome 1
00078346-1Business > Business logo SHAWN BATISTA PIERRE
00078343-1Other > Other Leakinc123
00078342-1Image Arts > Logo Copyright of ASANTE DANIEL NKRUMAH ALLEN
00078341-1Communication > Business communication CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC AFFECTING ALL
00078340-1Business > Contract Great Seal-Trust Embosser-National ID PassCard-Constitution Et al
00078339-1Denomination > Use denomination Imaginologie - Imaginologue
00078337-1Other > Other EARL DAVIS
00078336-1Other > Other SHANNON DAVIS TRUST
00078335-1Other > Other GAIL DAVIS TRUST
00078334-1Other > Other My Name
00078333-1Business > Business correspondence Aesthetically K
00078332-1Business > Business correspondence FOREIGN’DID
00078331-1Business > Commercial documents Tyrone Matthews
00078329-1Other > Other Hopfzopf'maschine
00078328-1Business > Business project STATUT DE LA SAS HAPPY ROMANTIC TIME
00078327-1Business > Commercial documents Antoinette Thomas
00078326-1Business > Business correspondence MARLA M. BROWN
00078325-1Web > Web Application WORLD BANK FOR PROSPERITY - WBFP / W.B.F.P.
00078324-1Other > Other Kabiccino
00078323-1Communication > Blog content Kabiccino
00078320-1Business > Commercial documents Alsamendi Fleurival
00078319-1Education > Course content Erindinlogun Sacred Language of the Orisa Part 2 Ogunda/Irosun
00070086-2Literary > Novel Guéroay
00078317-1Other > Other My Name
00078315-1Business > Commercial texts Ron Sneed
00078313-1Other > Other Aimee Desiree Burgess
00078312-1Business > Contract ERICA LYNN FAMILY OF DAVIS ESTATE
00078309-1Business > Business project Ligne maritime Co2 voies commercial conteneur 45 Océan Indien
00078308-1Business > Contract UPDATE TO COPYRIGHT 00077871-1 ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00078307-1Business > Commercial documents KEENAN ANDERSON/ KEENAN DARNELL ANDERSON
00078306-1Business > Business logo DiversiTea
00078305-1Image Arts > Drawing Rima Amjan Trust
00078303-1Web > Website Financial Advisor
00078301-1Business > Commercial documents MARCUS MARCHMAN
00078300-1Business > Commercial documents David McGary
00078298-1Other > Confidential creation CHRISTOPHER RAYMOND HUNSINGER
00078067-2Business > Contract ENG LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00078296-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00078295-1Image Arts > Photography HISTOIRE(S) du pays lobi Mémoires en poussière
00078294-1Literary > Novel Jadis, je t'aime
00078292-1Other > Other KAREEN ANTOINE
00078290-1Denomination > Private denomination owner of the name RASHEEA DENISE SMALLS or any derivative
00078289-1Business > Contract JETON LITA ESTATE
00078288-1Literary > Other Merci, je choisis la joie - L'univers va céder
00078286-1Literary > Novel title De fausses certitudes
00078284-1Literary > Theater Des Naufragés
00078283-1Business > Commercial documents Marcie B. Monroe
00078281-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00078279-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00078278-1Business > Contract VIVIAN LEIGH FAMILY OF HENSON ESTATE
00078277-1Business > Contract VICTORIA JEAN FAMILY OF GREEN ESTATE
00078276-1Other > Other BROOKE CHARESE JONES
00078275-1Literary > Ebook Nettoyer le chemin ancestral
00078274-1Business > Contract CHARLES NATHAN FAMILY OF SPYKER
00078273-1Literary > Novel Ce 22 décembre
00078271-1Craft > Artistic creations KORA CARBONE
00078270-1Image Arts > Painting 4 huiles sur toile en paysage
00078269-1Literary > Poetry 5 poèmes de la saison 6 d'Antonin de mai à octobre 2022
00078268-1Business > Commercial documents TERRY DEMARIO PALMORE
00076796-3Literary > Novel Enquête en eaux profondes
00078267-1Business > Commercial documents International Copyright of the name: ERIC STEPHEN OPERLE
00078265-1Business > Commercial documents Susan Green
00078262-1Other > Other L'horloge
00078261-1Other > Confidential creation SHAI SYRAH
00078259-1Business > Commercial documents olen oliveira
00078257-1Other > Other GENE DUCAT
00078255-1Other > Other Copyright of ANNETTE NICOLE MILLER
00078253-1Other > Other Logo Tennis Club de Riva-Bella 2016
0060070-26Craft > Artistic creations Peintures et contenus du site internet d'Eliora Bousquet
00078252-1Business > Commercial documents JENNIFER ROSE MIRANDA
00078250-1Other > Other Angela Gray Coffey
00078249-1Other > Other Angela Jo Coffey
00078248-1Other > Other Angela Jo Gray & Andrea Friedl
00078247-1Other > Other Angela Jo Davis
00078246-1Other > Other My Name
00078244-1Other > Other My Name
00078243-1Literary > Theater THE LOVE THY WIFE COMMANDMENT
00078242-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Compo musicale Suite
00078241-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00078240-1Business > Contract Spiritual Name
00078236-1Web > Website THE WORLD LEADERS FORUM / TWLF IGO
00078235-1Literary > Ebook Le cours pratique des Sagittaires
00078234-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00078232-1Other > Other COLSON JACKSON-REYNOLDS
00078231-1Other > Other Larry Darnell Reynolds
00078220-1Other > Confidential creation CRYSTAL GAIL TOLBERT
00078219-1Other > Other copyright name / MICHELLE SUE CONNETT / Michelle Sue Connett
00078218-1Other > Other Duney Ikim Roberts, DUNEY IKIM ROBERTS, Duney Roberts,
00078213-1Denomination > Private denomination Owner of the name GREGERY MARTEL KEETEN or any derivative
00078212-1Literary > Religious texts Éléments de langue talmudique
00078210-1Other > Other Kerwin Alin Cornelius
00078208-1Literary > Novel Projet Utopia
00078206-1Business > Commercial documents CHRISTIAN JACOB MUNGUIA
00078205-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00078204-1Other > Confidential creation Knajula Simone Edwards
00078203-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00073308-2Business > Business logo SLIDE HAMPTON MUSIC PUBLISHING update to #0007308-1
00078202-1Communication > Website content originating from different authors Los mejores Memes para tus Redes Sociales
00078201-1Other > Confidential creation VIOLATIONS ARE $7,000,000.00 (SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS US) 12USC411
00078200-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00078199-1Business > Commercial documents IESHA LATONYA KARIM
00078198-1Literary > Ebook Les célébrations de Yule
00078197-1Literary > Poetry Le coin coin du Crocodile, la libellule ne prend plus la pillule
00078196-1Image Arts > Other Matthew Sample
00078195-1Literary > Theater Pièces versions 2023
00078194-1Literary > Essay XX-XY
00078193-1Other > Other Confidentiel
00078192-1Business > Commercial documents Brandon L Griggs
00078191-2Other > Other LARRY REYNOLDS
00078190-1Business > Business correspondence AUTUMNJAIDE HEATH
00078189-1Image Arts > Sculpture Perfum Bottle
00078187-1Other > Confidential creation Copyright of Ehimwenma Susan Agho in all Variations
00078186-1Literary > Novel Noir plume de corbeau
00078185-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Manhunter
00078184-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Derby Fight
00078183-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Stoned Matter
00078182-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Inner Black Void
00078181-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music La Méca
00078180-1Sound Arts > Musical composition --(GHOST)--
00078179-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Inner Exploration
00078178-1Sound Arts > Musical composition To The Sun
00078177-1Literary > Novel Libres
00078176-1Other > Other My Name
00078174-1Other > Other Artículos - doctrina - clases
00078173-1Other > Other Création musique, chanson, contes, histoires brèves, autres œuvre
00078172-1Other > Confidential creation ™?Alberto-Gamalier;Suarez©?
00078171-1Other > Confidential creation Copyright/ Trademark of all Capital letter name
00078170-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Short film EST-CE QUE TU SAIS ?
00078168-1Literary > Religious texts Sahiyah Heyiel AKA Okoyol Edoc AKA The Macro Man
00078167-2Other > Confidential creation QALIEAK WESLEY WEST
00078166-1Business > Contract JOY REGINA FAMILY OF ADAMS ESTATE
00078165-1Business > Contract JOY REGINA FAMILY OF NAZARIO ESTATE
00078164-1Image Arts > Logo Kimisha Dracetta Roddy, Kimisha D Roddy, Roddy Kimisha D,
00078162-1Literary > Novel Mystère au Fort Bloqué
00078161-1Business > Commercial documents ERIC J BARNETT
00078158-1Business > Business correspondence Vegan Vixen
00078157-1Business > Commercial texts Province Of Indiana, CITY OF NEW ASARU, M.E.A.R BYRON LAMAR BROWN
00078155-1Image Arts > Logo ZACHARY A HOOPER
00078154-1Business > Contract DOMANICK WOODS ESTATE
00078153-1Business > Commercial documents Uniquely Entwined
00078151-1Business > Commercial documents Uniquely Entwined
00078150-1Other > Confidential creation My 2nd Born Son's Name
00078149-1Other > Confidential creation My First-Born Son's Name
00078148-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00078147-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Pawn Out Of Board
00078145-1Sound Arts > Musical composition River Of Despair
00078144-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie Agriculture saline, le grand défi de l'alimentation mondiale
00078143-1Literary > Essay DIEU < dialogue > DIABLE
00078135-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Project La Grande Story
00078134-1Literary > Novel TES PAROLES RESONNENT A MON COEUR
00078133-1Other > Other My Name
00078132-1Literary > Poetry SOLITUDES
00078130-1Other > Other MC84
00078128-1Communication > Confidential Moor
00078127-1Business > Commercial documents TASHANAYE DUDLEY
00078126-1Business > Commercial documents ALAN ISMAEL PAGAN PEREZ
00078125-1Web > Website content Diamante Estetica, LLC Platform(s)
00078124-1Other > Other My Name
00078122-1Science > Other Leadership Responsable
00078121-1Other > Confidential creation International Intellectual Property
00078119-1Denomination > Invention denomination versatile electromagnetic field pond device
00078116-1Business > Commercial documents CHANTELL CHARISE WYNN
00078115-1Other > Confidential creation Carroll Tracey Copyright
00078114-1Literary > Ebook Komornik
00078112-1Business > Business logo BO DA BOTTOM LINE
00078111-1Business > Business logo ROBERT ANTONIO PEREZ
00078110-1Business > Commercial documents James L. Denton
00078108-1Literary > Other our consciousness never die
00078106-1Business > Business logo copyright of JHERAMIE P. MACK
00078105-1Business > Business correspondence Taraneffa Laquin Pringle
00078104-1Literary > Novel Eat me, drink me
00078103-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00078102-1Literary > Other L'histoire du Peuple de Hawaiki
00078101-1Literary > Varied texts Grow God’s Way
00078100-1Business > Business logo copyright of JHERAMIE PIERRE MACK-THOMPKINS
00078099-1Other > Confidential creation Party of Three
00078098-1Other > Other Protection logo format Pdf de l'Association
00078096-1Business > Commercial documents Business and Commerce
00078095-1Business > Commercial documents LaErikson Rogers
00078094-1Science > Physics Le triangle de lumière
00078092-1Literary > Novel Désir des Mondes
00078091-1Other > Confidential creation copyright of Private name and Identity
00078089-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00078088-1Information Technology > Application A Smart Certificate of Completion
00078087-1Denomination > Invention denomination I am a Healassist© The Healassist© versus the Narcissist.
00078084-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Great sensation
00078083-1Literary > Poetry Si un jour je meurs
00078082-1Literary > Novel Grover Beach Team - T.4 : Double défi
CopyrightNo Category Title
00078078-1Business > Other ZITLALLI LEYVA DIEGO
00078077-1Business > Other Zitlalli Leyva Diego
00078076-1Business > Other Zitlalli L Diego
00078075-1Other > Other Amity Wheeler
00078073-1Business > Business correspondence TRAVIS LEE CAMPBELL
00078072-1Business > Commercial documents KEVIN STENHOUSE
00078071-1Sound Arts > Other MUWAY 3.6.9
00078070-1Business > Business logo SLOW DAGGER LLC - The Final Judgement
00078069-1Other > Other Brittney C. Gooden
00078068-1Business > Commercial texts MIESHA KING BEY
00078066-1Web > Website SVS - Stéphane et Valérie - Spiritisme
00078064-1Science > Physics Procédé SANCAL produire du Fil Machine- SANS calamine epaisse
00078063-1Business > Commercial documents ROSALIND EARILLA JORDAN, ROSALIND E. JORDAN
00078060-1Business > Business logo ANTHONY BEY
00078059-1Business > Commercial documents Pamela Pateres Walker
00078058-1Business > Other Assumed Name
00078057-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Eshu In Muwa
00078055-1Business > Business logo A.C.E Productions
00078054-1Business > Business slogan America's First Fruit
00078053-1Science > Physics « Galvasur" pour doubler, tripller épaisseur revêtement liquid
00078052-1Science > Physics RESSORT PELRES s'adresse aux Ressortiers de Métaux Ferreux
00078051-1Business > Other GWENDOLYN SARAN JACKSON
00078050-1Other > Other ROY DAVID MAXEY TRUST
00078049-1Other > Other Subrugee
00078048-1Other > Other Subrugee
00078047-1Business > Commercial documents BRANDIN JONES
00073475-2Other > Other Seigneur, façonne-nous au beau cœur
00078046-1Science > Physics Procédé TréSTEEL .Gold_Tréfilage Très Hautes Pressions
00078045-1Other > Confidential creation My childs name
00078044-1Other > Confidential creation My childs name
00078043-1Other > Confidential creation My childs name
00078042-1Literary > Essay Behind QatarGate
00078041-1Science > Chemistry Pompe à Injection_
00078040-1Other > Other co-trustee
00078039-1Business > Business logo co-trustee
00078038-1Communication > Internet, project, application or presentation concept The Ethos of Renewing the Mind
00078037-1Image Arts > Logo MAUVE NATION
00078036-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00078035-1Other > Confidential creation Common law copy right
00078034-1Other > Other Ronald Codrington
00078033-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00078032-1Literary > Other NRC Mera Haq
00078031-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music 2 chansons : Plus jamais, te faire sourire encore
00078029-1Business > Other Jasmine Moore
00078028-1Business > Business logo KENNETH GERALD REESE
00078027-1Other > Other My Name
00078025-1Other > Other Justin Llanes
00078024-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00078022-1Other > Other Jeffrey Scott Behr
00078020-1Other > Other My Name
00078018-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00078017-1Business > Other GIDEON DAVIDSON JEAN JACQUES ©
00078015-1Business > Other VOLTAIR DUNSON JR
00078014-1Business > Other LATESIA MICHELLE NUNN
00078013-1Business > Other COREY S BURT
00078012-1Business > Other Dennis Wayne Campbell
00078011-1Literary > Children's story Une semaine avec Pollux
00078010-1Business > Commercial documents JAMES EDWARD ELOY RILE
00078009-1Sound Arts > Musical partition MI-AOÛT
00078008-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00078006-1Business > Commercial documents LATANYA ANNETTE BRYANT
00078005-1Business > Commercial documents Jonathan T. Kindle
00078004-1Business > Commercial documents Creo21
00078003-1Business > Other Nathan Will Christie
00078002-1Business > Commercial documents GEORGE CHRISTOPHER TURNER
00078001-1Business > Other Maria Lorraine McCall
00077997-1Other > Confidential creation My NAME
00077996-1Other > Other Lindsey Lou Huskins
00077995-1Other > Other Tammy Sue Huskins
00077994-1Other > Other Chad David Huskins
00077990-1Business > Other Leah Pastrano
00077989-1Other > Other KEVIN WILMER HENSON©
00077986-1Literary > Novel RENTIER DIGITAL
00077984-1Other > Other Austin Hood
00077983-1Business > Business logo Hood Rich Crazy
00077624-2Business > Business correspondence Rontrae Roman Benton
00077981-1Business > Contract Copyright of Royal Heirs of House of KEVIN CHRISTOPHER LAVOUN INC
00077980-1Business > Commercial documents AUSTIN DARNELL HOOD
00077978-1Business > Other JONES INEZ K
00077977-1Literary > Ebook Par le lien du Coeur, Communication animale, lien du coeur et...
00077976-1Business > Other INEZ JONES
00077975-1Business > Other JONES INEZ KATHLEEN
00077974-1Business > Other INEZ KATHLEEN JONES
00077973-1Business > Other INEZ K JONES
00077972-1Other > Confidential creation JONES-RAY AYAH INEZ
0069061-11Education > Thesis L’incroyable histoire du peuple juif et de l’État d’Israël
00077970-1Other > Confidential creation AYAH INEZ JONES-RAY
00077965-1Business > Business logo DRAYTON MARKELL ARMSTRONG
00077964-1Business > Contract Anthony Leo Montez Estate
00077963-1Other > Other AFFLUENT NOTARY
00077962-1Other > Other AFFLUENT ACQUISITIONS
00077961-1Other > Other JUMPSTART COLLECTIVE
00077960-1Other > Other AYAD EL PRIVATE TRUST
00077959-1Other > Other HEATHER PAIGE WIGGAN
00069071-6TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario Holosapiens Sunrise
00077957-1Business > Other STEVEN MICHAEL PONTIUS
00077956-1Business > Other STEVEN M PONTIUS
00077955-1Image Arts > Painting L'Homme de Vitruve par Léonard de Vinci version GMC
00077954-1Business > Commercial documents Jalil K Rogers
00077943-1Other > Confidential creation PARMJIT KAUR DEOL, SHARAN KAUR DHANJAL-DEOL, Nanak-Gobind-Trust
00077942-1Other > Confidential creation PARMJIT KAUR DEOL, SHARAN KAUR DHANJAL-DEOL, Nanak-Gobind-Trust
00077941-1Other > Confidential creation PARMJIT KAUR DEOL, SHARAN KAUR DHANJAL-DEOL, Nanak-Gobind-Trust
00077940-1Literary > Theater Le survivaliste était con
00077936-1Other > Other Sanjivini M Crum
00077935-1Business > Business correspondence MAW
00077934-1Other > Other MARY PEARL HODGES
00077933-1Image Arts > Logo LOVE OF YHWH
00077931-1Other > Other Claim of Hereditaments
00077930-1Business > Business logo STR8 2IT
00077929-1Other > Confidential creation CHRISTINA LOVONN ANDREWS
00077928-1Literary > Ebook Pilier 2 Abondance : S'affranchir des croyances limitantes
00077927-1Other > Other SARAH ANN CHANDLER
00077926-1Business > Commercial documents DOMINIQUE ASHLEY REED
00077925-1Business > Other Sidney-Lamar: Stokes jr Beneficiary
00077923-1Other > Confidential creation Maiden Names
00076003-2Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077922-1Image Arts > Logo Christopher Kacou Beda
00077255-2Sound Arts > Musical creation Rebelle
00077921-1Other > Other Colin Colson
00077920-1Literary > Novel Au nom des moins que rien
00077919-1Business > Contract SHELBY SEAN WHITE
00077918-1Literary > Poetry Négritude ContempoREINE
00077917-1Other > Other Austin Darnell Hood
00077916-1Business > Commercial documents Dale Levert
00077914-1Business > Contract ANGEL BONILLA JR ESTATE
00077912-1Business > Business logo Manifest Greatness
00077911-1Business > Commercial documents DEANNA D NELSON
00077910-1Business > Commercial documents SHANTAVIAN K NELSON
00077908-1Business > Other HÉRITAGE PRIVÉ EXPRESS TRUST
00077907-1Literary > Poetry Poésie Tome 1 et 2 + logo entreprise
00077906-1Image Arts > Painting Exode
00077905-1Business > Commercial documents Martinez Copyright
00077904-1Business > Commercial documents Copyright Notice Michael Lynn Moores
00077903-1Business > Business plan The Human Diamond
00077902-1Other > Confidential creation Copyright of My Name with All Rights Reserved (ARR)
00077900-1Business > Commercial documents Shamark Black
00077899-1Other > Other LANDON BLAKE PILKEY
00077898-1Business > Commercial documents NYOKA RENEE BURGESS-RIPPY
00077897-1Business > Commercial documents TERRY JO TICHOTA
00077896-1Business > Commercial documents AVIS DENISE BLACK
00077895-1Business > Commercial documents Avis Denise Black
00077894-1Literary > Other LE RETOUR DE LA DEESSE
00077892-1Literary > Theater HONEY WE'ER HEBREWS !
00077891-1Other > Other Malik Michael Laing
00077890-1Other > Other My Name
00077889-1Business > Commercial documents Eric louis L
00077886-1Business > Other Brand Name
00077885-1Business > Commercial documents MICHAEL A BURNS
00077884-1Other > Other Kendall Ogletree
00073539-4Other > Other Cinq minutes avec votre Ame : Lettres 21/12/2022 et 1er trim 2023
00077882-1Business > Commercial documents CHRISTOPHER A BROOKS
00077881-1Other > Other LESLIE MARIE WILLIAMS
00077878-1Other > Other GINA LYNN FRANKER
00077876-1Other > Other STEPHEN JOHN SIWINSKI IV
00077875-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00077874-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00077873-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00077872-1Business > Contract JULITA FAMILY OF MARSHALL ESTATE
00077871-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00077870-1Literary > Diverse texts Corpus de textes numéro 6 (Trois sketchs)
00077869-1Other > Other Janet Elaine Lilly
00077868-1Other > Other Certificate of Ownership Trademark
00077867-1Other > Other Tara L Hines
00077865-1Business > Commercial documents Authorized Rep.
00077863-1Business > Business correspondence KING TRESSES BEAUTY QUEENS
00077859-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00077858-1Sound Arts > Musical creation GoRilla Entertainment & Productions LLC.
00077856-1Business > Commercial documents LANFORTH JEROME LEE SR
00077855-1Other > Other Margaret Joyce Nargi Paparesta
00077854-1Literary > Poetry Jenuine Poetry
00077853-1Business > Commercial documents Thomas-Tommel-Samuel: Mapp-Dozier
00077852-1Business > Contract TARANI ALIKE FAMILY OF JOHNSON©®, and all derivatives
00077851-1Literary > Children's story The kingdom of Pandasia: the white tiger, the red bird etc...
00077850-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music 2 chansons : Tu tournes, sans prise de tête
00077849-1Business > Commercial documents DANIEL SMITH JR.
00077848-1Literary > Novel VKO#1 - LE COLLIER BRISE
00077847-1Other > Confidential creation NEIL RAYMOND STEPHENS
00077846-1Other > Confidential creation Neil R Stephens
00077845-1Other > Confidential creation Neil Stephens
00077844-1Business > Contract GARTH JUSTIN FAMILY OF ROACH ESTATE
00077843-1Business > Other BRITTNEY CAROL GOODEN
00077841-1Business > Business logo YOSIPHO
00077840-1Business > Business logo REINE XO
00077839-1Other > Confidential creation Copyright - Name
00076446-2Other > Other Living Sentient Being/Owner of fictitious Name/Corporation
00077838-1Other > Confidential creation VIOLATIONS ARE $9,000,000.00 (NINE MILLION DOLLARS US) 12USC411
00077836-1Business > Commercial documents DOMINIQUE REED
00077834-1Business > Commercial documents FRANCIS KAANOHI KALAMAU
00077830-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Radio show Jazz by the Park
00077829-1Business > Business correspondence STANZA AURDARNETTE DONALD
00077828-1Literary > Diverse texts Adventures on the path
00077827-1Literary > Novel Prahnli et le Dieu Malchanceux
00077826-1Other > Other fleur de lait
00077824-1Other > Other Lyons Family Copyright
00077823-1Other > Other MIGUEL WILLIAMS
00077822-1Other > Confidential creation Macabaeus Devine Trust
00077821-1Other > Confidential creation Cetewayo Macabaeus Bey
00077818-1Other > Confidential creation copyright of ERICK ESTRADA GREENE
00077817-1Literary > Novel Hornswaggle
00077816-1Other > Confidential creation GREGORY DEMARCUS HILL II
00077815-1Other > Confidential creation Christine Devine Trust
00077814-1Other > Confidential creation Makeda Bey
00077813-1Business > Commercial documents Michael A Harrison Jr
00077811-1Other > Other ERNEST MCKINLEY WADDELL JR
00077809-1Literary > Other Die Mohnbluete Kiste
00074192-2Other > Confidential creation Strawman Name
00077808-1Education > Educational material INTERNADO DE TORRENT por Sesha (Agosto 2022)
00077807-1Other > Other Vincent Felder
00077806-1Business > Commercial documents Avidan Johnson
00077805-1Business > Other MI-ALLAH JUSTICE GRANT
00077804-1Business > Other AMERAH CHRISTINE GAMBLE
00077803-1Business > Other ZAIRE JAMES WARNER
00077802-1Image Arts > Other Royal King Seal
00077801-1Business > Other ENTITY NAME
00077800-1Other > Confidential creation VIOLATIONS ARE $9,000,000.00 (NINE MILLION DOLLARS US) 12USC411
00077799-1Literary > Other DONALD RAY ROGERS
00077797-1Business > Contract MICHAEL PRINCE HODGES ESTATE
00077796-1Other > Other My Name
00077795-1Other > Other My Married Name
00077794-1Business > Contract Schedule B 5-0001 - Copyright 3
00077793-1Business > Contract Schedule B 5-0001 - Copyright 2
00077792-1Business > Contract Scehdule B Trustee Minutes 5-0001 - Copyright 1
00077791-1Business > Contract Schedule B 5-0001 - Copyright 3
00077790-1Business > Contract Schedule B 5-0001 - Copyright 2
00077789-1Business > Contract Scehdule B Trustee Minutes 5-0001 - Copyright 1
00077788-1Business > Commercial documents Copyright for my sons KHAIDEN,KAI,MAKEIBE with claim 20221950430
00077787-1Business > Contract rhino fire arm and security Copyright Contract
00077786-1Other > Other Michael Anthony Estrada
00077785-1Business > Business logo rhino fire arm and security
00077783-1Business > Commercial documents RIVA ALAN STEIN
00077782-1Business > Commercial documents Danessa Allen
00077781-1Other > Other Arnold Wesley Flowers II
00077780-1Business > Business logo UNFORGETTABLE STAYS LLC
00077779-1Business > Commercial documents HAILEY NICOLE WATERS
00077778-1Business > Commercial documents CARLA LEE BEVILLE WATERS
00077777-1Literary > Ebook E book La bonne étoile
00077776-1Other > Other SHERRY G. FANELLI, Sherry G. Fanelli, SHERRY GAIL EYLERS
00077775-1Business > Contract RICARDO FLEURIMOND ESTATE
00077774-1Business > Business logo Levaughn McPherson
00077773-1Business > Business logo Levaughn Alesta McPherson
00077771-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00077770-1Literary > Novel De Feu Et De Glace
00077769-1Literary > Diverse texts Corpus de textes numéro 5 (deux sketchs)
00077767-1Business > Business project The Human Diamond
00077766-1Literary > Ebook La rune Ansuz et le talisman de la chance
00077765-1Denomination > Use denomination JACOB JONAH DE LA O© OR Jacob Jonah De La O©
00077764-1Business > Other ROBERT DAVON HARDEN EL
00077763-1Business > Commercial documents DeErrisha N Price
00077762-1Business > Commercial documents LORETTA A CHARLES
00077761-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00077760-1Business > Commercial documents STEPHEN J CHARLES
00077757-2Web > Blog La passion du graphisme
00077755-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00077754-1Business > Commercial documents RADA T CHARLES
00076231-4Other > Confidential creation SHAKAI JAHLIL ONEEJAY TAHARKA JONES
00076231-2Other > Confidential creation SYLVIAN JABARI ONEAL JONES
00077753-1Business > Commercial documents Patrick James Yarbrough Jr
00077752-1Other > Other LIDELL STACY GREENUP
00077751-1Other > Other DYLAN ERIC TERRELL
00061969-7Literary > News Fantaisies au bord du vide
00077749-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00077748-1Business > Commercial documents SHYHEIM D COUSAR
00077746-1Other > Confidential creation VIOLATIONS ARE $9,000,000.00 (NINE MILLION DOLLARS US) 12USC411
00077744-1Business > Other Kraystie
00077743-1Other > Other DENVA ARMANI GREENUP
00077742-1Other > Other DUSTIN CASSIE TERRELL
00077741-1Other > Other TERRI STACY GREENUP
00077739-1Business > Commercial documents ANTHONY RAMON VIDAL
00077738-1Business > Commercial documents ANTONIO LONG
00077736-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077735-1Business > Commercial texts DON D THE PRODUCER
00077734-1Business > Business correspondence Copyright All Right Reserved for LAKEISHA MICHELLE HOOD
00077733-1Business > Commercial documents Copyright All Rights Reserved for LAKEISHA MICHELLE VOORHIES
00077732-1Literary > Novel UFtOpie
00072106-2Other > Other Initiation au Magnétisme Spirituel
00077731-1Business > Contract Tokon Martial Arts LLC
00077730-1Business > Contract Takeshi Michael Valdes Hinschberger Family of Hinschberger Estate
00077729-1Business > Business logo DBA Keondre Hampton
00077727-1Other > Other Sean Magnuson
00077726-1Business > Commercial documents FORMATIONS
00077725-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077724-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077723-1Business > Contract Takeo Hinschberger Family of Hinschberger Estate
00077721-1Business > Contract Christina Valdes Hinschberger Family of Hinschberger Estate
00077720-1Business > Contract Marcus Hinschberger Family of Hinschberger Estate
00077718-1Other > Confidential creation Joseph kofi Echie Jr
00077717-1Literary > Novel Liés par nos tourments
00077716-1Business > Commercial documents Shelby R Battle
00077715-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077714-1Communication > Other Planner With GOD
00077713-1Education > Training material Protocoles santé
00077711-1Other > Other Copyright Name
00077709-1Denomination > Personal denomination Eric-Andrew:Kaiser,Bene
00077708-1Business > Other My name
00077706-1Business > Commercial documents Monica Simmons
00077705-1Other > Other Mots sur Maux
00077704-1Business > Commercial documents JOHN WYNDER
00077703-1Business > Business project Illuminati Richies are @risk
00077702-1Business > Business project Bett-R.Life Wellness Pods
00077701-1Other > Other DWIGHT BENNETT
00077700-1Business > Other JENITA VERNA PHYLLIS COLEMAN
00077698-1Business > Business project Bett-R.Life
00077697-1Business > Business project Bett-R
00077695-1Business > Contract Copyright Of Royal Heirs of House of MIKEAL DELANO HAYES LLC
00077693-1Other > Other Mark Thomas Wedlock Sr
00077691-1Business > Business correspondence DAWN DAMETRIA DUDLEY
00077687-1Other > Confidential creation Name & Status Declaration
00077686-1Literary > Diverse texts Sacrificateurs dans les Écritures
00077685-1Literary > Other SEA BASS ON THE FLY
00077684-1Literary > Diverse texts Textes divers
00077683-1Business > Commercial documents In the Agreement, the party who is granting the right to use the
00077682-1Other > Other Common-law Copyright of trade-name
00077681-1Business > Contract BERT
00077680-1Other > Other Rashon Shanks
00077679-1Business > Business correspondence AUSBERTO ARIZA-PEREZ
00077678-1Business > Business plan Dr. Werled Group KYC
00077677-1Other > Other My Name
00077676-1Image Arts > Drawing Couverture de l'ouvrage THE littérature 2
00077675-1Business > Other Fatima Al Fihri Ministries
00077672-1Other > Confidential creation MIYANNA CARMIEN STAFFORD
00077671-1Sound Arts > Musical composition A gift for lovers
00077670-1Science > Other Scientia Naturalis n° 4 - Annuel 2022
00077669-1Literary > Poetry Pathétique poétesse... ma mie !
00077668-1Business > Commercial documents Commerce
00077666-1Business > Commercial documents Commerce
00077665-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077664-1Other > Confidential creation NELSON HENRY
00077661-1Literary > Ebook Le cours pratique des Scorpions
00077660-1Business > Commercial documents Huakai Kalamau
00077659-1Business > Commercial documents Kuuipo Kalamau
00077658-1Business > Commercial documents LLOYD LAWRENCE ST. CLAIR III
00077657-1Literary > Other Livre de Poche à Poster (LPP)
00077653-1Other > Other Darrel L Davis
00077652-1Business > Commercial documents GARY TODD REDDING
00077651-1Business > Other ANITA JOANNE INGALLS
00077649-1Other > Other My Name
00077648-1Other > Other My Name
00077647-1Other > Other My Name
00077646-1Business > Other d/b/a Sole Proprietor
00077645-1Business > Commercial documents CARY LYN ATWOOD
CopyrightNo Category Title
00077644-1Literary > Other ANTONIO DESMOND STONE
00077643-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077642-1Education > Educational material The Littérature 2, exploitations littéraires cycle 3
00077641-1Business > Contract STEVEN TEQUILLA FAMILY OF WILCOX
00077640-1Literary > Ebook Move Like a Ghost
00077612-3Other > Other Khalfani X
00077639-1Business > Business project CSX9760
00077638-1Business > Other Busara Orunmila Bey©™
00077636-1Other > Other ARGERIE CAMPBELL
00077635-1Other > Other JONATHAN KESEE
00077634-1Business > Commercial documents DAJUAN MANWELL RIPPY
00077633-1Literary > Ebook Pilier 1 Abondance : Préparer la voie de l'Abondance
00077632-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00077630-1Literary > News La démangeaison perpétuelle de Weber
00077629-1Business > Commercial documents JOSEPH TEROOATEA GRAHAM
00077628-1Other > Other Halona Brooks
00077627-1Literary > News Le président et le mendiant
00077626-1Business > Commercial documents ANOLANI KANAAUHAAHAA KALAMAU
00077625-1Business > Commercial documents ANOLANI KANAAUHAAHAA GRAHAM
00077624-1Business > Business correspondence Rontrae Roman Benton
00077620-1Business > Commercial documents SARAH NICOLE BENAVENTE
00077619-1Business > Commercial documents Ronia R. Langston
00077618-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077617-1Business > Commercial documents HELEN DENISE GATES
00077616-1Other > Confidential creation Sharonda Lavette Chatman & Sharonda Chatman
00077615-1Literary > Novel ANA - Tome 2
00077614-1Business > Commercial documents LANDON G BATEMAN
00077613-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Other KEENA HAYSBERT
00077612-2Other > Other DEVONTÉ DE'SEAN SAUNDERS
00077610-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077609-1Other > Other Common Law Copyright Notice:
00077608-1Image Arts > Logo Exempt Logo
00077607-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077606-1Other > Confidential creation Name
00077605-1Other > Other Manuel de création du nouveau monde ? Le Vôtre ?
00077604-1Other > Other My Name
00077602-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077600-1Literary > Novel Noël, amour et conséquences
00069752-4Literary > Other Les Tricheurs 2081
00077597-1Literary > Poetry La plus belle Saison
00077596-1Literary > Novel Vieillir, c’est pas chinois
00077595-1Business > Contract Contrat DJ DRUMMER Stick Marlone
00077594-1Literary > Diverse texts Les Révélations de Jean
00077593-1Other > Confidential creation EBONESE STANLEY
00077592-1Literary > Novel Juste avec toi
00077591-1Business > Commercial documents James L. Denton
00077590-1Business > Commercial documents James L. Denton
00077588-1Business > Commercial documents RENAULDO R ALBERTIE
00077587-1Other > Other My Name
00077586-1Literary > Children's story Isaac et ses super mains
00077585-1Education > Training material CONSIGNES-OUTILS - La gestalt transgénérationnelle Généapsy
00077584-1Literary > Novel Tu peux être d'or et d'argent
00077583-1Education > Training material Protocole outils Gestalt transgénérationnelle + rêve des 3 arbres
00077582-1Education > Training material Consignes et Evaluations de la formation pour la certification
00077581-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077578-1Other > Other DUCKETT JR, HAROLD EUGENE
00077576-1Business > Business correspondence Business Name
00077575-1Other > Other Jean Duc deCalcasieu
00077574-1Business > Commercial documents Ronia Langston
00077572-1Other > Other GENE DUCKETT
00077570-1Other > Other HAROLD DUCKETT JR
00077569-1Other > Other HAROLD E. DUCKETT, JR
00077568-1Other > Other HAROLD EUGENE DUCKETT, JR
00077567-1Literary > Theater Secret
00077566-1Other > Confidential creation MIGHTIEST PEN EXPRESS TRUST
00077565-1Other > Other Sons Name
00077564-1Other > Other Daughters Name
00077563-1Business > Business logo Copyright of I AM I LEGSEE
00077562-1Other > Other My Name
00077561-1Other > Other My Name
00077558-1Other > Other My Name
00077557-1Education > Training material Programmes de formations
00077556-1Education > Training material Consignes et outils - Analyse transgénérationnelle
00077554-1Business > Business correspondence BROOKSTONE II APARTMENTS
00077553-1Education > Training material Initiation à l'analyse transgénérationnelle en Centre Hospitalier
00077552-1Business > Business correspondence The Maryland Management Company
00077551-1Communication > Conference Webinaires : Prénoms + Secrets + Abandon
00077550-1Education > Training material Quizz constellations fam. et transgé. du modules 1 à 4
00077549-1Education > Training material Quizz analyse transgénérationnelle modules 6 à 10
00077548-1Education > Course content Erindinlogun Sacred Language of the Orisa Part 2 Okanran Ejioko
00077547-1Business > Commercial documents Naltha Colin
00077546-1Literary > Other La boîte à coquelicot
00077544-1Business > Commercial documents Dale Levert
00077543-1Denomination > Invention denomination Xullion
00077542-1Business > Commercial documents Common Law Copyright/Trademark/Tradename/SAW-02111983-NOC-
00077541-1Image Arts > Drawing Les portaits aux lunettes
00077540-1Business > Business logo WAYNE-ANTHONY BARRETT
00077539-1Other > Confidential creation ERNESTO CAZARES DIAZ
00077538-1Other > Other Shelton Quantail Page
00077537-1Business > Commercial documents DENITA N BRITTON
00077534-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music AMA et AMA #
00077527-1Business > Business correspondence Windsor Apartments
00077526-1Other > Other Earl Malcolm Curtis
00077525-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077524-1Business > Commercial documents CHRISTOPHER S BLOUNT
00077523-1Business > Contract Copper Colored Republic
00077522-1Business > Business logo PHOENIX-SHOPLLC
00077521-1Literary > Novel Patricia _ Entre deux vies
00077520-1Literary > Novel Le numéro du prince charmant
00074253-2Business > Contract ENS LEGIS
00077518-1Business > Business logo 01/11/1981
00077517-1Business > Business logo 049854876
00077516-1Other > Other Artículos - doctrina - clases
00077515-1Business > Commercial documents Donell Mitchell
00077512-1Literary > Novel Sanctuary
00077510-1Other > Confidential creation KELVIN HEGWOOD Kelvin Hegwood
00077386-2Literary > Children's story a Tale of the Moon's Wood - un Conte du Bois de Lune
00077509-1Literary > Novel Memoria
00077508-1Business > Contract MIESHA FAMILY OF WILLIAMS ESTATE
00077507-1Other > Other Raymond Cormier
00077506-1Other > Other BREASIA BRADLEY
00077505-1Other > Other TAMETHIA BROWN
00077504-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077503-1Other > Confidential creation Alonzo Kirkland
00077501-1Education > Other Clés de guérison - Parties 1 et 2
00077500-1Business > Contract JUAN ANGEL PORTILLO, Juan-Angel: Portillo, John Angel Portillo
00077499-1Business > Contract JUAN ANGEL PORTILLO, Juan-Angel: Portillo, John Angel Portillo
00066449-4Education > Training material L'art de Baiser
00077498-1Business > Business logo Beneficial Owner
0060070-25Business > Business project Projet commercial
00076796-2Literary > Novel Enquête en eaux profondes
00077494-1Business > Business logo XXXAURA
00077493-1Other > Other MY NAME
00077492-1Literary > Novel Sidgil, le Réveil des Dieux: Enoménos
00077491-1Other > Confidential creation Cristin Joy Keller
00077490-1Business > Commercial documents ESTOPPEL BY DEED
00077489-1Image Arts > Logo Logo auteur
00077487-1Other > Other My Name
00077486-1Literary > Biography Après 40ans, mon âme d'enfant sort du silence!
00077485-1Literary > Theater Salieri, le Mal-Aimé de Dieu
00077484-1Other > Other My Name
00077483-1Other > Other My Name
00077482-1Literary > Novel Le temps du rêve
00077481-1Image Arts > Drawing ALS Autograph
00077480-1Literary > Theater Oyapock
00077479-1Craft > Artistic creations One
00077478-1Other > Confidential creation EDGARDO DELA CRUZ HIYAS ©®
00077477-1Other > Confidential creation David Lee Monet
00077476-1Literary > Diverse texts Ensemble de textes en développement personnel. ( 2011-2022 )
0064547-13Business > Other EBLife Natural Medicine update
00077475-1Business > Commercial documents WILLIAM DENNIS SOWDERS ESTATE
00077474-1Business > Commercial documents SUPREME INTEL EXPRESS TRUST
00077473-1Science > Other Applied Combinatorics
00077471-1Literary > Children's story Isaac et ses supermains
00077470-1Craft > Characters Lutin en macramé
00077468-1Business > Commercial documents KAYLEI RENEE WILLIAMS
00077467-1Other > Confidential creation JOSEPH CHARLES NAJDEK
00077465-1Business > Commercial documents LUIS CARMONA
00077459-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077458-1Business > Commercial documents LESLEY MARIE POKE
00077457-1Other > Confidential creation MICHAEL ALLAN SMITH
00077456-1Other > Confidential creation CECIL F ALVAREZ
00077455-1Other > Confidential creation BENJAMIN DAVIS DUGAN
00077454-1Other > Confidential creation JAMES DAVIS DUGAN
00077453-1Other > Confidential creation KEVIN DAVIS DUGAN JR
00077452-1Other > Confidential creation KATHERINE DAVIS DUGAN
00077450-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077449-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Kingdom Awakens
00077448-1Other > Confidential creation CECIL ALVAREZ
00077447-1Literary > Novel Matteo Varese, livres I & II
00077446-1Communication > Business communication Windsor Forest Apartments
00077445-1Other > Other NICOLE SARGENT
00077444-1Other > Other GARY THOMAS WHITEHEAD
00077443-1Sound Arts > Musical composition 2 Styles EP
00077442-1Business > Commercial documents LUIS PEREZ PEREZ
00077440-1Business > Commercial documents MEDINA COBB
00077438-1Other > Other TECSHAMANI BROWN
00077437-1Other > Other My Name
00077436-1Literary > News Crime Parfait
00077435-1Other > Confidential creation KOTTO YAPHET PAUL
00077434-1Other > Confidential creation MICHAEL ALLEN SMITH
00077433-1Other > Other My Name
00077432-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077431-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00077429-1Literary > Novel Pour un diamant
00077428-1Business > Commercial documents CASAUNDRA GLENISE MITCHELL
00077426-1Business > Business logo Leumas Muhammad Ali
00077424-1Business > Business logo Samuel Creel Holloway
00077423-1Other > Other My Name
00077422-1Other > Confidential creation Moor
00077421-1Business > Business correspondence HANZO ARIZA
00077420-1Other > Confidential creation Copyright Notice
00077419-1Business > Other LETITIA CANDICE HODGES
00077418-1Other > Other Owner, Grantor, Trustee , Secured party, Agent, Attorney of fact
00077417-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00077414-1Other > Other Gratitude Journal
00077413-1Other > Other Marselis Scott's Copyright
00077412-1Other > Other Par tes mains percées
00077411-1Business > Business correspondence STAGE 2 SHOW
00077410-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Other LESTER LEWIS III
00077407-1Business > Other JADEN TYONDRE WISE
00077406-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077405-1Business > Other EBONY LATOYA WISE
00077404-1Other > Confidential creation William Dennis Sowders Estate
00077402-1Other > Other My Name
00077401-1Other > Confidential creation KIERRA CHARDAY STOKES
00077400-1Other > Other Aidens Name
00077399-1Other > Other Elizabeth Williamson's Name
00077396-1Other > Other ERNEST WADDELL
00077395-1Other > Other ERNEST MCKINLEY WADDELL
00077394-1Other > Other My Name
00077393-1Literary > Novel Vienne la paix. DF 15-11-2022. Envoyé le 16-11-2022
00077388-1Other > Other TOP 100 Des pires mythes du FITNESS et de la NUTRITION
00077387-1Other > Other Strawman name DEMOND ANTONIO NELSON
00077386-1Literary > Children's story Femme Squelette & synopsis Ultrasongs & tasse de café
00077384-1Other > Confidential creation ManCamp International o/a MCI or any of its derivatives
00077382-1Other > Other My Name
00077381-1Image Arts > Painting Gala Dali Ernst & Eluard
00077380-1Image Arts > Painting Odessa
00077379-1Image Arts > Painting Steampunk street comedy
00077378-1Image Arts > Painting La Petite sorcière
00077376-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077374-1Other > Other JAMILA CHAVETTE BOATNER
00077372-1Education > Educational material "The analysis, practice and reinvention of a jazz motif"
00077371-1Other > Other My Name
00077369-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00077368-1Business > Business logo Copyright of KEVIN DUWAYNE REYNOLDS
00077367-1Other > Other My Name
00077366-1Image Arts > Logo Happy Hip Hop Month
00077365-1Business > Business logo Audrey Elizabeth Dunn
00077364-1Image Arts > Logo
00077363-1Denomination > Business denomination PAUL E MULRYAN
00077362-1Business > Commercial documents GARY KENDALL HAMPTON ESTATE
00077360-1Business > Commercial documents ANDRIANNA VICTORIA MACKEY
00077359-1Denomination > Personal denomination RAHVONNE NICHELLE LANCASTER
00077358-1Other > Confidential creation GETDEFOK
00077356-1Communication > Contract Xuprum
00077355-1Education > Other I'm God and I'm Proud
00077354-1Business > Commercial documents DONTE MARTIN
00077353-1Business > Commercial documents SUZAN ALEXIS THOMPSON
00077349-1Literary > Novel De plumes et de plomb
00077348-1Business > Contract PATRICK NEILL MORENO TRUST
00077347-1Business > Business logo Hell Fire ALL
00077346-1Business > Business logo BLACK LIVES MATTER
00077344-1Other > Confidential creation SUSANA AVERILLA AGUILAR ©®
00077343-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie Katrina
00077341-1Other > Other My Name
00077339-1Business > Business correspondence Tristan Denzel Millien
00077338-1Business > Commercial documents Dayvon-Raymone: Mapp-Mcdowell
00077337-1Communication > Business communication SAMPLE NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION PASS-CARD
00077336-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077335-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077334-1Business > Other CEO
00077332-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077331-1Literary > News La malédiction des loups
00077330-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077329-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077328-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00074675-2Other > Other HOMSUR
00077326-1Other > Other My Name
00077325-1Other > Confidential creation Common Law Copyright, Trademark Notice & Reservation of Rights
00077323-1Other > Confidential creation TAMARAH JANELE HOWELL
00077322-1Business > Contract LARRY EDWARD POLK JR.
00077321-1Literary > Ebook L'önd, le Seidr, le Galdr et la rune d'Odin
00076616-2Business > Other Business Name
00077320-1Business > Business correspondence Common law copyright © 1992 all rights reserved
00077319-1Business > Business correspondence Assumed Name
00073739-5Literary > Biography Oublié de Dieu
00077316-1Business > Business logo HELL FIRE ONE
00077315-1Business > Business logo HENRY'S TOWING INC.
00077314-1Web > Blog Blog sur blogger
00077313-1Business > Business logo HELL FIRE INC.
00077311-1Business > Business logo Henry John Schlogel Jr
00077310-1Denomination > Use denomination RODERICK ANTONIO JABARI _MOORE
00077308-1Business > Business logo Henry J Schlogel Jr.
00077307-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00077306-1Business > Business logo HENRY JOHN SCHLOGEL, JR.
00077305-1Business > Other Ronda Renee Irby
00077304-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00077303-1Business > Commercial documents Rhonda Renee Irby
00077302-1Denomination > Project denomination Doula et Coach périnatal
00077301-1Other > Confidential creation Sole owner
00077300-1Literary > Novel Rhum aux oranges amères
00077299-1Other > Confidential creation ALEC MIKHAIL AGUILAR HIYAS ©®
00077298-1Other > Other Name
00077297-1Other > Other Michael Marlon Carnegie
00077296-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music LET'S MOVE HONEY
00077295-1Other > Other ChasDre
00077294-1Literary > Poetry Haikus
00077291-1Business > Commercial documents RASHONDA SHAVONNE MOORE
00077290-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077289-1Other > Other Frederick-Phillip: Patton
00077287-1Craft > Artistic creations Artisanatdartgaleriecontemporaine
00077284-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077283-1Literary > Children's story L'allergie de Michel, l'enfant désobéissant.
00077282-1Other > Confidential creation Grantor
00077281-1Denomination > Private denomination MELISSA SUE MADDUX© or Melissa Sue Maddux© (Estate)
00077280-1Other > Confidential creation Grantor
00077279-1Denomination > Private denomination DANIEL LEE MADDUX© or Daniel Lee Maddux© (Estate)
00077278-1Business > Other Treat Lordz
00077276-1Other > Other Clint Mullenax
00077275-1Other > Other Angela Pittman
00077274-1Business > Commercial documents JAMES ANTHONY AGRIPPE
00077273-1Business > Other CAELAN CAMERON AGUWA
00077272-1Business > Other Anytime Mimosa
00077270-1Business > Other CRYSTAL JOY CAMERON
00061969-6Literary > News Les météores
00077268-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Radio show ‘‘ÇA CARTONNE !!! ’’ ÉMISSION DE RADIO DE CULTURE, DIVERTISSEMENT
00077267-1Business > Commercial documents POTENTIA 295 EXPRESS TRUST ENTERPRISE
00077265-1Craft > Artistic creations Arts galerie Métiers d'arts
00077263-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Limitless Duo Worship Composition USN
00077262-1Business > Commercial documents TRIESTEN KING EL
00077261-1Business > Contract TRIESTEN TRAMAINE JOHNSON
00074811-2Image Arts > Drawing ECDL
00077260-1Business > Commercial documents ANDREA GALVAN
00077259-1Business > Commercial documents EMILIO ESTABAN TENIENTE DOMINGUEZ ESCOTO
00077256-1Business > Commercial documents DAVID ALLAN PINARD
00077255-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Rebelle
00077254-1Image Arts > Photography Champis et Toulescence
00077253-1Sound Arts > Musical creation She runs in the Night
00077252-1Literary > Novel 100 Sans Sang
00077249-1Web > Website content Little Honeymoon
00077245-1Literary > Essay Diabolical capitalism. How companies destroy people’s life
00077244-1Other > Other Amber Ravenel
00077242-1Other > Other Chevonne Chantay Porter (nee) Chevonne Tingle
00077241-1Business > Contract Myron Larese Family of Hooker Estate
00077240-1Business > Commercial documents JAMES MONTEZ WATERS
00077239-1Business > Commercial documents MICHELLE ANTOINETTE LEONARD
00077238-1Business > Commercial documents DEVANTE JANATHAN GLENN
00077237-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00077236-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00077235-1Literary > Novel Dans les entrailles du passé
00077233-1Business > Contract SHERMAN LYNELL FAMILY OF JETT ESTATE
00077231-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077230-1Literary > Novel Sinners of the Rising Sun
00077229-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Cerné et j'passe au vélo
00077228-1Other > Other Latonia Turner
00077226-1Other > Confidential creation DESTINEE MONET HARRIS
00077225-1Other > Other Jameel wilson
00077224-1Other > Confidential creation DAVID ALLAN PINARD
00077220-1Other > Other ANNIE SARTIN
00077217-1Literary > Children's story Majesty et la forêt enchantée
00077216-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077215-1Business > Commercial documents Sonniejay Kalamau
00077214-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077211-1Business > Business logo Business Name
00077210-1Business > Other Circular Intelligence: Digital Spheres of Influence
00077209-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00077208-1Business > Commercial documents KALEEL MALIK JAMAL SABUR©
00077207-1Business > Contract PIA LANAE BIKELLE FAMILY OF GORDON
00077206-1Business > Commercial documents DANETRA SHARI MOORE
00077204-1Other > Confidential creation Sonniejay Kalamau
00077203-1Business > Commercial documents Iesha LaTonya Karim
00077201-1Image Arts > Other I'm not Weird I'm Limited Edition
00077200-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00077199-1Other > Other DANIEL LEE HOLLOWAY
00077198-1Business > Commercial documents TORY DONSHA ROBERTSON ESTATE LIVING TRUST
00077197-1Business > Business logo Sly Diggler
00077193-1Other > Other copyright of ANDREW CHARLES HUNT
00077190-1Other > Other TREVORN RENEL PARKINS
00077189-1Other > Other MONAE DAVIS
00077188-1Other > Confidential creation My child’s name
00077187-1Communication > Contract Shakeya Z Tucker
00077186-1Communication > Contract Shakeya Tucker
00077185-1Communication > Contract SHAKEYA TUCKER
00077184-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00077181-1Other > Confidential creation Copyright 1989 MARVIN ANTHONY ELLIS
00077179-1Business > Business logo Logo de l'Organisation Mondiale de la Gastronomie + tarif usage
00077178-1Business > Commercial documents My Name
00077177-1Business > Commercial documents MIESHA WILLIAMS ESTATE
00077176-1Other > Other copyright of fictitious name - for public record
00077175-1Other > Other Copyright My Names
00077172-1Business > Commercial documents RICHARD KEVIN REID
00077171-1Business > Contract PHILECIA FAMILY OF WHITING ESTATE
00077170-1Business > Commercial documents NORMA ANN SIMS NORMA ANN FARBES NORMA A FARBES
00077169-1Business > Commercial documents DECLAN GLENN CONNOLLY
00077166-1Business > Other INVISIBLE ARK LLC
00077165-1Business > Other Lashed by Shelly LLC
00077164-1Business > Commercial documents STACEY GLENN FARBES, STACEY GLENN CONNOLLY, STASI GLENN
00077162-1Business > Business slogan IM ON THE INVISIBLE ARK! ,I’m on the invisible Ark ,INVISIBLE ARK
00077161-1Business > Commercial documents ANGELA JUANITA BROWN
00077160-1Business > Commercial documents LAKISHA LORETTA PARKER
00077159-1Business > Commercial documents POMAIKAILANI NERPIO
00077158-1Business > Business logo Awakening Red Moon Productions
00077157-1Denomination > Business denomination “All Rights Reserved”
00077155-1Web > Social media content Ari Abroad
00077153-1Business > Commercial texts STAND STRONG CAPITAL
00077152-1Business > Commercial texts STAND STRONG TECHNOLOGIES
00077151-1Business > Business project The Hot Gloves
00077150-1Other > Other Ms
00077149-1Other > Confidential creation Milagros Portella
00077146-1Other > Other :Raymond-Wilson Jr. :copyright /copy claim:
00077145-1Business > Commercial documents SARA CHRISTELLE SILVA
00077144-1Literary > Ebook Hélène et le Feu d'Hestia
00077143-1Literary > Novel Hélène et le Feu d'Hestia
CopyrightNo Category Title
00077142-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00077141-1Business > Commercial documents HOWARD A. LANGE III ESTATE
00077139-1Business > Commercial documents JAMES CONNER JR.
00077138-1Business > Commercial documents ANTHONY PEREZ MARTIN
00077137-1Business > Other Empathic Wayz
00077136-1Business > Commercial documents RIVA ALAN STEIN
00077135-1Business > Commercial documents ELIZABETH LEE COVER
00077134-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077133-1Education > Training material Manuel Mythologie version 2006
00077132-1Other > Other Legendary Acquisitions
00077131-1Other > Other Affluent Collective
00077130-1Other > Other Heather Paige
00077129-1Other > Other Esoteric Conversations
00077128-1Other > Other Sophisticatedpreneur
00077127-1Education > Training material Manuel Généapsy version 2015
00077126-1Education > Training material Supports constellations familiales - modules 1+3+4
00077125-1Education > Training material Support constellations familiales - module 2
00077124-1Education > Training material Supports et livrets d'expérientiels des modules 12 à 16
00077123-1Education > Training material Supports et livrets d'expérientiels des modules 6 à 10
00077122-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00077121-1Business > Commercial documents SAMANTHA WILLIAMS
00077120-1Business > Contract ANGELA YALENDA FAMILY OF PERRY
00077119-1Business > Business correspondence ANDRU JORDAN WAKEFIELD or Andru Jordan Wakefield
00077117-1Literary > Novel Les mystères de Lebenburg
00077116-1Business > Business project FatULove Reality Show by Phat Azz TIDDIES Prod
00077115-1Literary > Theater Asseyez-vous
00077114-1Business > Business correspondence EJ EDWIN LEE STOVER
00077113-1Other > Confidential creation Living Man Name
00077112-1Other > Confidential creation Protecting My Name
00077111-1Image Arts > Logo DEANGELO LINTON DAVENPORT
00077110-1Other > Confidential creation Cestui Que Vie Trust Name
00077109-1Business > Commercial documents JOEL KAYIMA
00077107-1Denomination > Pseudonym PRINCE OF WEB3
00077106-1Denomination > Business denomination THE INNOVATION LEAGUE
00077105-1Business > Commercial documents Thomas-tommell-samuel:mapp-dozier
00077104-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00077103-1Literary > Novel Il m’appelait Étoile
00077101-1Business > Other Common Law Copyright /Trademark
00077100-1Business > Commercial documents JGD-0214690-HHIA
00077099-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00077098-1Business > Contract TROY STEVEN FAMMILY OF JACQUES
00077097-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077095-1Business > Commercial documents AMANDA SHARELL BLANDEN
00077093-1Business > Contract @LtdHorse
00077092-1Business > Commercial documents JOSEPH LAMOND EVERETT
00077091-1Business > Business logo Foreign babies
00077090-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077089-1Business > Other Broken Hearted Love Story
00077088-1Business > Other BODDEN FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LLC.
00077087-1Business > Other ROBERTO DELAROSA BODDEN
00077086-1Business > Commercial documents Henry Bernard Ephriam Jr
00077085-1Business > Commercial documents Gloria Norvell-Elizabeth Mapp-Parker
00077084-1Business > Business logo Omari Amen-Ra EL
00077083-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00077080-1Other > Confidential creation TIMOTHY M. HOSLEY
00077077-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00077076-1Image Arts > Drawing Wombtopia
00077074-1Image Arts > Drawing CHANTEL JONES
00077073-1Literary > Novel A l ombre du Père Lachaise
00077072-1Business > Business logo BOSSBABETAXSOFTWARE
00077071-1Other > Confidential creation TAMYIRAH LASHAE BEAN : TAMIRAH L BEAN ; TAMYIRAH LAS BEAN
00077070-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00077069-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "CHELSEY BECK"
00077068-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "Chelsey A. Beck"
00077067-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "DECORIS VIRTUTIS EXPRESS TRUST ENTERPRISE"
00077066-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "CHELSEY ABIGAIL FAMILY OF BECK ESTATE"
00077065-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "DECORIS VIRTUTIS"
00077064-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "Decoris Virtutis Express Trust"
00077063-1Business > Other VALERIE THORPE
00077062-1Business > Commercial documents JED WILLIAM SHARKEY
00077061-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "CHELSEY ABIGAIL BECK"
00077060-1Business > Business correspondence SHANNON ALANA BEARD
00077057-1Business > Business logo HENRY J. SCHLOGEL JR.
00077056-1Literary > Poetry Un air d'éternité défaite
00077055-1Literary > Poetry POUR VOUS LES FEMMES
00077054-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00077051-1Business > Commercial documents TYRONE LAVON WISE BEY
00077050-1Business > Commercial documents My Name
00077049-1Business > Commercial documents MOISE JOSEPH
00077048-1Business > Commercial documents KATIE WENDT
00077047-1Business > Commercial documents BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BURUM JR
00077046-1Literary > Novel Quand le rêve danse - quand danse le rêve - un jour de neige
00077045-1Business > Commercial documents SHEILA SABIITI BURUM BAGAYA
00077044-1Communication > Personal communication JERMAINE BRINSON BRIDGETT
00077042-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077040-1Business > Other Kurston Nathaniel Carter
00077039-1Business > Business correspondence SYPREME ESSENCE
00077038-1Business > Business correspondence TLARA MONIQUE PHELMETTA
00077036-1Other > Other My Name
00077035-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00077033-1Business > Commercial documents Nivana Loren Horsley
00077032-1Business > Contract HOUSE OF DAUGHTRY EXPRESS TRUST
00077031-1Business > Other DENTS OBSOLETE INC
00077030-1Other > Confidential creation JOHNSON BRAD JAMES
00077029-1Education > Training material Quizz analyse transgénérationnelle modules 1 à 5
00077028-1Education > Training material Supports analyse transgénérationnelle modules 1 à 5
00077027-1Information Technology > Software
00077026-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00077023-1Business > Commercial documents JULIA MARCIA COORE
00077021-1Business > Business correspondence LLC
00077020-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00077019-1Business > Business correspondence Richard Simpkins
00077017-1Business > Commercial documents RICHARDO CARLOS BYFIELD copyright
00077016-1Literary > Novel Festival des Termites Rockeuses
00077015-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075396-2Business > Business correspondence Common Law Trademark
00077014-1Literary > Essay Le premier Américain à Klein Prunach (2e édition)
00077012-1Business > Business slogan Slogan and Company Name
00077011-1Business > Contract Copyrights Of ens legis
00077009-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Short film MES 13 MERES
00077007-1Literary > Children's story Bébé sort du ventre de Maman
00077006-1Other > Confidential creation BIJOU BENDU LEDLUM
00077005-1Other > Other BRAD JAMES JOHNSON
00077004-1Business > Commercial documents Lonnie Evans Copyright
00077003-1Business > Other Business Names , D/B/A, Education, Advertising & Contracting
00077001-1Other > Other My Name
00077000-1Business > Commercial documents AINA IFETAYO OYEWOLE WILLIAMS
00076999-1Business > Commercial documents DEANDRE MAVERICK RUDELL TAYLOR
00076998-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076996-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076995-1Business > Business logo MICHAEL ALEXANDER SHULZE
00075230-2Other > Other CréaShaw
00076994-1Other > Confidential creation COMINGDIINE , Comingdiine , COMINGDINE , Comingdine
00076993-1Literary > Poetry 14 Poèmes
00076991-1Image Arts > Photography Photographies du Maroc
00076990-1Business > Commercial documents WANDA IVELISSE RAMOS
00076989-1Business > Business logo Doing the dash —-
00076988-1Literary > Diverse texts Recueils Flambeaux de vie et Tes yeux de monde
00076987-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00076986-1Literary > News Le foie gras
00076985-1Image Arts > Logo copyright of MALIK THOMAS ARTHUR
00076984-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Spectral
00076983-1Literary > Novel Em - Tome 1
00074176-4Literary > Novel Il n'y a pas que les oignons qui font pleurer
00076982-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076980-1Business > Commercial documents RYAN TYRONE MORRIS
00076979-1Other > Other Shekinah faith love Bullock
00076977-1Business > Business logo Business ,Banking & intellectual property
00076976-1Business > Commercial documents FREDERICK C WALKER
00076975-1Image Arts > Logo TEAM KARATE 38
00076972-1Other > Other Tavore Chiffon Milam
00076969-1Business > Commercial documents TYRONE JERAMIE BROOKS
00076968-1Business > Contract Darryl E. Gideon
00076964-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music When the sun is going down
00076963-1Other > Other My Name
00076958-1Education > Educational material Individual
00076955-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076953-1Business > Commercial documents MY NAME
00076949-1Literary > Novel Abdita ou la vérité sur Elena Mata
00076948-1Business > Business logo Navy EL Transportation
00076947-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076946-1Web > Website Best-Buy.Biz : choose the best products with the help of us
00076945-1Web > Website Comparaison de produits
00076942-1Literary > Poetry INTROSPECTION AMOUREUSE (Nuances de cœurs mélancoliques))
00076941-1Business > Business correspondence Representative Agent
00076937-1Other > Other Rest & Manifest
00076936-1Business > Other Name
00076935-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076934-1Other > Confidential creation Akil Jimon Davis is a living person
00076933-1Business > Contract Common Law Copyright Notice
00076932-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076931-1Literary > Novel LE MANEKI NEKO DE LYLOO
00076930-1Image Arts > Painting UNCLE SAM; I want you in the U.S.Army
00076929-1Other > Confidential creation DALIA TORREZ
00076928-1Other > Confidential creation KUNJAL, MERIXIA LYSTIE
00076927-1Other > Confidential creation MESIDOR, ENZO MATEO
00076925-1Business > Business slogan Copyright of Weightade Lemonade
00076924-1Other > Other Copy right of FAMILY OF NATIONS SPIRITUAL ORGANIZATION
00076923-1Literary > Diverse texts Le marionnettiste invisible
00076921-1Other > Confidential creation Monica Carol Feldt
00076919-1Literary > Other D'enfant invisible à adulte empuissancé
00076918-1Other > Other JASON SUMNER SPLANE
00076917-1Business > Other MAURI CANDACE SWANSON
00076916-1Information Technology > Software Logiciel pour un publique privé
00076915-1Web > Website content Darn Lec'h All - Partir Ailleurs avec MevLy Créations
00076914-1Literary > Diverse texts LA BALLADE AU BOUT DES MOTS
00076913-1Education > Course content Coaching Séquentiel
00076912-1Other > Confidential creation Life Is Good
00076911-1Business > Business logo BUY LOW ATLANTA
00076910-1Business > Commercial documents Sunshine Vegan Eats
00076909-1Business > Other FERDINAND BERNARD BRANCH JR
00076908-1Business > Other LIRYCA CHARMAINE NEVILLE
00076906-1Business > Business correspondence DANNY EUGENE KNIGHT JR
00076905-1Business > Business correspondence DANNY E KNIGHT JR
00076904-1Image Arts > Logo Gematria Wizard
00076902-1Other > Confidential creation Willow D Davis
00076901-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076900-1Other > Other Hara Thérapie Gestalt
00076899-1Denomination > Use denomination ZYON ROBERT LYLE © ™ (Estate)
00076898-1Business > Other Vr professional, utiliser la VR pour ton métier de demain
00076896-1Other > Other Jared Thoreau Hennings II
00076895-1Web > Social media content Blog Web, Youtube Drum Cover Druming Song
00076892-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076891-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Ascending Stars
00076887-1Other > Other My Name
00076886-1Other > Confidential creation "My Name"
00076885-1Business > Commercial documents Common Law Copy Right of AM2181985-1
00076884-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076882-1Other > Confidential creation Dale Nathaniel Follie
00076881-1Other > Other Aliken Erinle Madueke
00076880-1Business > Other ALEXANDER IKENNA MADUEKE
00076879-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00076877-1Other > Confidential creation ESTELLE KEVETT CARROLL
00076874-1Literary > Novel La belle du Luxembourg
00076873-1Image Arts > Painting Les délires de l'apprentie(e)
00076872-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076871-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076868-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076865-1Communication > Contract Myiesha Tena Demery-Warden
00076864-1Business > Business correspondence Ayah Lilian Demery Warden
00076863-1Business > Business correspondence Myiesha Tena Demery
00076862-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076861-1Business > Business correspondence MALCOLM MOSIAH MAAT II
00076859-1Business > Other JAVETTE TERESSA MCCOY
00076858-1Business > Other CEDRIC DONNELL MCCOY
00076855-1Literary > Diverse texts La vérité (dé)libérée
00076853-1Literary > Novel Et nos routes toujours se croisent
00076851-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Énergie Stellaire
00076850-1Literary > Novel Le Médaillon Oublié
00076847-1Other > Other ALL CAPS NAME FICTION NAME
00076846-1Business > Other LISA MICHELLE RENTZ
00076845-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076843-1Denomination > Private denomination ZION GALACTIC GUILD OF LIGHT
00076842-1Communication > Confidential Consciousism
00076841-1Denomination > Private denomination IBUZUBA REPUBLIC
00076840-1Denomination > Private denomination ELI RAMON TAYLOR
00076839-1Denomination > Private denomination LILLYANA LYNN TAYLOR
00076837-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076835-1Literary > Novel Anna - Tanner's Cure Volume 1
00076834-1Other > Other UN MIGRANT EN VOYAGE
00076833-1Other > Other HEATHER PAIGE WIGGAN
00076832-1Other > Confidential creation Sound Of The Streets
00076831-1Other > Confidential creation Mia Jayc
00076830-1Literary > Poetry 4 poèmes des saison 5 & 6 d'Antonin de février à avril 2022
00076829-1Communication > Personal communication Mes photos personnelles sur les réseaux sociaux
00076828-1Other > Confidential creation CLAUDIA VERDUGO
00076827-1Business > Other Héritage Privé Express Trust
00076825-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076823-1Business > Other Joseph Emilie Bradley
00076822-1Business > Commercial documents BENEFICIARY
00076821-1Business > Other LUEVEDA TAJSHI LA BAD
00076819-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076816-1Other > Confidential creation My Son’s Name
00076815-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076814-1Other > Confidential creation Copyright of trade-Name (EBONE' MILNER) & ANY & ALL derivations
00076813-1Business > Business correspondence Name Copyrights
00076808-1Other > Confidential creation My Maiden Name
00076807-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076806-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076805-1Denomination > Other Dermo-esthéticien / Dermo-esthéticienne
00076804-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076802-1Literary > Diverse texts Poèmes et chansons
00076801-1Literary > Diverse texts Recueil "Boire la lumière à la source" et autres textes
00076800-1Business > Business project Faculté de la peau
00076799-1Business > Business slogan La Peau, le seul Vêtement que vous Porterez toute votre Vie!
00076798-1Communication > Blog content #SAYLESS
00076797-1Other > Other Copyright of FELICIA FREDRICA ANDERSON
00076796-1Literary > Novel Enquête en eaux profondes
00076795-1Literary > Novel Hardcore love story
00076793-1Business > Other REBECCA ANNE BREWER
00076792-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076791-1Business > Business correspondence GVINGE EQUONI WAYA ALAHAYA EXPRESS TRUST
00076790-1Other > Confidential creation My Name.
00076789-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Darling I Want You
00076788-1Other > Confidential creation JESSE TRE BEVERLY
00076785-1Other > Confidential creation Consummation of Contract and Termination of Child Support
00076783-2Other > Other Louis George Robinson III
00076781-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076779-1Business > Commercial documents David J. Munfus., DAVID MUNFUS, DAVID J. MUNFUS, David Munfus
00076776-1Business > Contract Alejandro Boullon Estate
00076775-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076772-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076771-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Single Black Waves + Emerald (Cristal)
00076769-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076767-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076766-1Other > Other BENJAMIN PAUL WOLF
00076765-1Other > Other My name
00076764-1Other > Confidential creation Joshua Antonio Cortez
00076763-1Other > Confidential creation Mushawnda Marie Nash
00076761-1Web > Other GALAXY GAMERS (GG NFT)
00076759-1Other > Other CALEB RYAN PETTY
00076758-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076757-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076756-1Other > Confidential creation the entity made in my name
00076755-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076754-1Business > Commercial documents TOMETHEUS LEE BRYANT
00076753-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Success of my life
00076752-1Denomination > Use denomination ROBERT LEE FOSTER
00076751-1Literary > Novel au fond d'elle
00076750-1Education > Other Les difficultés du cycle menstruel
00076748-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076747-1Literary > Novel La Saga des Menstris
00076746-1Other > Other My Name
00076745-1Denomination > Personal denomination Kay irene charles
00076743-1Literary > Ebook Le Cours Pratique des Balances
00076742-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Other CAP OU PAS CAP
00076741-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076740-1Other > Confidential creation BRANDON CHARLES JOHNSON
00076739-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076738-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076737-1Business > Commercial documents Tyrone Lavon Wise-Bey
00076736-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076735-1Denomination > Use denomination JAVARIS MARQUEZ TUBBS JR ©™ (ESTATE)
00076734-1Other > Confidential creation :Paula-Kenkristy: Clark.
00076731-1Business > Business logo WynterBliss
00076729-1Business > Other Trustee
00076728-1Literary > Novel Comme les cinq doigts de la main
00076727-1Business > Contract JUAN CARLOS DEMETRICE WILLIAMS
00076726-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076725-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076724-1Other > Confidential creation My Name(s)
00076722-1Business > Commercial documents MARICELLA ANA BENAVENTE
00076721-1Business > Contract ROSLY FAMILY OF KAN ESTATE
00076720-1Business > Commercial texts OLIVEIRA FLORINDA MARLON
00076719-1Business > Other Confidential Identifying information ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
00076718-1Other > Confidential creation name
00076717-1Other > Confidential creation name
00076716-1Business > Other Kenneth Herrick LIVING MAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
00076715-1Business > Other Zy'are-T'jon:Hargrove Private Living Woman All Rights Reserved
00076714-1Business > Other Khalil A Laws
00076712-1Business > Business project SEXUAL MARRIAGE SAVERS
00076711-1Business > Other Nateashia Campbell LIVING WOMAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
00076710-1Other > Other ALICE ROSE MAHANEY
00076709-1Literary > Ebook Initiation à la rune Thurisaz et talisman de super protection
00076708-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076707-1Business > Business logo copyright of TEHUTI RA EL EXPRESS TRUST ENTERPRISE LLC
00076703-1Literary > Novel Appression
00076701-1Other > Other Marco Raynard Green
00075006-3Business > Commercial documents TANISHA TANITA KING
00076700-1Literary > Essay Peut-on montrer l'existence de Dieu ? (Apologétique)
00075006-2Business > Commercial documents TANISHA TANITA KING
00076699-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076698-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076697-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076696-1Business > Commercial documents EM KING EL TRUST
00076695-1Business > Commercial documents JOURNEY ACQUISITIONS INC
00076691-1Other > Confidential creation Damenisha Evette Williams
00076689-1Business > Other TORIANO DESHON THOMAS
00076688-1Business > Business logo Boss Mentality
00076686-1Business > Business logo Boss Mentality
00076685-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00076684-1Literary > Theater Les Longs Membres
00076683-1Denomination > Use denomination PAUL EDWARD REYNOLDS JR©™ (Estate)
00076682-1Denomination > Use denomination PAUL EDWARD REYNOLDS SR©™ (Estate)
00076681-1Literary > Other Slams, textes, etc
00076680-1Other > Confidential creation ANDRU JORDAN ROBINSON or Andru Jordan Robinson
00076677-1Other > Confidential creation Higher Vibrations
00076676-1Other > Confidential creation JAURIS LADEIUS HAYES
00076675-1Other > Confidential creation MARJAY CREEK AL
00076674-1Business > Other TRUSTEE
00076673-1Business > Business logo Master
00076672-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076671-1Business > Other My Business Name
00076670-1Web > Website My Website
00076669-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076668-1Image Arts > Logo Family Trust Logo
00076666-1Business > Commercial documents RwnnyBey
00076663-1Other > Other AURELIE CELINE DUBOIS
00076662-1Business > Other TRUSTEE
00076661-1Other > Confidential creation Copyright strawman
00076660-1Other > Other Elizabeth Myers
00076659-1Other > Other Micah Myers
00076658-1Other > Confidential creation Vonn Capel
00076657-1Business > Other Widely Held Fixed Investment Trust
00076656-1Other > Confidential creation EHRENKRANTZ, JEFFREY
00076650-1Business > Commercial documents Kalib Sean Benning
00076649-1Business > Commercial documents Serenity Joy Washington
00076648-1Business > Commercial documents Kim Arnisha Washington
00076647-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076646-1Denomination > Pseudonym Culture Ambassador
00076644-1Business > Other TRUSTEE
00076643-1Image Arts > Drawing CESAR ESPINOSA EL
00076642-1Image Arts > Drawing CESAR ALBERTO ESPINOSA
00076640-1Literary > Novel Un pas vers elle
00076639-1Other > Confidential creation Owner
00076637-1Literary > Biography Le Jour où j'ai...
00076636-1Literary > Novel Le corps n'oublie pas
00076633-1Other > Other True Name Copyright (MAURICE ANITONIO GARDNER) Trust
00076632-1Other > Confidential creation EDWAN SHANDO THURMOND
00076631-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00076630-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076629-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076628-1Business > Commercial documents TRIESTEN JOHNSON ESTATE
00076627-1Literary > Novel KISSIOU
00076625-1Other > Other DAN - KGRF
00076624-1Other > Other BENJAMINE ALAN RENNER
00076623-1Business > Commercial documents KIMBERLY NICOLE MACKEY
00076622-1Business > Commercial documents KIMBERLY N MACKEY
00076619-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076618-1Literary > Varied texts My Name
00076617-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00076616-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076615-1Other > Other Strawman name MARK KEVIN ZIGGAS
00076614-1Other > Confidential creation ROBERT LEWIS MILES JR
00076613-1Other > Other Marlon James McCormick
00076611-1Other > Other KYANNA RENEE BROWN
00076610-1Business > Business slogan Living Man
00076609-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076608-1Other > Confidential creation My Name.
00076606-1Other > Other LATOYA DENISE BLACK© (LaToya Denise Black©) Estate
00076605-1Business > Commercial documents TINA MARIE PUFFER
00076604-1Business > Business project DAVID GREER CARIKER
00076603-1Business > Commercial documents TINA MARIE TIETZ
00076601-1Other > Other MY NAME
00076600-1Literary > Novel Confessions of A Generationally Cursed Child
00076599-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076598-1Other > Confidential creation a name
00076597-1Other > Other 00CEVEN
00076595-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076594-1Other > Confidential creation Alma Louvenia Wright
00076593-1Business > Other Broken To Refined
00076592-1Business > Other Empress Designs and More
00076591-1Literary > Novel Au creux de nos bras
00076590-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076589-1Image Arts > Logo JERIMY RASHAUD LOVE
00076587-1Business > Other My name
00076584-1Business > Business logo MATTHEW BARRY HAINES
00076583-1Business > Business logo SHERRY RENEE BENGE
00076582-1Business > Business logo ROBERT MASATO BENGE
00076580-1Business > Other Fashion
00076579-1Other > Other I’m copywriting all information that is specific to me
00076577-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music Me against All Worlds: The Unsung Hero
00076576-1Denomination > Use denomination Dewaune Lamont Lane Jr © (Estate)
00076575-1Literary > Novel HANAMI67
00076572-1Business > Other NATIONAL RECOVERY ALLIANCE D/B/A
00076571-1Business > Other Confidentiel
00076570-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music No one's gonna come tonight
00076569-1Business > Other QUIANA FAITH HUNTE
00076568-1Other > Other JUDITH ANN KELLY
00076567-1Business > Commercial texts MUNDUS PONTIFEX
00076566-1Literary > Novel TSITADEL (2022, final)
00076565-1Other > Other copy right of MILDRED LYNN MOORE, corp. sole name holder
00076564-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076563-1Communication > Internet, project, application or presentation concept IKYFL
00076562-1Education > Educational material CODE TO THE MATRIX
00076561-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076560-1Literary > Novel Dis Pater
00074906-3Literary > Novel Rallumée
00076559-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076556-1Literary > News L'AVIS DES BÊTES
00076555-1Business > Contract SHANNA LASHAY FAMILY OF SMITH ESTATE
00076552-1Literary > Biography Le masque d'Arpiem
00076551-1Business > Other My name
00076550-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076549-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076547-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076546-1Literary > Theater L'île aux cons
00076542-1Communication > Business communication Copyright
00076540-1Other > Confidential creation Timothy Anthony Moss Sr
00076538-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076536-1Other > Confidential creation JESSE BEVERLY
00076533-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076532-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076530-1Business > Other Spiritfilled Metaphysically
00076528-1Image Arts > Other EDWINA LYNETTE RILEY
00076527-1Image Arts > Other MARCO JORDAN RILEY
00076525-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076523-1Business > Business slogan SOUL FLOW
00076522-1Business > Business slogan MASTER CREDITORS
00076521-1Literary > Poetry Naufrage
00076520-1Other > Other Financial Manager
00076519-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Echoes Of The Soul - Le Havre Aux Aspirants
00076518-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076517-1Business > Contract Tracie Louis
00076515-1Literary > News Contes musicaux en langue populaire
00076514-1Business > Other SIOJO BEAUTY SCHOOL
00076513-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076512-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076511-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
CopyrightNo Category Title
00076509-1Business > Commercial documents My Name
00076508-1Other > Other Dayhanara Massiel Baez
00076507-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076506-1Business > Other JULES STAN TUCKER
00076505-1Other > Other LACOURTNE JAPAUL BRUNNER
00076503-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00076502-1Other > Other JOMIL BACON
00076500-1Business > Other DAJANAE LASHAE HUMPHREY
00076498-1Literary > Essay Philosophie et Védanta, essai d'ontologie
00076497-1Business > Business logo CHARLES ANTHONY DOMINICK ESTATE
00076496-1Business > Business logo Profound Element Investments
00076495-1Other > Other Renata Elizabeth Green
00076494-1Other > Confidential creation Melshecia Lashae Davis; Melshecka Lashae Davis; Melshecka Sager
00076492-1Craft > Artistic creations iAMsourceCODE
00076490-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00076489-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076488-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076485-1Other > Other my name
00076484-1Other > Other my name
00076482-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076481-1Other > Confidential creation Donte’ Williams
00076480-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076479-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario Evasion
00076478-1Business > Other ANTHONY DAVID BATTLE JR
00076476-1Business > Other Essence Vibes LLC
00073539-3Other > Other Cinq minutes avec votre Ame : Lettres 2022 - 3e et 4e trimestre
00076474-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076473-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076471-1Literary > Novel Un Geek pour Noël
00072291-2Literary > Novel Fugue Mapuche
00076470-1Business > Other ENTITY NAME
00076468-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > TV show Off the Hook
00076466-1Other > Confidential creation Leola Pope Evans El
00076465-1Other > Other ALGERNON DENZEL BUFFONG
00076464-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00076463-1Other > Other Scotch Hunter Medina
00076462-1Other > Other Seven Alexsandro Medina
00076461-1Business > Business logo Wayne-Anthony Barrett
00076460-1Other > Other Alexsandro Medina
00076459-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076458-1Image Arts > Photography Photos pour concours Tulle 2022 + livre photo
00076456-1Business > Commercial documents Federal Agency Ghost Account #2
00076454-1Craft > Artistic creations Ey3am artwork
00076453-1Business > Other Ey3am Business name
00076452-1Image Arts > Logo Ey3am logo
00076451-1Business > Business plan BRANDON GLEN COOPER
00076450-1Business > Business logo Dami’s Mobile Vending
00076448-1Other > Confidential creation Common Law Copyright and Ownership for "TATIANA L. LEWIS©"
00076447-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076446-1Other > Other LIVING SENTIENT BEING
00076444-1Literary > Diverse texts 1 MACCABEES 3:43 ECCLESIASTICAL EXPRESS TRUST
00076443-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00076442-1Business > Contract ARTHUR FAMILY OF SCOTT ESTATE
00076441-1Communication > Other copyright of Legal name
00076439-1Literary > Other Bloodline heirs and beneficiaries
00076438-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music I will be there
00076437-1Business > Business correspondence JAMONIE EQUAN BARRS
00076433-2Other > Confidential creation Stacy Lynette Wiggins
00076435-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076432-1Other > Other SHAWN WESLEY GOODMAN
00076431-1Other > Confidential creation DOMINYCE JUDEA BROWN
00076430-1Other > Other Renata Carlisha Jackson
00076429-1Literary > Children's story Nicopala ou Le mystère de la lune pivoine
00076426-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00076424-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076421-1Other > Confidential creation My Daughter's Name
00076420-1Other > Confidential creation My Son's Name
00076419-1Other > Confidential creation BRENT CORNELL BRIGGS JR
00076417-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie The Magical Mystery Kid
00076416-1Literary > Diverse texts Confidentiel
00076415-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076414-1Other > Confidential creation My Names/Copyrights
00076413-1Business > Business logo MICHAEL ALBERT NOSWORTHY 053-62-5899
00076412-1Business > Business logo SIVAN DAMTI
00076411-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076410-1Other > Confidential creation MEAGHAN E CIOTTI
00076408-1Business > Business logo EDWARD M GENNUSA 120-78-5432
00076407-1Literary > Novel Halt !
00076406-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Time to Die (into Hard mix)
00076405-1Literary > Theater Vert de brun
00076404-1Business > Commercial documents PAUL T LA ROCCA 079-34-3202
00076403-1Business > Commercial documents 062-56-2821
00076400-2Other > Confidential creation Ownership copy right for "MIKYNG MESSIYAH LEE WHITE©" Ens Legis
00076402-1Business > Business logo PAUL THOMAS LAROCCA
00076401-1Business > Business logo ImPasta
00076400-1Other > Confidential creation International copy right for
00076399-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076398-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076397-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076395-1Business > Business logo HUWA COLLECTIONS
00076394-1Business > Business correspondence Owner
00076393-1Other > Confidential creation JALIKU E LEVINE
00076392-1Craft > Other Damon Lamont Bennett Sr
00076391-1Other > Confidential creation Common-Law & Copyrighted Trade Name perrie daniell gibson©®
00076390-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Mama (The words you told me)
00076389-1Image Arts > Comic FOURMI SANS FRONTIERE
00076388-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music Me against all worlds: In songs
00076386-1Other > Other Creator & Owner
00076384-1Other > Other CHANTE LANET DOVE
00076382-1Other > Confidential creation ERIC RAMON TAYLOR
00076381-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076380-1Other > Other Trade Name
00076377-1Business > Other Pom cafe peace of mind
00076375-1Education > Course content ORDER FLOW BY MOONCHARTS
00076374-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076373-1Business > Business logo co-Trustee
00076372-1Business > Business logo co-Trustee
00076371-1Business > Business logo co-Trustee
00076367-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076365-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076364-1Literary > Theater Le cri de la Tortue
00076363-1Literary > Novel Crache de bouche
00076357-1Other > Confidential creation Copyright of trade-Name (KALEEL SABUR) & ANY & ALL derivations
00076356-1Other > Confidential creation GILDO BEITIA
00076355-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076354-1Other > Confidential creation LATA OLYDIA LEWIS
00076353-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076347-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076345-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076343-1Business > Contract JADEN READ FAMILY OF HARDY ESTATE
00076342-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Cinema texts Sakulati
00076341-1Business > Business correspondence Khalil Davis
00076340-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076339-1Business > Business logo Tamika Sharice Lott Williams
00076338-1Denomination > Use denomination SPRA Digital Currency
00076336-1Other > Other Ownership of title and name in any spelling
00076335-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076334-1Literary > Novel T'as où les vaches ?
00076332-1Business > Other Handbook / Training handout: Circular Intelligence
00076331-1Other > Confidential creation Clint Lee Kinney
00076329-1Business > Contract BRYANT FAMILY OF THOMAS
00076327-1Other > Confidential creation HENRY CHARLES SANDERS
00076326-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076323-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076320-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076318-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076317-1Literary > Biography Malgré moi sur les routes de l'enfer
00076316-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00074772-2Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076315-1Education > Educational material AND YOU WONDER WHY
00076314-1Literary > Novel BLAISE DELBÉ
00076312-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076309-1Other > Confidential creation ALEXANDRIA DAVIS
00076307-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076306-1Business > Commercial documents JE'QUNTEY TRE'VELL MC LAURIN
00076305-1Literary > Novel Le murmure des Anciens
00067583-2Literary > Theater Second tour ? - Les Papets
00076304-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076302-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076301-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00076300-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00076298-1Business > Contract Jasmine Theresa Hill
00076294-1Business > Other Owner/Executor/Executrix/Beneficiary
00076293-1Business > Other Owner/Executor//Beneficiary
00076291-1Business > Other Executor/Executrix/Beneficiary
00076288-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076286-1Business > Contract Owner/Executor/Executrix/Beneficiary
00076283-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076282-1Other > Other My Name
00076281-1Other > Other URSULA MARIA KNIGHT
00076279-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076278-1Other > Confidential creation Business Name
00076277-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076275-1Literary > Ebook Terre-Etuve
00076273-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music FLASH LIGHT
00076272-1Business > Commercial documents Common Law Copyright Notice
00076271-1Business > Business logo KulTure
00076270-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076269-1Other > Confidential creation RICHARD ANTHONY BROWN
00076268-1Literary > Children's story Lanna découvre l'histoire de Siwa
00076266-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076264-1Literary > Novel Chroniques de Thiendenbaum 1 La prophétie
00076263-1Business > Business correspondence Common Law Copyright Notice ©1981 All Rights Reserved
00076262-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076260-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076259-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076257-1Literary > Novel Gehenna
00076251-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076247-1Business > Business logo TAJIYANNA SHANNEASE SUTTON
00076246-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076245-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076244-1Other > Other Patricia Ann Evans
00076243-1Literary > Children's story Fifrelin & Tambourine
00076238-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076236-1Business > Other My business name
00076235-1Web > Website Le Fils de l’homme dans le nuage
00076234-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076233-1Other > Other BERLEN JUSTINE
00076232-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00076231-1Business > Other RADAZSA LYNSHA PALMER
00076230-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076229-1Craft > Artistic creations LOGO Bougies de Massage + Marque : LOVE LIGHT
00076228-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076227-1Craft > Artistic creations Bougies de Massage Marque : LOVE LIGHT
00076225-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076224-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00076223-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00076222-1Business > Commercial documents DENA WYNNE
00076218-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00076217-1Image Arts > Drawing Diana Charlostin Elorreaga
00076216-1Image Arts > Drawing Diana Charlostin Honorat
00076213-1Web > Social media content Stardust Readings
00076205-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076202-1Other > Confidential creation The beneficiary
00076201-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076199-1Literary > Novel L'Ascension
00076197-1Other > Confidential creation my nane
00076196-2Business > Other ADAM LAEL RAMIREZ
00076195-1Literary > Diverse texts Peugeot 1919-1939 l'essor, évolutions-révolutions
00076194-1Other > Other The WE TABLE
00076193-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076192-1Other > Confidential creation DANNA RAE HARRELL
00076191-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076189-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076188-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00061573-2Other > Other Aures
00076185-1Business > Contract Stepping Razor
00076184-1Other > Other Sylvia Lynn Woods
00076183-1Image Arts > Drawing STEPHEN ELORREAGA
00076182-1Image Arts > Drawing STEPHEN GLENN ODOM ELORREAGA
00076181-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00076180-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076179-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076178-1Literary > Poetry Juste quelques poèmes pour toi...
00076177-1Other > Other My Name
00076175-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076173-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076172-1Literary > Religious texts Tawah Lightfoot El
00076171-1Other > Confidential creation KENNETH GERARD GORE
00076169-1Literary > Novel Des rêves pour un regard Tome 2
00076168-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076167-1Business > Other Business Name
00076165-1Image Arts > Logo ALFRED EUGENE COLVIN
00076164-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076163-1Other > Other My birth certificate
00076162-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076161-1Other > Confidential creation Bryan Edward Aguilar Hiyas ©, A Living Man
00076160-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076159-1Education > Other The H.Y.P.E.E. School Tour
00076155-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076154-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076153-1Business > Contract RYAN ONEAL FAMILY OF JOSEPH ESTATE
00076152-1Other > Other My Name
00076151-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music Metamorphosis
00076150-1Other > Confidential creation MY SONS NAME
00076149-1Other > Confidential creation DAUGHTERS NAME
00076147-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00076146-1Literary > Other GENAINE LEGETTE
00076144-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076142-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076141-1Business > Business logo Qba Nation, LLC
00076140-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00076139-1Literary > Children's story THE KINGDOM OF PANDASIA Cassandra's quest for the antidote
00076137-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076135-1Other > Other je n'ai pas su
00076134-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076133-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00076129-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076125-1Literary > Poetry Morale Impossible
00076122-1Business > Commercial documents PRIVATE AGREEMENT CLC
00076119-1Image Arts > Drawing MARY THERESA IHOLTS
00076118-1Other > Confidential creation EMILY A CARRIER
00076116-1Image Arts > Drawing MARY THERESA LARBI
00076115-1Business > Business correspondence owner
00076114-1Other > Confidential creation YAHWEHS1SON
00076113-1Image Arts > Other Watermelon Bella
00076111-1Other > Confidential creation RAEGAN O'RILEY CLARKE
00076110-1Other > Confidential creation MACKENZIE BAILEY-RAE CLARKE
00076109-1Other > Confidential creation ALICEA NICOLA CLARKE
00076108-1Other > Other copyright of DONALD RAY HUNTER
00076106-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00076105-1Literary > Novel The Silent Storm
00076103-1Craft > Textiles Mosquito repellent textile waterproofing
00076102-1Web > Internet invention plush doll or mosquito repellent fabric doll
00076101-1Craft > Dolls Doudou anti moustiques et nuisibles
00076100-1Literary > Poetry De mots criminels en vers éméchés
00076097-1Other > Other Brian David Robson
00076096-1Other > Other MERCEDES TIFFANY NESBITT
00076093-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076092-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076090-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076089-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076088-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076087-1Business > Other Business Names any all derivations
00076086-1Literary > Poetry Poésie romantique
00076085-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music À qui la faute ?
00076084-1Other > Other B2RTN Born to Rewrite the Narrative: The Melanated Father's Guide
00076083-1Other > Confidential creation JESSICA WHITNEY GENTRY
00076082-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076081-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Projet Libertad - 2022 - 2023
00076080-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076079-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076078-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076076-1Literary > Ebook Les Géants de Givre et de Glace, l'Örlög et le Wyrd
00076074-1Other > Other LeShonda Marshell McCauley
00076073-1Web > Website Site en ligne MACREATIONPERSO
00076072-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Diva (paroles et musique)
00076070-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076069-1Education > Course content Orisanla - Obatala the Great Orisa
00076063-1Other > Confidential creation My Name JaSon Lee Montoya
00076062-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076060-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076059-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076058-1Business > Other Copyright for AIUKLI MEZTLI EXPRESS TRUST ENTERPRISE
00076055-1Literary > Novel Quand passe l'Ange
00076054-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME (ENTITY)
00076052-1Other > Other 60 POPLAR AVENUE LAND PATENT NUMBER 7211968VD
00076051-1Other > Confidential creation Mise au point sur un parcours semé d'embûches
00076050-1Other > Other 17 KENNEDY PARK ROAD LAND PATENT NUMBER 3272001RD
00076048-1Other > Other STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH CERT# P 3122657
00076047-1Business > Commercial documents CHAYVIS NOLAN CURRY
00076046-1Business > Commercial documents KIMBERLY L. ALDERMAN
00076043-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076042-1Business > Business correspondence LaTreatha L King
00076037-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076035-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076034-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00076033-1Other > Confidential creation My name JefferyAllen Barton
00076032-1Other > Other Comprendre le Français
00076029-1Other > Confidential creation adain whyte el (ADAIN WHYTE)
00076028-1Literary > Other Spiritisme vous vouliez savoir vous allez comprendre
00076026-1Other > Confidential creation Name
00076025-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076024-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076023-1Communication > Business communication KONTERRIAS THOMAS
00076022-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076021-1Other > Confidential creation Gregory Deon Hickenbottom
00076020-1Literary > Essay Le cinéma humaniste de Steven Spielberg
00076019-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076018-1Other > Confidential creation Name
00076014-1Business > Other Linda Elaine Hall name
00076011-1Business > Business logo Den10
00076010-1Business > Business correspondence DENNIS JOHNNY WILLIS HAMILTON
00076009-1Other > Other Creator & Owner of the Name Heru Montu Ra El
00076008-1Other > Confidential creation AHKIR ONDRE BAILEY, Ahkir Ondre Bailey,
00076007-1Business > Other Circular intelligence: Regenerating digital systems
00076006-1Business > Other Circular Intelligence: Optimising data circulation
00076005-1Other > Confidential creation MARQUIS DEMOND ADAMS
00076004-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076003-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00076002-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Project DAMN GOOD COOKIN
00075999-1Other > Other BUTTER NACHO SALAD
00075998-1Other > Confidential creation King wolf
00075997-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075996-1Other > Other L'inspiration
00075995-1Business > Other 7 ways to get paid video, presentation, and instructional
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00075990-1Business > Business correspondence Brusse86
00075989-1Business > Other ROGER LEE FORE
00075988-1Business > Business correspondence KELSY WILLIAMS JR
00075986-1Other > Other My name
00075983-1Business > Other Reals Food LLC
00075981-1Literary > News Eaux fortes
00075978-1Other > Other Jay’Len Da’Laino Bell, Bell Da’Laino Jay’Len
00075977-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00075975-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00075974-1Other > Confidential creation Name
00075972-1Other > Other Jésus Christ, le Véritable est venu en chair, pas Jésus Christian
00075971-1Image Arts > Comic Les Pensées de Celia
00075970-1Literary > Novel Mystérieux Livre 1 : L'Oracle
00075969-1Other > Confidential creation Introduction historique du droit et du droit naturel
00075968-1Other > Other Road Dust
00075967-1Other > Confidential creation My Son's Name
00075966-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075965-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075964-1Literary > Novel title Derrière la porte saigne mon coeur
00075962-1Literary > Novel title Après la nuit, ma vie !
00075960-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075959-1Literary > Other Mon super journal
00075958-1Business > Business correspondence ANDREW KOPCA
00075957-1Other > Confidential creation Copyright
00075956-1Other > Other Artículos - doctrina - clases
00075951-1Literary > Ebook Les 5 étapes du coaching
00075949-1Literary > Ebook La roue de la vie
00072739-2Education > Course content SVT: Livre Terminale Spécialité Pandagro Tout-en-cartes
00075948-1Other > Other AfroAmaZoniKidZ
00075947-1Image Arts > Logo Les Mondes de Sen & ?áo
00075946-1Literary > Children's story Maman n'est pas là
00075943-1Business > Other Copyright for ARDEN BANIAN GARNETT and/or any variation of Name
00075942-1Business > Other Copyright for ANDREW PEYTON GARNETT and/or any variation
00075941-1Business > Other Copyright for ALEXANDER EVERETT GARNETT and/or any variation Name
00075940-1Business > Other Copyright for AARON PHILLIP GARNETT and/or any variation of Name
00075939-1Business > Other Copyright for ANGELA MARIA JOHNSON and/or any variation of Name
00075938-1Literary > Ebook Le guide pratique des Vierges
00075937-1Literary > Diverse texts Les Reliefs éphémères
00075934-1Other > Other STRAWMAN
00075932-1Business > Other BEAUTIFUL COURAGEOUS YOUNG
00075930-1Other > Other ROBBIE DEAN JELSMA
00075929-1Web > Website Site en ligne Lorensac Maroquinerie
00075928-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075926-1Business > Commercial documents Destiny Codex 12 Private Government Foundation
00075925-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075924-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075923-1Other > Other Devenir l'Ami(e) de DIEU
00075922-1Other > Other My name
00075920-1Literary > Novel title Astucieux comme un oiseau Gravelot
00075919-1Craft > Diverse materials creations THE ANCIENTS
00075918-1Literary > Novel Astucieux comme lun oiseau Gravelot
00075917-1Literary > Novel Défier le destin et se retrouver
00075916-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music I AM SORRY
00075915-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music HEY YOU
00075914-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music LET’S MAKE THIS TOGETHER
00075913-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music I AM SORRY
00075912-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music LET’S MAKE THIS TOGETHER
00075911-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie REINE ABLA POKOU
CopyrightNo Category Title
00075909-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075904-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075903-1Business > Other Common Law Copyright Notice
00075902-1Business > Other Copyright for ANGELA MARIA GARNETT and/or any variation of Name
00075901-1Other > Confidential creation International copy right for RUBIN THOMAS MICHAEL LISAULA©
00075900-1Literary > Novel L'ADVENTICE
00075899-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "BUSSELS"
00075898-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "RAONA"
00075897-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "BRANDON RAONA"
00075896-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "BRANDON T RAONA"
00075895-1Other > Other ESTELLALAH RASHEED
00075894-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "ANTHONY BECK"
00075893-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "BRANDON THOMAS RAONA"
00075892-1Business > Contract Dr. Anthony G. Beck
00075891-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "Anthony G. Beck"
00075890-1Business > Contract Balance Protocol
00075889-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "BALANCE PROTOCOL"
00075888-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "BALANCE PROTOCOL INSTITUTE"
00075887-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "HELION ENTERPRISES"
00075886-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "HELION NUTRACEUTICALS"
00075885-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "REX TETELESTAI EXPRESS TRUST ENTERPRISE"
00075884-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "ANTHONY GLENN FAMILY OF BECK ESTATE"
00075883-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "ANTHONY GLENN BECK"
00075882-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "REX TETELESTAI"
00075881-1Business > Contract Ens Legis "Rex Tetelestai Express Trust"
00075880-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075878-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music HEY YOU
00075876-1Business > Commercial documents ScorpioEmpress
00075875-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00073255-4Other > Other Kenny Ken Bey
00073255-3Other > Other Hobbs Kenneth Kenyatta
00073255-2Other > Other Kenneth K Hobbs
00075873-1Literary > Other Abide By Your Oath (A Penal Code Is Not A Crime)
00075871-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075870-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075869-1Other > Confidential creation My Temple Name
00075868-1Other > Other My Name
00075866-1Other > Confidential creation ENS LIGUS
00075865-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario Pierre qui roule
00075864-1Other > Other My name
00075863-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075862-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075765-2Literary > Ebook Il est temps - Nouveaux Dieux
00075859-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075858-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075857-1Other > Confidential creation My name
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00075844-1Business > Other FULLKING-C19 Brand Names, Logos Product and Marketing
00075843-1Image Arts > Painting Autoportrait au Chapeau de Feutre Gris par Vincent van Gogh
00075842-1Other > Other Mr
00075841-1Literary > Novel Tombent les hommes amoureux
00075840-1Business > Other Share Shopping
00075839-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075838-1Other > Confidential creation Melissa Elaine Harris
00075837-1Other > Confidential creation MELISSA ELAINE HARRIS
00075836-1Literary > News A la pointe de l'épée
00075835-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075834-1Literary > Essay Vers la frontière lorraine (3e édition)
00075832-1Literary > News OSE-MOI TANGUERO
00075831-1Literary > Children's story King Mad Licorne
00075829-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075828-1Web > Social media content Slimepack_392
00075827-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075826-1Business > Business project Projet "Je suis moi-même" coaching
00075822-1Business > Business correspondence BRANDON EMANUEL RUSSELL
00075820-1Business > Other ADELE JUANITA BOYDE ADELE J. ART
00075819-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075817-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Project State National
00075816-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075814-1Other > Confidential creation mercy deesherie faceson
00075813-1Literary > Novel Ré-évolution
00075811-1Literary > Novel Golden Daemon
00075810-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075809-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075808-1Business > Other TSUNAMI L.L.C.
00075807-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075806-1Other > Other Copyright strawman
00065575-2Literary > Novel Mes romans au o8/22
00075800-1Literary > Children's story Les aventures d'Anion et Tikity
00075799-1Craft > Artistic creations Untomilla (newer version)
00075798-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075796-1Literary > Novel Traspolis
00075795-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Complainte de la création
00075794-1Business > Business logo Anne El Bey owns the name "ANDRIANNA RILEY ROACH
00075793-1Business > Business logo Anne El Bey owns the name ANDRIANNA RILEY
00075792-1Business > Other ENTITY NAME
00075790-1Other > Other Jacqueline Tiara Mckenzie
00075787-1Denomination > Private denomination X-QUISITE ALLAH
00075785-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075784-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075783-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075780-1Other > Other Diamond Model - Humanity Rising, World Unity Week, Michael and Ma
00075779-1Business > Other Krusade Records
00075778-1Literary > Novel Le mystère du château
00075777-1Literary > Novel Grenadine a disparu
00075776-1Literary > Novel Le crime de la fête votive
00075775-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00075774-1Other > Confidential creation My name
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00075772-1Business > Business slogan Business Slogan and name
00075770-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075769-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075768-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075767-1Education > Educational material Grille pour accompagner des jeunes TSA niveau 1
00075766-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075765-1Literary > Ebook Il est temps - Nouveaux Dieux
00075764-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075763-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075762-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075761-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075760-1Education > Educational material Floralyz-Brochure pédagogique-Référentiel 2020
00070079-2Literary > Other Nouvelle visuelle - Mémoires d'un Veilleur - Double meurtre
0061238-13Literary > Novel Meurtre au lycée
00075757-1Image Arts > Logo Confidentiel
00075755-1Literary > Novel L'effroyable ectoplasme gluant
00075753-1Other > Confidential creation Copyright of Seshat Lee-Al
00075752-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075751-1Other > Other DAIQUAN ANTHONY NANNAN
00075749-1Other > Other DEONCO DEONDRA MYERS
00075748-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075747-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075745-1Communication > Confidential Antonio Shamar Courtlandt
00075743-1Other > Confidential creation LYRIC ROSALEE ELLINGTON
00075742-1Other > Other SHELDON DWAYNE ELLINGTON
00075741-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075740-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075739-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075738-1Other > Other Melissa Michelle Sigmon
00075737-1Other > Other La prof qui aime la rentrée - Carnets pour les profs
00075735-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075733-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075732-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075730-1Other > Other Ernest Matthew Kelly
00075727-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075726-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
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00075723-1Other > Confidential creation My name
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00075720-1Other > Other my Name CopyRight-Trade Mark
00075719-1Other > Other CATHLEEN C JEANBAPTISTE
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00075717-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075716-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075715-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075714-1Communication > Other ANTONIO BROASTER BEY
00075713-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00075712-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075711-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Riding To The Sun
00075710-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075708-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00075705-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075704-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075701-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
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00075697-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075696-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00075695-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075694-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075691-1Image Arts > Other A special day for a special me
00075689-1Literary > Essay crise sanitaire et jours meilleurs
00075688-1Other > Other My name
00075686-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075685-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075683-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075682-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075681-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075680-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075679-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075676-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075674-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075673-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075670-1Literary > Novel Hugo Moon - Tome 3 : Vaincre
00065593-4TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie Révélations Starseed 2 / Starseed Revelations 2
00075667-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075666-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075665-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00075660-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
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00075626-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075624-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075622-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075620-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075619-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075618-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075617-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00075616-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075615-1Literary > Novel Naïma et les Ressourceurs Tome 1 Les Empires du Psalion
00075614-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075613-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075612-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075611-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075610-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075608-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075604-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00075602-1Literary > News Le bonhomme rouge des Tuileries
00075601-1Other > Confidential creation YOUR NAME
00075600-1Literary > Novel Le Talisman de Fontanges
00075597-1Other > Other ARCHIE LEE PETERSON
00075596-1Other > Confidential creation Jr dunn
00075595-1Other > Other CASSANDRA C CHANDLER
00075594-1Other > Confidential creation Equitable Influence Trust
00075593-1Other > Other House of Ra El
00075592-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075591-1Other > Confidential creation Credit to maiden
00075590-1Web > Website JERRY HAYES MCDANIEL JR
00075589-1Craft > Artistic creations Untomilla
00075588-1Business > Business logo AARON J ZIELSDORF
00075587-1Image Arts > Photography safari Afrique du Sud
00075586-1Literary > Novel Bienvenue dans la ruche !
00061969-5Literary > News Les yeux noirs et autres nouvelles
00075584-1Other > Other Ra El
00075583-1Other > Other
00075582-1Other > Other Ra El Logo
00075580-1Business > Other ANTHONY JORDAN JR.
00075579-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075578-1Business > Commercial texts MoLit
00075577-1Business > Commercial documents FRANCES OLIVIA BUSH
00075576-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075575-1Science > Other La restauration du lien
00075574-1Other > Confidential creation ALMA CARTER GILES
00075573-1Other > Confidential creation Susie Derden Simpson
00075572-1Other > Confidential creation Heather Noel Simpson
00075571-1Other > Other My Name
00075570-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075567-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075566-1Literary > Other Multivers
00075564-1Literary > Poetry Emotions en confinement
00075563-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075562-1Literary > Other Rencontre e-réelle
00075560-1Education > Other Les Secrets du Grand Écart
00075559-1Education > Other Stretching pour la musculation
00075558-1Other > Other My Name
00075557-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075555-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075554-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075553-1Other > Other My Name
00075552-1Other > Other My Name
00074895-2Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00075549-1Business > Commercial documents GARY KENDALL HAMPTON©
00075548-1Communication > Other SAMARIS RIVERA
00075547-1Other > Other ERNEST TOWNSEND
00075542-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075541-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075539-1Other > Confidential creation EMONNE LASHAY BURGESS
00075537-1Other > Confidential creation Emonne LaShay Burgess
00075536-1Other > Confidential creation BRITTANY TIERARA BALLARD
00075534-1Other > Confidential creation Brittany Burgess
00075533-1Other > Confidential creation DANIEL BURGESS
00075532-1Other > Confidential creation Daniel Burgess
00075530-1Literary > News La Proviseure
00075529-1Literary > Other KILLING ON THE LINES - Script
00075528-1Other > Confidential creation ANNA TORRES AGUILAR
00075527-1Other > Other Ryan Hillmeddo
00075526-1Other > Confidential creation CORNELIUS GILES III
00075525-1Other > Other Common Law Copyright Notice for Stephanie Janel Martin©
00075524-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075523-1Other > Other Dreonne Tarique Harmon
00075522-1Other > Confidential creation Robert Christopher Butler
00075521-1Business > Other MAIA AYANA GILES-WRIGHT
00075520-1Other > Other CORNELIUS GILES JR
00075519-1Other > Other My Name
00075516-1Other > Other CAMELLIA DE SHARME GILES
00075515-1Other > Confidential creation MARQUELLE SMITH
00075512-1Literary > News Atchoum et Yasmina
00075511-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music One love to go
00075510-1Business > Commercial documents Programme de formation à la Sclérose latérale Amyotrophique
00075508-1Business > Business slogan Owner
00075507-1Literary > Novel La vie est une longue autoroute tranquille
00075506-1Other > Other My Name
00075505-1Business > Other My Name
00075504-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075502-1Other > Other DEBORAH CAROL PHILLIPS
00075501-1Literary > News La Bonne adresse
00075500-1Literary > News L’adresse gourmande
00075498-1Business > Other BuzzWaxx©
00075497-1Other > Confidential creation MELISSA SHEPARD SALAME©
00075496-1Literary > Ebook Recede
00075494-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075492-1Other > Other Chavelle Brandy Barry
00075491-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075490-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075489-1Other > Other My name
00075488-1Other > Confidential creation RICO CONRON CHESTER JACKSON
00075487-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075485-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075484-1Literary > Diverse texts recueil la plume érotique 1
00075483-1Business > Commercial documents LATOYA TRAVIS
00075482-1Other > Other SERIMON STRONG
00075480-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00074410-2Image Arts > Drawing Copyright dessins 2022
00075477-1Other > Confidential creation Jessica Irene Thomas
00075475-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075474-1Other > Other Ashley Marie Morris
00075470-1Business > Business logo Virtually Adonya
00075469-1Business > Commercial documents DEVON DAWAYNE MARQUEZ
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00075467-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075466-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075464-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075463-1Other > Confidential creation ERICA LUCRETIA PORTER
00075462-1Business > Other TRACY LAMONT BROWN
00075461-1Other > Confidential creation ELISHA ALEXANDER BROOKS
00075460-1Business > Commercial texts TONTALIER KEYSHETT JONES
00075459-1Business > Business correspondence MR
00075458-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075456-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075455-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075454-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075453-1Education > Training material 9 SENSES (Sensitivity Extrasensory Neuro Selective Equine Senses)
00075452-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075450-1Education > Training material 9 SENS-E (Sensitivité Extrasensorielle Neuro Sélective Équine)
00075449-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075448-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie Pretty Kitty Films
00075447-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Other Coviceá
00075446-1Business > Business logo Commercial Business
00075445-1Other > Confidential creation Entity created in my name
00075444-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075443-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00075441-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075439-1Other > Other Name and Various Deviations and Derivatives of All Names
00075438-1Other > Other Name & various Deviations/Derivatives of All Names
00075437-1Other > Confidential creation Frederick Tywan Daniely
00075434-1Other > Other Arlinda Marchelle Parrish
00075433-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075432-1Other > Confidential creation Prince Julian Flewellen
00075430-1Other > Other Lynique Browning
00075429-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075428-1Other > Confidential creation MIND YOUR MIND
00075426-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075425-1Literary > Poetry Entre hier et aujourd'hui
00075424-1Other > Confidential creation Trust
00075423-1Image Arts > Logo NO APOLOGIES
00075422-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00075421-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075420-1Communication > Personal communication GREGORY TORRES
00075418-1Other > Confidential creation Edward copyright
00075417-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075416-1Other > Other JERRY HAYES MCDANIEL JR
00075412-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075411-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075410-1Other > Other DAVID MICHAEL LOHMEYER
00075405-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075404-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075402-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075401-1Other > Other Daniel Joseph Friday
00075400-1Other > Confidential creation MARQUIS ROBINSON
00075399-1Other > Other Beautiful Brown Lady
00075397-1Other > Confidential creation GEORGE S APPLE JR
00075394-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075390-2Other > Other Joshua Brian Parris
00075392-1Other > Other Rayshawn Dominque Martinez
00075391-1Other > Other Reverend
00075390-1Other > Other JOSHUA BRIAN PARRIS
00075389-1Other > Other Mr.
00075388-1Business > Commercial documents Executor
00075382-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075381-1Business > Other BRYAN EDWARD AGUILAR HIYAS ©®
00075378-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075372-1Other > Other BENJAMIN ARTHUR LANGS JR
00075370-1Other > Other Re’al Marie Yarrell
00075369-1Other > Other RichCambino
00075367-1Business > Contract ANDRE DEMARCK THOMAS, Andre D. Thomas, ANDRE THOMAS, Andre Thomas
00075362-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music P.C.P Mixtape 3
00075361-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music P.C.P Mixtape 2
00075360-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music P.C.P Mixtape
00075359-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music A Beautiful Monster 3
00075358-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music A Beautiful Monster 2
00075357-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music The Last Stand
00075356-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music Deus Ex Machina
00075355-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music Other Over and Out 3
00075354-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music Anarchy: An Acappella Apocalypse
00075353-1Other > Confidential creation NAME
00075350-1Other > Other My Name
00075349-1Other > Other My Trust
00075347-1Other > Confidential creation My Name 2
00075346-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075345-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075344-1Other > Confidential creation Title my name
00075343-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075342-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075341-1Other > Confidential creation Title my name
00075340-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075339-1Other > Other Jeanne Lynn Martinez
00075337-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075336-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075334-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075333-1Business > Business logo CREWTON RAMONE
00075332-1Business > Business logo BEN HOSEA ROGERS
00075331-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075330-1Other > Confidential creation BRIAN SCOTT PAGE JR
00075329-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075327-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00075325-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075324-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075323-1Other > Other My Name
00075322-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075321-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075320-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075319-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075315-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075314-1Literary > Theater La fête des voiZins
00075313-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075312-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075309-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00075307-1Literary > Novel L'arène des abeilles
00075305-1Business > Business logo Authentically Anointed Co
00075304-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075303-1Business > Business logo Kingston Terry Family of Callier Estate
00075302-1Business > Business logo Lindsay Michelle Callier Estate
00075301-1Business > Business logo JLK Legacy Inc.
00075300-1Business > Business logo Kingston Terry Callier
00075299-1Business > Business logo Lindsay Michelle Callier
00075298-1Business > Business logo Jesse Terry Callier Jr.
00075297-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075296-1Business > Business logo Kingston Imago Dei
00075295-1Business > Business logo Lindsay Imago Dei
00075294-1Business > Business logo Jacob Imago Dei
00075292-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075290-3Business > Business correspondence YESHUA ELOHEM BEY©™ or Yeshua Elohem Bey© (Estate)
00075290-2Business > Business correspondence RAYMOND EUGENE HANKINS©™ or Raymond Eugene Hankins© (Estate)
00075290-1Business > Business correspondence LERESE SHANTA HANKINS©™ or Lerese Shanta Hankins© (Estate)
00075289-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075288-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075287-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075286-1Business > Business correspondence DEMARIO LASHUN HANKINS©™ or Demario Lashun Hankins© (Estate)
00075284-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075283-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075282-1Literary > Other CURTIS H JOHNSON
00075281-1Other > Other CAMERON EARL HAYWARD
00075276-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075275-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075273-1Business > Business logo Business name
00075271-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075270-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00075268-1Other > Other My Name
00075267-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075265-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00075263-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075262-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075261-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075260-1Other > Confidential creation MOZIAH CORPORATION
00075259-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075258-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075256-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075255-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075253-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075252-1Other > Confidential creation MY NAME
00075251-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075250-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075249-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075244-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075242-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075241-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075240-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075239-1Literary > Theater AD & SF
00075238-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075237-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075236-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075232-1Web > Other universmimicreations
00075226-1Other > Confidential creation my name
00075225-1Other > Confidential creation Copyright of MY name (EBONE' NAKIA MILNER©)
00075224-1Business > Business correspondence SAVANNAH MCDUFFIE
00075223-1Business > Business correspondence LONDYN MCDUFFIE
00075222-1Business > Business correspondence CRYSTAL MCDUFFIE
00075220-1Business > Business correspondence CRYSTAL J MCDUFFIE
00075219-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075218-1Other > Other My name
00075216-1Literary > Ebook Initiation à la Rune Uruz et talisman favorisant la guérison
00075215-1Other > Other Sara Jael Midds
00075213-1Other > Other My Name
00075212-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075211-1Other > Other My Name
00075210-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075209-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075206-1Other > Other My name
00075205-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075203-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075201-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075200-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075198-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075195-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075194-1Other > Other My Name
00075192-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00074347-2TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario A real myth - Pilot 2022
00075189-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075188-1Business > Commercial documents Name Copyright
00075187-1Other > Other My Name
00075186-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075185-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075184-1Business > Other COPYRIGHT NOTICE - CLCN03291974LNT
00075183-1Other > Confidential creation Henry Dwight McKinney jr.
00075176-1Other > Other My name
00075175-1Literary > Novel Trois fois
00075174-1Business > Other Mishon Long
00075173-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075172-1Business > Other MISHON LONG
00075170-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075169-1Other > Confidential creation Jamarre’A RaShad Tyrese Vanterpool
00075168-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075167-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075161-2Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075165-1Business > Contract LATIFAH SHYVAE SMITH
00075163-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075162-1Business > Other Record Label
00075160-1Business > Business project NAFSHI INC.
00075159-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075156-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075155-1Other > Other My Name
00075154-1Literary > Novel Chaogonie
00075153-1Business > Contract LANCE ERIC FAMILY OF SMITH ESTATE
00075152-1Business > Contract DOMINION GOLD EXPRESS TRUST
00075151-1Literary > Poetry Terre de tendresse
00075149-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00075146-1Other > Confidential creation ARTHUR SCOTT III
00075144-1Literary > Novel Le Dernier Ange
00075143-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075142-1Other > Confidential creation Justice Seyci Kinard
00075141-1Literary > Biography Kaléidoscope
00075139-1Education > Educational material Livret d'accueil de votre assistante maternelle
00075138-1Other > Other My Name
00075132-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075131-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075129-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075126-1Craft > Artistic creations MERVIN STODDART JR
00075124-1Other > Other My Name
00075123-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075121-1Other > Confidential creation My name
00075117-1Other > Other Antownette Thigpen
00075116-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075115-1Other > Other My Name
00075113-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075110-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075108-1Other > Other My name Aja-Lee Baradji
00075107-1Other > Other My Name
00075106-1Other > Other Etoria Shafon Cummings
00075105-1Other > Other My Name
00075104-1Other > Other My Name
00075100-1Other > Other Alaijah Adams
00075098-1Other > Other My Name
00075096-1Other > Other My Name
00075094-1Other > Other Allis Larae Hollins
00075093-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075092-1Other > Confidential creation My Name
00075091-1Other > Other My name
00075090-1Other > Other My Name
00075089-1Other > Other My Name
00075086-1Other > Other JENNIFER JOAN MULLINGS
00075084-1Business > Other EMANUEL LA MARR HARRIS
00069216-3Literary > Diverse texts Corpus de textes et images numéro 4 (un sketch)
0060070-24Craft > Artistic creations Peintures et site internet d Eliora Bousquet
00075083-1Other > Other Agenda « La Prof Qui Aime La Rentrée » et son oracle de 88 cartes
00075082-1Image Arts > Logo Tycoon Talk
00075081-1Other > Confidential creation Name
00075080-1Other > Confidential creation Copyright of MICHAEL ELLIOT POWELL; estate, corp. sole, custodian
00075079-1Other > Other Devenir le héros de sa propre histoire
00075078-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Short film ALTEREGO
00075077-1Literary > Ebook Andreas et l'Oracle de Delphes
00075076-1Literary > Novel Andreas et l'Oracle de Delphes
00075075-1Literary > Children's story Vassilis et le Cheval du Meltemi
00075074-1Literary > Ebook Cours Pratique des Lions
00075071-1Business > Business correspondence JOHN THOMAS ESTATE TRUST
00075069-1Business > Commercial documents DOMINIC RASHAAD NICHOLSON
00075068-1Science > Other Dans l'intimité des êtres vivants et des roches - Tome 3
00075066-1Communication > Contract Giles Family Express Trust
CopyrightNo Category Title
00075062-1Literary > Ebook Gagner sa vie en écrivant
00075061-1Literary > Essay Grandir
00075060-1Image Arts > Drawing JENEA GREEN
00075059-1Image Arts > Drawing ANGEL GEIGEL
00075058-1Literary > News A l'école de Nisaba
00075056-1Image Arts > Photography Lot de photographies artistiques
00075055-1Image Arts > Other Couverture et dessins de l'ouvrage THE BD
00075054-1Education > Educational material The cahier journal du professeur des écoles 2022 2023
00075053-1Education > Educational material The BD jouer et lire des saynètes en anglais version courte
00075052-1Education > Educational material The BD, jouer et lire des saynètes en anglais, Cycles 2 et 3
00075051-1Other > Other Logo
00075050-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Under the moonlight
00075049-1Business > Other COPYRIGHT OF ANNA BRADLEY, LLC
00075048-1Business > Other COPYRIGHT OF WINDA WATERS, LLC
00075047-1Other > Confidential creation Alexa Camille Queen
00075045-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics without music Un trou dans la tête
00075044-1Business > Other FRIZZLE, ANNETTE MARIE, CONSUMER
00075043-1Business > Other ANNETTE MARIE FRIZZLE, CONSUMER
00075042-1Business > Other ALEXANDAR, AUBRA MARIE, CONSUMER
00075041-1Business > Other AUBRA MARIE ALEXANDAR, CONSUMER
00075040-1Business > Other JEFFREY EHRENKRANTZ, CONSUMER
00075039-1Literary > Diverse texts Septembre pluvieux, mariage heureux
00075038-1Other > Confidential creation Copyright of anwar phillips el
00075037-1Business > Other SHENELLE CHEVENE RAMSAY
00075036-1Other > Other fichier 3d
00075034-1Business > Business correspondence Owner/ Administrator
00075031-3Business > Commercial documents FAMILY 2
00075033-1Other > Other Rivière Éternité
00075032-1Literary > Novel Le Sceau de l'Arbre Monde (tome 2 et 3)
00075031-2Business > Commercial documents FAMILY
00075031-1Business > Commercial documents TANISHA TANITA KING
00075011-3Literary > Other MONEY MANAGEMENT FOR KIDS
00075027-1Literary > News ELLE(S)
00075026-1Literary > Poetry Poèmes 2010-2022
00075025-1Denomination > Pseudonym Œuvres littéraires musicales artistiques signées KAISER REDMAHNN
00074595-2Business > Contract Annexed Securities
00075023-1Other > Confidential creation Artwork-Eric Luis Torres, Eric Torres and all derivatives thereof
00075022-1Business > Other ABRA MARIE ALEXANDAR, CONSUMER
00075011-2Literary > Other GESTIÓN DEL DINERO PARA NIÑOS
00075014-1Other > Other Kadijah Raquel Perkins
00075013-1Literary > Theater C'EST TROP D'AMOUR !
00075012-1Education > Training material Articles de blog, préparation pour des entretiens d'embauche
00075010-1Other > Other Daylyy
00075009-1Other > Other Artículos - doctrina - clases
00075007-1Business > Business logo PATRICK PERNELL WILLIAMS
00075006-1Business > Contract TANISHA TANITA KING
00074255-3Literary > Children's story Evan Evanovitch,un paléontologue un peu spécial
00075005-1Literary > Novel Mister Hardin
00075004-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Dumka pour Piano en do Mineur
00075003-1Business > Other Outsmart Global - Circular Intelligence: Design out data waste
00075000-1Literary > Children's story Trois oursons. Une pour tous, tous pour une !
00074998-1Communication > Contract RUBIE WILKIE ESATATE. attached $100,000,000.00 Registered Bond
00074997-1Other > Confidential creation (L: M/CZ/D:)
00074996-1Other > Other (L:M/CZ/D:)
00062548-2Web > Website GAYA ARTISTE PLASTICIEN
00074995-1Business > Commercial texts "Bennies"
00074994-1Business > Commercial texts The "Trillest"
00074993-1Image Arts > Logo Christopher Kacou Beda
00074992-1Business > Other Ms
00074991-1Business > Other Authorized representative, Copyright Owner and Beneficiary
00074990-1Other > Other Tamichael ladon fordham
00074989-1Literary > Novel Le Torrent
00074988-1Business > Business logo Copyright of ANWAR PHILLIPS
00074987-1Business > Commercial documents Jacob Peter Salanoa Jr
00074984-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Projet en préparation Stick Marlone années 2022-2023
00074983-1Literary > Novel Les Larmes d'Aurora
00074982-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics No Smoke, Last Say
00074981-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Punish heavy metal Album Dominate
00074980-1Literary > Novel "UNE CHOSE QUE JE VOULAIS VOUS DIRE" - La Fabrique des Fantômes
00074979-1Business > Business slogan Let Us/Me Make You An Owner
00074978-1Communication > Internet, project, application or presentation concept Synergy Session
00074977-1Literary > Novel PARMI NOUS : PREMIER ASSAUT
00074976-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Radio show La Cybèle carrière holistique
00074975-1Literary > Novel Les Décharnés : Sans Futur
00074972-1Literary > Ebook Comment récupérer son ex selon son signe astrologique ?
00074971-1Education > Other "Ma routine Réseaux sociaux sur-mesure"
00074970-1Literary > Novel Bratva : Vadim Nazarov (German Edition)
00074969-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Tout doucement et La salle des pas perdus
00074968-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music tout doucement - La salle des pas perdus
00074176-3Literary > Novel Il n'y a pas que les oignons qui font pleurer
00074967-1Sound Arts > Musical composition SUGAR RUSH/RÊVE ENCORE/TOCTOCTOC/ARRIVEDERCI
00073443-2Literary > Essay Le bonheur, mon meilleur ami
00074966-1Literary > Novel Entretien avec un serpent
00074965-1Literary > Brochure CAHIERS AFRICAINS DE RHÉTORIQUE
00074964-1Business > Other SHENELLE C RAMSAY
00074962-1Other > Other Dhahabto_maa_el_fikrati_hataa_nihayatiha (el langue arabe)
00074961-1Business > Commercial documents EMILIO JOSE FAMILY OF TAPIA ESTATE
00074960-1Literary > Diverse texts États d'esprit
00074959-1Business > Commercial texts The Underground Influencer/Underground Influencer
00074958-1Business > Contract Répertoire des farines et ingrédients sans gluten
00074957-1Information Technology > Other Systeme de mise à jour d'un site web
00074956-1Business > Business plan trust
00074955-1Business > Business logo ARIEL KEIS
00074954-1Business > Contract ENS LEGIS COPYRIGHT
00074953-1Business > Other Veritatem Fratribus Testari Ex TR DBA Global Creative Profits
00074952-1Business > Business project HAIR SPA
00074951-1Business > Other SHEAMOSS
00074950-1Image Arts > Other signature de Olivier.Tramoni suivi de son empreinte
00074949-1Business > Other Tyrone Gay Jr.
00074948-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Other Imagine - Média Square
00074947-1Other > Other copyright of PAIGE MARIE BRYSON
00074946-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Contes musicaux et concerts scolaires
00074945-1Business > Business logo ASHANTI DIONNA
00074944-1Business > Other The A.W.O.L Show
00074943-1Business > Business logo ASHANTIDIONNA
00074942-1Web > Social media content Copyright passeport colombien CLAVELIN Nicolas partage réseau
00074941-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music 3 TITRES
00074939-1Image Arts > Other Expression of a Hijabi: Duas Inspirations and Real-Life Quotes
00074938-1Other > Other LOUIS D JOE
00074937-1Other > Other Joe;Louis
00074936-1Literary > Diverse texts Textes divers, recueil espace
00074934-1Literary > Other WAFIRIKA. Entretiens Avec Credo Mutwa. Interviews With CredoMutwa
00074933-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Voyage fantastik au pays magik des inst. de musik de Planet Terra
00074932-1Image Arts > Other gardiennes du chemin personnel
00074931-1Literary > Novel Le puceron qui était amoureux de sa rose
00074930-1Literary > Novel Tout de toi
00074929-1Literary > Novel Neverland
00069296-3Education > Training material Mises à Jour et nouvelles formations 2022
00074928-1Business > Commercial documents Camille L Jackson Copyright
00074924-1Education > Educational material Apprendre les sons avec les cartes mentales
00074923-1Science > Other Explication du miracle de la multiplication des pains
00074921-1Web > Other
00074920-1Web > Other
00074919-1Web > Other
00074918-1Web > Other
00074917-1Web > Other
00074916-1Web > Other
00074915-1Web > Other
00074914-1Business > Commercial documents KOWAL FAMILY ESTATE
00074913-1Literary > Novel D'ambre et d'obsidienne
00074912-1Image Arts > Plastic arts Mes Méditations 2
0064547-12Business > Other EBLIFE Natural Medicine logo, ein, & 1st product formula.
00074911-1Literary > Theater En route' pour le Pulitzer (version longue)
00074910-1Literary > Other Too Far Out
00074909-1Image Arts > Sculpture sprayman
00074907-1Web > Social media content Drum Cover Stick Marlone Dirty Loops - Rock You
00074905-1Literary > Novel Les yeux d'Ordalia
00074904-1Literary > Novel Les Arcanes de l'Âme - Livre I : Embrasement
00074902-1Business > Other Jamonie Murrell
00074901-1Business > Other Jamonie A Murrell
00074900-1Business > Other JAMONIE MURRELL
00074899-1Literary > Ebook Donar-Thor, Mjöllnir et le Seidr
00074898-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Ah Qu'Elle Est Belle La Tunisie
00074897-1Other > Other NAME
00074896-1Literary > Diverse texts Créez vos vidéos de A à Z
00074895-1Business > Contract MORGAN SHEA FAMILY OF CULVER ESTATE
00074894-1Business > Other Common-Law Trade-Name
00074893-1Craft > Cards pop up 3D cube and danser character and impossible object
00074892-1Literary > Novel Légendes d'Almyr : Les Fils de Sarold
00074891-1Literary > Biography Les yeux tournés vers un ailleurs
00074890-1Literary > Novel title Une étudiante infirmière presque parfaite
00073843-2Literary > Novel le bol de bois et la salamandre 2
00074889-1Business > Business project Se libérer en libéral
00074887-1Literary > Poetry Nymphale du peuplier / Grand Sylvain
00074886-1Science > Physics Berry la coccinelle
00074885-1Sound Arts > Musical composition The breakers song
00074884-1Business > Business project HandiWorking
00074882-1Literary > Novel Abdita ou la vérité sur Elena Mata
00074881-1Other > Confidential creation Beneficiary
00074879-1Sound Arts > Musical composition EP5
00074878-1Literary > Novel Les démons de Paul
00074877-1Other > Confidential creation Common Law Copyright I All Rights Reserved
00074876-1Business > Business logo OWNER
00074873-1Business > Commercial texts DARIUS MARQUISE PINCKNEY
00074871-1Business > Business slogan Are You Picking Up What We're Putting Down?
00074870-1Business > Business logo Just Good Vibez Co.
00074869-1Business > Business correspondence Omari Cortiana Tucker
00074868-1Business > Commercial documents Omari C Tucker
00074867-1Business > Business logo The Oracle Of Truth LLC
00074866-1Other > Other Le Fruit Bleu de la Forêt
0060070-23Craft > Other Site internet, peintures, textes et créations d'Eliora Bousquet
00074865-1Other > Confidential creation Owner
00074864-1Other > Confidential creation Owner
00074863-1Other > Other Leo Palmer
00074862-1Literary > Biography FAKATAHI
00074861-1Literary > Other Manuscrit d'une magicienne
00074860-1Literary > Ebook Le Cours Pratique des Cancers
00074857-1Denomination > Invention denomination LANGAMA108 (Nom+Concept original) & autres idées/concepts
00074855-1Image Arts > Logo #AriesGodOfWar????????
CopyrightNo Category Title
00074854-1Web > Website content Contenu du site internet
00074853-1Image Arts > Other Vies de Champis
00074852-1Other > Confidential creation Executor
00074850-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Blow it up; Devil’s only friend; Attracted by the rainbow.
00074847-1Other > Other My Name
00074846-1Literary > Other Frodo No. 900215002566851
00074844-1Literary > Novel Karessé Mwen - English
00074842-1Business > Contract OCTAVIA WATSON
00074841-1Business > Other Common Law Copyright and Trademark Notice
00074840-1Image Arts > Other Eric Legrand Thompson
00074838-1Literary > Novel Un certain 17 juillet
00074837-1Other > Confidential creation Zen Isla Siojo
00074836-1Other > Confidential creation Jade Michael Siojo
00074834-1Literary > Theater La Bibreloque
00074833-1Business > Business project Consensus Registration Queue Idea
00074832-1Web > Web Application SPN Fitness
00074831-1Literary > Diverse texts La fugitive
00074830-1Literary > Diverse texts
00074829-1Business > Commercial documents Notice common -law copyright
00074828-1Literary > Novel VICOSAPER
00074827-1Literary > Other GRZEGORZ ADAM KOWAL
00074826-1Literary > Novel Dilution Mentale : Ultime Connexion
00074825-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Proyecto Latinos
00074824-1Other > Confidential creation Good As Gold
00074823-1Literary > Other ELIZA IRMINA LUKASIAK KOWAL
00074822-1Literary > Other BARTLOMIEJ ANDRZEJ KOWAL
00074821-1Literary > Other BEATA KOWAL
00074820-1Literary > Other ANDRZEJ PIOTR KOWAL
00074819-1Business > Commercial documents KOWAL FAMILY TRUST
00074818-1Literary > Other MALWINA BEATA KOWAL
00074817-1Literary > Other BENIAMIN KAROL KOWAL
00074816-1Other > Confidential creation Executor
00074815-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Project Projet Web-Télé: GoPhoenix - Pour la santé durable en entreprise
00074812-1Education > Educational material L'architecture de l'écrit
00074811-1Image Arts > Plastic arts Dessins Par ECDL
00074810-1Literary > Children's story histoires à raconter et à lire
00074809-1Business > Business slogan Moon Biohacking
00074808-1Other > Confidential creation BETHANY KRISTIN LEA
00074807-1Denomination > Pseudonym Dr. Dunny
00074806-1Literary > News Le jeu de cartes
00074805-1Business > Commercial documents CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH
00074803-1Other > Other Je choisis de plaider couplable
00074801-1Other > Confidential creation DIVINE ANGEL VALIA EVELYN QUINAE JOHNSON
00074799-1Literary > Novel Harry et Pauline
00074798-1Business > Commercial documents Michael Holmes Express Trust Enterprise
00074796-1Business > Business logo Holmes,Michael Eugene
00074795-1Other > Confidential creation Introduction historique au droit
00074793-1Literary > Novel Sur ma tête, un volcan
00074792-1Other > Confidential creation Baglif (Bag Life Innovation Fusion) la serviette autocontenable.
00074791-1Business > Contract ALBERT ALUSEMI ADINKWUYE CHAPMAN
00074790-1Sound Arts > Musical creation Vidéo Dirty Shoes & Kara Kalm
00074789-1Literary > Novel Ad Vitam Æternam
00074788-1Business > Commercial documents GOLSTEYN SERES REGISTE
00074786-1Business > Commercial documents DIONTE DA'MON LITTLE
00074783-1Literary > Novel The Sabai Saga
00074782-1Other > Confidential creation International Copyright for JALIL AKEEM JAMISON©
00074781-1Business > Commercial documents TIMOTHY TERRELL WILLIAMS
00074780-1Literary > Poetry Libère le tonnerre, les délices de l'incertitude
00074779-1Literary > Novel L'Agonie des Visions/The Agony of Vision
00074778-1Web > Website D'un regard extérieur
00074777-1Craft > Artistic creations La Pouponnette
00074776-1Business > Business logo Atem Ali
00074775-1Business > Business slogan Daddy Dukes
00074773-1Image Arts > Drawing Zen et detente
00074772-1Business > Commercial documents SHAWN ONEIL BRYAN
00074771-1Business > Contract EDGAR FELIX
00074770-1Other > Other poppy et les abeilles
00074769-1Other > Other Artículos - doctrina - clases
00074768-1Business > Other TheDark Magician GRIFFENDOR
00074767-1Business > Commercial documents BENFRANK MONEY GANG (BFMG)
00074766-1Business > Other Hoochie Daddy Dukes
00074764-1Literary > Novel Le courage du coeur
00074436-2Literary > Novel Le Domaine D'Allen
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00074742-1Literary > Novel Les Maudits
00073076-3TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario We Will Never Die
00074740-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Covid Long
00074486-2Literary > Other Chronique d'un songe
00074737-1Business > Business project PROTOKOLE
00074736-1Literary > Ebook Initiation à la rune Fehu et talisman de protection
00074735-1Other > Other J'AI CHOISI DE ME MARIER ET J'ASSUME
00074734-1Literary > News Vivre pour vivre?
00074733-1Other > Other Hôpital énergétique pour humains
00074732-1Literary > Novel Trahison
00074731-1Business > Other ERICA NICOLE TILLEY
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00074729-1Communication > Other The Indigenous Radio Network
00074728-1Business > Business correspondence LaForTeke Marilyn Coldwell
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00074726-1Literary > Diverse texts Maman, pourquoi je ne suis pas comme les autres ?
00074725-1Literary > Novel Nordlys tome 4
00074319-2Image Arts > Logo logo et étiquette et recette argousier
00074724-1Other > Other RAGE AUX POINGS ( Scénario de long métrage sur la boxe féminine).
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00074722-1Literary > Novel Histoire de Robust le Sauvage
00074721-1Literary > Poetry 5 poèmes de la saison 5 d'Antonin écrits en janvier/février 2022
00074720-1Literary > News Vassilis et le Cheval du Meltemi
00074719-1Business > Business logo Trustee
00074717-1Literary > Novel Premier assaut
00074715-1Literary > Novel Je, Pacadis
00074713-1Literary > Novel Les ailes du passé
00074712-1Image Arts > Painting PHI, Myth & Math par Proch, version GMC
00074711-1Image Arts > Painting American Gothic par Grant Wood, version Grands Maîtres Collection
00074709-1Image Arts > Painting Impression Soleil Levant par Claude Monet, version GMC
00074708-1Image Arts > Painting Terrasse du Café le Soir à Arles, Vincent van Gogh, ver. GMC
00074707-1Image Arts > Painting Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh, version Grands Maîtres Collection
00074706-1Image Arts > Painting Le Cri par Edvard Munch, version Grands Maîtres Collection
00074705-1Image Arts > Painting La Jeune Fille à La Perle par Johannes Vermeer ver. GMC
00074704-1Literary > Ebook Trois Arilles de Grenade
00074702-1Literary > Ebook Kallistos et les Pirates
00074701-1Literary > Novel Kallistos et les Pirates
00074699-1Literary > Ebook Sur les Ailes d'Icare
00074698-1Literary > Novel Trois Arilles de Grenade
00074697-1Literary > Ebook Sur les Ailes d'Icare
00074696-1Literary > Novel Sur les Ailes d'Icare
00074695-1Literary > Ebook Le Cantique du Phénix
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00074684-1Image Arts > Painting Mona Lisa par Léonard de Vinci version Grands Maîtres Collection
00074683-1Literary > Novel Là où chante la colline
00074682-1Literary > Diverse texts Un rendez-vous avec Soi
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00074666-1Business > Commercial documents SHEQUITA ANTWANETTE MILLER SAVAGE
00074665-1Business > Commercial documents SHEQUITA ANTWANETTE ROBERTSON
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00074661-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music The wish to meet your eyes
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00074633-1Other > Other : Edwan-Shando: Thurmond. Revocable Living Trust
00074632-1Literary > Varied texts Les écrits de Meriem
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00074618-1Literary > Novel Les virevoltants
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00074615-1Literary > News L'histoire des trois plumes
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00074583-1Literary > Novel '' Damné bonheur t'es où ? ''
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00074581-1Other > Other Esperanza, Voyage à la rencontre de soi
00074580-1Business > Business slogan WAYNE AMARU NUMI BEY
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00071319-2Literary > Novel LE ROMAN DE ROSTROPUR
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00074559-1Literary > Theater Les Femmes ne tombent pas comme les pierres
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00074544-1Literary > Diverse texts oracle de la communication animale
00074314-2Image Arts > Drawing Images d'illustration pour la marque en ligne ''LMCB''
00074328-2Other > Other Kit Iterra Expéditions no3 Le Larzac
00074543-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Prendre l'Air
00074542-1Literary > News La meute
00074541-1Image Arts > Drawing Nouvelles formes en lunetteries pour montures percées (Design)
00074540-1Other > Confidential creation ALAYJIA MCCRAE
00074539-1Education > Training material BOOK1_Drawing the face by Thomas Letor
00074538-1Other > Confidential creation Confidentiel
00074537-1Literary > Ebook SAIGNANT OU A POINT ? Lorsque la téléréalité culinaire tourne au
00074536-1Image Arts > Drawing The Diamond Model - Software Development, Business Organization,
00074535-1Other > Confidential creation EFF FAMILY LEGACY TRUST
00074534-1Other > Other copyright of CAMPBELL, KEYONA MALIKA
00074533-1Business > Business project Simulatorz
00074532-1Literary > Novel Pacific Harmony
00074531-1Literary > Novel Sarah Island 1824. Le destin d'un Curieux
00074530-1Literary > Children's story À la table de Maman Tortue !
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00074527-1Business > Business logo Lucce'liu
00074526-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics Other Over and Out 2
00074525-1Literary > Other MON BARNABAS
00074524-1Literary > Other Next ! Arrête de perdre ton temps en amour
0069061-10Education > Thesis L’incroyable histoire du peuple juif et de l’État d’Israël
00074523-1Business > Contract ERIC ALAN FAMILY OF RICHEY ESTATE
00074522-1Communication > Other Rencontre entre Freelances
00074521-1Image Arts > Other Mes Méditations 1
00074520-1Web > Website PRESS-BOOK MARIAGES GRIS
00074519-1Literary > Children's story Hupé, le cagou qui voulait devenir coq
00074518-1Business > Commercial documents TYRE CHARLES HORN
00074517-1Literary > Ebook Apprendre à construire une charpente toit terrasse (toit plat)
00074516-1Business > Business logo PLAN BUILD EXECUTE©™®
00074514-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Peaceful Dreams
00074513-1Literary > Children's story Laïka et le poisson lune
00074512-1Communication > Course content Odin-Wotan et les 24 runes
00060862-2Literary > Diverse texts Dictator Diva
00074510-1Education > Course content Sacred Language of the Orisa Part 1 Owonrin / Ejila Asebora
00074509-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario MUTATIONS
00074508-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario 2 CV ET DES HOMMES
00074506-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario PATI AN BODE, MAMIE SE FAIT LA MALLE
00074505-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Other WDRB Media
00074504-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario DERNIERE DANSE
00074503-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario MÉLÉ
00074502-1Literary > Biography " Reconstruire, ce qui a été détruit. "
00074501-1Image Arts > Other Frequency Hz Clothing and Shoes
00074500-1Other > Other A Little Like You
00074499-1Other > Other NADESJDA SPIRITUALITE
00074498-1Other > Confidential creation MICHAEL ELLIOT POWELL
00074497-1Literary > Biography En Autarcie
00074496-1Web > Website content Yaël Bacry
00074495-1Other > Other TAMARA LYNNETTE WATKINS
00074494-1Literary > Other Aviane, ta vie s'envole: Tome 2 Un coquillage sous la neige
00074493-1Literary > Novel title WARRIORS OF ETERNITY
00074490-1Image Arts > Photography Pochette Tempérance
00074487-1Literary > Poetry La Vie antérieure
00074486-1Literary > Other Chronique d'un songe.
00074485-1Business > Commercial documents LINDA JUNEE CARTER
00074483-1Literary > Novel Dominabitur Astris
00074482-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie Let's burn the world
00074481-1Literary > Biography Le premier Américain à Klein Prunach
00074480-1Literary > Theater CANADA, ou La Rencontre de deux Rois
00074479-1Literary > Biography Aller simple pour la liberté
00074478-1Image Arts > Drawing Elu Catori El
00074477-1Image Arts > Drawing CHELYNDRIA SHANAY YOUNG
00074476-1Image Arts > Drawing CHELYNDRIA SHANAY SCOTT
00074176-2Literary > Novel Il n'y a pas que les oignons qui font pleurer
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00074473-1Business > Commercial documents NAJEE MAURICE LONG-THOMPSON
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00074470-1Business > Commercial documents NYISHA SHANTEL LONG
00074468-1Business > Business slogan NIA NICOLE LONG
00074466-1Literary > Poetry LE COEUR EN BOUCLE
00074465-1Literary > Poetry Le square
00074463-1Other > Other Kristan Wolf Scott Enterprises
00074462-1Literary > Poetry Dans un souvenir sans fin...
00074460-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Chanson Pour Hannah
00074459-1Other > Other Floralyz éducation + Tapis floraux + textes + MM Floralyz-2
00074458-1Literary > Novel Le Petit Monde d'Élodie
00074457-1Literary > Novel LES PINCEAUX D'AMAYA
00074456-1Business > Other Entertainment
00074455-1Literary > Novel L'épuration
00074453-1Other > Other Saha Suranjana
00074452-1Other > Other Suranjana Saha
00074450-1Communication > Internet, project, application or presentation concept DOCUMENTATION GREEN FREEZE
00074449-1Literary > Novel Théa
00074447-1Literary > Poetry Gloria Mundi
00074446-1Literary > Novel Jasmins Amers
00074445-1Literary > Theater ELLIS ISLAND
00074444-1Other > Other JOHN KELLY LAURORE
00074443-1Business > Business correspondence Common Law Copyright & Trademark Notice
00074442-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music 3 titres : Call for a change; Explain; Lonely will be your day..
00074441-1Literary > Diverse texts The Cell Block Drip
00074440-1Image Arts > Photography Photographies nature
00067238-4Web > Website content Plastique mon amour !
00074439-1Business > Business correspondence Common Law Copyright & Trademark Notice
00074438-1Education > Humorous texts Voyage dans la savane;qui a volé la Tour Eiffel?
00074437-1Literary > Novel Les Dérivées
00074436-1Literary > Novel Le Domaine D'Allen
00074435-1Other > Confidential creation PROPST JOSEPH MANN
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00074433-1Business > Business correspondence Common Law Copyright & Trademark Notice
00074430-1Business > Other TheHouse Of Mc
00074429-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Carnet de voyage
00074428-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Chanson facile
00074427-1Business > Business plan EN-QUÊTE
00074426-1Other > Other Andre Sydney, Sydney, Andre
00074425-1Literary > Novel Cupidon & Co - T.1 : Le sort du Rut
00074423-1Business > Commercial documents MONIQUE RENEE BARNES
00074422-1Literary > Other Fruits and Vegetables: Coloring Book
00074421-1Other > Other KimOhNo
00074420-1Literary > Novel UNE VOIX SOUS LA MER
00074419-1Literary > News Cabine d'Essayage
00074418-1Other > Other MindFullDive
00074416-1Literary > Novel Guillemette, fille des arbres.
00074415-1Business > Commercial documents LATARSHA SALMOND
00074414-1Image Arts > Logo M.S.I. Seminole Nation Military Coat of Arms
00074413-1Other > Confidential creation SOPHIA LORRAINE STALLWORTH
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00074410-1Image Arts > Drawing Dessins 2020-2021
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00074408-1Literary > Other Aviane, ta vie s'envole : Tome 1 Les battements de coeur
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00074406-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Pardonne-moi
00074404-1Business > Commercial documents Variety Vegan
00074403-1Business > Commercial documents TIANNA N MILES
00074402-1Literary > Novel Passé pluriel
00074401-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics Wall of Sound
00074400-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics Other Over and Out
00074399-1Business > Contract Je'Quntey Tre'vell McLaurin
00074398-1Other > Confidential creation TEON KENDALL PLATER
00074397-1Business > Contract Entity Manager
00074396-1Business > Commercial documents FELIX ALBERTO MORAN
00074395-1Business > Contract JESSE TERRY FAMILY OF CALLIER ESTATE
00074394-1Business > Commercial documents BELLA-SKYE PUGH
00074393-1Business > Commercial documents DEMETRIS LAMAR PUGH
00074392-1Business > Commercial documents SHANNON JENNIFER CASTALDO
00074390-1Communication > Conference INTENSIVO ALUENDA -Octubre 2021/INTERNADO EL PUIG-Diciembre 2021
00074389-1Business > Commercial documents MARIO JOHAN GARCIA ESTATE
00074388-1Other > Confidential creation JERRY BEASLEY
00074387-1Other > Confidential creation ZALEE HARRIS
00074386-1Image Arts > Drawing TYDELL JEROME MCNEAL JR
00074385-1Literary > Novel La joie du pays retrouvé
00074384-1Literary > News Des haïkus-Un vendredi 13 mouvementé
00074383-1Literary > Other La conscience de groupe:Transmutation vers la conscience du futur
00074382-1Image Arts > Logo Armes de Stéphane Monnot-Boudrant
00074381-1Other > Other Hôpital énergétique pour animaux
00074380-1Other > Other Artículos - doctrina - clases
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00074377-1Business > Contract JOSE ANTONIO SEGURA
00074376-1Business > Contract Elohim Supreme Cleaning™
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00074372-1Business > Commercial documents SHAVONDEE DENISE BAILEY
00074371-1Business > Commercial documents CHEYENNE BRAZIELL KOKINDA
00074370-1Business > Commercial documents TRAVON AMAD PUGH
00074368-1Other > Confidential creation ANTHONY LEE RICE™
00074362-3Literary > Novel Michel le berger
00074362-2Literary > Novel Le pain des pauvres
00074362-1Literary > Novel Le grand CAP
00074361-1Business > Business logo Robert Lavan
00074360-1Other > Other Améliore ton Expression Orale
00074359-1Literary > Other Preschool Activity Workbook: Trace Letters from A to Z Color
00074358-1Other > Other Copyright of Name
00074357-1Literary > Novel Les Suprématis
00074356-1Literary > Other Toc Rock
00074355-1Communication > Conference L'internet, enfer ou paradis de la création ?
00074353-1Business > Business logo NATHANIEL ROBINSON JR
00074351-1Business > Business logo VOLDEZ DENOYER SCOTT JR
00074350-1Image Arts > Logo VOLDEZ DENOYER SCOTT JR
00074348-1Image Arts > Logo Northwest Amexem Moorish Trust KB
00066992-8Literary > Poetry Le Dit de la Belle
00074347-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Scenario Un vrai mythe Pilote 2022
00067986-2Web > Website content Richesse Collaborative Universelle
00074345-1Literary > Novel on verra bien si
00074344-1Sound Arts > Musical composition SILENTLY
00074340-1Literary > Novel Sous la gouverne du vent
00074339-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Instru shatta 2k22
00074338-1Literary > Theater Vieilles lunes
00074336-1Literary > Novel Le Mystère de Gavaudun
00074335-1Literary > Novel L'Offrande
00074334-1Literary > Novel La vengeance de Catriona
00074333-1Image Arts > Logo CECILIA MEDEA NORFLEET
00074332-1Other > Other thriller spychologique
00074330-1Image Arts > Photography KARL MICK DAVID ELTON
00074329-1Other > Confidential creation MONICA GENELLE NASH
00074328-1Other > Other Kit Iterra Expéditions no 3 Le Larzac
00074327-1Other > Other Kit Iterra Expéditions no 2 L' île d' Oléron
00074326-1Literary > Novel The Poison
00074325-1Literary > Novel Le Poison
00074324-1Literary > Novel Astia et la nouvelle Terre, les mondes jumeaux
00061425-4Literary > Novel El Desafío de Nina
00074323-1Business > Business project Consero Marketing
00074322-1Business > Business project The Freedom People
00074321-1Communication > Contract Plater Nature Calendar
00074320-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Cinema texts SOLEIL BLANC ET RANCON
00074319-1Craft > Other Kombutcha
00074317-1Business > Contract ZACHARY LYNN PANCHERZ
00074315-1Business > Contract DONALD LYNN PANCHERZ
00074314-1Image Arts > Logo Les Merveilles du Congo Brazzaville (LMCB)
00074313-1Business > Commercial documents NEW HOUSE WASH
00074312-1Business > Commercial documents Copyright for my sons for MICHAEL PRINCE HODGES LLC
00074311-1Business > Commercial documents HEATHER MARIE BELL
00074310-1Literary > Novel Le refuge de l'Esprit
00074306-1Other > Confidential creation The Incorruptible Light Express Trust copyright copy-claim
00074305-1Other > Other CHRISTINA ELIZABETH CORTEZ copyright copy-claim
00074304-1Other > Other Jaxen Garcia copyright copy-claim
00074303-1Other > Other Vincent Garcia copyright copy-claim
00074301-1Other > Other Christine Garcia copyright copy-claim
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00074297-1Image Arts > Logo M.S.I. Seminole National Republic Trust of the People
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00074295-1Image Arts > Logo M.S.I. Seminole National Trust Mobile App Logo
00074294-1Literary > Other Élie à Sarepta, analyse narrative et la vocation dans la Bible
00074293-1Business > Contract RYAN MATTHEW FAMILY OF FOX ESTATE
00074292-1Business > Commercial documents TAKISHA YVETTE HARRELL
00074291-1Business > Commercial documents Perspective Moonbadass
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00074284-1Literary > Novel L'équilibre des mondes
00074283-1Literary > Novel Masques et comédies
00074282-1Other > Other Kit Iterra Expéditions no1 Le Lac et les Gorges du verdon
00074281-1Literary > Poetry Assistance sociale
00074280-1Literary > Novel L'ASSASSINE
00074279-1Communication > Business communication Marque Employé
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00074215-1Literary > Poetry 5 poèmes 4è & 5è saisons d'Antonin écrits de nov à décembre 2021
00073262-3Literary > Poetry L'écrin de la Pensée
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00074197-1Communication > Contract Notice of Unalienable Rights
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00074178-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics The Griot
00074177-1Literary > Novel Dilution Mentale - La dernière connexion
00074176-1Literary > Novel Il n'y a pas que les oignons qui font pleurer
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00070501-3Literary > Novel Mémoires sacrées - tome 1 - Entre Ciel et Terre
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00074098-1Literary > Other BEATA KOWAL
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00074095-1Business > Commercial documents ANDRZEJ PIOTR KOWAL
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00074093-1Literary > Novel NOIR
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00074023-1Other > Confidential creation Simply beautiful hair
00074022-1Literary > Novel Bleu Nuit
00074021-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie Pour le reste de notre vie (titre provisoire)
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00073305-2Literary > Novel Les espérances inachevées
00073998-1Literary > Novel Mission Beach - EN
00073996-1Education > Training material FORMATION - Devenir travailleur de lumière
00073995-3Literary > Novel La Perfidie d'un Ange
00073995-2Literary > Novel Dark Secrets of The Past
00073995-1Literary > Novel La tourmente d'un passé
00073994-1Business > Business correspondence MISBRYTNII MOURGYN PAIGE WRIGHT
00073993-1Other > Confidential creation CHARLES CURTIS THOMPSON, NOBLE THOMPSON BEY,
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00073985-1Business > Other Enoch Shane Van Sluytman El
00073983-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Rouflaquettes
00073982-1Literary > Novel UNE NOUVELLE VIE
00069061-9Education > Thesis L’incroyable histoire du peuple juif et de l’État d’Israël
00073980-1Business > Contract Annexed Securities
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00063699-4Literary > Novel Le souffle court
00073978-1Business > Business logo STEAM DE'LA CREME
00073977-1Business > Business logo LONNIE THOMAS MCINTOSH JR
00073976-1Business > Other Alpha Technology America
00073971-1Literary > Novel L'armée des Rêveurs
00073970-1Information Technology > Code pages Projet personnel Eric Trogneux
00073969-1Literary > Other Deux amours sans liberté
00073968-1Literary > Novel La folie est sans nom
00073967-1Business > Commercial documents MARIO JOHAN GARCIA ESTATE
CopyrightNo Category Title
00073966-1Business > Contract Beneficiary
00073963-1Literary > Novel Ton papillon noir
00073962-1Business > Other copyright of NEIL CHRISTOPHER CONLIFFE
00073961-1Literary > Other Le Fiqh des réseaux sociaux
00073960-1Business > Contract WHOLISTIC NURSE SOLUTIONS
00073959-1Business > Contract NA'IMAH EXPRESS TRUST ENTERPRISE
00073958-1Business > Contract NATASHA RENEE COLLINS
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00073953-1Literary > News La nuit d'Arodine
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00073940-1Education > Educational material CONTENU OVT VIDEOPROTECTION
00073939-1Education > Course content Erindinlogun Sacred Language of the Orisa Part 1 Osa / Ofun
00073938-1Education > Training material CONTENU OVT VIDEOPROTECTION & TUTORIELS
00073937-1Education > Training material CONTENU OVT VIDEOPROTECTION
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00073927-1Business > Commercial documents BERNARD L GRAY
00073926-1Other > Other FRAGMENTS DE VIE
00073923-1Other > Confidential creation Estate of Mary E. Steward
00073921-1Literary > Novel Teenage Protestation Dans la Matrix Tom 1
00073920-1Science > Other HYPNOTHERAPIE - Psychothérapie sous hypnose
00073919-1Other > Confidential creation Talk Shirt 2 Me!
00073918-1Business > Business correspondence ONTIA SHARRI VIVERETTE
00073917-1Business > Business correspondence CHIFONTAY LAI’SANDRANA GRIFFIN
00073916-1Literary > Novel Soudani
00073915-1Education > Course content Esu - Laalu Ogiri Oko (Chief of the World)
00073791-2Sound Arts > Musical creation Album Rockeuses
00060020-7Web > Website https:/ avec logo niiiic
00073914-1Literary > Novel aba
00073913-1Literary > Children's story Léni et l'empêcheur de rêver en rond
00073911-1Image Arts > Drawing Béatrice
00073910-1Other > Other Jerome Jones Jr
00073907-1Other > Other JEROME JONES JR
00073899-1Other > Confidential creation Le Roi et les droits intra-patrimoniaux
00073898-1Business > Other Evaluation des compétences
00073897-1Education > Educational material Sliding Ruler for Guitar: Major & minor Scales and Triad Chords
00073896-1Business > Commercial texts Flow Leadership
00073895-1Communication > Course content Initiation à la rune Fehu et talisman de protection
00073894-1Image Arts > Logo Eye Love Detroit
00073893-1Literary > Other The Diabetic Planner
00073892-1Literary > Other Les aventures de D1A
00073891-1Business > Commercial documents BERNARD LAVERNE GRAY II
00073890-1Business > Commercial documents MAVERICK CAPITAL EXPRESS TRUST
00073889-1Business > Commercial documents MAVERICK CAPITAL EXPRESS TRUST ENTERPRISE
00073888-1Business > Commercial documents M.C.E.T ENTERPRISE
00073887-1Business > Commercial documents GRAY, BERNARD, L
00073886-1Business > Commercial documents GRAY, BERNARD, LAVERNE II
00073885-1Business > Commercial documents BERNARD L GRAY II
00073884-1Business > Commercial documents BERNARD LAVERNE GRAY ESTATE
00073883-1Business > Business logo CyjglObrast
00073882-1Other > Other Clotilde Yolande Julienne Guyot
00073881-1Other > Other Droit image lier au organisme non autoriser
00073880-1Business > Business logo copyright of ROMEL CLARIFON SEMEXANT
00073879-1Literary > Novel SUR LES TRACES D'OLYMPE
00073877-1Image Arts > Other magic picture box
00073876-1Image Arts > Logo Logo Design Zeleznice Srbije B.Sup
00073875-1Craft > Artistic creations BREATHER
00073873-1Business > Contract Common Law Copyright Notice: of tradename/ trademark
00073872-1Image Arts > Drawing TJUANA SHERRI DAVIS
00073871-1Literary > Children's story Louise et Manon
00073869-1Business > Contract Common Law Copyright Notice: of tradename/trademark
00073868-1Communication > Contract Non-Negotiable Autograph as a “work of Art”
00073865-1Business > Other GERALD DENNIS BEY
00073862-1Business > Other GERALD DENNIS HARDY
00073861-1Business > Other GERAL DENNIS BEY EXPRESS TRUST
00073860-1Web > Logo DBA Williams, ernesto perez and injunction and I have a side arm
00073859-1Literary > Novel Parfaite Agonie - Déni
00073858-1Other > Other ENS8 - El Nombre Significa Ocho
00073856-1Communication > Confidential KENNITH ALEXANDER JOHNSON
00073855-1Other > Other DJ Shogun
00073853-1Business > Other Copyright of ALLEN ROBERT JOHNSON
00065446-2Web > Blog Le blog Positron-libre
00073852-1Business > Other COPYRIGHT OF ADEBISI ALI, LLC
00073848-1Web > Website Annuaire Positron-libre
00073847-1Literary > Novel J'ai faim d'amour
00073846-1Other > Confidential creation Meta-verse Myron
00073845-1Other > Other GRIFF'ONDOR
00073844-1Literary > Poetry L'oiseau bleu
00073843-1Literary > Novel le bol de bois et la salamandre
00073842-1Sound Arts > Song lyrics with music Faire pour de faut aujourd'hui
00073841-1Sound Arts > Musical composition Nuances
00073840-1Literary > Diverse texts BEUR OUT
00073835-1Image Arts > Logo NIKOLAUS HOOPER
00073834-1Business > Business correspondence Ms.
00073833-1Business > Commercial documents Common Law Copyright Notice
00073830-1Literary > Diverse texts EN DERANGEMENT - Plongées sous-narines dans les abysses d'un simp
00073829-1Business > Business logo DuchO
00073828-1Literary > Novel Gagner ta confiance (Crushed Hearts #3)
00073827-1TV, Radio, Cinema, Press > Movie Duet for Dobcross
00073826-1Business > Business logo Logo Entreprise AFILIAL FORMS
00073825-1Literary > Other Cap sur l'Harmonie Familiale
00073824-1Other > Other JASON ANDREW RAEBURN
00073823-1Other > Other DIANNE RAEBURN & DIANNE MICHEL
00073820-1Image Arts > Logo DeFiCult
00073819-1Literary > Poetry Gentleman Persecuteur
00073818-1Literary > Novel NEANT-EXPRESS - Un conte ténébreux
00073817-1Literary > Poetry micro poésie 2022-02-12 : instant de vie
00073816-1Science > Other Guérir Angoisses et Phobies par l'Hypnose
00073815-1Other > Other Wealth in Cryptocurrency
00073814-1Other > Other RANDY BRACKINS
00073811-1Business > Commercial documents TIMOTHY ADONNIS WILLIAMS
00073810-1Literary > Poetry Pure Joie d'Être
00073809-1Literary > Poetry La Dame, qui croyait n'être rien...
00073808-1Image Arts > Other CARLENE ROXANNE MCPHILLIP
00073807-1Literary > Novel Le Chevalier du Guet illustré
00073806-1Business > Commercial documents Promissory Note to Express Trust
00073805-1Business > Commercial documents Kojo Obialo Bey Express Trust Lien
00073804-1Business > Commercial documents :Nia-Tallula :EL
00069422-2Sound Arts > Musical com